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Not to mention the fact ~ HIV has you~ don’t worry about jealousy 😄 least of your problems 🤪

“WATER BOOST!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Ladies Will Like It Too!” a.k.a.: “Women Are Water; Men Are Fire!” 07/02/19 (Tuesday)

“There’re-so-many-wonderful-&-stimulating-choices, never-forgot-about-water!”

Said-great-gran’-pappy-on-m’-daddy’s-side; “I-don’t-think that we-aught-er,

Forget-’bout-water! and I-CAN PROVE-IT!”

So-pappy’s-grand-pappy, when-he-got-aRound-Tuit,

Got-out-his-science-kit, with E-lectrode-ing-lines,

Complete with some dishes – and liquids! and-wines!

He FIRED UP the light bulb, connected with cords,

And tested all liquids – to-show-WATER-AFFORDS,


FOR-TO-BE-A-“CONDUCTOR!” “And-it’ll-make-us-laugh!

He said, as he “shook His Wooden Leg!”

“So, drink up some water, [yet]-I’ll-not-push’-or-‘beg;’

But-you’ll-feel-A-LIVE, with AT LEAST FOUR a day;

Plus, drinkin’-wine-all-night! With-the-prettiest-[women], we’ll-lay!”

[But, “our ladies” were present, so he-then cleared his throat,

And looked-at-them-carefully! “BUT -the ‘women-of-note,’

LIKE – YOUR- ‘S -XY’-GREAT-GRAMA!” He said real quick!

“And-your-mum-&-your-wife, there’s-really-NO-NEED-to-pick,

O-other flowers!” (but, I-think I-did hear-him to-pray:)

“Never-forget:-’bout ‘other’-flowers that-might-roll in-The-Hay!]

‘CORDIN’-t’-DADDY: When-you-can’t-‘preciate – a-beautiful-lady,

Because – YOU-ARE-MARRIED! (Are-ye-blinded-now, Mate-y?)

When-you can-not savor, a hottie babe, Lad,

You’ve-one-foot-in-The-Grave, so, IF-alive, be-right-glad,

When a-fine-filly-comes-a-bouncing – and-SHE-has a fine look,

And-you-still-go: MY, MY, as-your groin starts-to-cook!”

But, when-MAMA-say[s]: “Papa! Now isn’t SHE PRETTY?”

Simply reply: “Oh! SHE’-just-an old bitty!”

For-if-you’re-lucky to-sleep with-YOUR-lady tonight!

If you want some-o’-‘er-charms, a-little-b’fore-bedtime-“bite,”

You-DON’T-wanna hear: “Not-tonight!’ simply-’cause:

You said: “Yes, she’s-pretty!” For, THAT NEVER DOES,

Nothin’-to-promote CONJUGAL BLISS!


fin <3

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I support gay marriage and realize that homosexual people are not evil or that homosexuality is not a disease. There are countless studies that prove this. One of the latest being by the Genome-Wide Association of Male Sexual Orientation:

“…Family and twin studies suggest that genes play a role in male sexual orientation. We conducted a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of male sexual orientation on a primarily European sample of 1,077 homosexual men and 1,231 heterosexual men using Affymetrix single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays. We identified several SNPs with p < 10−5, including regions of multiple supporting SNPs on chromosomes 13 (minimum p = 7.5 × 10−7) and 14 (p = 4.7 × 10−7). The genes nearest to these peaks have functions plausibly relevant to the development of sexual orientation…”

Homosexuals should have the right to live in peace. Extreme right wing ideologies such as Islam and those fundamentalist religions on the right of Judeo-Christianity, believe that homosexuality is a sin and that homosexual people are devils or, as the Quran calls them “Jinn.” who should be decapitated and their souls burn in hell forever…

But it may be news to many leftists and right wing imbeciles that today we are not living in Mohammed’s Arabia or the Middle Ages, or the age of colonialism, but in the 21st Century, the age of instant communication and quantum physics, when science, human reason and rationality (Enlightenment values) are considered superior to superstition, and are presently, thanks to the rise of left and right wing politics, Utopian-ism and sectarianism (which often go together) struggling to maintain their relevance. Across the West totalitarianism and sectarianism are on the march.

