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Do You Wish You Were More Politically Outspoken? Nick Cave Responds.


“My songs sit in that liminal space between decided points of view.” On The Red Hand Files, his website of letters to fans, Nick Cave beautifully explains why his songs don’t have overt political messages.

Do You Wish You Were More Politically Outspoken? Nick Cave Responds.
J Jay Samuel Davis

No one ever replaces who you lost


There are no people to replace other people. There is no identity between souls nor between feelings. We love different, think different and especially, feel different. And those who leave our lives often, we will never find them in other people. Because people do not replace other people.

J Jay Samuel Davis

Daniel Nielsen


An awakened woman is a warrior of the heart. She will never settle for a man who cannot reveal his soul. She knows that unless his heart is on display demonstrating his true self, that what he offers is just an illusion to get what he wants.

Only when a man has done the inner work does her soul recognize him. Only when a man has learned to listen to his heart can he hear her calling to him. She knows that a man, who understands who he is and has learned to go within to deal with his ego and his character, is also a man who can provide her with the depth of love that she is looking for.

It is only a man who knows how to walk with her in the secret garden of her soul that has the key to unlock the reservoir of love that she longs to pour out upon him. And because she is a warrior of the heart, she will never settle for anything less.

~ Daniel Nielsen


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J Jay Samuel Davis

Little white lie ~


“PRETTY MUCH WHATEVER YOU DO [I F D O N E W I T H L O V E] WILL BE OK!”* a poem, August 30, 2019 (Friday)

Telling a-little white lie, in my opinion, so she doesn’t get upset,

Is pretty-much OK – IF DONE IN LOVE, it’s-usually a good-bet!

Pretty-much any “terrible” thing you do,

Is OK, BUT [there-are] SOME things to avoid, a few:

Like – watch out for BANK ROBBERY – or shooting everyone in the mall,

And, speaking of that – probably ANYTHING that DOES have to do with “maul!”

Oh, yeah, and anything that might cause a pregnant girl to have a miscarriage!

And! (in some states, at least) “polygamist marriage!”

Those are some of the ones, “off the top of my head,” that I would suggest you decline,

But mostly everything else DONE IN LOVE should be fine!


But – missing her anniversary (on purpose or otherwise), I just wanna let you know,

That you should get her, like, TWICE THE STUFF, when you finally remember!

And, now that I’m thinking about it – touching her every intimate member!

Although we were warned about that as kids, and, even if it makes her scream,

Well, I think you’ll find (IF done with LOVE),

That might-just “put-you on-The A Team!”

Anyway, so, re: WHAT YOU DO: “Do whatever you do with caring and love,

And, I think, usually your efforts will be blessed from ABOVE!”

LOVE’S SOMETIMES CRAZY! but, heck, Life can be short and not so sweet,

If you don’t take a few chances!

So, take a chance occasionally! and



  • – Be aware, there MAY be some exceptions to this rule!

Little white lie

J Jay Samuel Davis

“THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON JR.” a poem a.k.a.: “Perversion: The Case Against Strong S _ _ ual Feelings, Especially When You’re Young, And Wearing Women’s Clothes.” December 11, 2019 (Oh.Din’s.Day)


“THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON JR.” a poem a.k.a.: “Perversion: The Case Against Strong S _ _ ual Feelings, Especially When You’re Young, And Wearing Women’s Clothes.” December 11, 2019 (Oh.Din’s.Day)

“Oh, G _ ,” cried Benjamin, as He ran into The S _ Therapist’s Office;

“I’m addicted to s _ _ and porn, and G_ _knows, I’M NO NOVICE.

I’m s _ _ ually addicted, A PERVERT, and I can’t stop.”

“THIS IS SERIOUS,” said The Therapist; “we might have to LOP,

OFF your frontal cortex and/or do a complete pe _ i l e extraction.

We gotta STOP THIS TERRIBLE THING, Diagnosis: ‘Perverse S _ _ ual (RE?) (Inter?) ACTION.’ ” (pause)

It took (us) several long, terrible years, “Ectomies” and “Therapies” and


To finally HELP Benjamin OVERCOME his “chronic perversion.”

