“THE GREATEST.”  a poem   December 28, 2019 (Saturday)

Mystic Poet

“THE GREATEST.” a poem December 28, 2019 (Saturday)

WE  are ALL  The Greatest Poet (or artist)   when we look at our hand,

And say: “Express what I truly feel, and I don’t need to understand,

What it is   YOU    are seeking  to convey.”

When you say THAT  to your hand or hands   that what it is to PRAY,

For True Prayer   is a creation   that flows through your being.

LOVE  may be something you say  or hear  or something you’re seeing,

But THE GREATEST expression of life and love,

Must inevitably come    through you   from Something (like THE)  ABOVE.

It might be called Heaven; it might be called H _ L L;

It may NOT     make you feel especially well, 

But it’s   TRUTH   and in time, you’ll see It’s GREAT;

It may come through you, you Silly Willy      early    or   late,

When you feel strong    or      when you’re on your Death Bed,

And it probably    doesn’t    pop  out of your “head;”


A truly mystic artist


You    with a loving dart.


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