Blue Angel Lost Children

Press the Link below..walk in Read a Personal Blogg  On a Journey as seen through a MOTHER'S FEELINGS when her Child  GOES TO HEAVEN 😇


Through my eyes

DISCLAIMER I) This post is a humorous article written solely to get you incredible people to bust a gut; and should in no way be taken seriously. II) Most examples are in the context of recent graduates. III) All, I repeat, ALL situations and examples are ficticious. INTERVIEW…the next word that immediately pops up in … Continue reading Through my eyes


Are we all broken Carrying dark pasts DO you ever question WHY Me! Thoughts raced through my mind like a never ending chase Until one day, every thing clicked I was the victim of a perpetrators Until then, did I find the truth within myself Relief spread through my fragile soul With a feel of … Continue reading BROKEN SOUL


All the Education in the world without application  I have no qualms in admitting That I have been a fool I need to learn the ABCs So I’m going back to school The shiny gates are open And they’re calling out to me So I’ll pack my books and bag And a student I would … Continue reading Through-my-eyes