“THE BEST THERAPIST.” a poem for Saturday, December 28, 2019

“THE BEST THERAPIST.” a poem for Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Best Therapist in The World “knows” just what you need:

It might be a haircut or an exceptional “feed,”

Of a fresh roll and soup, made [t]here at home.

Sometimes, what you really need is a beautiful poem.

Sometimes, what you need is a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes, you just need, you maybe need to be gone,

To a special “safe place” where you can gather your thoughts.

The Best Therapist in The World can maybe give you lots,

Of good ideas, IF you’re receptive to such,

But somehow The Best Therapist is simply in touch,

With what you need to relax or unwind,

And it might be shelter,

From a storm or it might be you’re experiencing a welter,

Of confusing life items and they seem like a mess.

Sure, The Best Therapist in The World may be making a guess,

But The Best Therapist in The World acts out of love;

It’s the magic ingredient that good therapy’s madeOf.

So, if we find us a therapist who has lots of compassion,

That is the one to whom we should be dashin’.

Of course, if you can do it and acceptIT: (pause) The Best Therapist is YOU,

If you truly love yourself, and I know that you do.

fin 📷

Your life is not permanent

You are not stuck

You have choices

You are allowed to grow and change



You’re so busy self doubting yourself
While so many others are intimidated by your potential

Been H. English ~Alpine ~ Texas

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