“THE ART OF LIVING!” a poem, a.k.a.: “You Are Your Own Magic Wand!” a.k.a.: “The Joy of Self-Acceptance!” Tuesday, April 16, 2019

We-all-want-to-MAKE-A-[LITTLE]-DIFFERENCE, to-be counted (a little) real,
Worth “something or other,” and acceptance-would-be-a-great-deal!
Kind-of like this paper plate I’m writing on (that could-have-been thrown away),
But here it is, used and needed! with ink and verse! “Hooray!”

Like the plate, wouldn’t-we relish [the idea of] being “saved” forevermore?*
Sure, for we LOVE the thought of us with value; it warms us “to the core!”

Like, when you were a little girl, your Daddy kissed-you-on the cheek,
Declaring-you his “Little Angel” and-that-you-would-NEVER-have-to-seek,
A REASON FOR YOU, for: “You’re of such value to me;
I love you so much, I do, and you give-me-ecstasy!
When I look in your eyes, I-see PURE LOVE;
When you hold my hand, I-feel – way above,
Anyone else in The World today!
Just you’re being with me – means-more than I can say!
Just you’re existence – gives mine value too!
I’ll ALWAYS LOVE YOU, and, Honey,
Love is what is true!

Until the end of time – and far beyond;
You’re my magic, little angel, with your special, magic wand!”

fin <3

    • The principle theme and hope of most religions!

By ace101

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