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“THE ART OF LIVING!” a poem, a.k.a.: “You Are Your Own Magic Wand!” a.k.a.: “The Joy of Self-Acceptance!” Tuesday, April 16, 2019

We-all-want-to-MAKE-A-[LITTLE]-DIFFERENCE, to-be counted (a little) real,
Worth “something or other,” and acceptance-would-be-a-great-deal!
Kind-of like this paper plate I’m writing on (that could-have-been thrown away),
But here it is, used and needed! with ink and verse! “Hooray!”

Like the plate, wouldn’t-we relish [the idea of] being “saved” forevermore?*
Sure, for we LOVE the thought of us with value; it warms us “to the core!”

Like, when you were a little girl, your Daddy kissed-you-on the cheek,
Declaring-you his “Little Angel” and-that-you-would-NEVER-have-to-seek,
A REASON FOR YOU, for: “You’re of such value to me;
I love you so much, I do, and you give-me-ecstasy!
When I look in your eyes, I-see PURE LOVE;
When you hold my hand, I-feel – way above,
Anyone else in The World today!
Just you’re being with me – means-more than I can say!
Just you’re existence – gives mine value too!
I’ll ALWAYS LOVE YOU, and, Honey,
Love is what is true!

Until the end of time – and far beyond;
You’re my magic, little angel, with your special, magic wand!”

fin <3

    • The principle theme and hope of most religions!

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“FEELING THREATENED IS BOTH INSTINCTUAL & LEARNED!” poem(s) “What God Hath Called Clean, Let Not Thou Call Common!” 20 May 2019 [Monday]

“What God Hath Called Clean, Let Not Thou Call Common!” 20 May 2019 [Monday]
Written at Church Sunday [yesterday]! The sermon was based on that passage in Acts 10:11, when the apostle Peter [often a hard headed fellow like the lesser known disciple Jack] had a vision of a vessel descending upon him, “as it had been a great sheet, knit at the 4 corners!” This sheet, being lowered from Heaven, was full of animals, both ritually clean and unclean! A voice then commanded Peter to “kill and eat,” but, since the sheet included “unclean” animals & Peter was a devout Jew, Peter did not rise to the occasion!

My girlfriend’s name is “Threatened,” for she-feels-threatened – by-“unclean ones;”
Ones-who-aren’t-Christian [like-Her] are “weird,” as-are Sea-Monsters and The-Huns!
Yet, shouldn’t-She-accept-them-all-as-Blessed-Children, lov-ed by The-Lord?
Just-as-“GOD” loves all-“good”-Christians?* I’m sure we-can’t-afford,
To disregard or disrespect “THEM;” please-have hu-mi-li-ty,
Realizing – ALL are “clean” (pause) within-“Cosmic-Unity!”
We’re-only-“whole,” with-ma-ny-parts, and some parts feel “The Threat,”
From “sup-pressed”-parts, unique and brash! Perhaps, “The Heart” might let,
Us-find-ac-ceptance and-true-love, WHERE-“A-GA-PE LOVE” RE-SIDES!**
TRUE LOVE loves “friends” AND “enemies!” In-The-Heart there-ARE NO-SIDES!
No bar-riers! or-restrictions! There-we-have-only LOVING-CARE,
For-The-Heart has “Heavenly-Forgiveness!” THERE ARE NO-THREATS TO BEAR!
Yet, I LOVE FEELING THREATENED! for-she’s-my-loving-mate!
I’ll feel HER! Yes! For-ever-more; feeling-Threatened – is-just SO-great! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Yeah!

fin <3

A Supplementary Poem: “I Try To Feel Threatened As Much As She’ll Let Me!”
I like to feel Threatened, all-over-the-place! – – – I-love-her-hair, her skin & her-face! – – – When-we’re-together, it’s-called: “being threat-en[e]d!” – – – In younger days, there-were-others- I’d-at-tend! – – – Thus, in my youth, I never felt much dread! – – – But those days are gone; they’re all but dead! – – – For, when-you-find-“The-One,” she’s-the-only-one-to-feel! – – – I count myself lucky, so-at-Love’s-Altar I-kneel, – – – Praying for her touch, her kiss and her song, – – – If I don’t feel Threatened, I’m-not-really-getting-along, – – – Too well! For I-know I-need at least 12 hugs per day,*** – – – I’d like to feel Threatened-a-lot-more-than-that, I say! – – – I’m “immediately threatened,” if she grabs me from behind, – – – Sometimes she’ll “jump-my-bones” and-yell: “I-hope-you-don’t-mind . . . – – – If I smother you with love – and whisper in your ear, – – – That I’m not letting go, for at-least-a-full-year! – – – Threatened!-What-a-way-to-live; what-a-way to go! – – – Now-you-know-why-I-feel-Threatened; I should-probably-feel-terrified, I know!

