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Perth child killer Dante Arthurs refused parole | 7NEWS.com.au

Arthurs strangled and sexually assaulted eight-year-old Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu in a Perth shopping centre toilet 13 years ago.
— Read on 7news.com.au/news/crime/perth-child-killer-dante-arthurs-refused-parole-c-176548


Kye Tanson ~ Australia, the ugly side of child rape ~ welcome to prison

Child photographer Kye Tanson will serve at least 15 years behind bars for the rape of 15 children some as young as 9 years old !

A CHILDREN’S photographer who befriended single parents at support groups and joined board game meets at local libraries in order to sexually abuse their children has been sentenced to 19 years’ jail.

Tanson showed a sophisticated and well developed grooming strategy and plan. He would find ways to meet single parents and groom them first, to get close to their children. In no way, shape, or form are the parents to blame for this as Kye is like all child abusers a MASTER manipulator !

Kye John Tanson, 41, who calls himself a “fine art photographer” faced a sentencing hearing in the Brisbane District Court today after pleading guilty to more than 60 child sex offences, including 11 counts of rape against 15 children, aged as young as nine, over almost 20 years.

Judge Brad Farr sentenced the father-of-one to a head sentence of 19 years’ jail for the sick offences against the youngsters.

“You are quite obviously every parent’s worst nightmare,” he said.

He was deemed a serious violent offender, which means he will have to serve 80 per cent of his sentence before being eligible for release. Which means he will serve at least 15 years and 2 months of his 19 year sentence before he is eligible for parole. Well done to Judge Farr for deeming Tanson a serious violent offender and recognizing child rape as the truly violent crime it is !

The court heard the horrific sexual offences occurred in Bundaberg, Brisbane and other areas of south east Queensland between 1997 and 2006. At age 18, Tanson began his predatory behaviour, forcing a 15-year-old to perform oral sex and telling him the pair should make sure they “kept what happened between themselves”.

Six years later, Tanson began seeking out teenage girls, holding sleepovers where he would get them drunk and digitally rape them while they slept, the court today heard. In his mid-20s, the man met a 13-year-old girl at a medieval re-enactment group and told her family he was a “safe zone”. For the record parents, men you meet anywhere… who describe themselves as “safe zones” are not to be trusted.

“He would use public events, public forums, to get close to victims and their families …,” Mr Cook told the court.

“He said he used photography to help troubled teens get out of their homes and away from their parents.”

The court heard Tanson forced many of the children to play the game “truth or dare” and Tanson dared the 13-year-old girl to kiss another child. The 13-year-old later woke up one evening in her underwear having photos taken of her. In another incident, he digitally raped a 12-year-old girl at a sleepover while she was sleeping, the court heard.

After having his own child, Tanson began attending a support group for “parents without partners” at the Chermside Library and began to befriend single mothers, the court heard. You would think that having a child of his own would give him a sense of respect for children and an empathy for his victims.

You would sadly be wrong, he gained no insights into how his offending affected his victims. He gained no respect for children what so ever and kept up his sick disgusting offending against them. Truly his depravity knows no limits and he is far beyond any help. “He said he had dealings with at-risk teens,” Mr Cook told the court.

Kye later became a close friend of a family with a nine-year-old girl, who he began “tutoring”. Tanson digitally raped and bit her nipple while she slept, before the girl woke up and he stopped.

To find his next victim, Tanson began attending board game meets that children frequented to play the game Critical Mass. Here, he met a boy who he tied up and photographed, as well as showed pornography to.

Between 2011-2012, Tanson began a “relationship” with a 15-year-old girl. (That would be rape, not a relationship) The man, who was aged 32 at the time, encouraged the girl to get a birth control implant and told her he would marry her.

Tanson’s paedophilia reached a peak in 2013, when he targeted a random 13-year-old girl on the internet and asked her to model for photographs. When they met he drugged her with sleeping pills, anally raped her while she was handcuffed to a bed and plied her with alcohol, the court was told. Tanson also took illicit images of the girl and slept with her sister.
Six months after his arrest, in June 2017, Tanson confessed to many of the offences, the court heard.

“Mr Tanson cunningly won the trust of these children but also their families,” Mr Cook said.

“That enabled him to have access to offend …

“He was a master manipulator … he set out in a calculated way …”

Mr Cook said Tanson was motivated by his “sick” sexual fantasies and had a “callous willingness to exploit friendships to satisfy his fixated needs”. He told the court there was “no hope” Tanson could be rehabilitated and the community needed to be protected from the “dangerous” and “committed paedophile”.

