“KINDNESS 2” a poem a.k.a.: “Before They Wed, She Smiled and Said: HE’S VERY KIND INDEED.” September 16 2019 (MoonDay)

“KINDNESS 2” a poem a.k.a.: “Before They Wed, She Smiled and Said: HE’S VERY KIND INDEED.” September 16 2019 (MoonDay) “A MUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT,” IS THAT WHAT I AM? AmI too sacri-ficial, just like a lamb? In this old, rugged world, is it wrong to be kind? Well, maybe it is, but I still like […]


Turn on girl ~

โ€œTHE โ€˜TURN ONโ€™ GIRL!โ€ a poem, for Sunday: August 25, 2019 Sheโ€™s NOT-really โ€œa-light-bulb,โ€ sheโ€™s more like: The-Girl-Who-Really โ€œPulls-My-Cord!โ€ And then I-AM โ€œTURNED-ON!โ€ Definitely! NOT-feeling-bored, Because, of ALL-the girls [I-think]-โ€œThe-Lordโ€-has-โ€œgiven-me,โ€ Just-THIS-ONE-in-my-life, REALLY-knows how-to โ€œYank-My-Chain!โ€ (Sheโ€™s-THE-ONE Iโ€™d-like-to-be-my-wife!) I MEAN: WHY NOT? If THIS-ONE is-The ONLY-One who REALLY-โ€œturns-me-on!โ€ Iโ€™m tellinโ€™ you: โ€œSHE-JUST-MAKES-ME FEEL LIKE A KING,โ€ Even-though […]

Film Review ~

Johnny Depp the man of numerous skills Here is one of the greatest actors of all times Imagine this, Johnny Depp stays in character during the entire filming process. That is a remarkable human resistance to his inner soul. I marvel at how this guy recovers from filming this emotional drain. Congratulations Johnny Depp the […]

Nifty Trick ~

“ON A ONE OF THOSE DAYS DAY!” a poem August 20, 2019 (Tuesday) IS IT? “One o’ Those Days,” where-you’re-feeling- down? An’ you’re: looking around? Sad, with a frown!? Well, here-now! (pause) Here’s “a nifty trick,” That might just help-ya lift-that-sick, Feeling-of-dread! or worry or woe, Or-just (you-know) FEELING – a little bit LOW: (here-’tis): […]

The Drama Club ~ Texas

“THE CLUB!” a poem 16 August 2019 (Friday) Welcome to: HOME! Welcome-to-CLUB! Everyone’s welcome! Blub! Blub! Blub! (Everyone here seems-to-be “going down fast!) We’re all pretty sure – nothing-“good” will-ever-last! There’s way too much stress, and we’re trying to cope; We-try-to-be-“uplifting,” but mostly mope! We put on a smile – and-say: “We trust in God!!!” […]


I remember a wise woman told me once how to keep a husband * never place a chain around his neck * My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he knows exactly why I never demand or judge him My husband will always come home to me Or maybe yes or no he will […]

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