Beautiful Women

My body is not your playground,For your dirty sick games.My vagina is not your stage,To showcase your unimaginable,Inhuman cruelties.

Do you get dirty thoughts,Looking at your mother or sister too?How do you differentiate betweenVaginas?When it’s just a hole,To please, your evil soul. You are no animal,I don’t want to disrespect them.You are no satan,Once upon a time, he too was sane. Me being a woman,Is not a curse.I hold this world together.From the same […]

J Jay Samuel Davis


#alllivesmatter #allblacklivesmatter “YOU”“We want justice, and we want equality, On OUR terms; there will be no frivolity.”YOU are the threat,” both sides yell, And in so doing, both descend to hell. The “right” side yells, “YOU are to blame; “The “left” side answers; it’s all the same. Someone to blame, over there, Both sides threaten; […]