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“A C(O)UNTRY GETAWAY FOR OUR HAPPY COUPLE!” a poem included in the series: “M. M. C. P.” Tuesday: 01/22/2019

The c(o)untry c(o)um(e)s-when-we-catch-a-whiff – of sweet-fresh-air-and-dew;
You-look-at-me; I-look-at-you; we-know-what-we-must-do!
Which-is, together, to-“make-a-break,” for-a-c(o)untry-getaway!
Your love is warm, just like The Sun; we’ll-ride! Could-TAKE-ALL-DAY!
To-A SPECIAL PLACE to play and dream – We’ll find the Maypole waiting,
And dance around like faerie folk; our-HOLE-y-DAY of DATING;
Encount-ering-spacious-mountains, with-milk and honey flowing,
Our cheeks are flushed-and-we-just-love – towards-SOUTH, we’re-ever-going!
Bed-in-The-Bush, with-stars-to-see, twinkling in your eyes so bright!
We can get into-(some)-“real-trouble,” and find we’re stuck quite tight!
But wait a moment! THE EMERGENCY KIT! with dressing and some salve,
To-apply on-any-swollen-parts-we-find-that-we-DO have!
We go on EXPLORATIONS – into-areas-we’ve-been-before,
In landscape strewn with bushes, and-we-couldn’t-ask-for more!
We-are “climbing buddies” and like to hike all over,
Well-explor-ED-territory! “C(o)um(e)-hither-here, RED ROVER!”
Flowing STREAMS! Dribbling-dew!
A luscious geyser – made-just-for-you,
So warm-and-moist; WE’VE-LEFT-ALL-CARE,
With those who couldn’t c(o)um(e)-along – and join our happy picnic!
WE-COULD-VENTURE-HERE- EACH-DAY, &-roll-in-grass, so-cyclic,
To-be as one fine organism, with Earth & Air & Sky,
And, all the while, we cling so close – for we are eye-to-eye!
Musicians-both! You-blow-my-horn, and-I compose a lick,
With-ever-shaking tambourines! The songs of love we pick,
And strum! perhaps, to-so-incite – a lyr-i-cal-re-frain;
We’ll do it LOUD! Then, soft and slow, with just a little pain!
And ALL OF NATURE CELEBRATES, for-we’re-IN-LOVE, alright!
I LOVE – our c(o)untry getaways, joy-filled! both-day-and-night!
We sup on wine and-milk-so-warm, and-we-bring-us -candy:
Chewy, goo-y, oo -ee (pause) Meals can be – so “randy!”
Let’s-eat-it-all! We have so much! Nothing’s-left-to-spare!
I-smell-ambrosia ALL AROUND; are-there-flowers in your hair?
It-is A ROSE!-with-fragrant-scent, and-it-will-never-wilt,
For we-have-brought spring water – and-with-just a-little-“tilt,”
“Oh, my-gosh! A MIRACLE!! For-you’ve-brought-LIVING-WATER!”
A-gushy-spring!-going-“Swish-swish-swish!” “Are-you Elysium’s daughter?”*
Yes, an-“ODE TO JOY,” (pause) fa-miliar mu-sic, filled with oo’s and ah’s;
It’s HARD! to hear the subtle rifts, for I-shan’t-take a pause,
Until The Rose be happy, en-gorg-ED-with-the-flow,
Of-such-ma-gic-elix-ir! (pause) PICNICS! (pause) WE LOVE THEM SO!
fin ❤

Take me home
In your arms
To a simple way of life
Where we will find our place
In this world
To live as one
  • Mrs. Cuddly Poo the goddess JOY?!


“MY BO, WINNING THE STEEPLE CHASE!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Winning Dream – Team!” January 20, 2019 – Sunday

You’re my SUPER BOWL – and my Championship Match,
You’re THE BIG “10,” – and-The-Prize-Winning-Catch!
and – ALL the winning teams,
For-the-last-hundred – or-a-thousand – or-a-million-years;
Through-ETERNITY, you’ve-produced – all-The-Sports’-Fan’s-tears!
You’re THE WINNER! Of-the-U. – S. (so) OPEN,
To MY – loving advances! However, was I-a-copin’
Before-YOU-came-along; You’re-THE-GAME-WINNING-HIT?
Or – The Final Touch, from the catcher’s mitt,
Or – The Final Goal – that – just-went-SWISH!

fin ❤

Transform yourself🤗

1. Look for things to appreciate.
This is common advice in, and for good reason. It’s a game-changer to develop a habit of noticing what we like about our other person.

