The Book of No Change (or What’s It All About, Alpha?!)

(Dedicated to ALL MY FRIENDS, especially My Folks, who turned out to be the best Friends I’ve got!) The Davises DID have a baby . . . and IT WAS ALIVE!


Avadhoot, the Polar Bear, lived in Siberia on a big piece of Ice that simply floated around in the Sea, and Gentle Readers, this is something you absolutely must do . . . you must. . . love. .. the Sea!

Avadhoot possessed the inner Knowledge of “Radical Awareness,” whatever the “Sam Hill” That is and was greatly respected by All who met Him. A poignant song was written about Him by His Devotees (sung to the tune of “Kookaburra Sits On An Old gum Tree”):

Avadhoot, the bear, lives on the Sea, Floating on a block o’ ice ‘round Siberi; Laugh, Avadhoot, laugh, Avadhoot; Gay Your Life must be!”😁

Avadhoot was so wise He started something called the Wisdom Tradition. He had not read a book in His life (which was partially due to the fact that He was always pretty much blinded by snow flurries most of the time). However, He really did not need to read Anything to be wise, since He was just “inherently” that way! (See, Figure 1. Avadhoot, sitting on His big ice.)

The “Friends of Avadhoot” would write down clever things He would talk with Them about; things about the natural World and also about the unseen Word – The World of Spirit!

He generally belittled Anyone who read books to gain Knowledge or Insight because He felt He was too wise for book learning – that only intellectual Weaklings needed books. So, He lived His life in Peace – drawing upon His immense Wisdom, and He was held in the highest esteem by Man(i). (See, Figure 2. Avadhoot giving a bear hug to One of His Friends.)

Even though He was no lion, it was always a proverbial “thorn in His paw” that there existed Others who were so adamant about the value of book learning, so, when Avadhoot heard about the intellectual prowess of another Sage named Ananda, Avadhoot very much wanted to meet Her, to “put Her in Her place,” so to speak. However, Avadhoot very much enjoyed lounging around on his big ice and really did not have the motivation to search Her out and confront Her with His Radical Wisdom.

So, it was a very long time before the Two Sages, Avadhoot of Siberia and Ananda of Pacifica, had the precious opportunity to meet, but it did eventually happen . . . as you shall see!

Kindness Prayers for The Mystic Poet Laureate


Ananda, the Penguin, lived in the glorious land of Pacifica. She had eighteen degrees of higher learning to her credit; Her Friends who believed in reincarnation (where a persona supposedly returns to Terra – planet Earth – to be “reborn” again and again) speculated the She had a degree for each of Her last eighteen incarnations!

Ananda was the director of The Institution of Radically Higher Learning (There are certainly some radical Folks in this story). The Institute housed treatises by some of the finest Minds that ever waddled on the Planet. (See, Figure 3. Ananda discussing an important topic with a Colleague.)

Ananda knew It all! She, of course, had a voracious appetite for acquiring more and more Knowledge and Experience (assuming a book hit Her in the noggin), from books and lectures and all sorts of other gedanken (a German term for ideas). Gosh, she was so smart! A song was also written about Her, to celebrate Her brilliant, analytical Mind (sung to the tune of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”): 🕯️ thank you 🙇 for gracious thoughts Sir Australia 🇦🇺 Shalom

“Ananda lives over the Ocean, Ananda lives over the Sea, She’s brilliant beyond any measure, She’s smarter than Him, You & Me!”

Ananda belittled Anyone who did not read at least one book a week. Even if You read two books, She still did not think much of You!

Apart from the eighteen degrees She had, Ananda was also showered with numerous honorary degrees from the most prestigious institutions of higher learning around the World, and Her analytical skills and reasoning abilities were just unsurpassed. All who knew Her were so dazzled by Her fine Mind. (See, Figure 4. Ananda with a Devotee.)

Kindness love ❤️ Deeply

It should not surprise Us that these two great Sages, Avadhoot of Siberia and Ananda of Pacifica, would finally meet in an extraordinary contest to determine Who really “had all Their ducks in a row!” Enter – The Orangutan of Tabriz!


The wonderous Orangutan of Tabriz was considered to be, in the words of Some, “a fierce, mountain MediCator!” He was someone like Robert Bly, only magnified a hundred times!

Eventually, through the efforts and “prayers” of The Orangutan of Tabriz, Ananda and Avadhoot were convince to meet. This profound orangutan was able to get Ananda to make the journey to Siberia to meet with Avadhoot because the orangutan (known by The Title of “OT,” although Some referred to Him as “The One with No-Name”) “threw down the gauntlet,” so to speak, by suggesting that Avadhoot’s mental facilities and reasoning ability might be greater than Ananda’s. That really upset Her greatly, so She quickly got Her Devotees to get Her a ticket to go to Avadhoot and challenge Him to a contest of wits, or something. She made the trip, and “the two Great Oceans” came together! (See, Figure 6. The Challenge – Ananda meets Avadhoot.)

