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KIndness & LoveX❤️ Exists In Everyone ..

God needs you to understand 💥

Hello Friends, Readers & Followers, Its that day again when its time to write about Kindness & Love❤️


So l begin with …there’s more ….everyone thats everyone has both inside of them ……it gives you inner strength, understanding and the wisdom to provide from your ❤️ to those that cannnot find their way back from the depths of despair ……but there’s more…..

This inner strength can be used for Good purposes as God gave us through his only son Jesus or it can be uses to self-serve those that will say with their mouth what God knows is not the truth in their ❤️ but will provide only nought by pain for those they come too as their intentions are not honourable …….but there’s more ….

Someone once said to me be yourself ….be all that God wants you too be and so l became what l believed l knew was what God wanted me to be, but it was not so …as only God knows what he wants, not us as we have been tainted by life’s ….pain and sorrow …..but there’s more …..

Standing up to be counted and knocked down by so many people so many times is God when eventually we stand tall like a Giraffe and can see all that God wants ……but there’s more ….

You see when you do what you do with Kindness & Love in your ❤️ you do what God wants and he knows your ❤️ and he knows what you need as in the Garden of Eden he provides all that you need forevemore ….but there’s more next time ….

So be Good, Be Kind, Be FULL of Love for you’re Neigbour and know that you serve God as he wants and not as you want …Amen

Published: August.11: 2021:

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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