Don’t overlook this gem for its simplicity or mundaneness. If every time you engaged a critical thought, you turned it around by clocking something you appreciate about them, that relationship will skyrocket into fabulous territory. Shoot, I even did it by accident once.

2. Love them up old-school.
Remember how in the beginning you only had eyes for their perfection and were blind to faults? You can plug back into that original love vibe by recalling what you were so taken with about them, before contrast clouded your vision.

Just take a moment now to recall what drew you to them in the first place. Next write that down and keep it handy for occasional review, or be prepared to recapture this perspective next time you find yourself dwelling on less than fabulous thoughts.

The first time I laid eyes on Russ I had a strong sensation of coming home. It felt like I’d been on vacation all my life and I’d finally returned home sweet home. Recalling that brings me right back to the truth of what’s possible for us together.

3. Release your grudges.
If there are memories or stories you’ve been hanging on to that you don’t want more of (I’m talking resentments, grudges, grievances, etc.) consider letting that go. Your relationship will be handicapped as long as you nurse old wounds.

That’s why it’s well worth letting that old reality be exactly that – an old reality. Stop bringing it into your present experience and make room for something better.

When I find myself lingering on a negative memory of Russ, I quote dad’s wisdom: “I don’t hold anything against anyone any more.” It helps me shake off the negative past and create a more enjoyable present.

4. Give what you want to receive.
When we stop trying to outsource our happiness, and instead take responsibility for our own feelings, it gives the relationship breathing room to thrive.

Whatever we wish someone else would give us so we could feel better, we can give that to ourselves. You wish he was more considerate and respectful? Dial up your own self-respect and consideration. You want her to be more loving and attentive? Lead the way yourself.

I used to blame Russ for not appreciating me like I thought he should. When I gave myself the gift I wanted from him (by finding ways to appreciate myself more), I felt better right away and it didn’t take long for him to follow my lead. Magic happens when we release the pressure we’ve put on them for how we feel.

5. Distance yourself from drama.
If you’ve got friends or family who chronically complain about their connections, limit your exposure to that energy. Don’t overly entertain others’ relationship criticisms.

Be discerning about the conversations and people you engage. Make a point of talking about what you prefer rather than what you wouldn’t consciously invite into your world. Because, as Jim Rohn said, we are who we hang out with.

6. Practice “I love that about you.”
When you see something you don’t like in your partner, try this little trick to turn that vibration around:

Say they’ve done that thing you just can’t stand. Again. Instead of engaging your inner critic, simply say to yourself (or even out loud), “I love that about you.”

Your Inner Being (aka Higher Self) really does love that about them, so when you think that thought you’re connecting with the part of you that sees them as Source does. And that’s a delicious and immediate shift.

In my experience, sometimes this trick works wonders and sometimes it just takes the edge off the criticism. But even that is a vibrational improvement.

7. Love them like you got what you wanted.
Have you noticed how much nicer we are when we’re fulfilled and satisfied? And have you noticed on the other hand how we sometimes withhold the goods when someone isn’t delivering what we want? Let’s suspend that latter routine, and instead lead the way to a happy relationship by conducting ourselves like we already got what we wanted.

My boyfriend works this magic on me sometimes … he’ll treat me like gold for no obvious reason. And when he does, I rise to the occasion and meet him at that gold standard. It’s a reliable way to draw the best out of your partner.

8. Clean up your expectations.
Often times what blocks another from being really good to us is our knowing who they are. We can only get what we vibrate, so when we expect someone to behave badly (“He’s a jerk”; “She’s so needy”), it’s a challenge for them to buck that vibrational current.
Practice seeing them at their best. As Abe would say, imagine their “vortex version” and let any low-vibe expectations evolve into positive ones. People live up to and down to our expectations all day long. Give your partner something good to work with!

When I found myself expecting Russ to be mad or upset about something, he was. When I shifted my expectations, it was like a different boyfriend came home from work that day. He matched my thoughts so perfectly it was a little spooky.

9. Rethink the negative past.
This is master level manifesting, and isn’t for all creators. It’s different than the tip to release a grudge, because what we’re doing with this one is imagining our past problem never happened. Or at least that it unfolded differently.

