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(WILTSHIRE) JUST IN: In a vision of celestial wonder, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus aligned above Stonehenge in Wiltshire after ten eight-second exposures were merged into this striking image #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.25: The scene, captured on Monday evening, quickly became an internet sensation, receiving more than 5,000 likes in less than an hour on the Stonehenge Dronescapes page. #AceDailyNews says according to a MailOnline News Report: How three planets aligned over Stonehenge is shown in stunning image below …..Kindness & Love❤️ says isn’t creation […]

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(WILTSHIRE, U.K.) Stonehenge Report: Threatened by erosion, outdated restorations, and climate change, the monument’s megaliths need extensive conservation #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Sept.16: Restorers plan to mend cracks and holes deep in the rocks, in addition to fixing previous repairs. In 1958, workers pieced together the stones with concrete; now, notes the Guardian, this material will be swapped out for “more forgiving, breathable lime mortar.” #AceDailyNews says for the First Time in Decades Stonehenge’s famed […]