If people want to call themselves transgender I don’t have a problem with that, but when they claim that their “ism” is scientifically provable they are stepping over the line between reason and myth and encroach on the integrity of science and human reason. I also have a problem when governments (encouraged by extra Governmental Marxist agencies) attempt to legitimatize transgender-ism and enshrine such legitimization in law, which make it a “thought crime” to even question the validity of transgender-ism that demand by law, people refer to transgender people by their pronouns, which can change every day. This amounts to a corruption of law, science and language.

Sex refers to biological differences: chromosomes, hormonal profiles, anatomical structure, internal and external sex organs, for which, we have visual confirmation and overwhelming scientific evidence. The animal kingdom is also based on these natural binaries that have nothing whatsoever to do with being “social constructs.” Sex differences are outside all superficial constructs. Gender, which was originally another word for sex, is said by postmodern LGBTQ ideologues to describe the characteristics that a society or culture ascribes or portrays as masculine or feminine. If we look at the sex/gender construct of human tribes, races and earlier civilizations we see that sex differences do not alter. If we go back through time it’s the same story, primitive humanity were both male and female, which had nothing to do with social constructs and everything to do with nature and reproduction.

The Marxist assumption is that an aggregate of people living together in an ordered community magically determine biological attributes or characteristics possessed by men and women, due primarily to their class and income. Superficially this may be true in terms of wealth and fashion, but does not genetically alter one’s sex, nor does it give one the power to switch from one gender to another, in terms of what one feels and what make-up and attire one chooses to wear to enhance this feeling, which, according to LGBTQ ideologues, can change from one day to the next. This is a scientific fallacy, which no amount of propaganda, crocodile tears, government censorship or mainstream media hype will change. In terms of brain function, male and female brains are distinctively different. In Psychology Today, Dr. Gregory L. Lantz Ph.D., in an article entitled “Brain Differences Between Genders”, writes:

“…boys and girls are different—very different. The differences between genders, however, extend beyond what the eye can see. Research reveals major distinguishes between male and female brains..”. (Feb 22, 2014)

The article goes on explain, chemistry, structural differences, blood flow and brain activity. The Spring (2016) edition of the reputable Stanford Medicine Journal reports that

“…New technologies have generated a growing pile of evidence that there are inherent differences in how men’s and women’s brains are wired and how they work….” The article, written by Dr. Bruce Goldman, a science writer for the medical school’s Office of Communication & Public Affairs, goes on to cite the latest research.

A minuscule proportion (0.2%) of adults in the US describe themselves as transgender, a description which does not require any scientific validation. There is also a distinction between gay and transgender people. If you are a lesbian and you prefer female to male sex partners, then you are not “transgender” you are homosexual. Big difference. However. in many studies, gays are lumped in with trans. (Williams Institute Poll April 11, 2016) So, if you exclude them from those with alleged fluid genders you would probably be looking at less than 0.2% of the population of the US alone. Most pollsters admit that determining the percentage of trans people is very difficult, as a percentage of gays also identify em-pathetically as trans, even the trans biased Dalia Research (OCT 18/2016) results admit this. LGBTQ propaganda, in reality, is not only unscientific but detrimental to women’s rights, because an LGBTQ person can “transition” from one gender to another whenever they feel inclined. But that’s not all…

In Canada, today, you have the absurd situation, where, in less than a day, you can, with government approval, officially change your biological sex. On Oct 3/2016, Lauren Southern, a journalist, visited a Drugstore in Toronto to obtain a doctor’s certificate that medically identifies her as male. She then went to Human Services Ontario to get her ID card, showed them her passport and the doctor’s certificate, and within minutes was legally a man! (youtube.com/watch?v=gGpZSefYvwM) “Sex change doesn’t require surgery, tribunal says”.CBC News. 19 April 2012. Retrieved 19 April 2012.