I learned this from Lynne McTaggart, who suggested we can change the past by recreating the memory in our minds. Not as it happened, but the way we prefer it had.

We do that by simply imagining the past events differently. That’s all. Tell a softer version of the past, and your present reality will adjust accordingly.

I practiced this once with a blowout that led to a five year estrangement with a loved one. Instead of thinking of that day as the big fight that ruined everything, I re-imagined that it wasn’t that big a deal. I told myself it was clear there was still a lot of love flowing between us and that all was well. Within days I received a love note and we were soon on friendly terms again, as if nothing had ever happened.

10. Open to possibilities.
Sometimes the transformation that’s being called for in our relationship is an ending. When we resist or deny that, we prevent our expansion and end up sabotaging our true fulfillment.

It simply doesn’t serve us when we’re attached to a particular outcome, so letting go our ideas of what’s “supposed to be” allows things to unfold in a way that serves everyone best. The name of this game isn’t using books to keep this person in our lives at any cost. It’s about finding a way to feel what we want and let Universe sort the details that match.

When I question the future of a relationship and am not sure whether to work it out or cut it loose, I let Universe guide me. My job is to vibrate what I want, so I tune into the feelings of a healthy, rewarding, happy relationship. I don’t necessarily know who I’m in this fabulous relationship with, but I do know how it feels. When I vibrate that, Universe makes things clear very quickly.

Happiness isn’t what you want
It’s about loving what you have
You may love things
But you don’t have to need things
Just be gracious for what you have 🤗


Animal Kingdom 🐦🐧🕊🐲🐍🐢🐊🐸🐬🐟🐠🐡🐙🐣🐤

😎 Mystic lost the plot over Tumblr 🤗😅😂

POOR OR NOT a poem Saturday: January 19, 2019

Who-will-care – in-a-hundred-years! Whatever-it-is-here I-SAY,
Won’t-we-all-BE-DEAD?* (Yet-WHO’s-here- (pause) NOW, (pause) anyway?)
Or – will some of you (or me?) STILL BE AROUND?
But! It’s-ALL – for-“entertainment”-isn’t-it? For, THE-MIND IS BOUND,
To-FIND-“IT”-INTERESTING!-and-we’ve-gotta-keep-“things”-interesting, y’know!
Is IT – “automatic writing?” – or-an ALMOST DIVINE SHOW,
Of – keeping-the-eyelids-“blinking,” for another day,
And – KEEPING-THE-ENTERTAINMENT-VALUE-a-flickering-all-the-way!?

POR – NO -GRAFF-ITY is: “What we crave to see!”
Is-it, all-about some-SKIN!? Pray-tell! What-could it be?
Or – expos-ed body parts, that we “habitually”-have-covered?
Certain areas! Therefore, in-the-long-term-have-we discovered,
That, when we’re-deprived of-the entertainment of their view,
We go CRAZY-and-are-excited – because they-are something new!?
Like: breasts-and-groins – holes!-here-and-there,
Poor!? NO! graffiti! We LOVE-to-stare,
At-what-we-THINK – is UNIQUE – and-wonderful-to-see:
[YOUR FACE! YOUR FACE! My-darling-dear! (pause) (Is) por – na – graf – ee 2 me!]
But – like-tasty-things, DON’T-ALL-VISIONS-FADE?
Eat-enough-candy, and SUDDENLY- you-might-just-find – you’ve-“made,”
Any “delicacy” or – ANYTHING! – a “hole”-lot less appealing!
But, upon-application – The “appeal” may soon expire:
SAT-I-I-A-TION!! It-can-sometimes (soon) put-right-out The Fire!

