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“A LOVE LETTER FROM MABEL!” a poem September 4, 2019 (Wednesday)

“A LOVE LETTER FROM MABEL!” a poem September 4, 2019 (Wednesday)

I am in love with Calvin Mucho; he makes me FEEL ALL RIGHT!

I-also like to debate! with Calvin, for with-him I love to fight!

I think I’ll marry-me Calvin Mucho; I need him in my bed,

“To hold me late at night,” I say. “I need SAFETY!” is-also what I’ve said.

I THINK HE’S PRETTY GOOD FOR ME; we seem to fit quite well!

I’ll die some day – with CALVIN MUCHO! and we-will fly into H – L L,

Into that “CIRCLE” where illicit lovers are trapped forevermore;**

Of course we might also FLY TO HEAVEN; I’ll hold him close! We’ll SOAR,


I AM – “a roman-tic!” I like THAT notion, and-the-best-and-worst-he-can-bring,

Out-of ME! I’m (so) happy with Calvin – and also very sad!

Calvin Mucho! for-our-kids, he’ll be a real, good dad!

Well, I guess that about “covers it,” except just this:

CALVIN IS MY MAKE-BELIEVE LOVER, but in dreams I LOVE to kiss,

Him on the lips – and tell him I LOVE HIM, and (I mean) WHAT CAN I DO?

I know!

I’ll invent me something with A SCREEN, something quite brand new,

Where I can talk with someone ON THE PHONE! and! see their body and head,

And NEVER need to leave my room – or get out of my bed!

I’ll call EVERYONE! named Calvin Mucho, until I get (you -know!) THE ONE,

Who looks the most just like my dream-man, and we’ll have us lots of fun!

But! I’ll never leave my room, I think – ’cause I’m TRAPPED “in a funky cell!”

I wonder – Have you guessed my name? I AM-called

Just-plain MA BELL!*

fin โ™ฅ

  • – She LOVES being with CALVIN (“Cal!”) – She thinks about him and even calls out his name: “CAL(L) MUCH – Oh! Cal Much! Call Much! I LOVE you! More! More!

Girls are forever calling out his name, The Boy of Their Dreams – on those long, lonely nights! when all SHE can do is imagine – being with her boy, her man CAL!

** – The 2nd Circle of Hell, according to the author Dante, is where those lovers “just blown away with love for one another” get to fly around, hugging and kissing, like Francesca Da Rimini and her lover boy Paolo! Isn’t it nice to know NOW – that, actually, such lovers can fly around there for a bit and then just fly off to Heaven, to have “a bite” or something, before going on an extended Honeymoon to Bermuda! Ain’t life grand!? Ain’t LOVE wonderful? <3


Facebook Dating Site ~

“STARTING OVER AGAIN!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Facebook Fiddling* Can Burn Up All The Money In Your Accounts!” August 30, 2019 (Freya’s Day!)

“Oh, JOY! MY ACCOUNT(s) IS (are) (pause! get ready!) CLEAN!

ALL MY MONEY! I’ve been ‘scammed!’ Now, I glean:

From experience that I should NEVER ‘FIDDLE’ around – on Facebook!

I gave ‘them’ INFORMATION! and ‘they’ done took-A [SPECIAL] LOOK!

THEY TOOK! A LOOK! at-me! (pause)

I-guess! “a patsy” THEY did see,

AND – every account I HAD (had, had, had)

Is-gone! I guess THE GANGS, found me [to be] a silly lad,

With a pitifully, sympathetic HEART,

Which – simply LOVES to SIMPLY part,

With, for instance, a little cash for lovely, lonely “CINDY LU LU,”

From Nigeria!”

Yup! CINDY’S “a gang” too,

And She-got maybe-$10? PLUS – all My Account Info,

AND – every account connected with me,

Yeah, baby! Don’t-cha know!

NEVER DOUBT! These “gangs” are extremely so-phis-ti-cated;

They’ve had a lot of practice, AND THEY’VE (also) CONGREGATED,

Together – to clean accounts – from NAIVE-folks like me!