There is a massive evidence-based consensus in the scientific community that gender, distinct from sex differences, are psychological, the degree and causes of which vary and are the result of affects rising in the mind that are related to the mental and emotional state of a person. So what does this say about being transgender? Science is of course, by its very nature, always open to change, to the challenge of its authority and conclusions with empirical based evidence, which in terms of transgender ism does not exist. If it is a “state of mind”, how does it differ from, delusional or otherwise states? Since transgender fluidity flows between preferences for male and female – which can change day to day – and one’s belief that one is either, or of whatever percent, part male or part female, (there are 34 imaginary genders) it is still just a belief, a feeling, a desire, nothing more. And who by the way set the arbitrary rule day to day why not hour to hour or minute to minute, if that is what one “feels.”

If you strip away the false layers of victim-hood psychology, Marxist programming, bleeding-heart-for-votes politicians and institutions, evidence shows that transgender-ism is no more than a fashion statement, that transgender people are mostly gays, who like, on some occasions, to give, and on others, to receive…if you get my drift.

When you boil it down, that’s what it means: the transmission of sexual preferences and desire across a psychological spectrum which can vary according to one’s moods and feelings. In the US recently a school allowed students to choose their own gender and use the toilet/bathroom of their choice. (BBC News 13th May 2016) The next day they could, if they felt like it, switch from one gender to another and use a different bathroom.

The propaganda and lies associated with transgender-ism was demonstrated recently in a Forbes article entitled 10 “Science-Backed” Tips For Bringing Up Your Child Gender Neutral. These ten tips are worth noting: 1/ Make gender less important 2/ Point out sexism in the world around them 3/ Remember that toys do not have a gender 4/ Protect your children from pink and blue tsunami as soon as possible 5/ Do not try to erase gender 6/ Encourage boys and girls to play together 7/ Let them express themselves and feel safe in doing so 8/ Make difference a positive attribute 9/ Introduce them to purple rain (gays and transgender others)* 10/ Focus on your child as an individual. What you’ll notice is that these “ten tips” have nothing to do with being “science backed.”

If moods and feelings are going to be the determining factors, why not extend the range of legal and similar protections to other sexual preferences based on feelings, if feelings are the only prerequisites? Bestiality? Pedophilia? Necrophilia? Some people have forwarded the idea of “clovergender-ism” a term referred by growing numbers of regressive left-wing advocates, as a legitimate form of transgender-ism, a feelings-based proposition used by adult individuals claiming to be a child trapped in a man or woman’s body who is sexually attracted to children. This is a pathology, not a natural state. On the postmodern Marxist relativist scale of values (or lack of) these feeling states have just as much claim to the full protection of the law and to be taken as seriously by the Human Rights Commission. Who needs evidence, anyway? If it feels good to believe that 2+2=5, then so be it. Why discriminate? I mean, those who like to fuck sheep, kids and cadavers would have equal claim to victim status, of being just another minority group sexually oppressed by the evil white patriarchy. It’s all in the mind after all and are merely, as the Marxists like to fantasize, social constructs. Who are we to judge? To set standards? After all, that IS the point of postmodernism, isn’t it? Moral relativism?

Not so long ago the left, spearheaded by feminists attacked the child modeling industry for exploiting children and encouraging pedophilia. Now it seems OK; that children can be exploited on behalf of an adult political movement. Take the case of Nemis Golden, an eight-year-old boy and the “little darling” of Canada’s drag queen clubs (strip venues and pick-up joints for trans and gays), advertised by most mainstream media outlets as good clean fun. In an article published in The Blaze (Jun 13, 2017) written by David Urbanski (under the lengthy headline 8-year-old drag queen ‘Lactatia’ says if your parents don’t let you do drag, ‘you need new parents’, had this to say:

“…Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden started getting into drag when he was 7, the Advocate reported. And just a year later – under his stage name “Lactatia”- he’s now the newest sensation in Montreal’s drag scene, the outlet said. The Advocate, a long-running LGBT publication- said Lactatia was “encouraged by his parents…”

We’re talking about a child whose brain and body are not fully developed and who has not reached the age of puberty! We are talking about child abuse and exploitation by this child’s parents and LGBTQ activists. We’re talking about the sexualization of a child – of children. (youtube.com/watch?v=r7T6qU16fT4).