* – Agape Love: The highest form of love (?), originating from God or Christ!
** – That’s what experts on The Internet say, and, if it’s on The Internet, well . . .
*** – There is a lot of difference between a good Christian and a bad Christian . . .

“ENLIGHTENED BEING!!” a poem May 20, 2019 [MOON]

“ENLIGHTENED BEING!!” a poem May 20, 2019 [MOON]

For-some – The Spiritual Life – – – Is: having a wife,
And-going-to-The-Bar – – – And driving a car!
OR! Renouncing them all! “Let’s head-for-yonder-mountain-top,
To meditate (or cogitate) and-we-might-never-stop!?”
How ’bout GOING TO CHURCH! or – NOT!
We-can-stay ceremonially clean – or smoke a little pot?
I’ll vanquish Maya, and no one can frighten,
ME! from my notions of practice and passion!”
“I’m MOVING UP! – to The Next Level!*
I’m ON MY WAY! goin’ past The Devil!!?
I’ll TRANSCEND existence! Maybe start a DOJO,**
And CHARGE ADMISSION! – I’ll demonstrate my “mojo,”***
My siddhi powers – and immense concentration!
I’ll get so enlightened, in this enlightened nation!”
Let’s form: The Stonehenge Society – or find-a Findhorn garden!
“I’ll never be no sinner, for-I’ll-give myself a pardon!”
Well, good luck, Pilgrim, but you might consider this:
IF you TRY to “elevate,” you might just miss! ๐Ÿ™‚ – I like YOU!
You might go WAY-WAY-UP – and (then, maybe) GO DOWN!
Or-you-can-stand-out-on-a-stree-ee-eet corner – and smile! or frown!
Or get stuck IN SOME MIND STATE, that’s-really BORING!
You gotta watch yourself, Icarus – when-with-wings-you-go-a-soaring!
Why not – JUST RELAX – and TRY? to-be-YOU!

fin <3

* – according to some, there are “dimensional” places to go, if you are “good or lucky enough” and you can go through DIMENSIONAL SHIFTS [Whoopee!] and . . . have your very own website about IT – and list all the changes you experience in your BODY PHYSICAL, as you ASS-CEND the stairway to HEAVEN! Yay! I can just hear all these folks saying: “This guy is gonna go to A LOW LEVEL, by golly! IF I have anything to say about it!” L. O. L. and Whoopee! “I’m already there! Here I go!” The Mystic Poet.
** – A place to TRAIN (spiritually) and get BETTER AND BETTER! Yay!
*** – I don’t know what it is either! You can maybe ask a “graduate” of a relationship training course! [see, e.g.: Justin Sterling (training) or E. S. T. (Erhard Seminar, or Sensitivity, Training!], or [NOT a thing] The Mystic Poet Advanced {Righting} classes, where I teach you how to rite MYSTIC poetry – by letting your hand glide across the paper, similar to what Eckhart Tolle did, and then grab yourself in unusual ways before passing out completely! I have a sale today for those who would like to enroll!

Bird ~

~ Indian paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) . ~ Photo by : Probir Kundu ~ The Indian paradise flycatcher is a medium-sized passerine bird native to Asia that is widely distributed.

Relationships are like birds, if you hold them to tightly the DIE, if you hold losley, they FLY. But if you hold with care , they remain with you forever.

Mother Nature’s son….Lennon/McCartney ๐Ÿ’ฅ

Born a poor young country boy
Mother Nature’s son
All day long I’m sitting singing songs for everyone.
Sit beside a mountain stream
See her waters rise
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.
Find me in my field of grass
Mother Nature’s son
Swaying daises sing a lazy song beneath the sun.
Mother Nature’s son….Lennon/McCartney



Don’t give up ~


“SATURDAY!ย  Party Day?”~ ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ซ

“SATURDAY! Party Day?” a poem April 20, 2019 (The Saturday, before Easter!!)

It-was-Saturday in-the-Holy-Land, and folks were feelin’ “down,”
For “Lordy! Our-Lord-Jesus is-no-more-to-be-foun[d];
His body, just-a-since-yesterday, got buried – in The Tomb!
Crucifixion-can-be-a-DRAG! It brings us lots of doom!”