So, ANYWAY! Thank God! Now, I’m clean, with-no-mo-ney!

CLEAN! CLEAN! minus a “mill” or more in those accounts!

I wonder! Whether! They’re insured? if-not! I may not have “an ounce,”

Of wherewithal, sweet wherewithal – to now- NOW draw -up-on!

I (and-others with accounts related!) HAVE-LOST-WEIGHT,


fin โ™ฅ

  • – The Internet Gangs out there will FIDDLE with you AND fiddle, as “Your Roman Accounts” BURN! and ALL OF US are susceptible! THESE GANGS are SO clever! “They” have drained accounts from some of the most talented and sophisticated people, AROUND THE WORLD. It’s THEIR JOB!**

** – to get YOUR money! They ARE “that” good! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Yipes! $$$$$$$

I”LIFE IN HEAVEN IS QUITE AMAZING!” a poem August 29, 2019 (Thursday)

“LIFE IN HEAVEN IS QUITE AMAZING!” a poem August 29, 2019 (Thursday)

Shhhhh! Yup! I know you’ve-all-been-suspicious-about-it, but-we have now con-firmed,

That THIS IS HEAVEN! We’re HERE!! That’s what we’ve learned!

But, don’t tell anyone FOR GOODNESS’ SAKES;

(since) It would drastically reduce Church Attendance – and no-future-hoping makes,

For-some pretty mean hombres, walking around with guns and knives,

‘Cause, if they find this is Heaven, they-might-think-they-got-it-made, &-in-their-eyes,

IF THEY’RE ALREADY “HERE,” some people will do whatever they want,

Like they’ll go around “keying cars,” bashing bars & won’t hit; they’ll only bunt!

They’ll just think they can do what they please, ’cause this is Heaven, right?

However, they should STILL know – that’s it NOT OK to hurt an’ fight!

Actually, (shhhhh!) You can-get kicked-out if you’re not nice!

OF COURSE, after-a-time, you can come back! (shhhhh!) Let’s-be-quiet like mice,

And not let the word get out, for there are some other things too,

Like: no peeing in public – and no “spiking” grama’s punch – or savory, beef stew!

Anyway, it’s CONFIRMED! and here’s a little evidence,

I’ve been gathering! in “The Era of Trump & Pence:”

For instance, I married me an angel, and in Heaven (believe it or not) it’s OK to do,

Lots of “coochie coochie” and “rubbie bummy” and “tickle-y -nickle-y-woo” too!

Heaven! It’s like a big, ol’ orgy (shhhhh!) for Me and You,

But you still have to be respectful! Yet, things have kinda become like “brand new!”

You might wonder how I found this out, but it was really pretty easy!

I think I first noticed it – when I looked into YOUR eyes, which were so soft and breezy!

Plus, your body’s smell was yummy, like peach nectar in The Spring!

And I know that I heard angelic choirs start to sing!

Anyway, that is my story; that is my song,

Telling everyone on Facebook and Tumblr, all the-day long,

That (shhhhh!) We’re in Heaven! I think it’s so nice,

& now phone-and-device-sales-will-go-down, with an upsurge – in sugar-‘n’-spice!

And NOW – we know who God is! That’s right! TRUMP!

So, Bill Maher (net worth: $100 million) goes to Hell, thinking Don’s a chump!

But now we know HE (Trump, that is!) is REALLY cool,

And we’ll forever re-elect him, and we can be as smart as he is and never attend school!

fin โ™ฅ

Vampire Bride~

“VAMPIRE BRIDE!” a poem for the vampires – August 29, 2019 (THIRST-day?)

Shimmering hair! Blood dripping lips!

It’s for a gal like that – that an amorous guy REALLY FLIPS!

Seductive voice! Dressin’-in-orange-and-white,

With curves and moves – that’ll get-you through the night!

VAMPIRE BRIDES! are NOT “a dime a dozen!”

They’re-actually VERY-rare; * for-instance, I’ve got a cousin,

Who absolutely BLOWS-MY mind!

Finding one like her – would-be QUITE THE FIND!