( Editor: still on ’bout Tumblr lol 😁😅)

[ The offender got off light ! I am fairly certain it would have been only a tiny loss. lol]

So, REALLY – 😎
And – we-keep-on-a–“covering-S(k)IN”-‘Cause it’s: WOW!-
And-other-“gross-activities,” like-the-butchering-of-a-cow,
And torturing people (and all-sorts of stuff),
IF-we-saw-it-all-the-time, we-would-know-IT’S-A-“BLUFF!”
People-in-nudist-camps would-of-course-agree,
And – not all that provocative, BUT – we like to play many-a game!
CENSORING – and – (the-idea-of) po -r -n -o-graph-y – is-pretty-silly-and-lame,
BUT – HEY! Silly and lame is (just) what we’re all about,
Like – maximizing-the-attention-we-think-we-need (or desire) – and minimizing our pout,🤔




KEEP-US-“MYOPIC!” 🙂 – Call me? (unpredictable!?) 😁😂😁😅😆

fin ❤

* – Maybe not – 🙂 – heh, heh!😂


“SIMON’S WORLD!” a poem January 18, 2019 {Friday}


Simon says: “My mommy’s here!”
Simon holds her VERY dear,
‘Cause-she-suckles – and-holds-him-tight,
And tucks him into bed at night!
(It’s SIMON’S WORLD!) and ONE’s now TWO,
And, NOW – We wonder-what-Simon-will-do!
Well! No surprise! Now, Daddy’s near;
DAD-shields Simon – from every fear,
By guarding HIM – and, also, HER!
(It’s)-what-Daddy-does! We call him: SIR!
And Mommy? MA’AM and – NOW-there-are-THREE,
In Simon’s “developing tapestry!”
Attention-and-memories – solid-ify-“This-Scene,”
With, maybe, another child – for mommy to wean;
We’ll call HER a sibling – or, maybe-another-HIM!
We’ve got a little family! It’s SIMON’s little whim!
And grandparents visit! and that’s NO JIVE,
For Simon is expanding – his world along,
And Simon’s “vocals” are getting strong,
And more family members soon do arrive;
It’s causing SIMON’S WORLD – to really, really thrive,
And friends and neighbors – does Simon see,
EXPANSION – is (pause) the thing that He,
Desires! SO, The World of Simon,
Becomes a chorus, of mighty rhymin’!
Before long, he’s-in-school, and FACTS are learned,
Like 7-billion-people – and The World has turned,
But, Simon gets depressed,* and-then he might start,
Doubting THE WORLD! A World – OUT THERE!
A World HEAD! and-Simon’s-one-little-hair!?
Well, Simon loves HIS WORLD, all the characters within,
But-He’s-OK-to-lose-all-“the-extra” – people-there-have-been!
So, who gets to stay, and who’s not around?
It’s all up to Simon, for he’s no longer bound,
To be part of some world, that wants to make,
Simon, ITS Creation, when it’s HIS birthday cake,
That starts-IT and stops IT, for it’s Simon who says,
“Who’s HERE, and who’s NOT!” = Simon’s SHOW BIZ!

So, let’s just remember: YOUR WORLD IS WHAT YOU,
MAKE-IT-TO-BE! Simon says: “All-things’re-NEW!?”
Who’s “saved” then? and-who-is-“lost?”
“Meet”-with-Simon, at-any-cost,
For, perhaps-those (of) which Simon – is not aware,
Out of 7 billion – will have a blank stare,
For no one is saved, without-Simon’s-“recognition,”**
Of THAT THING’s existence! It’s-kinda-like-“perdition,”
For non-existent, non-entities, floating in mid-air,
BUT! Aren’t-we-ALL-just-THAT? Shall-we say-a-prayer?
And-pray-to-“The-Unknown-God,”*** within whom we move!
“NO, NO!” cried No One; “None-of-THIS-can-you-prove!”

Simon says: “YOU’RE NOT HERE!” (pause)
Then, you’re not?! But-Why-do-you-fear?
When, in the next moment, Simon’s gone too,
Then – SIMON D O E S N ‘ T SAY – When, Where or Who,
And THIS imaginary poem – echoes-NOT in no ear,
And-isn’t-seen-by-any-eye – So! Bye-now! HAVE NO-TEAR!
We CAN’t disappear – into non-descript light,
And no-one-(not)-even-Simon considers this (poetic) “rot,”
You’re-neither -too-cold- or-too-hot! 🙂 – LUKE, [you’re] WARM!

fin ❤

* – The Dark Night of The Soul!? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Night_of_the_Soul

** – At West Point, “plebes,” or first year cadets, were, essentially, non-entities! After a year’s time, the “Upper Classmen” were “introduced” to us and began to call us by our first names! Suddenly! We were RECOGNIZED!

*** – See the first part of The Book of ACTS, in The Bible, where The Apostle Paul introduces The World to The God He (Paul) “serves!”