So, Little Mary, Mary-Contrary – [usually] contrary-to-The-Max,
Came up with “a picnic plan,” to-get-us-out-o’-our-shacks!
She gathered wine – and cheese and bread,
And said: “COME ON!” That’s what she said;
“Let’s go and sup – outside His tomb!”
And, The-Magdalena at-her loom,
Said: “Yeah, you jokers!! Mary’s right!
We need ‘a break!’ from mourning hard!”
So all THE BAND – got food and nard,
And doth proceed-eth-ed to-have A BLAST,
Outside the tomb! A-real RE-past!
They ate and drank – into The Night,
Passing-eth-ed-OUT! There-upon-that-site!

Then, Roman soldiers – collected-them-all,
Would (eventually) work – and-plot to-kill-’em-good!
(Years-from-then, of-course! Years-from-then-he-would!)
Yet (long, eerie pause!) –
As they slumbered, vomit-smeared,
Inside-The-Jail (and some-were-pretty-“teared”),
Thinking – of Their Savior To-them, he-was LOST,
And-what-they-WOULD-‘A’-DONE, now, at-any-cost,
To have Him there, back-from-The-Grave, (another long, eerie pause!)

MOONLIGHT DANCED!!!!!! off-o’-rock-and-cave! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Oo-oo-oo!
And-a-subtle-scratching!!! was slightly heard,
By lizard, insects – and – even a bird!*
There-was-a-tiny-“stirring,” for IT-was-CLOSE,
To-The-Resurrection – of “The Gnos[s]!”**
fin <3

* – The Blue Bird of Happiness, of course!
** – The “Gnosis,” intuitive-knowing, stressed by early mystics known as “Gnostics,” who were persecuted & killed off, for suggesting each soul has the capacity to transcend this conditional realm, overcoming illusions of life, disintegration and high gas prices!! A remnant escaped to France, wearing no pants & on Sabbath, they-do-a-s-x-y-dance!

Happiness is freedom to live without prosecution or opinions of misguided souls who are victims of self proclaimed judgement ideals within their lives of conditioning by unfounded beliefs systems.
Be the best version of yourself.
Sprinkle star dust all over the world
It’s free you know


“THE BLEEDING DISH!” a poem [a.k.a.: “A Somewhat Fowl Poem For The Day Before Easter!], written Saturday (20 April 2019), to be sung to the tune: “Up From The Grave He Arose!

Death – Re-birth – ain’t so ab-surd,
‘Cause-Kitty got him-self a “boid!”
I could-tell- from -the-fea–thers-there,
He-had-got-him sa-v’ry faire!!

“To-heck with dry food faire!”
Said-fer-al-ki-ttie – and-he-would-not-share!
‘Cause “This-fo-o-owl’s de-li-i-cious – [espec’ally]at Ea-ster-Time!”
While-our-Lord is slee-eeping, this cat won’t whine!
– – – Kit-tie ATE! Small-birds-to-sate, Kitty’s-tummy-nee-eeds To-DAY!

Kitty’s UP – and birds are DOWN!
As-the fea- thers fl-y-y birdies frown,
For-the-Lord-brings-bird-ies as-the-kit-ty’s-food,
For-birds-of-ten wa-atch-eth – when-kitty-doth-BROOD,

Yearning-FOR! some-birds-each-DAY,
But-sometimes – KIT-TY SHOU-ou-TS: “HOO-RAY!”
So-Kitty’s-cul-i-nary-needs- They-were-filled-TO-DAY,
And-for- BOTH kitties-and-birdies we-will-surely-pray:

For-the mor-al-of-the-story – is, of course, just such:

Moral #2:
Plus, “(S)he who waits, is satisfied!” – – – Come-on-now! On-this The-Lord-ain’t-lie!
For, The-Lord-brings [fine] din-ing- to the cat that waits!
Just-be- patient and-God-will-sa-ti-ate! – – –
Kittie needs, for Kit-tie-of-ten-pleads – – – For-a sav’ry DI-i-i-iSH, that BLEEDS!
Praise The-Lord, for-we-can-afford – fresh-food-for-kit-tie,
At EA-ea-ea-ster TI-i-i-i-ME, I-dun-wrote this ditty!

Kit-tie ATE! Small-birds-did-sate, kittie’s tum-my nee-eds To-DAY! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Yay-meow!

fin <3


“FORGIVENESS WITH A SMILE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Still Smiling [After All This Time]!?”* 04/19/2019 (Fri)

Stop coughing so much, and you-won’t-give-yourself-a-head-ache!
Complainers-often: (pause) a worse state they-make!