When Nemis struts his stuff on stage before an audience of adults, he is dressed alluringly in make-up and “sexy” drag (costumes). In what moral universe is it acceptable to encourage an 8-year-old boy to dress like an adult male mimicking a sexualized adult female, then use it as a ticket to fame and claim it a virtue; as good clean fun in support of LGBTQ rights?

And what of pedophiles? What a windfall these new laws and attitudes are for them. Now they will be able, legally, to share the same toilets, bathrooms and public shower facilities with children. And if anyone objects, the pervert, not the children, will have the full force of the law on his or her side.

In conclusion, let me say that there is a vast difference between protecting disadvantaged minorities from ignorance, prejudice, and persecution because of behavioral patterns (which are abnormal or pathological or beyond the person’s ability to alter) than to pronouncing such behavioral patterns as normal and healthy when clearly most are not. There is a difference between establishing support groups for disadvantaged minorities, as opposed to linking the causes and genesis of their problems to a political ideology and its theoretical assumptions about the nature of society and sexuality, which are patently, false.

MUSHY LOVE STORIES: “The Yummy Strokin’ Family Guy!”

MUSHY LOVE STORIES: “The Yummy Strokin’ Family Guy!”

Once upon a time, I think a fellow met his true love! Her name was Kailee! She came “into” the world from “above!”*

Well, this guy Sherman and Kailee married & lived to be quite old! Maybe they were 80 or so at the time this story is told! They lived and they loved, and they grew older together! They were like peas and carrots, in all sorts of weather!

They had a couple of FAIRLY-cute kids, bought a house and a car, and they’re content, pretty much wherever they are! As they got older, they moved a bit slower! “K” enjoyed sitting in a lounger, one somewhat lower, but Sherm liked to cook meals and clean a bit and go shopping: even though that-was K’s “regular job,” she gave up so much “hopping” around to get grocery purchases, and do cooking and stuff! Yet, Sherm was pleased as punch! He seemed to never get enough of doing stuff for Kate! I guess he really adored her so!

Once, one of their kids had a birthday, for even kids get older, as you know!

It was a pizza party, with cake and ice cream, and “one year to grow!” It was a pretty nice day, as far as days go! As Dad Sherm and The Kid sat around the dinner table, they chatted about current affairs and talked about a famous FABLE: One about a man married 50 years, to the same ol’ wife! He was interviewed by a youngster, asking if there hadn’t been strife! The interviewer said: “50 years? That’s a long time!” “Yeah, but it would-a-been-MUCH-longer-without-Her!” was his rhyme!

Anyway, back to now, and these two guys are eating pizza pie, and Sherm had a little bit of the classic, wondering eye, looking over at Katie, asking her if she needed anything! “Not now,” she said, “but, for The Kid’s birthday – let’s definitely sing!”

So, they sang The Birthday Song, candles got blown; everyone had a nice meal, this should be known! And, with YUMMY cake in his mouth, Sherm said to The Kid with a purr: “You know, Sonny! I just LOVE lookin’-at-her!”

And The Kid thought: “After 60 + years of starts, STROKES! and stops, Of heartaches, difficulties, washes and mops, and diapers and arguments and finances and travel – and-all-sorts-of-chances-to-have-everything-unravel, these two are still together, and Sherm feels THAT way!


*We all do, actually! Some people just don’t notice!

The End?

“US!”  a poem  for Tuesday, 30 April 2019

“US!” a poem for Tuesday, 30 April 2019

[Until – It’s ALL ABOUT US!]

And, when THAT time comes, whether early or late,
I want-to BE WITH YOU! Then! We’ll PAL-pi-tate,
With a fond desire – and POWER! and-FOCUS!
I-just-LOVE-thinking-about-US! Where-there’s-NO-LOCUS!

No pointing at YOU – or at ME – or at what anyONE does!

It’s all about – (pause) not-being-about-anyONE-at-ALL!
US – is TOGETHER! We’ll-rise! and-We’ll-fall!

We’ll per-severe! because – TWO UNITED IS SIMPLY ONE,
Infinitely-powerful! But, that’s not THE REAL fun!