Heart 💜

I hid my heart in a nest of roses,
Out of the sun’s way, hidden apart;
In a softer bed then the soft white snow’s is,
Under the roses, I hid my heart.
Why would it sleep not?

Why should it start,
When never a leaf of the rose-tree stirred?
What made sleep flutter his wings and part?
Only the song of a secret bird.
Lie still, I said, for the wind’s wing closes,
And mild leaves muffle the keen sun’s dart;
Lie still, for the wind on the warm seas dozes,
And the wind is unquieter yet than thou art.
Does a thought in thee still as a thorn’s wound smart?
Does the fang still fret thee of hope deferred?
What bids the lips of thy sleep disport?
Only the song of a secret bird.
The green land’s name that a charm encloses,
It was never writ in the traveller’s chart,
And sweet on its trees as the fruit that grows is,
It was never sold in the merchant’s mart.
The swallows of dreams through its dim fields dart,
And sleep’s are the tunes in its tree-tops heard;
No hound’s note wakens the wildwood hart,
Only the song of a secret bird.
In the world of dreams, I have chosen my part,
To sleep for a season and hear no word
Of true love’s truth or light love’s art,
Only the song of a secret bird.

Hummingbird Flight
Of the Rose

“Love triangle didn’t quite cover it. We were more of a pentagram. My best friend had told my fiance a secret. One that he wouldn’t share with me. Until I threatened to dump him.”

“Love triangle didn’t quite cover it. We were more of a pentagram. My best friend had told my fiance a secret. One that he wouldn’t share with me. Until I threatened to dump him.” by https://link.medium.com/h7y9uFCiyT


a TENNIS poem, for starters! January 17, 2019 – THOR’s DAY!

The-Lord-is-willing – to-take-you – only-about-as-far as-you-might-be willin’-to-go!!
So, IF YOU JUST WANNA PRACTICE or rehearse, The-Lord-will-(just)-let-you-know,
For-a-game-or-a-set-or-even-a-match – to-keep-your-life-REALLY-steady!!
“But-y’know, We-all-need-to -play FOR REAL – once-in-a-while,” says HE;
Jesus will not push your resistance – MUCH! He’ll wait and see,
IF! you are ready – to play with HIM – and do THE REAL WORK,
OR-just-make-silly-excuses-for-not-playing-the-game! He’ll be NO JERK,
To force you to do – SERVICE-for-REAL; Good Jesus will avoid,
“Real-playing,” until-you’re-“ready!” He don’t want you annoyed,
Or making lame excuses, ’cause you’re not focused on,
Being-more-than-an-“easy-hitter:” What The World might call “a pawn!”
To: NEVER-play-a-real-game,
And! Until you’re REALLY-READY, to-Jesus, it’s “all the same!” 🙂 -Yeah!

fin ❤

“A Nod – To The Baseball God!” a supplemental poem:

JESUS wants you “OUT THERE,” to make a real hit,
To eye “the perfect pitch” of Satan – and-not-always-throw-a-fit,
When-you-hear-the: “BATTER UP,” and-you-say: “More practice swings,
I’ll need – before-I-can-STEP-UP – to-“The-Plate-of-Kings!”
For, if you’re always in The Batter’s Box,” do not expect your “best!!!”
Practice swings – are-not-all-that-good – WHEN THE-GAME’S THE REAL TEST!


” FOR EVERYONE THAT STARTED ‘FOLLOWING’ ME!?” a poem 🙂 – Yup! Thursday: Jan. 17, 2019

OK! I’m HAPPY!! Hip! Hip! Hooray;
Did-you MAYBE – maybe? start-following-me-TODAY?
I AM – The Mystic Poet – a man of ins-pir-ation?
Or, maybe, mainly – conceit-&-desire, much-to-Donald’s*-Con-ster Nation!
“A man-of inspired passion and-action, with FEW WORDS!?
Well-Yeah! Sometimes-MAYBE-TOO-MANY – Some-of-it’s-“for-The-Birds!”
But-I-love-a-Allah, “My Birdie Friends!” Let’s – FLY-(UP)-TO-THE-MOON,
And read a little poetry – and drink some coffee soon!**

I’ve got that VERBAL POWER, with-condensed-meaning-to-move-HILLS,***
AND – offer-up apologies – and give the “ego” thrills!
And-So-Then-When-discussion-fails – and-The-World-is-a–“crumbling,”
Read a poem – just – read a poem (pause) – to relieve (y)our bumbling,
‘Cause, when you read a poem, “by moi,”
You’ll “KNOW” a-GREAT BUMBLER! It’s-ME!-Ha, ha!