Why-NOT, as preciously-“supplied,”
Let-“the-dog”-lie? Don’t-be-“fit-to-be-tied!”

Just let IT pass; don’t get too riled,
It-may-be-hard-to-do, but-they-say:

“We beat Him – and hung him, and spat in his eye,
and, yet, we-still-saw-love-there!” (pause) It’s OK to cry!

“Maybe I shouldn’t be: so-darn-cruel-&-nas-ty,
To people I hardly know, who-seems-to-be-more-‘classy,’
Than-ever-I-could-be; perhaps, you-know, just-may-be,
We aught to cut this fellow down who’s-nailed-to-“this tree,”
You-would-think-He’d-be-loud-and-cursing, whimpering BOO HOO!

But, no he’s just a-hangin’, with-a-fond-smile on his face,

Like-He’s-blessing – and-forgiving – everyone-in-this-Place!

fin <3

* – Written by a Roman soldier, a long time ago!

Managing depression depends on how we understand ourselves

Managing depression depends on how we understand ourselves

What is the cause of who we are and how we feel? If we understand something better, we can manager it better. Thus, if we have better understanding of ourselves would it enable us to better manage ourselves?

This electronic technology enables people to share ideas who would never otherwise interact. The base of this technology is science, namely quantum physics. But there is no science of people? They have all failed. Before looking more closely at why it has failed, letโ€™s first consider โ€˜scienceโ€™ what can it tell us and what can it not tell us.

The theory of a simple pendulum is T, the period of the pendulum, the time it takes to make one revolution equals twice pi (2ฯ€) times the square root of the length (L) over the gravitational constant (g) at sea level (โˆšL/g). T=2ฯ€โˆšL/g. The equation developed by Galileo and the German mathematician Christiaan Huygens in the 16th and 17th centuries, so we have known about pendulums for a long time. If we assume the pendulum is at sea level, we can simplify the equation to T=KโˆšL, that is the period is calculated by multiplying a constant (K=2ฯ€/โˆšg) by the square root of the length (โˆšL). We can call this our scientific theory of the pendulum.

Now, imagine a pendulum on earth, as far away from you as you can imagine, but still at sea level. What is the period of that pendulum? It will depend on the length. Of course. It follows, if we want to know the period we need to go to the pendulum, measure the length and put it in the formula. So, what is the point?

The point is all science relates to all situations in the same manner, that if we want to know an answer relevant to any practical (empirical) situation, we need collect relevant information, put it in our theory, and calculate the result. It follows, that a scientific theory does not and can never give us โ€˜answersโ€™, it can only tell us what to look for and how to then use that information to calculate the answer we seek.

Definition of scientific theory: A set of variables that describe the operation of the system under study, with those variables linked such to enable mathematical formula that when data inserted, the theory can calculate the result (example, T=2ฯ€โˆšL/g).

Does this rule apply to understanding ourselves, we have all this private insight into ourselves, surely it must be different?

Wrong, it is no different. Look inside, what are you thinking? How do you know what you are thinking? If there was no information flow linking what you are thinking and your awareness of what you are thinking, you would not know what you are thinking โ€˜over thereโ€™. In the absence of photons, we cannot see. The same rule applies to every other sense. Our awareness of our brain and its activities is no different, in the absence of information flow whereby we โ€˜perceive eventsโ€™ we would not know what is happening. Just that within the brain the โ€˜information flowโ€™ exists in electrical signals via nerves, synapses, and other components of the brain. But the exact same rule applies as when we โ€˜seeโ€™: In the absence of a communication flow system linking โ€˜usโ€™ to events โ€˜over thereโ€™ beyond โ€˜usโ€™, we can have no idea of what is happening โ€˜over thereโ€™. The nature of the communication channel is irrelevant, they are all subject to the same cybernetic rules of operation.

Now, we have the perplexing question what exactly is โ€˜usโ€™, and what exactly is โ€˜outside usโ€™?

A full answer to the question takes us deeper into questions on causality and epistemology than we can go in this brief comment, so I will step forward to the conclusion of the reasoning.

The reasoning is pursued in full in the book The Origin of Consciousness . The result being a theory of โ€˜usโ€™ and โ€˜beyond usโ€™, exactly equivalent to the theory of the pendulum. The conclusion is we are a spirit within a mind, within a brain within a body each component equally important.

