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Dinner with silly Barry ~

“DINNER WITH BARRY!” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Choices We-Make Are The-Dreams That May-Come; Sometimes Integrity* Is-Just Hiding In Our Bum!” August 18, 2019, Sunday

I had a-dinner with Barry; it was poign-i-ant and grand,

To see my-friend-Barry again – and to-HOLD HIS HAND,

To hear how life has changed for him,

And-about “descriptions:” “MEAN” -and-“PRIM!”

Of: “NARCISSISTIC” “tendencies!” and “CHAOTIC” too!


I thank him for-the-reminder: THAT PEOPLE, THEY HAVE CHOICES!

I think that’s why SOMETIMES – We tend to raise our voices,

And label things (of course) SIM-PLY-as WE PERCEIVE,

Which-is-inevitable! And, sometimes, SIMPLY (pause) one must leave,

“For the sake of ME,” I say; “and the way I AM!”

It helped me remember (for instance) that-some, they-are-born: “A Ram,”**

An “Aries,”** based on circumstances of their birth,

But (I think-for-instance) no one’s a “congenital liar” when-they’re-born-on-MotherEarth;

Rather I-THINK-that people CHOOSE to lie, based on what they think they MUST do,

To get by each day, to keep body and soul together – and to-help themselves be “true!?”

So, I’m pretty sure NO-ONE IS “A-LIAR,”

BUT – They might choose to lie away! or BE – in a choir,

Yet, that DOESN’T MEAN – that John IS a liar or that Don IS a singer;

Rather, I think it means:



& Barry’s chosen – to-be a bringer,

Of modest, decent considerations – and honesty to This World!

Yes, that’s what YOU CHOOSE TO DO, as Cody is gently curled,

Upon your perfect, anxious lap,

Acting-as-a-comfort, while-taking-a-restful-nap!

I guess you helped me realize: THAT I (pause) THINK PEOPLE CAN CHOOSE,


Yet, although-you-MAY-be-right, i.e.: That THEY ARE exactly what they seem,

I-would-CHOOSE-to-believe that INHERENT IS ALTERABLE, and I had a dream:

I had one last night after dinner:

“Two people came to me, ‘A-Saint-e!’ (pause) and ‘A-Sinner!’

They JOINED HANDS and CHOSE to agree,


But both turned to me and said: “You-know, we’re JUST THE SAME,

But our choices might prompt you – to stay – or turn away in shame;

But ONLY because YOU HAVE CHOSEN to be,

With CERTAIN FOLKS – AND – to depart! careful-ly,

From others whom YOU HAVE CHOSEN to avoid,

Because, YOU HAVE DECIDED, based on how some have ‘toyed,’

With your affections that they will (might) hurt,

YOUR CHOICES and, therefore, perhaps-it’s-best-for-you-to-skirt,

Away from them – to-maintain YOUR integri-ty,

Which-really (I think) simply has to do – with “THAT SPECIAL CUP OF TEA,


OBVIOUSLY!? Can’t-we CHOOSE to drink our tea QUITE CLEAR,

Or add some sugar! and even (dare I say it?) even have a beer,

Or chose to react – or respond – to someone else with fear?!”

We can chose “to protect ourselves?” from the choices of others,

Even though (I think) ALL OF US – are “Sisters” and “Brothers,”

And there ARE tendencies, but I think choices can TRUMP the “lean,”

And make most anyone A TRUMP, not really mean,

But a chooser of mean-ness, whom I BET might be seen,

At some distant, hopeful uncertain date,

To CHANGE (HIS) HEART – and-maybe-ap-preciate,

THAT KINDNESS TOO, although sometimes out of view, IS ALWAYS “THERE,”

& couldn’t Ebenezer Scrooge (like anyone?) change his stripes & care,

For others and their feelings – in (shall I say) “A Barry-ian Way,”

Where we CHOOSE to “barry” lies and meanness! at least for today,

And proceed, as we feel we probably have-to or must,

To get by each day! (pause) For, Barry, I trust,

In YOU! (pause) and in Cody too,

To rise above it all, And to gently “call,”

On others to choose “The Best” they can-be,

And I-THINK-your-EXAMPLE-of-“excellent choices” is-ex-em-plar-y!

