Beautiful Women


This morning I set out to find a flaw in you,
I began with your person
From the Bernini head
The curvaceous torso
The limbs turned on a lathe
By a master craftsman
To the Praxiteles toe.

I looked at your mind
Saw how pure and pristine it is
I looked it into the heart
Like a bruised apple
With the surfeit of love it holds

Then come the consciousness
I saw my form deeply etched there
In fiery gold and honey tint
At last I looked into your soul
The love for me has rendered it
Deeply spiritual, and ideal.

Feeling the greatest regret
I ceased to do what I was doing
Trying to find a flaw in you
I failed miserably
An exercise in futility.


Discover Prompts, Day 30: Grateful

To close this monthlong event on a high note, answer this question: what are you feeling thankful for today?

Discover Prompts, Day 30: Grateful

Thank You, Discover Prompt Participants!

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Thank You, Discover Prompt Participants!

How to Become a Fossil

โ€œWhat future race of ant people or anemones will dust you off and wonder what you are? You have to discard the question. You shouldnโ€™t think too hard about the audience. Do your finest work for the sake of the art itself.โ€

How to Become a Fossil

Greetings my FRIENDS ๐Ÿค—

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to knowโ€ฆ
โ€ฆthat you can train your mind to respond to
‘incoming data’ without fear.

All you have to do is remember who you are, and that
there is never a moment when you do not
have God on your side.

A so step into tomorrow without apprehension and do
not waste your time with worry. Rather, fill your time
with creative thinking about how to move forward,
no matter what happens.

Love, your Friend, Kindness ๐ŸŒŸ


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