The core of our spirit is all our experiences before we have speech, and before we have conceptualization and aware of ideas to apply to manage circumstances, so it is all emotion. This spiritual core then becomes overlaid as we grow with self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence, self-doubt, our social reflection of self, and all the other aspects of our โ€˜selfโ€™ that we have and can think about. Our mind consists of the variables, emotions, thought and attitude and our attention. The whole structure of our psychic existence occurring via the operation of our brain as the mechanism of mind. This does raise crucial issues of the relationship between mind and brain, all fully covered in โ€˜Originโ€™.

Our awareness of what is happening โ€˜over thereโ€™ in our brain (defined as the โ€˜reacting partโ€™) determined by our attention, we only know of things happening, even things in our brain if we are aware of them via our attention. Finally, there is no single synapse response, all responses from this system are โ€˜processedโ€™. Which means if we attend, learn to be aware of processing we can intervene via our attention and alter that processing. We have free will and choice. To the extent where nature has not enabled such choice, we can create it for ourselves via paying attention and learning. Such as some Eastern mystics learning how to control their heart beat.

The crucial point is that all our life experience is driven from our mind not from our brain. If we choose, we can alter what we are thinking, alter our emotional responses, alter how much we allow our spirit and its core to influence us. We can choose, and if we are willing to fight our reactions via our brain responses we can become what we choose not what genetics, or our upbringing chose for us.

We can choose to be less influenced by some things and more influenced by others. WE CAN CHOOSE.

The base of us choosing is to believe we can choose. If we do not believe then all our choices will be tentative. I expect we all know what happens when we try but half-hearted. We fail. Then we say to ourselves, โ€ฆ there, in my heart I knew it. Iโ€™m a failure.

The alternatives have names, the current main view is called monism, that is all our experiences are driven by the brain and we have limited influence on it, if any at all. Brain and mind are one and the same, monism, with brain dominant. Hence in mental illness, drugs are prescribed, since to โ€˜fixโ€™ any mental illness requires changes in brain functioning.

The view proved in my work, is called dualism. Rene Descartes first argued dualism around 1650. It has never gained sway, since it could never be proved, and the existence and influence of ideas was always a major ontological problem. Only in my work is dualism proved, with mind and brain separate, spirit the core of our existence, and with our psychic states best understood from our choices in mind rather than neurological malfunction in our brain.

Neurological malfunction does occur but is the same as when we get a significant illness, such as cancer, or malaria. In short, it is not something the person can influence, it requires โ€˜medicineโ€™. Within my science, neurological malfunction is defined as mental illness. With problematic psychic states arising from mind defined as psychological dysfunction. Currently there is no technological to separate the etiology, the cause of any problematic psychic state, hence much modern confusion over how to manage them. Within my science, with the base of dualism, then the assumption is the person has a โ€˜normalโ€™ neural functioning, hence the etiology of a problematic psychic state is arising from their mind, not from their brain.

Under dualism, with mind being the primary driver of our experience of life, then to improve our experience of life we need better manage our mind rather than depend on medicines to manage our brain.

The difference is profound. For example, monism, the view of much modern medicine regards depression as an illness, based in the brain. Hence medication used to โ€˜support, correctโ€™ or otherwise alter brain functioning. In dualism, the prime causal factor in determining the psychological state of a person is the mind. Only a person has access to their mind. Dualism states that in a person with โ€˜normalโ€™ neural functioning, then their psychological state is the result of the thoughts they have, and the emotions associated with those thoughts. In short, depression is not an illness within the brain but an affliction of the spirit. The person and only the person can finally manage it, but they will likely need guidance, love and spiritual support to do so.

Depression: Malfunction in the brain, or an affliction of the spirit. The choice of the underlying causal understanding of the drivers of psychic states will fundamentally determine how people act to deal with those states when they find them unsatisfactory. The strength of commitment to belief will determine the success at improving the experience of life.

Monism, the medical model of how we work. Or dualism, the spiritual model of how we work. Today, both scientifically validated. There is a choice. And in that choice, we can lift our spiritual experience, or succumb to control of our life experience by our brain. It is a fight at times with our personal reactions and tendencies, but to have better life experience it is a fight we must win.

But we will not win if we are half-hearted at it. We begin by firmly adopting the idea that I can manage me.