The REAL FUN – is-forgetting: [about] our separate ways,
Our control freak identities! our – YEAs and-our-NAYs!

I’m JUST A DONKEY, braying – for-YOU!
Sniffing your [ ] (and eating it too!) 🙂 – Yummy

fin <3


” IT’S IMPORTANT TO BE COMFORTABLE IN LOVE ” a poem April 20, 2019 (Saturday)

I need comfort; you need comfort; we ALL need comfort SOON!
If-I-don’t-get-me-some-comfo’t, I’ll explode in my little room!

I’m sure – my comfo’t – you-can secu’e,
IF you’re-here-draped-’round-me, ’cause-you’re-so-dear!

Comfo’t! It-is: you and me,-
In-ter-twin-ed-in X-stacy!

“It’s-so-‘potant -t’-be-comfoble,” I say;
[I] Can’t-say-it-enough! I-feel-it-all-day,
Yearning – to-be comfoble! with-you, OK?
I NEED ME COMFO’T! or-I’ll-die-whe’e-I-lay!!!

You are: My Pet Rock! and-My Touch Stone,
My S – Xy S-x Toy – I-can’t-be-ALONE!!
For, without you, my body it-surely aches,
And shakes! and funny-sounds-It-makes!

So-I-rush-rush-rush-rush- – – rush, rush – to-YOU,
To-get-me-COMFOBLE! You-know it’s true,
That it’s SO impo’tant TO UN-I-FY,
To “con-sol-i-date” around-your-thigh!
To-be ONE! That’s-why-comfoble-you-be,
For me so-I-can-relax [quite]-Na-t-ur-r-a-lly! 🙂 – Kiss, kiss! Cuddle!

fin <3

“DIRE!”~TEXAS Cowboy 🤠🤠

Where-INSPIRATION? Oh, my-DARLING! I-haven’t-got-a-clue,
IF-you’re-asking- about-yourself!
You are the catalyst – and -The-Touch-Stone;
You-are-the-one to-unleash this bone,
And jam the juices – to The Sky!
YOU ASK AGAIN, and-I-don’t-know-why;
I only know – that, at the start,
Procreation can impart,
A-sense-of-love and-commitment-then!
THE POWER SURGES, and-where’ve–I-been?
But-EVER – ever-here in your arms!
Your LOOK, your VOICE, your SHAPE – Its SIZE!
At least for me – it’s in my eyes,
And ears and nose – I-do-suppose,
From passion-filled, exuberant lust,
To something NEW! where-I-[just]-might-bust,
Exploding! into Time and Space,
And even beyond the human race,
To HIGH-or-LOW – Yet, I-don’t-know!

It’s just a place – I HAVE TO GO,
Because of YOU!
“My Fond Desire!”


Yes! It’s DIRE!*

fin <3

“THE S WORD!”  a poem in the series: “Sally & Friends!”   April 9, 2019 SEXUAL [Tuesday!] ~ MYSTIC POET 💥

“THE S WORD!” a poem in the series: “Sally & Friends!” April 9, 2019 [Tuesday!]

We’re-all S – x – a L-creatures; it’s-just something we do,
And I am so-so-so-so-so at-tract-ed to-you!

Most of us are sniffing, looking through and through,
To-find that pretty something – that we are dra-awn to!

Healthy folks have S – -, some, 2-times a day!

So, IF you find your-libido – has just all gone away,
Perhaps, there is some sickness! So-here’s-what-I-gotta-say:

“Perhaps some medi-cation, that’s-‘spose-to-maintain your health,
Is messing with your body’s urges! Please listen to this ELF!
If-your-urges are-not-around, I’d ask the question WHY!”

S – – ! It is quite na-tural, despite religious views,
And-many-religious-leaders – like-us-to-amuse,
Ourselves with doctor visits – hospitals and pills,
Tonics-lotion-and-many notions! So, if-you’ve-lost-your-thrills,
Of-looking-at and being-close – to pretty-people a-round,
Well, S-xY Sally’s a jealous mistress! She’ll put you in “The Ground!”

fin <3