“TELLINGLOVE.” a poem October 21, 2019 (MOON DAY, in The Year of The Cat)

“TELLINGLOVE.” a poem October 21, 2019 (MOON DAY, in The Year of The Cat)

[Acrylic painting of: “Fluffy, The Magnificent.”]


Art is certified by J.Jay Samuel Davis

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LOVE, in the afternoon, coming home from school;

LOVE, in the morning or ANYTIME, is REALLY COOL.

How can you tell if it is LOVE FOR SURE?

(I don’t REALLY KNOW; perhaps, it has to do with, like, allure.)

It’s may beLIKE: When you’re on your way HOME, and you think of HER,

And you think of how SOFT SHE is and how SHE can purr,

And you just CAN’T WAIT, soYOUincrease your pace.

You JUST CAN’T WAIT to see kitty’s lovely face,

And stroke HER softly, and, you know, you didn’t even realize,


And you WANNA HOLD HER and squeeze a little tight,

And say: “I love you SO MUCH, kitty; is that all right?”

Kitty is waiting for you, as you bound through the door,

For Kitty is a house cat, and kitty has in store,

SUCH LOVING FOR YOU; it’s great to have a pet;

What would you do without her? a: You’d cry a lot, I bet.

AS IT IS: You write poems about HER and paint a picture or two,

Of Little Fluffy, kitty cat; “FLUFFY, I LOVE YOU.”

fin <3

A LIMERICK ENTITLED: “What Love Means Relative To Cats.”

IfyouLOVE HER A lot You Will FeedHer;

IF you live in Peking, you might eat her.


It’llTake any disguise,

EitherWay youJustKNOW: YaWanna”MEAT”her.


By ace101

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