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“KINDNESS 2” a poem a.k.a.: “Before They Wed, She Smiled and Said: HE’S VERY KIND INDEED.” September 16 2019 (MoonDay)


“KINDNESS 2” a poem a.k.a.: “Before They Wed, She Smiled and Said: HE’S VERY KIND INDEED.” September 16 2019 (MoonDay)


AmI too sacri-ficial, just like a lamb?

In this old, rugged world, is it wrong to be kind?

Well, maybe it is, but I still like to find,

People who care how the other folks feel,

But it’s a fine line not to be someone’s “main meal.”



And to be a GOOD FRIEND in a con-sistent way;

I know a friend Driedra, whoSOMETIMESdidSay:

“I’veBeenMarriedBefore; would I do it again?

It’s hard to know that; I don’t know many men,

But I’m pretty sure KINDNESS isA critical criteria.”

Then, one day sheMetGates andHad mild deliria,

‘Cause he was a kind and con-siderate dude.

SHE MARRIED HIM, forHe was kind and not rude;

Maybe Gates didNot have a “model-like look,”

ButHeWasAbeautifulSoul, and she was happy she took,

HIM for her husband, and she was so sweet,

A beautiful woman, from her head to her feet.

They married in a nice ceremony, and we all wished them The BEST;

TWO KIND AND SWEET PEOPLE. Still, marriage IS a Test,

Even for The Best of This Old Human Race,

It takes lots of patience, and you tryTo putOn your best face.

Yet, it’s never quite EASY, but I’m sure worth The Try.




J Jay Samuel Davis

Turn on girl ~


“THE ‘TURN ON’ GIRL!” a poem, for Sunday: August 25, 2019

She’s NOT-really “a-light-bulb,” she’s more like:

The-Girl-Who-Really “Pulls-My-Cord!”

And then I-AM


Definitely! NOT-feeling-bored,

Because, of ALL-the girls [I-think]-“The-Lord”-has-“given-me,”


REALLY-knows how-to “Yank-My-Chain!”

(She’s-THE-ONE I’d-like-to-be-my-wife!)



If THIS-ONE is-The ONLY-One who REALLY-“turns-me-on!”


Even-though I-know-I’m-just



J Jay Samuel Davis

Film Review ~


Johnny Depp the man of numerous skills

Here is one of the greatest actors of all times

Imagine this, Johnny Depp stays in character during the entire filming process.

That is a remarkable human resistance to his inner soul. I marvel at how this guy recovers from filming this emotional drain.

Congratulations Johnny Depp the Master of film.

J Jay Samuel Davis

Nifty Trick ~


“ON A ONE OF THOSE DAYS DAY!” a poem August 20, 2019 (Tuesday)

IS IT? “One o’ Those Days,” where-you’re-feeling- down?

An’ you’re: looking around? Sad, with a frown!?

Well, here-now! (pause) Here’s “a nifty trick,”

That might just help-ya lift-that-sick,

Feeling-of-dread! or worry or woe,

Or-just (you-know) FEELING – a little bit LOW:


Just-say: “OTHERS, LORD!” just like The Master! (pause)

Jesus! THAT Jesus! That-guy’d-walk right past-“HER,”

Right past Miss Pouty-Pants, murmuring so much,

And he’d-give-her (Miss Pouty) the slightest, gentle touch,

And-she’d-go: “Tee-hee-hee,” and-say: “Stop that, you J,”

And-He’d-say: “Little Pouty, Have a nice day!”

He would walk down The Road, with-His familiar refrain:

“Others, Lord; others, for they-might be in-pain,

Please help me cheer-’em-up, and it’ll-cheer-me-up-too!

No sense in everyone – feeling-dreadful-&-blue!”

Well, there ’tis!!! (pause) A little something to do,

For-a “one-o’-those-days” day,

When you might-have some-“rue!”


J Jay Samuel Davis

The Drama Club ~ Texas


“THE CLUB!” a poem 16 August 2019 (Friday)

Welcome to: HOME! Welcome-to-CLUB!
Everyone’s welcome! Blub! Blub! Blub!
(Everyone here seems-to-be “going down fast!)
We’re all pretty sure – nothing-“good” will-ever-last!