“REVERIE WITH MY FLOATING ANGEL!” a poem April 17-18, 2019 (Friday)

She’s confident (not defiant)! She’s cool (not cold)!
She’s courageous under pressure – but-she’s-never-too-bold!
She’s a tease-y, playful gal, who doesn’t know-’bout mean;
She’s-not-shy, but-reserved, behind her golden screen!

Her eyes AREN’T “glazing over!”
She’s-an-“introspective” L OVER!
Never “snoot-y” (pause) rather – “heritage proud;”
Emphatic! and-Certain! (pause) rather-than loud!

With critical information – she-has-to-convey;
Never-too-wordy! It’s-a-perfect “ANGEL DAY,”
For, I’m-here with my precious winged-gal;
[And-nothing’s going “wrong,” for-she-is-my “pal!”]

She’s-also-my-best-friend and she-“has-my-back;”
With-her I-am-sure, there’s-never-any-lack:
There’s-only-MY-PERFECT-ANGEL! An angel-floating-free,
And I am floating-with-her too, in “sensual reverie!”

fin <3

Poetics: Bold Tributes | dVerse

Welcome to Tuesday Poetics with your host, Amaya. In the prophetic spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., tonight we are going to be bold in our truth-telling by illuminating powerful quotes that inspire social justice, global peace, or human rights. Use one of the following quotes, or feel free to find another, and break itโ€ฆ
โ€” Read on dversepoets.com/2018/01/16/poetics-bold-tributes/


“EVERYBODY ELSE IS HIGH MAINTENANCE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Justified!” April 16, 2019 (Tuesday)

Everybody’s a little kooky, a little quirky -except for me!

Sure, I’ve got my rhythms, but-they’re-“sensible,” you see!

Other people have problems, so I “call things” like this:

You are [pick one]: Narcissistic! Puer! Uncouth! or-just-plain-messin’-with-my-bliss!

Obviously, people need to “REFORM!” and change their attitude,

If-they-don’t? Well, Honey I just gotta brood,

And-I’m JUSTIFIED [by-golly] Because-I-KNOW-I’m-right!

Don’t mess with me, especially my opinions! unless you want a fight!๐Ÿค”

So, are-WE “on the same page?” Do you see things AS THEY ARE?

No, no, I’m NOT high maintenance! I’m just a Shining Star!

fin <3

๐Ÿ™‚ – addendum:
“SOMETHING ABOUT TIGERS!” a poem, inspired by the 1938 film “The Saint in New York,” with Louis Hayward & Kay Sutton. 04/16/19 [Tues.]

Tigers are just big, adorable house cats. “Beautiful? Isn’t she?”
Just lovely (pause) with zero notions-of-lo-yal-ty!
“I like you! Maybe-some-day-I’ll-be-really-interested-in-you;
Maybe, then I’ll ‘fall in love’ (as some people do)!”
There’s something about tigers, and hunting-them does have [an] attraction!”
However, women are “hard luck” for a man of action!

“Take care of yourself; you’re too valuable for us to lose you now!” from “The Saint . . . “

To All ye”all folk enjoy one of all time classic songs๐Ÿ˜

I wonder when all these so called
Man made RELIGIONS folk die
And meet Odin
Oh my goodness gracious wow said the little bird whoosh ๐Ÿ˜
Thought for the day ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


“IN PRAISE OF NARCISSISM!”* a poem April 13, 2019 [Sat-Tat-Aum-urday]

OMG! A “narcissist!” def.: You’re so self-absorbed?
Shouldn’t-you-be-“put-away?” in-a-place to-be-abhorred!?

But, WAIT! Hold-on-one-moment, for-we’re-ALL self-aware:
Some more-than others! So, I-think-I-might-just-dare,
To PRAISE “The Narcissist,” that fragile, human seeker,
Seeking-a-bit-of-attention! Can’t-we-be-slightly-meeker?

And-realize: EVERYONE’S A NARCISSIST, for we-all do-crave ATTENTION,
And I don’t know who made-up that word, but-it’s-quite the-fine invention!

When a poor, poor soul, starved for LOVE, stares into “a pool,”
And admires his(her) features; well, I-wonder who’s the fool?!
Is-it The-Person gazing at-her(him)self, with-a lovely stare,
Or the person screaming at them: “I don’t really care,
That-you-seem to-like-yourself! STOP-IT!”-&-tears-are-shed,
(Usually) by-the-critical-observer, who just detests his(her) head,
Yet STILL-doth crave attention, so-a-verdict they will place,
Upon-the nar-cissis-tic-person – for-loving a-gorgeous-face! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Whoa-oa-ohm!

fin <3

* – and everything else!