However, NOW, thank goodness; he’s no longer suffering from “s _ _ xual immersion.”

(Sigh) Those days are LONG AGO; now, he is NORMAL and when, /

He EVER EVEN thinks of s _ _ or spies a lovely hen,

He can IMMEDIATELY become “acutelyAWARE,” / That HE IS CURED; therefore, he has no more care, / For such “perversions;” he now spends time mostly on,

Watching TV football games and being obsessed keepingUP his lawn.

(Thank God) After he was cured, he went to war,

Protecting our freedoms, fighting “bad guys;” many arms and legs (of The Enemy)

HE TORE; Plus, he had several children, beating them daily so as to instill,

Strength of character, the concept of respect andToTeachThem The Value of Will.

Benjamin also attends CHURCH weekly and sometimes even more,

Confessing his SINFUL NATURE; patriotism is at His Core,

NOT silly flights of “porn addiction” and obsessing about “chicks,”

And THANK GOD He never BECAME GAY, admiring other men’s d _ _ _ _.

Thank goodness, his youthful perversion(s) and the aberrant energy and feelings such disease promoted, / DISPERSED, giving Him “decent” feelings and actions;

RECENTLY, HE WAS VOTED: / “Citizen of The Year” of His Community,

For beatingUpOnANindigentPERVERT, who was masturbating on our streets;

HE BEAT THAT GUY toWithinAnInchOFhisPervertedLIFE; yes, Ben is “one of

THE WHEATS,” / NOT some Biblical “TARE,” condemned to H _ _ _, who should, Never, ever have been born; yet, YOU KNOW (I wonder) what if Benjamin would,

HAVE JUST N O T THOUGHT THAT HIS “NATURAL” FEELINGS TOWARD S _ _ _ _ _ ITY and EACH PRETTY LADY, / were PERVERTED? Would that have been so bad? ‘Cause, then, maybe,

He would have been happier & wouldn’t have killed and beaten up a bunch of people. /

NO, NO Silly me. Come, let us go worship worship under The Steeple,

And thank Ben for “his service” to our country and his town,

And for HIS NOT BEING A S _ _ UAL PERVERT, for, God knows, IF he hadn’t been ableToOvercomeHisAfflictions, HeavenForbid, HeMightHaveChosenTo wear a GOWN.


J Jay Samuel Davis

Abstinence ~


“ABSTINENCE.” a poem a.k.a.: “The Day ‘Kindness’ And Death Got Married.” December 9, 2019 (Monday)

Simon Contreras is awfully KIND; He’s (even) given up meat & now seldom will dine,

On ANYTHING ANY MORE so his days will be few?

HeEarlierTodayFoundOut”vegetablesHAVEfeelings,” so he gave up on stew.

The weather is COLD outside of his door;

He looks for the kindly, feral cat to give Her more,

FOOD? BUT NOT MEAT (and now not even plants) for that might “wound” someone,

And wounding and eating and existence (generally) is (sometimes) not much fun.

& ALSO “The birds must be COLD,” thought Simon; “They’re up in those trees,”

So he lit a little fire to keep the birds warm; yet, his knees (now)

Are unsteady from SUCH LACK OF FOOD,

And HereComesKitty, who used to be pretty, butNowNoMoreEATS SIMONwo[u]ld,

Give HER, so kitty is skinANDbones (on her 9thLIFE), like Simon;

So, She DROPSdownTOdie. (pause) Simon, you might know, often met a PIEman,

And would EAT ALL SORTS OF yummy and nutritious PIES,

WhichContained meat&eggs&sugar&wheat, which, “back then,” was considered WISE.

Now, Simon’s stomach begs for FOOD to keep Simon going;

He looks UP, and the trees are all aflame, & THE BIRDS ARE, of course, KNOWING,

That they’re going to die TOO, thanks to what we call “misplaced affection.”