JUST-REMEMBER: IF-you-don’t-“agree”-with-me (pause) YOU’RE-“THE-ONE”-
So! (Just)-give-me-THE-MIDDLE-FINGER – Give-IT-real-large,
And if, by then, I still have got some-good-ol’-humble-attitude,
I’ll-kiss your middle finger tip – so you don’t have to brood! 🙂 – Kisses!

fin ❤

    • President Trump, we REALLY DO love you, man! 🙂 – You’re REALLY doing a “bang up” job! Really!

** – Sip! Sip! The coffee is “on me,” IF and when you visit Alpine, Texas, U.S.A.

*** – as opposed to MOUNTAINS!


Luke LeBree

For many years of my life I felt I was a failure, not that I did not have fun at times and good parents but life seem to be to hard for me and because of this I struggled I would put myself down if things went wrong thinking it was my fault. I nearly lost my first life by suicide but God shone his light upon me in the last second and I changed my life. I then worked for god in many ways not always seen as christian but happy for I felt I had helped many people. Then I felt I was dying and God told me I was but asked me to be his messenger if I wished, which I accepted, I died about two weeks later and came back to life in hospital for Jesus was there. Now as his messenger I take no credit for what I do be it wonderful most times. I now see it is Jesus who blesses me in others eyes. The lessens he has shown me that I am his loving child and I live it to the best I am able and life in the main is wonderful . How others treat me will be there joy or curse depending if they can accept being Gods child and be twice born. Amen. Love you all through the spirit of life and love, peace and joy. so be it.

Pretty Wife

“AFFIRMATION LAMENTATION!” a poem a.k.a.: “Moving On!” in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” January 16, 2019 – Wednesday

You just keep moving, and nobody can say,
Whether (or-not) we-will-make-it – through-another bloody-day!
Oh, I’ve got me a (good) reason – to keep a-movin’ on,
To get up in the morning – to work – and mow the lawn,
SO IT CAN BE SO PRETTY – for-my-Cuddly-Poo,

A “mack truck” might just get us – or a new, strange, rare disease,
There-are-a-million wonderful-things – that-can “bring us to our knees!”
A-stray-bullet – to – the-3rd-eye – or-a-slip & fall & die;
The World is a “crap shoot,” so, who-knows!- Shall we cry,
Because we are so damned afraid, of never making through,
This day which I am in (pause) which I am in with you?
Or – shall I cry for joy, at each nuance in your face?
When I look into you eyes, I see a lot of grace!

And when I look-a-up-your-nose, I love the snot that lies,
And- that-sometimes – can dribble out – a-dribble on your thighs!
When I look inside your mouth, I see all sorts of things:
Cabbages! and-chocolate-bars – and bits of cheese it brings,
And, when I look inside your ear, the ear wax is so fine –
I lick it out with a Q-tip – and claim it all as mine!

You never know how many days – I have-left in your arms;
May I-have FOREVER? to-experience-your-charms?
OMG! What’s this? It’s oozing? A-squishy-squish-swish-swish:
I think it needs some filling! from-the-Cosmic Deep-Pie-Dish!
So, keep on moving-keep-on-grooving-swi-ggl-ing-those-hips,
And I will try for 20 MORE – (1) crunches!-or (2) some dips!*

fin ❤

* – (1): flexing abdominal muscles! (2) up and down exercises: sometimes to “hit” the tricep muscles – sometimes to “hit” you “g-spot!” Sometimes both! 🙂


“THE MASTER?!” a poem The master-writer-thief-and-poet – – – Wonders why more folks don’t know-it! – – – Wonders why around the globe, – – – Folks don’t gyrate – to his “strobe!” – – – Why there isn’t – “a (big) book deal,” – – – or-audiences! – who laugh and reel, – – – with-adulation, for his clever – – – Humor, insight – and-charm-forever! – – – “Well, I declare,” he says out loud! – – – “And I am never very proud!” – – – So, I wait-for-the-hour, the hour when: – – – People’ll-know, I’m-“Master-of-The-Pen!!”