Both Ananda and Avadhoot considered Themselves to be “The One,” to be what might be considered ALPHA, First and Predominant, and They prided themselves in such this conviction.

Both Ananda and Avadhoot considered Themselves to be “The One,” to be what might be considered ALPHA, First and Predominant, and They prided themselves in such this conviction.

Could the two “enemies” even answer the seemingly simply question: “What’s IT All About?” Indeed, although Ananda and Avadhoot both apparently knew a whole lot and were persuasive and powerful, They had no real humility to create the “Balanced Life,” as OT put it.

The magnificent OT prescribed a contest with a set of rules that were so complex, do “deep,” that such things can not even be described in words for fear of psychological damage to You, Gentle Reader.

Suffice it to say that a great battle ensued . . . a battle of wits, knowledge, time, space and patience twixt the two Sages, and, in the end, Neither of Them prevailed, and Both were profoundly humiliated because of Their lack of humility and Their defiance in clinging to Their preconceived notions and Their unyielding, pompous attitudes.


The Orangutan of Tabriz, thanks to His Cleverness and Love, proved to the brilliant Contestants, Ananda, The Penguin, and Avadhoot, The Polar Bear, who Both, in Their supreme pride, wanted to “win” (to be THE ALPHA), that They would find no satisfaction in besting The Others, i.e.: in winning a contest. (See, Figure 7. OT’s reaction as He watches Ananda & Avadhoot in Mortal Kombat.)

OT’s contention, which was borne out to be true in The End, was that, when One fights against One’s Neighbor, in an effort to gain “the upper hand,” the end result is always a feeling of disappointment because “you are fighting against yourself,” or “you have met the enemy and it is U2!”

Thank you 🙇

“To truly build Yourself up,” OT indicated, “you must assist in uplifting Others, not tearing Them down.” Both Sages were taught a valuable lesson, giving them a big piece of “humble pie!”

The contest had been (in Japanese style) a “gyo of humility.”

No matter how wise You are considered, no matter how learned, there is always Someone wiser and more learned than You, so do not get too “caught up” in Yourself. (See, Figure 8. The Orangutan of Tabriz enjoying a moment of equanimous mirth.) 😂

OT demonstrated that Life is best spent by laughing and loving a whole lot. He did not discount the value of reading, or meditating (although He, Himself, preferred “psychic” medi-c-ating), or lecturing and attending symposiums, but showed how some folks take Life a bit too seriously, resulting in Their unnecessary suffering for what They BELIEVE is true.

“DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK,” was a favorite expression of OT’s.

Sometimes, OT reminded Ananda and Avadhoot, it is just good to sit down for a meal and watch a movie. By taking a walk or hanging from a Tree, You may find what You are truly looking for . . . some “peace of mind.”

The Orangutan of Tabriz said, “PLAY LIFE WITH BEAUTY AND GRACE, AND YOU WILL ALWAYS END UP A WINNER.” (See, Figure 9. Ananda, enjoying Good Company, frolicking in the snow; see, also, Figure 10. Avadhoot with two Devotees, in a meditative posture; and, Figure 11. Ananda, comforting a Friend.)

OT was comfortable in the knowledge that the two prideful Sages had really learned Their special lesson(s). As a reward, He promised to give Them the profound Secret (the Secret “in the middle!”), “THE LESSON OF LESSONS,” and, because You, Gentle Reader, have chosen to continue to read herein, You too are about to be graced with this profound Knowledge. So, get ready . . . OK? (See, Figure 12. The Orangutan of Tabriz, confident that Ananda & Avadhoot had embraced THE LESSON OF LESSONS; and Figure 13. Ananda, leading a group of Devotees on the “spiritual journey” known as “The Waddle to Emmaus;” as well, Figure 14. In a tender moment, OT comforts a small One; and Figure 15. OT with some of His Devotees.)


OT tells Us that We live, seemingly parted from Something. That Thing some People call God, not knowing Who or What it (or anything else) is! They have no idea of how to “get back.”

The Secret, then, that OT shared with Ananda and Avadhoot, and shares now with You is not “the secret” featured in two episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, or anything like that . . . It is simply (and most profoundly) that WE ARE “ALREADY THERE,” that We have never left Our Source and We live in an apparent dream of separation.

“It is not, after all, whether you ‘win or lose,’ but how You “play the game!”


With That, The Orangutan of Tabriz put His tongue between His simian teeth, did a “raspberry” and just disappeared! Poof-o! Go figure! THE END* thank you 🙇 for gracious endured sacrifice 🕯️🕯️✌️

. of the Beginning . . . of the End . . . of the Beginning . . . of the End . . . of the Beginning . . . of the End . . . .

Lessons About Humility & Mystic Poet 🕯️🕯️🕯️✌️🙏🙇

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