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Story Teller

Story Teller


Every now and then we all have days we want to have a do over.

Though we try to avoid negative energy, it still shows up in some times, unexpected ways.

For the last 60 days days or so I have been efforting to have our master bathroom looked in on. Turns out my eville daughter has some blame here. As do I as spirit has been nagging me about having that bathroom checked on.

Turns out there was a burst water intake hose to the toilet. Lots of water flooding the bathroom and bedroom. Perhaps for weeks. The water bill will tell the story.

We could be upset that the problem wasn’t dealt with earlier. Or we could see it as an opportunity for a remodeling of the master bedroom and bathroom. Can’t let this negative energy control our harmony.

Blame doesn’t fix a problem. Acknowledging the problems and dealing with them is required. I should have found a way to check what spirit was warning me about. Eville should have done what we requested 10 days ago and not said it was done when it wasn’t. Problems acknowledged, now report an insurance claim. Knowing it will raise the insurance rates as we actually used the insurance!

May we all be blessed to be calm in situations that make being calm difficult. May we recognize that creating negative energy is counter productive and choose to see the bright side. Even if we have to be creative about finding the bright side.


Story Teller – Australia


Harold Holt declaring Australia would go, β€œAll the way, with LBJ,” was a statement of political irrationality almost on par with Bob Menzies quoting sonnets regarding a woman young enough to be his daughter, Queen Elizabeth the Second.
14 years earlier, however, when Pig Iron Bob, 15 years on from threatening to use the Crimes Act against the Waterside Workers Federation (precursor to the MUA) for refusing to load ships with scrap pig iron bound for Japan, called, in Parliament, for the Japanese to be kept down, Harold Holt exempted Japanese war brides of ex-BCOF Servicemen from the Dictation Test, one of the worst and most dishonest criteria for immigration into Australia.
Loathe though I am to quote Geoffrey Blainey, I remember seeing a ridiculous attempt at defending that policy by saying that China and Japan were keen to keep the West out. To examine it more carefully, let’s see how Blainey is using false equivalence. While it’s true that in 1793, China advised Britain that it had little to no interest in trading, access to trade with China came through wars (never mind the fact that Britain introduced Opium to China in an attempt to address a trade imbalance and in defiance of an Imperial prohibition), while early Chinese immigration to Australia came following news that gold had been discovered at Bathurst, and China didn’t engage in wars to force access to Australia. Japan, due in part to a different mentality, was eager to avoid this, so began copying the West.
I am not going to hold Harold Holt up as a hero, but I will acknowledge that he did the right thing in not denying those ex-servicemen the right to bring their wives to Australia.
Now, we see that this excuse for a government in Australia wants to introduce a requirement that a person be able to speak English for a spouse visa.
A man for whom I have a great deal of respect, who has the same GP as me, is Anglo-Australian and he has a Chinese wife. He spoke little Chinese and his wife little English, but they’ve been married for ten years and she now speaks English. He told me, and I agree, that you don’t need to speak the same language to communicate love.
To be able to speak English as a criteria for immigration is wrong. I am vehemently opposed to assimilation, but I do believe that a person should learn some English to live in Australia, as supposing you need to contact the ambulance, you need to be able to communicate.
I hope that Labor can get at least some of the crossbench to vote against this appalling piece of legislation and put the white Australia policy back in the dustbin of history where it belongs.


Story of the day


Bobby life changes.

Nothing stays the same. The evolution from the beginning of time changes lifestyles.

Bobby posted this on Facebook, and it still amazes me that folk compare children yesterday to the present or future

How many times do we see this question?

Wars change the way we define ourselves.

Pandemics around the World since creation has changed lives and the way we live.

We were talking about computers yesterday.

When I first attending university, we were introduced to the first computer IBM.

Just floppy drives.

No hard drives, no Apps.

We developed coding called Pascal or Cobal to write the very first program called email.

What grew from that is now history.

Only yesterday I am still receiving Facebook by the old email style ( as we know it now) folks in their seventies still using that first Facebook on IBM later known as Apple.

Quickly Gates started his career.

Pandora’s Box was opened.

Yes, we became a new world once again.

Let me talk a little about childhood over the centuries.

The sad tale here is we shape our thoughts and recollections and start reminiscing on what was and what was not.

Children minds are vulnerable to generations of older folk behaviour.

A (Wo)man should stop and remembering past events without appreciating the circumstances of your families lifestyles.

Elders right now halt and remember the great times instead of past.

Children are still abused

Nothing changed.

It was ok to belt a child.

In Australia today, it is against the law to hit anyone.

Thank you, Lord Amen




β€œOut of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.” – Sigmund Freud

Watching the beauty after a rainy night…

The colours are brighter…

The air smells fresher…

There’s a type of calmness and peace in the early
morning hours…

Becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere…

Or achieving a certain aim…

I see it instead as forward motion…

A means of evolving…

A way to reach continuously toward a better self…

A journey to improve and learn and grow…

Every problem we face is a gift…

Without problems we would not grow…

Force ourselves to fight to pass the obstacles…

So ensure that every part of your life is seen as gifts
or lessons…

Lessons that helps you become all you set out
to be

Sometimes life goes right and you go left. Just keep walking and you’ll catch up later.

Wisdom Kindness