You forgot you died today –


So, you were given The Gift! to manifest YOUR DREAMS,

But! Were you ready – to insure that all (or! enough! of) your streams,

Would be: crystal and clear and filled with good vibrations?

Obviously-NOT! And-so! We’re stuck-in-our individual-nations!

When-are-you-ready? When-can-anyone-know,

When THEY CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH! When-they-can-“give-IT-a-go,”

And BE GOD! MANIFEST in This Dimension?

A monster made FLESH! Can-you feel The Tension?

A man (once dead?) was asked – by SOME-GOD,

“What do you want ‘down there? ‘ When-you’re-stuck-in-THE-BOD?”

And, after thinking, with thoughts-pretty-clear,

He said: “Here’s what I want -May I have this, my Dear?

(1) I want no knowledge of this conversation;

And (2) No knowledge of this, my ‘proclamation,’

Which-is – to be ‘a healer’ of all in pain!

On-whomever my shadow falls, may that person gain,

‘Reasonable’ health, physical AND mental,

Having no need of doctors, medical or dental,

And (3) I’ll never have any idea – that it was me,

That had anything to do with it! For, don’t you see,

IF I was aware of this wonderful power,

I would become prideful OR I would cower,

Knowing the awesome responsibility of it all!

There, God of Wishes! That is MY CALL!”

“Well wished for,” said The Genie to me;

“Your wish is granted! I hope to see,

More of you in ‘the future!’ Good luck! Don’t cry!”


fin <3

You for you died today –

Grief is wanting to hold that love close one last time. The irony of grief is that the person you need to talk and hold, to smell, to feel that loving heartbeat when they are no longer there will follow you everywhere you go. When a women truly loves her man those feelings never leave you. All that matters its who you love and who loves you, they are always with you until tomorrow the love I sleep in your shirt, you’re always holding me. See you in Venus, whoa 😮 I been loved by the best❤️

Venus ❤️

You forgot you died today ©️


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Are You Picky About The Type Of People That Follow Your Blog? 😁😁😁

Renard helps us to figure out if we should be deeply concerned about the types of people that follow our blog.

Are You Picky About The Type Of People That Follow Your Blog?

This is Bolg written today may answer some of your issues you may encounter at times, but there are some other thoughts to

And yes you have other opinions too and that’s ok to 😁

Blogging platforms are on public domain

All of the humans are able to read your blog, follow you and remark and that’s ok too

Today Bloggers have Settings you may activate yourself. Aren’t you lucky little people

Some bloggers feel like they are being invaded if you read and like and that’s ok too

What you need to consider why you need to write

Do you know you are able to password each little blog you wish. Look at your settings and hit private. No one can see that unless you issue your gang with an email 💌 password. Also remember you may be divorced eventually 😁😁

Do you understand you may turn your blog into a private blog too in your settings and only invite specific people to engage with you. Then you don’t have followers taking up your time 😁😋

Think of it as your own little social media platform ( be very selective when you create your private corner.🤔 only follow this method if you know folk personally )

Your ” tags” are important tool to find folk with common interest if you only have time to interact with

Authors on creating blogs need to purchase Business 👔 Package includes unlimited Support from WordPress and unlimited Space. These folk are the lifeblood of the Blogging Industry keeping costs down for home users or hobbyists on the platform. I was asked today should you allow Business Users to like your posts or comment! ? 😟 please don’t judge others it’s unkind.

Business Enterprise is affiliates or product vendors. These are Corporations. Yes, of course, they follow everyone they employ people.! Selling in cyberspace is vast.

We love to follow them too.

If your a new kid on the block visit me at when you are lost and share our stuff happily.

Read as many blogs as you’re able WordPress is the Giant Library 📚 in the World 🌎

Seasoned bloggers are here to help you

We were all new kids once

All you need to do in cyberspace is the be kind, gracious, unpretentious.

Kindness is sharing

Bloggers come and go for all reasons.

Many died this year 😟

Thank very one for sharing

Instead of words maybe would be nice to share a heart or two

At the end of the day we are all trying to fit in together 😁

Keep writing 📝 and share a smile 😁

Bloggers use a Pen ✒️ you know and that’s mightier than the Sword 🤔😁

Together, we can make this world 🌎 a home for everyone

We are all brothers and sisters on this magic planet 😁😁😁

Come on bye for hugs, likes and comments whatever you need to make you smile

@acenewsservices @bestofnatureblog

Enjoy our gift to you

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Facebook 💣💣

‘I cannot bear the chance of something that I’ve done makes somebody else go and do something horrific.’

Here we go again dear friends

The Facebook Gang banned me again and this time, listen to this, in 2019 – April! I posted a picture of the 👑 Lord. * Against Community Standards.”

Oh my sincerity goes wrong again.

Not any more honey 🐝

Aren’t we in 2020 or have I been in a coma

More to come!

Being humble with my hat in hand I tried to repeal their decision

More to come!

Another notification ruling arrived 💥

I’m not naughty. I wear knickers 💥

Needless to say because I Appealed dear Facebooks decision I am banned from for a further 30 days💣

We all know that Facebook is a German Company their community Standards must be very different to Australian Standards. Possibly they don’t have religious freedom there yet 👌

I sent an email to my friend Helga in Germany, tonight asking her the same question

Helga sent back a smiley meme

What did that mean 😏

Anyway, to cut the story short. Helga also sent me an email with a nude woman naked, legs up in the air and I puked all over my desk. Indeed what a shock, never in my life have I been so horrified.

Helga typed that is Community Standards on Facebook in Germany ” better luck next time sweetie, do that and people give you money 💵

I love Australia more than ever understand why we are the lucky country

I love Australia 🇦🇺

In Australia, we all earn money by being hard-working honest and humble.

Thank the Lord, us Ladies keep our knickers on to be gainfully employed the easy way.

That’s all folk for Facebook junk tonight.

Thank God for WordPress normality.


Wasting my time💯💣

I will see you again

The only person you should compare yourself to is who you used to be.

If you’re giving your all to someone, and it’s not enough, you’re giving it to the wrong person.

Pain changes people, but it also makes them stronger.


Home based Business 😉

We all have a burning desire in our souls

Either to be successful in business

Or to have personal growth and transformation…

No matter what it is…

We are all searching and aiming for something…

If you know you have something to give to the world…

Even if you just think that you do…

Get to work…

Chances are that nobody else is going to hand you exactly what you want…

If you know that you have what it takes to launch a successful business…

Do it

Visualize and realize your own ambitions….

Question your priorities big or small…

Remember your dreams are important…

And that burning deep down inside you wont leave
till you work on your plans and dreams!!!


A Better Way to Discover Blogs and Get Inspired

Today, we’re announcing improvements to WordPress Reader on your mobile app.

A Better Way to Discover Blogs and Get Inspired
WordPress 😁😁😁


You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life.

Goals provide the energy source that powers our lives. One of the best ways we can get the most from the energy we have is to focus it. That is what goals can do for us; concentrate our energy.

A goal is not always meant to be reached. It often serves simply as something to aim at.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Goals provide the energy source that powers our lives. One of the best ways we can get the most from the energy we have is to focus it. That is what goals can do for us; concentrate our energy.


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How To Instantly Get More Traffic

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