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Texas Cowboy Poet is raw plus honest verse


A LITTLE ROMANCE?” another (moosh-ee) poem Feb. 4, 2019 (Moan-day)

When a “little romance” be-comes – (an) “eternal affair,”
An-internal-investigation – may be warranted “there,”
To-discover-The-Nature: of LOVE-and/or-PASSION;
F – – – ing around – is always in fashion,
Then, it-doesn’t-require-much-persistence,
To-maintain – this-comfortable-distance,
For, it-cumes-on-so-easily, with-everything-in-place,
And we-don’t-even-need-lubricant -to-re-populate-the-race,
With some new human beings, alive – and-in-Love,
Fluids-drip off-our-lips, below and above,
And the dribble just spills- upon your longing-hips,
(Which-ain’t-there-from-me, for-I’m-“down,” doing-“dips!”)
Your-hips-wiggle-and-sway – in-their-easy-Southern-Style!
Yeah,-baby! A-Little-Romance –
Can sure make us smile!

fin <3



“HEART OF HEARTS!” a poem for M. January 24, 2019 (Thor’s Day)

I’m such a simple chap, with some-poetry-and-art,
To offer YOU! It is not much, but you have touched my HEART,
And – What that means, I am not sure I
Since I met-you, I’m in “a blur,” .


Penning THIS, and OTHER r h y M e,

In LOVE, and, Lord, it is so sweet;
I cast my HEART there, at your feet,
And, when you ask me WHY-I-love- Y O U, I say: “I HAVE NO CLUE!”
“Well, that’s-just-the-answer-I-needed-to-hear, ’cause-HONEY-I-love-you-too!

fin <3

Pretty Wife

“AFFIRMATION LAMENTATION!” a poem a.k.a.: “Moving On!” in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” January 16, 2019 – Wednesday

You just keep moving, and nobody can say,
Whether (or-not) we-will-make-it – through-another bloody-day!
Oh, I’ve got me a (good) reason – to keep a-movin’ on,
To get up in the morning – to work – and mow the lawn,
SO IT CAN BE SO PRETTY – for-my-Cuddly-Poo,

A “mack truck” might just get us – or a new, strange, rare disease,
There-are-a-million wonderful-things – that-can “bring us to our knees!”
A-stray-bullet – to – the-3rd-eye – or-a-slip & fall & die;
The World is a “crap shoot,” so, who-knows!- Shall we cry,
Because we are so damned afraid, of never making through,
This day which I am in (pause) which I am in with you?
Or – shall I cry for joy, at each nuance in your face?
When I look into you eyes, I see a lot of grace!

And when I look-a-up-your-nose, I love the snot that lies,
And- that-sometimes – can dribble out – a-dribble on your thighs!
When I look inside your mouth, I see all sorts of things:
Cabbages! and-chocolate-bars – and bits of cheese it brings,
And, when I look inside your ear, the ear wax is so fine –
I lick it out with a Q-tip – and claim it all as mine!

You never know how many days – I have-left in your arms;
May I-have FOREVER? to-experience-your-charms?
OMG! What’s this? It’s oozing? A-squishy-squish-swish-swish:
I think it needs some filling! from-the-Cosmic Deep-Pie-Dish!
So, keep on moving-keep-on-grooving-swi-ggl-ing-those-hips,
And I will try for 20 MORE – (1) crunches!-or (2) some dips!*

fin <3

* – (1): flexing abdominal muscles! (2) up and down exercises: sometimes to “hit” the tricep muscles – sometimes to “hit” you “g-spot!” Sometimes both! ๐Ÿ™‚


THE ETERNAL HOPE-R hopes for the best,

Even-when โ€œAllโ€™s Lostโ€ and There is โ€œNo Rest

For The Wickedโ€ And Hopeless, who โ€œthrow in the towel!โ€

THE OPTIMIST says: (and (s)heโ€™s a wise owl!):

โ€œJust KNOW – That, That, That – โ€˜Allโ€™s well in the end!โ€™ โ€

And, like a kind person, (s)heโ€™ll help out (a) FRIEND!

โ€œThe Eternal Hope-r” has visions and dreams,

And simply doth KNOW: Itโ€™s not as it seems,

When it seems HOPELESS, (s)heโ€™s got a smile,

To comfort all cry-ers, who moan all the while,

When this one or that

Is down โ€œfor the count,โ€

THE ETERNAL HOPE-R arrives with a โ€œmount,โ€

And loads the weary carcasses – and gives all a ride,

Until we are animated, to resume our โ€œstride,โ€

SO, if youโ€™re depressed OR youโ€™ve just had enough,

โ€œThe Eternal Hope-rโ€ will sure call your bluff!

fin. <3