The Difference

“THE DIFFERENCE!?” a poem 23 June 2019 (SUNDAY)

The GOD of The Jews:*

“I’m-givin’-you-EVERYTHING! Enjoy-it, but-not-too-much!”

The GOD of Jesus:

“Enjoy IT – AND – Be in touch,

WITH LOVE! So, give-and-pray-for-ALL!

The GOD of The Jews:


For-sacrifice, AND – Be-sure-to-make-me-smile!”

Of Jesus? “I’m SLEEPING!? all the-while!”

While The Disciples were on-board, fighting The Storm,

Jesus is-a snoozing! Trying to stay warm!

AND -The Apostle Paul? “Fight! The-GO[o]D-Fight!

Worship GOD! and GET THINGS ‘RIGHT!’ “

Well, doesn’t-that equal The Jewish GOD?

Mr. Paul, I shall-not ap-plaud,

YOUR efforts at organizing – The Early Church,

For The GOD-of-Modern-Christians – and – The-Jewish-SEARCH,

MUST!!! Search for God AND Find-a-Way!?

Can’t we – SLEEP? like-Jesus? and wait-for-another-day?

Well, now – I-don’t-suppose-BETTER! but-maybe-[a-bit]-more-in-dulgEnt!


“Hi! (pause) Are-any-here- in-di-GENT?

For I like the poor! the-somewhat-lazy! and dis-turbed!

PAUL! THE JEWS! and-strict, superstitious law –

Have-got-me-a-little per-turbed!”

fin <3

  • – and, generally, Christians, Moslems, you know, all the religions that SEEM TO promote Holy Wars (when they CAN)!

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