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The joys of an unclean man 🙄

“PERFECT INSPIRATION!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Joy[s] of The Unclean Man!” June 23, 2019 (Sunday)

The “greatest” inspiration[s] – come-from Phar-i-sees,

From lawyers-and-politicians! They drop me to my knees,

So I can KISS THEIR RING[s] – and WORSHIP at Their ALTAR –

OF MONEY-&-PROGRESS!? You-know, I might just falter,

But-I-won’t-forget These-boobies -are-“fodder”-for-me,

To write another poem – or TWO! Yes! so-care-fully,

Reminding myself – THAT I-NEEDN’T-BE-LIKE-THEM -AT-ALL,

For we-ALL-have “great” potential! To lift things up or fall,

Into-the-trap-of-“Pharisees-&-Saducess,” quite-sure-and-oh-so-“blind!”

And, I think, most of them just want-me – to kiss thar sweet be-hind!

So, “Get behind me, Satan!!! behind-MY-little-arse!”


fin <3

To Mystic Poet Laureate – sending you prayer, all’s okay 🤫
  1. My first love was chemistry then a journey came and the challenges were amazing. You understand life’s like that, swept…


The Difference

“THE DIFFERENCE!?” a poem 23 June 2019 (SUNDAY)

The GOD of The Jews:*

“I’m-givin’-you-EVERYTHING! Enjoy-it, but-not-too-much!”

The GOD of Jesus:

“Enjoy IT – AND – Be in touch,

WITH LOVE! So, give-and-pray-for-ALL!

The GOD of The Jews:


For-sacrifice, AND – Be-sure-to-make-me-smile!”

Of Jesus? “I’m SLEEPING!? all the-while!”

While The Disciples were on-board, fighting The Storm,

Jesus is-a snoozing! Trying to stay warm!

AND -The Apostle Paul? “Fight! The-GO[o]D-Fight!

Worship GOD! and GET THINGS ‘RIGHT!’ “

Well, doesn’t-that equal The Jewish GOD?

Mr. Paul, I shall-not ap-plaud,

YOUR efforts at organizing – The Early Church,

For The GOD-of-Modern-Christians – and – The-Jewish-SEARCH,

MUST!!! Search for God AND Find-a-Way!?

Can’t we – SLEEP? like-Jesus? and wait-for-another-day?

Well, now – I-don’t-suppose-BETTER! but-maybe-[a-bit]-more-in-dulgEnt!


“Hi! (pause) Are-any-here- in-di-GENT?

For I like the poor! the-somewhat-lazy! and dis-turbed!

PAUL! THE JEWS! and-strict, superstitious law –

Have-got-me-a-little per-turbed!”

fin <3

  • – and, generally, Christians, Moslems, you know, all the religions that SEEM TO promote Holy Wars (when they CAN)!

Bug 🐛

“BUG IN THE TUB!” a poem for: SATURDAY! 22 Jun 2019

I found a bug in the tub!

It-couldn’t-get-out! I-said: “Hey, Bub!

Here you go – in the tissue!”

I-put-bug-on-counter; however! (pause) Here’s “the issue:”

The-bug-is-INSIDE, upon the counter;

Won’t-it-still-get-stepped-on? Will it – saunter,

Hungrily? Forever? on The Floor,

In The House!? That’s so poor!

So, bug and tissue – I put in-a-glass!

It goes outside! Free! at last?

Bug’ll be OK! It-done scurried away!

It-is another Sa-tur-day!

fin <3

You forgot you died today –


So, you were given The Gift! to manifest YOUR DREAMS,

But! Were you ready – to insure that all (or! enough! of) your streams,

Would be: crystal and clear and filled with good vibrations?

Obviously-NOT! And-so! We’re stuck-in-our individual-nations!

When-are-you-ready? When-can-anyone-know,

When THEY CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH! When-they-can-“give-IT-a-go,”

And BE GOD! MANIFEST in This Dimension?

A monster made FLESH! Can-you feel The Tension?

A man (once dead?) was asked – by SOME-GOD,

“What do you want ‘down there? ‘ When-you’re-stuck-in-THE-BOD?”

And, after thinking, with thoughts-pretty-clear,

He said: “Here’s what I want -May I have this, my Dear?

(1) I want no knowledge of this conversation;

And (2) No knowledge of this, my ‘proclamation,’

Which-is – to be ‘a healer’ of all in pain!

On-whomever my shadow falls, may that person gain,

‘Reasonable’ health, physical AND mental,

Having no need of doctors, medical or dental,

And (3) I’ll never have any idea – that it was me,

That had anything to do with it! For, don’t you see,

IF I was aware of this wonderful power,

I would become prideful OR I would cower,

Knowing the awesome responsibility of it all!

There, God of Wishes! That is MY CALL!”

“Well wished for,” said The Genie to me;

“Your wish is granted! I hope to see,

More of you in ‘the future!’ Good luck! Don’t cry!”


fin <3

You for you died today –

Grief is wanting to hold that love close one last time. The irony of grief is that the person you need to talk and hold, to smell, to feel that loving heartbeat when they are no longer there will follow you everywhere you go. When a women truly loves her man those feelings never leave you. All that matters its who you love and who loves you, they are always with you until tomorrow the love I sleep in your shirt, you’re always holding me. See you in Venus, whoa 😮 I been loved by the best❤️

Venus ❤️

You forgot you died today ©️

The Promised Land ~

“NON-SEEKING!” a poem – to celebrate the eventual end of another Friday! 06/21/2019


Who knows-where-that-will-go!

Just two steps ahead – and one step back!

Do it again! For-nothing I lack!

I’ll do my best!?* * – another’s-idea-of-BAD!

I’ll let THEM judge! I won’t be sad!

For, I’ve had so much – of-sad, based-on-YOUR,

IDEA OF PERFECT, your-idea-of-“pure!”

I AM NOT pure; I am not vile;

I’ll always walk an extra mile,

To see your face -and touch your hand,

Hoping to experience “your promised land!”

And, if that do[es]n’t-work, I’m still OK;

I’ll wait! I’ll wait! for another day!

Then, I’ll-try-again, and HOPE FOR NAUGHT,

For nothing here have I sought!

fin <3

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