There’s way too much stress, and we’re trying to cope;
We-try-to-be-“uplifting,” but mostly mope!
We put on a smile – and-say: “We trust in God!!!” a-lot;
A bunch of us have moved to Colorado! to smoke continuous “pot!”
Yet! POT MAY NOT “DO IT,” for-something-else-is-liable-to-arise!
Most of us sit around:
(select one or more): THE OFFICE! THE HOME! ANYWHERE! & cries!

We’re-the “Things-Are-Out-Of-Hand-Club,” and NOTHING’S WRONG?!
OR – We just can’t put our finger on it! We’re-seeking-a-happy-song!
We’re plotting strategies!? Here are a few-oo:
(1) You may not be thirsty, BUT – water-still-may-be-good-for-you,
So, you might wanna drink water regularly each day!*
(2) “Even if you’re not too hungry at breakfast time, eat something!” I say,
But you needn’t force or gorge yourself much!
(3) If-you’re-tired, you might-just skip-exercise! AND-NAP, to-get-in-touch,
With that still, small voice – within your soul;
(4) Holding it in all the time can take its toll;
(5) IF you’re SUDDENLY feeling A LITTLE better, don’t over-do it,
(6) And-that-room-cleaning-you’ve-put-off-for-a-while, you could try-&-get-a-round-tuit;
(7) (But mainly) Try to be a little easy in your life;
I KNOW! That maybe seems next-to-impossible, Dears, but “I’fe,
Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain,
So EASY, EASY (believe-it-or-not) WE’RE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT,
The “THINGS-ARE-OUT-OF-HAND-CLUB” was made for you-and-me,
To-realize-that most-of-us-are-overstressing, and-it’s-OK-to-take-it-eas-sy,
And take a few hours (or a day) off, IF YOU CAN,
(8) & BREATHE! Inhale and exhale: It’s the “main responsibility” of man,
And – woman too – and Animals, they’re usually pretty smart:

  • 🙂 – You say that pretty often, don’t you?
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Letter To My Husband



I remember a wise woman told me once how to keep a husband

* never place a chain around his neck *
My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he knows exactly why I never demand or judge him
My husband will always come home to me
Or maybe yes or no he will come to me
Those wise words stay with me dear husband
Cause it really does not matter what you do I will love you always
And if you do stay away, I will not be angered by you
I will love you and be happy when you MOVE ON cause I had the best of you
I know you will always think what could have been with us
Now just one thing, you will never take from me
The memories of us that are locked in my heart forevermore

J Jay Samuel Davis

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J Jay Samuel Davis

When really nice people get REALLY UPSET, you-KNOW-they’ve-been-holding-it-in-A-REALLY-LONG-TIME!!!!


“REALLY NICE!” a poem July 6, 2019 (Saturday)

And when-they -get REA-ea-ea-lly, REEEEAAAAlly upset, you-better break out The Lime,

And-be REA-eally ni ce, serving say: vory-coconut-tea – or-lime-flavored gin-and-tonics!

Or-else! You’re-liable-to-die because-they-might-have crude weapons, like spears and kniv es, tipped with onyx!

Onyx knife tips! Chiseled! that can-cut you to “The-Bone!”

Really, really NICE PEOPLE! Don’t be caught with them alone,

Like – in a dark alley or – in your bath-a-room!

It could be THE DEATH OF YOU! or-worse? Your: Doom!

Oh, you-know-me!! I’M-JUST-KIDDING! What-they-REALLY-do:

IS [Well!] Just-BE NICE!! &-Kind! (sometimes!) Give you gifts! and-nice-meals-too!

Like: EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY (according to “M U M!”) are: “Nice Folk!”

Well! (pause) I don’t know ’bout that! I think it could-be A-JOKE?

BECAUSE (pause) I have seen my parents!* on FULL MOON nights,

[My Folks-are-in their mid-80’s now!] I’ve-seen-’em-wearing: BLACK-s-x-y-TIGHTS!