You CAN (or could) barry the hatchet,

Or you COULD BE – like Nurse Ratched;***

You COULD BE barry upset – and yell and scream,

Or be BARRY CALM – and-say: “This-is-a-dream,

And I shall react to it – with style and grace,

And I CAN barry judgment – and be KIND, in the face,

Of impossible odds – and un-cer-tain-ty,

And be barry objective, not barry-ing potentially hurtful memories or any feeling,

But-observing-barry-carefully, and-making-the-barry-best-choices,


fin ♥

Sometimes, if you just sing a song, it helps:

  • – INTEGRITY: the state of being whole and undivided! 🙂 – Good luck with that!

** – An “astrological” designation, based on what time of the year a person is born!

*** – a seemingly scary and forceful person who demands that you conform, since THAT is (t)he(i)r job to make you . . . conform!

Congratulations with that to 👑👑👑



“THE ART OF LIVING!” a poem, a.k.a.: “You Are Your Own Magic Wand!” a.k.a.: “The Joy of Self-Acceptance!” Tuesday, April 16, 2019

We-all-want-to-MAKE-A-[LITTLE]-DIFFERENCE, to-be counted (a little) real,
Worth “something or other,” and acceptance-would-be-a-great-deal!
Kind-of like this paper plate I’m writing on (that could-have-been thrown away),
But here it is, used and needed! with ink and verse! “Hooray!”

Like the plate, wouldn’t-we relish [the idea of] being “saved” forevermore?*
Sure, for we LOVE the thought of us with value; it warms us “to the core!”

Like, when you were a little girl, your Daddy kissed-you-on the cheek,
Declaring-you his “Little Angel” and-that-you-would-NEVER-have-to-seek,
A REASON FOR YOU, for: “You’re of such value to me;
I love you so much, I do, and you give-me-ecstasy!
When I look in your eyes, I-see PURE LOVE;
When you hold my hand, I-feel – way above,
Anyone else in The World today!
Just you’re being with me – means-more than I can say!
Just you’re existence – gives mine value too!
I’ll ALWAYS LOVE YOU, and, Honey,
Love is what is true!

Until the end of time – and far beyond;
You’re my magic, little angel, with your special, magic wand!”

fin <3

    • The principle theme and hope of most religions!

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“FEELING THREATENED IS BOTH INSTINCTUAL & LEARNED!” poem(s) “What God Hath Called Clean, Let Not Thou Call Common!” 20 May 2019 [Monday]

“What God Hath Called Clean, Let Not Thou Call Common!” 20 May 2019 [Monday]
Written at Church Sunday [yesterday]! The sermon was based on that passage in Acts 10:11, when the apostle Peter [often a hard headed fellow like the lesser known disciple Jack] had a vision of a vessel descending upon him, “as it had been a great sheet, knit at the 4 corners!” This sheet, being lowered from Heaven, was full of animals, both ritually clean and unclean! A voice then commanded Peter to “kill and eat,” but, since the sheet included “unclean” animals & Peter was a devout Jew, Peter did not rise to the occasion!

My girlfriend’s name is “Threatened,” for she-feels-threatened – by-“unclean ones;”
Ones-who-aren’t-Christian [like-Her] are “weird,” as-are Sea-Monsters and The-Huns!
Yet, shouldn’t-She-accept-them-all-as-Blessed-Children, lov-ed by The-Lord?
Just-as-“GOD” loves all-“good”-Christians?* I’m sure we-can’t-afford,
To disregard or disrespect “THEM;” please-have hu-mi-li-ty,
Realizing – ALL are “clean” (pause) within-“Cosmic-Unity!”
We’re-only-“whole,” with-ma-ny-parts, and some parts feel “The Threat,”
From “sup-pressed”-parts, unique and brash! Perhaps, “The Heart” might let,
Us-find-ac-ceptance and-true-love, WHERE-“A-GA-PE LOVE” RE-SIDES!**
TRUE LOVE loves “friends” AND “enemies!” In-The-Heart there-ARE NO-SIDES!
No bar-riers! or-restrictions! There-we-have-only LOVING-CARE,
For-The-Heart has “Heavenly-Forgiveness!” THERE ARE NO-THREATS TO BEAR!
Yet, I LOVE FEELING THREATENED! for-she’s-my-loving-mate!
I’ll feel HER! Yes! For-ever-more; feeling-Threatened – is-just SO-great! 🙂 – Yeah!