SometimesYou gotta be “cruel to be kind;” then, DEATH heads in their direction. (pause)

When DEATH arrived, Simon grabbed Her scythe from Her bony hand;

“I don’t want you CUTTING YOURSELF.” “But, Simon, you don’t understand;

I NEED that device to do my job.” Simon wouldn’t give it back; he was gonna rob,

DEATH of the means of keeping population numbers down,

And, despite Death’s sad, misty frown,


And EVERYTHING FELL APART; yup. The Time/Space Continuum did “sever,”

Creating a rift in The Fabric of Eternity because of Simon’s immense kindness,

And GOD & Jesus, The Buddha & The Saints ALL REALIZED their BLINDNESS,

In the promotion of: LOVE, AFFECTION and (even) HONORING LIFE;

But at least Simon found himself A WIFE. That’s RIGHT: Mr. & Mrs. Simon Contreras:

Simon AND Lady Death; I’m sure (as they’re making love) they love to hearUS,

INourSORROW, as All Bloody Creation cries out:

“Be a little cruel; not so kind.” (Moral) BALANCE IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.


J Jay Samuel Davis

Want to Super-Heat Your Sex Life Tonight? – PushUP24


Source: Photo by Shutterstock. Used by permission. Want great sex? Here’s something you probably overlooked. And no, it’s probably not more personal hygiene. Read on. It was just a blog or two ago that I was discussing vicious cycles in marriage. Vicious cycles in marriage usually result when a spouse attempts to ameliorate a problem…
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J Jay Samuel Davis

Rainbow Wisdom by The Mystic Poet ©️


“THOSE ONES WHO NEVER DO BECAUSE OF FEAR OF FAILURE.” a poem, for: Thursday the 5th of December, 2019.

“Is it worth it? Is it worth it? to REALLY be ALIVE?”

Said Those Who Never Tasted Flesh, Those Who Never Strive,

Said Those Ones Who Are Fearful Of What Might Happen To,

THEM, THOSE ONES who ask,butWON’Ttry,


THE HOOPS OF SOME PREDICAMENT to reach “The Other Side,”

Of TheCircularHoop or RAINBOW;

Perhaps, they’ll ALWAYS RIDE,

UPON THE WORDS OF SAMENESS, alwaysInquiringABOUTadventure,

But NeverAddingITtoTHEIRrepertoire,

And so they’ll offer censure,

Any attempts by US

To live and fail and try and fall.

Of course, they’ll never realize THE ROMANCE OF “THE BALL,”

For fear of ALL “the downside” which is “the upside” (going)The Other Way.

THOSE ONES (must)theySit&Inquire Every Blessed Day?

Until one day, The God of Love, whom THEY say they “fear,”

Comes up from behind them AND PUSHES THEM.


ThatForSome without The Push of Grace THOSE ONES are stuck in sand,

Never too quick and never too slow and never playing in The Band,


“Is it worth it?” (They ask) the question long,

And we can only answer in a Frank Sinatra song:

“Regrets? Yes, there are, but really too few to mention,”

But I like LOVE & LOVE’s all over,

It has no judging intention.


J Jay Samuel Davis

EUPHORIA ~ You promise us


“PARADISE.” a poem 13 October 2019 (Sunday)

“The Gates to Heaven” are guarded well, With a sign that reads: “This way to H L L,”

For the way to Paradise is NOT by sight, but BY FEEL (by) feelingIT, all right?

It’sAbout going in THERE, where “The Gods” reside;

There are safeguardsInPlace soYouWON’Tabide,

In “The Arms of God,” in “The Bosom Warm?”

ForInstance, as you approach there is a swarm, Of poisonous, biting insects there;

They REALLY HURT YOU. Why should care,


Why are YOU reading this terrible poem?

(For) IT IS a warning to all concerned, That Paradise is where you get BURNED;

H L L’s aState ofMind, you see, and Heaven too; you will agree,

That whenYouArrive, IT IS INTENSE; it’sNOTsomethingFor People”OnTheFence.”

It’s a total commitment to boredom and strife; it is a place without a wife,

Without any comfort; you are just there, To sit and think, and watch The Desert Air.

