Talk for Four Days with red wine then ~ pounce 😂😃😁

“TO RAP OR NOT TO RAP!” a poem Sunday, May 5, 2019 Sam, The Man, dialed-up-his-computer – to “One-Stop-Kimmy-Moo!! It-was simply something – [that] SAM-WAN-TED TO-DO, For KIMMY, Sweet Kim, just – took-’em-off and did A Show, And-She-never-even met Sam, so how could Kimmy know, THAT SAM!!! just wanted comfort, pizzazz – and-a-little-bit of beau-TY; He didn’t want-to discuss: BUSINESS! and/or RELIGIOUS PHIL-O SO-PHY! Now, Sam – He had an “associate,” a darling, learned thing, Who would meet for coffee with him – and questions She would bring! And DISCUSSION, DISCUSSION – She TRULY, TRULY craved, From her “learned,” “spiritual” SAM – BEFORE-She-then be-haved, In-a seductive and-a-pro-vo-cative [for-Him] special-WAY, But, He was too worn out! ‘fore-The-End-ing-of-The-Day, ‘Cause-all-that-talk-and-conjecture really-“took-IT-out-of-Him,” And – there-was no comfort and beauty – as-there-was with-KIM! Yet, y’-know, Sam was CRAZY WILD – ’bout a gal He knew – over-seas; Her beauty and her allure – just brought Him – “to his knees!” She was – His best mate – and Friend-of-Friends – and preferred-partner-in-bed, But, before-there-was-any-“getting-it-on,” She wanted – INSIDE HIS HEAD! DEAR OVERSEAS wanted to “Ooh-and-Ahh” Him, to get things SEEMINGLY ready, But, after a-while-of-waiting, Poor Sam – was NOT TOO VERY STEADY, And-would-fall ASSleep, so tired was He, waiting for The Prize, That He-just “died away,” closing His Yearning Eyes! HOW SAD, when-the sweet nookie – is-really just-right THERE! “The Waiting Game” can-make-you almost-not-a-care, And, then, Sam-might-go – to-Kimmy, who’s [just] a-simple-s-x-y-t-a-p-e, But, at least, at least, with KIMMY-MOO, YOU NEED NOT “STOOP TO RAP( )!” fin <3

If you only knew 😁

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