fin <3

A Supplementary Poem: “I Try To Feel Threatened As Much As She’ll Let Me!”
I like to feel Threatened, all-over-the-place! – – – I-love-her-hair, her skin & her-face! – – – When-we’re-together, it’s-called: “being threat-en[e]d!” – – – In younger days, there-were-others- I’d-at-tend! – – – Thus, in my youth, I never felt much dread! – – – But those days are gone; they’re all but dead! – – – For, when-you-find-“The-One,” she’s-the-only-one-to-feel! – – – I count myself lucky, so-at-Love’s-Altar I-kneel, – – – Praying for her touch, her kiss and her song, – – – If I don’t feel Threatened, I’m-not-really-getting-along, – – – Too well! For I-know I-need at least 12 hugs per day,*** – – – I’d like to feel Threatened-a-lot-more-than-that, I say! – – – I’m “immediately threatened,” if she grabs me from behind, – – – Sometimes she’ll “jump-my-bones” and-yell: “I-hope-you-don’t-mind . . . – – – If I smother you with love – and whisper in your ear, – – – That I’m not letting go, for at-least-a-full-year! – – – Threatened!-What-a-way-to-live; what-a-way to go! – – – Now-you-know-why-I-feel-Threatened; I should-probably-feel-terrified, I know!

* – Agape Love: The highest form of love (?), originating from God or Christ!
** – That’s what experts on The Internet say, and, if it’s on The Internet, well . . .
*** – There is a lot of difference between a good Christian and a bad Christian . . .

“ENLIGHTENED BEING!!” a poem May 20, 2019 [MOON]

“ENLIGHTENED BEING!!” a poem May 20, 2019 [MOON]

For-some – The Spiritual Life – – – Is: having a wife,
And-going-to-The-Bar – – – And driving a car!
OR! Renouncing them all! “Let’s head-for-yonder-mountain-top,
To meditate (or cogitate) and-we-might-never-stop!?”
How ’bout GOING TO CHURCH! or – NOT!
We-can-stay ceremonially clean – or smoke a little pot?
I’ll vanquish Maya, and no one can frighten,
ME! from my notions of practice and passion!”
“I’m MOVING UP! – to The Next Level!*
I’m ON MY WAY! goin’ past The Devil!!?
I’ll TRANSCEND existence! Maybe start a DOJO,**
And CHARGE ADMISSION! – I’ll demonstrate my “mojo,”***
My siddhi powers – and immense concentration!
I’ll get so enlightened, in this enlightened nation!”
Let’s form: The Stonehenge Society – or find-a Findhorn garden!
“I’ll never be no sinner, for-I’ll-give myself a pardon!”
Well, good luck, Pilgrim, but you might consider this:
IF you TRY to “elevate,” you might just miss! 🙂 – I like YOU!
You might go WAY-WAY-UP – and (then, maybe) GO DOWN!
Or-you-can-stand-out-on-a-stree-ee-eet corner – and smile! or frown!
Or get stuck IN SOME MIND STATE, that’s-really BORING!
You gotta watch yourself, Icarus – when-with-wings-you-go-a-soaring!
Why not – JUST RELAX – and TRY? to-be-YOU!

fin <3

* – according to some, there are “dimensional” places to go, if you are “good or lucky enough” and you can go through DIMENSIONAL SHIFTS [Whoopee!] and . . . have your very own website about IT – and list all the changes you experience in your BODY PHYSICAL, as you ASS-CEND the stairway to HEAVEN! Yay! I can just hear all these folks saying: “This guy is gonna go to A LOW LEVEL, by golly! IF I have anything to say about it!” L. O. L. and Whoopee! “I’m already there! Here I go!” The Mystic Poet.
** – A place to TRAIN (spiritually) and get BETTER AND BETTER! Yay!
*** – I don’t know what it is either! You can maybe ask a “graduate” of a relationship training course! [see, e.g.: Justin Sterling (training) or E. S. T. (Erhard Seminar, or Sensitivity, Training!], or [NOT a thing] The Mystic Poet Advanced {Righting} classes, where I teach you how to rite MYSTIC poetry – by letting your hand glide across the paper, similar to what Eckhart Tolle did, and then grab yourself in unusual ways before passing out completely! I have a sale today for those who would like to enroll!

Bird ~

~ Indian paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) . ~ Photo by : Probir Kundu ~ The Indian paradise flycatcher is a medium-sized passerine bird native to Asia that is widely distributed.

Relationships are like birds, if you hold them to tightly the DIE, if you hold losley, they FLY. But if you hold with care , they remain with you forever.

Mother Nature’s son….Lennon/McCartney 💥

Born a poor young country boy
Mother Nature’s son
All day long I’m sitting singing songs for everyone.
Sit beside a mountain stream
See her waters rise
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.
Find me in my field of grass
Mother Nature’s son
Swaying daises sing a lazy song beneath the sun.
Mother Nature’s son….Lennon/McCartney