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Kindness ~

Thank you for your interest in our community

Remember we are a safe place to to be

Hugs and kisses 🌸


Time ~ until we meet again my love ~

I remember that time, the only way to go away into a world of silence I knew was safe

Self Defense of the world ‘s most trusted moments belonged in my bedroom

A sanctuary of self-defense from personal experience of troubled souls

I wanted a moment in time to be cherished, deired to stay wild in the arms of untenable desire for lives longing to be loved

Not second best cause I don’t have any more time waiting for that moment you kind of wished you finally found home

How many journeys are there to travel unfulfilled feeling like a pawn in some bodies else life

Those pebbles stacked tight trying to fit together being washed out to the sea nowhere to go

Tired of being seen as an asset management tool strips me to pieces I don’t want to be put back together anymore

Being stripped of needing to feel flawlessly untamed left me

feeling gutted once again

A thought crossed my mind if tomorrow never came did I ever really mattered

Blood and flesh are disposable none worthwhile to needing to be loved

Oh, and why did you all desert me to battle time alone

Let me walk through that shattered pointed glass wall of life to that highway of nothingness

Tears of salt run down my skin never to be tasted of life of wasted nothingness.

Death is my salvation back to ashes from where I came

I lay here listening to the ocean crashing on the rocks, nowhere to go no one needs my life not even me

Emptiness, no family just the sounds of my heart slowly dying

We all face our time alone as life slips away to make room for new life to be born

This journey wasn’t meant to end this way

I’m not alone in this world I had it all, memories of an amazing life slowly slipping away to the depth of the ocean floor where I belong

Emptiness isn’t supposed to feel like this

Yesterday, I was informed I was having my driving License returned cause my sight was restored, and that’s what made the light turn on in my head it finally clicked; my life was only worth a drivers license to one self, the Doctor that restored my sight as some reward For his gratification mattered to him. As the day progressed, no one gave a ”rats ass! ” I sat at my office desk empty. No one said anything much.

My life was all about a lousy drivers license. The phone rang, he had an appointment with the pub, ” see you tomorrow, leave food cooked for me when I get home” someone banged on the door to put drops in my eye, bang went the door, no how do you do. Phone rang, transfer money into my credit card cause I’m going to to sing at the pub. And if you stay awake I will shove a feather duster up your ass! to make me happy, Get it!

on second thoughts if has occurred to me that I’m still worth something I rang a Tourist Company and booked a holiday to Lizard Island. And I am not coming back to work for any one. Don’t ring me, no longer available for your pleasure.