I’ve-seen-’em – DOING STUFF AT MIDNIGHT! in The-Telly-Vision-Room,

That SHOULDN’T be mentioned in “mixed company!” like: Mom! with her broom!

I think she flies around on it! AND! Beats Daddio – pretty good!

One-word: “sexbondageorgy!” and (pause) They wear “The Orgy Hood!”

I’ve seen ’em burning STRANGE INCENSE! and casting – the strangest spell,

Which [I-just-know] summons terrifying beasts! from – some Putrid, Loathsome Hell,

AND! IF-I-ask-’em: “How are you?” or “What-do-you-think-you’re-doing?”

They look at me, and (kinda) HISS! with-a cauldron brewing!

They say: “We’re making – a REALLY NICE tea! (pause) with crumpets and jam,

And I SAY: “Sure you are-and-you’re-both-REALLY-nice, aren’t you?”

[and-Mum-says: “I AM!”]

And Pop agrees!!! (spooky!) and IN THE MORNING, IT’S ALL CLEANED UP,

And I find: AN UNUSUAL TEA – in a REALLY NICE, SINister cup!**

[Daddio sometimes reminds me: “The A-corn-don’t-drop-far-from-The-Oak?-Hey?”***

And I go: “Are-you-REALLY-my-father?” “JUST ASK YOUR MUMMY – KAY!”]

fin <3

  • – AND sometimes my creepy, little sister . . . and her husband sometimes too!

** – I think IT could be The Holy Grail! 🙂 – or worse!

Addendum: And I look at The Tea! Yes, I look – VERY CARE-FUL-LEE! If-you-think-I’m-drinking-that-stuff, you-got-another-thing-comin’ ! [‘Cause-it-smells-so-so-spoo-oo-kee!]

*** – or O K !

J Jay Samuel Davis

Please Daddy ~ Promise


“QUE SERA SERA!” a poem in a new series: T.D.C.* July 4, 2019 (Thursday)



“Of-course-I’ll-try-Honey, ’cause I LOVE YOU;

BUT! (pause) Let’s-see what-Daddy – can REALLY-DO!”

Let’s BE NICE to Daddy! He’ll-TRY-as-he-is-able,

But “IM-MEDIATE-DE-LIV-ER-Y” – may-be “a-fable!”



fin <3

  • – Tomorrow! Disappointment! & Certainty!

Letter To My Husband

Letter to my husband ~


Laying here listening.

My mind is with you Darling.

My goal is to hug and kiss you on your darkest night

You are Vincent honey, you are a beautiful tapestry of many colours, to many to list….please listen to me if it’s the last thing you ever believe

If the world was blind who would you impress, if words appeared on your skin would you still be beautiful, oh! hell yes …….my husband loves me just the way I am when he cuddles, me stroking my hair from my eyes, even if you have no eyes, cause we don’t need eyes feeling intensely loving each other, whispering together or shivering together, words you speak appeared on my skin, would that still be alright my darling Husband, that’s enough all of you is enough, forevermore ©@bestofnatureblog

Believe in yourself, perfect little pieces of broken glass fitted together little a chandelier.

Letter to my husband ©

Letter To My Husband LOVE

Letter to my Husband


Seems like we have shared times called moments of delious tension between us

My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s missing me

Sometimes I love to hide behind the door when I hear my husband coming up the stairs whistling away showing off making the grand entrance

I run to the wardrobe, hide in the dark heart beating trying to calm my breath

Not a pin drops “silence” AS I peep out and look nothing

Just an white sound ringing in my head,

What’s he up to

Edging out like a snake slithering on the carpet in the distance I hear the water running oh my dear husband is in the shower

Must have crept pass me

My husband is trying to trick me, called set up Time!

I sucked in my gut and swung open the shower door ready to pounce, oh no!

My husband’s hands caught me around the waist and pushed me in the shower clothes and all

Leaving me saturated to my skin. Laughing he stripped off my clothes wrapped me in a huge white towel and threw me on our bed

Caught me again

Three hours later I was unconscious again!

My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is, playfulness makes me love him more