Sweetest Love of all ~ Letter to my husband

I fell in love with you because of things you never knew you were doing as I watched you writing behind your computer screen typing sweet words of wisdom. I kissed your fingers a million times in my fantasies of longing for you to noticed me I could talk to hundreds of people a day […]


Truth ~ Dirty little bit of scandal

“TRUTH?” a poem July 16, 2019 (Tuesday) “If I-am to trust you, I-WANT ABSOLUTE-TRUTH, ‘The-Truth, yes, The-Whole-Truth!’ ” said-John-W.-Booth!! “I NEED-always-to-know, I-can de-pend-upon-you, So THE TRUTH, yes, The WHOLE Truth -I’ll-expect-YOU TO-DO!” “OK!” [from-Honest-Abe!] “But-WAIT! Are-you-sure? For, sometimes – THE TRUTH! it-may-be a-blur!” “Well, the truth-is:-I-DON’T-TRUST-YOU!” so-John shot-Him-one-night, But he REALLY-JUST-DIDN’T-TRUST-HIMSELF! It’s hard, without-light! “Tell-THE-TRUTH,” […]

Letter to my Husband ~ kisses in a car ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

I posted this short quote here my Darling Husband I found this today hunting through my stashed away pictures tucked in a secret place where I collect memories of us. Then it came to me out of the BLUE REMEMBER that time I listened to gossip and repeated to you, oh! my life with my […]


To my adored HUSBAND I knew you would be away with your mates sometimes That’s what males do And I accept that and I know you will always come home to me sooner or later Missing you is worth it, Missing you reminds me how much your worth it I missed your voice today, no […]

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