A VAMPIRE BRIDE! They’re actually NOT COLD! They are VERY hot!

They MAKE-you THINK you’re flirting with THEM! (and, then, you’re caught!)

In their embrace! AND – They have the prettiest face!



fin <3

  • – occasionally RAW!

Opera ~

George Solti, a famous Hungarian-born orchestra conductor once indicated that “in his long life” he had met two truly AMAZING lady opera singers: Renee Fleming, an American opera singer who is still alive – and Renata Tebaldi, an Italian soprano!

They either stay calm and “deal with it?” Or – THEY TOO – START T ‘-CUS-S!

“ANGER!” a poem August 26, 2019 (August)

Should you be FREE? from anger? is it ever pos-s-i-ble?

What of: “Righteous Indignation?” Remember, “The Money Changers’ Booths” Were tos-s-a-ble, At least-by-an ANGRY JESUS! Was that guy out-a control?

AND: Did that story really ever happen? TRUTH!? (L. O. L.!) is “on patrol!”

Does The Enlightened One never get angry? or does he do it on purpose? Is it OK-IF you recognize “the rage?” Is anger like gas for a baby, and God’ll simply-burp-us?

But – all-rhyming-aside, can ANGER really be good or bad?

Isn’t it just something that happens!? That some of us called: “MAD!”

It certainly has an effect – on the people around u-s-s!

They either stay calm and “deal with it?” Or – THEY TOO – START T ‘-CUS-S!

If YOU get mad, in front of ME – I think you’re “my reflection,”

And we’re getting angry, at-the-same-time – or-maybe-just-me! AND, CAN AN ANGRY INFLECTION,

Be turned around – INTO LAUGHTER? When you “see” how ridiculous you look!

But, face-it! WE ALL LOOK SO RIDICULOUS anyway, but angER (SEEMS-to-be-able-TO-REALLY) “COOK.

MY GOOSE,” for-when-it’s-on-the-loose,

It’s hypnotic noose,

Can choke you pretty good then,

AND-LATER – some-physical-sickness-it-can-sen[d].

With: REGRET! Embarrassment!

And-downright AMAZEMENT,

That I – can be “set-off” “in the twinkling of an eye!”

It (just) emphasizes – this fragile, frail THING!

I spy,

When I look in the mirror – and shake my head!

Some people look SO harshly, they want to be dead!

For, I think, most people don’t think ANGER – has a healing touch!

But, like war, isn’t there a time for anger? or Am I reaching far TOO MUCH,

Seeking answers? to questions I have, perhaps, been told I should ask?


A mask of APPARENT? understanding! A mask of con-descension!

PEOPLE GET ANGRY! That’s what happens sometimes! in-ThIS 3rd-Dimension!

fin โ™ฅ

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You- CAN spend all your time on the phone and a-sleeping~

You- CAN spend all your time on the phone and a-sleeping;

“A GOOD STATE!?” a poem August 26, 2019 (Monday)

That-MIGHT-seem like-a good id-e-a!]

But, I dunno! The body (and mind? and spirit?) might suffer! And other stuff might start to be-a,

Little down! (pause)

And then your life might go down-a-the-drain!

Is THAT now what you really want?

Can’t too much lounging – turn out to be quite the strain!?

You’d think that lounging – would always relax you,

So you can be peaceful & calm,

But without some balance, you might just BLOW! (pause)


And, then, who’s gonna piece you back together again,

To have peace? (pause)

For, “Lying-in-Pieces,” (pause)


fin โ™ฅ

But I “LOVE-YOU-TO-PIECES!” How can you say that?

I want to sleep lots be-on-the-phone and tap, tap!

I think it-is healthy, and it’s what I want to do!

I want to talk! and – s – – – – s – – – – s – – – -!

That’s what (s)he said; then (s)he went up to Heaven,

With all of The Saints! and her boyfriend Kevin!*

And they lounged-and-called-and-cooed FOREVER, ’til all cows did fly!

Things are lighter in Heaven! So, please don’t-you cry!

  • – In Celtic or Gaelic, this name means: “gentle” or “attractive!”