Your tour in Heaven seems to be all alone; you sit on “boxes,” and there is no phone.

So, you’reInThisRoom with “building blocks;” a place where no one even talks.

You sit and wonder, “Why’d I come, To THIS PLACE? a: To sit on your bum,

And comeUpwith creativeWays, To keep folks AWAYfROMhERE, from “This Maze,”

Like “Dante’s Inferno,” whichWasAtreatise on: “What Heaven’s like,” My Wayward Son.

The thing is: H L L’s not really so bad; it’s kinda pleasant with a mum and dad;

You get to have an education, And go onA yearly, free vacation,

You get to work from 9:00 to 5:00, And get toKindOfEnjoy BEING ALIVE.

Folks, like Jesus, who live in Heaven, Just sit on these “boxes,” and mimic leaven.


They RISE to create and find new things, ToSendToThe World, this activity brings,

People (in The World) to the conclusion (that) Heaven on Earth,

Is REALLY POSSIBLE, for what that’s worth.

So, “I’m sitting on a box, with a million, million souls,

Stuffed in ONE BODY, and the only goal’s,


So you’ll be content in The Inferno ALLday.”


J Jay Samuel Davis

“KNOWLEDGE” a poem September 24, 2019 (Tuesday)


“KNOWLEDGE” a poem September 24, 2019 (Tuesday)

All I KNOW is I don’t know much, but I ask you:

“What can you really KNOW in dreams?”

And it’s clear [that] WE’RE ALL DREAMING,

And surely a dream’s NOT what it seems,

For my body’s evidently composed of dots, or pixels, as they say,

And I guess that: The more pixels you got, [then] the higher the HD array.

So, now, with HIGH HD, I SEEM so distinct and you SEEM so clear to me,

And things [especially] IN color much MORE REAL seem TO BE,

Whereas, with BLACK & WHITE (from “Yesterday”), clearly we weren’t real, ’cause When we got punched or shot at,

The blood wasn’t red, as it flowed from our head; now WHATdOyoUkNOW’boutThat?

When I (think I) remember when I was a boy (Did it REALLY HAPPEN?)

My GrandpappyOn my mum’s side,

Would listen to the ladies and nod his head, I think, trying to hide,

His sense of The Dream & he listened so nice & he’d say: “Whatcha know about that,”

& they’d say (to my Grama): “John’s interesting indeed,” but he said nothing. (pause)

(He) just sat,

& [maybe] realized simply that, This is a dream, even though all the ladies didn’t know,

‘Cause they were talking so much and thinking so little I guess you could say:


And “I’m on the go,” as I write you this poem, For I don’t know who’s writing here, ‘Cause I’m NOT thinking much I’m just FEELING the touch,

Of a DREAM PEN; my hand IT doth steer.


J Jay Samuel Davis

“HOW TO [NOT] MULTI TASK.” a poem on September 21, 2019 (Saturday)


“HOW TO [NOT] MULTI TASK.” a poem on September 21, 2019 (Saturday)

Me. Multitasker

Multi tasking seemsToBe “The In Thing” these days.

But, when I was a boy, itWasN’T ‘mong ANY of “The Sage Ways,”

To do more than ONE THING AT A TIME,

Because (it was thought) you would confuse your rhythm and rhyme.

Back then, we called IT simply: SCHIZOPHRENIC BEHAVI- OR;

It was “the stuff” OF psychological disease and Old Folks’ L – ore,

Where a simple girl or, much less often, a guyWouldBecomeAragingLunatic,

AndSuckTheirThumb ImpotentAtEveryTurn,

Because Eventually all their brain cells would fizzle away in a painful burn,

Or the person would become (like) a silly, sissy girl,



And they’d lose all their curl.


My “reptilian brain” knows no plan.

I can NOT reason and can barely talk;

I let others write down my few words around The Clock.

WORDS (of mine) LIKE:



Huh? &


I AM A SHEEP; I GO: “Baa, baa, (this one’s optional) baa.”

I AM A MONEY A LIZARD and A BUFFOON (or baboon),


Like wah her va va voom.