Well said Crown prosecutor ! All paedophiles and child rapists are dangerous and they are all committed paedophiles ! NONE of them can possibly be rehabilitated and they all should remain locked up behind bars away from our children !

Kye Tanson should simply never be released, ever !
He cannot be trusted to leave children alone, he is a lifelong paedophile and returning him to society, at any point in time, would be a massive mistake.

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Children Abusers 🔙

Child abusers are Master Manipulators who will groom parents as well as children. This makes both parents and kids their victims.

A lot of you have probably seen the posts that have been circulating lately about the ways in which child abusers groom the parents and carers of their victims first, and about children being more at risk when their mother takes a new partner.
While we know that all of that is very true, we really cannot say often enough that the blame must always rest with the abuser.

No one can blame a single parent, or anyone for that matter, for wanting to be loved and share their life with someone special. Child abusers are very good at manipulating that and capitalising on it for their own gain. They can come across as the most loving, caring and generous people we have ever met – that’s all part of how they get close to their targets.

Even happy couples raising their children together can fall victim to it. It could be the caring teacher who offers extra tutoring, the scout or sporting leader who takes a child away on a camp even when the parents can’t afford to pay for it, the kind neighbor who offers to babysit to give the parents a much needed break. Many times it’s even a trusted and loved family member.

This is why we often see expressions of total shock and disbelief when the truth finally comes out.

Does this mean we need to wrap our children up in cotton wool and never trust anyone with them? No, not really. We all need to ensure that our children are educated, socialised and healthy. Cutting them off from all outside contact would do more harm than good and it won’t protect them from an abusive family member.

What it does mean though is that we need to be having open and honest conversations with our children from an early age. We need to listen to them, watch their behaviour and believe them. Every child needs to know protective behaviours and who they can go to if anything goes wrong in their life. It also means that we really need a register that people can access to check on the history of any prospective new person in their child’s life.

This was clearly illustrated recently when a convicted abuser was charged with a new offence and his shocked girlfriend revealed that she had children herself, children that this ‘man’ had had contact with.

We need to safeguard against both abuse and against hampering our children’s development.

Raising a child is a huge responsibility and honour. We all feel at a loss sometimes, they don’t come with instruction manuals, but they are worth every ounce of love, support and protection we can offer them. (GE)

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John Denham told a court he had remorse for sexually abusing 59 boys, but a judge rejected the claim | Newcastle Herald

Notorious Hunter Catholic priest John Denham sentenced to even longer jail time for child sex crimes.
— Read on www.theherald.com.au/story/6192491/sadistic-catholic-priest-tells-bleeding-boy-victim-he-will-rot-in-hell/

THIS IS JOHN DENHAM. The sadistic former Catholic priest has been sentenced for the sexual abuse of his 59th victim. He took the boy from the school playground to the church presbytery, raped him, left him bleeding from the anus and warned him he’d ‘rot in Hell’ if he told anyone. DENHAM is due for release in 2029. He told his psychologist he often prays to God for forgiveness.


He prays to God for forgiveness does the Devil himself.
The Devil himself asking fo forgiveness
Burn in the depths of where you came from hell

Australia News Backpacker Kidnapped










Kimmy’s Story, from her darkest days as a victim to surviving, now like a WARRIOR she is THRIVING ! …. and you can too !

For those of you who know FACAA, you will know regular contributor Kimmy. She is one of our oldest, most staunch members and for years now we have been looking forward to the day she felt comfortable enough to share her survivor story.

Let me tell you I’ve read quite a few survivor’s stories in my time but none of them hit me like this. Maybe it’s the affection we all feel for Kimmy here at FACAA, she is all heart and we love her dearly.(note she is in my phone as Sissy), or maybe it’s the incredibly brave, raw, hold nothing back, way she has written this story… whatever it is…. this one will kick you right in the stomach !

Kimmy has not written this to make anyone feel sorry for her. She has written it to show that anyone can… not only survive, but utterly thrive !

Kimmy wrote this to inspire others to find their inner warrior like she has. She wants everyone to be a Warrior not a victim !

Don’t give your abuser the power to keep you down ! (A)

:::::WARNING TRIGGER WARNING:::::: This story is raw, emotional and holds NOTHING back ! It is a survivor’s story in it’s purest sense and what you are about to read will emotionally affect you.

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Kimm’y Story – My Life’s darkest secrets

Hello, my name is Kimmy Daboul, before we begin let me say this, I am a fighter and a survivor and here’s why. When I was born, I was two months premature and weighed 0.9 kg. My paternal grandfather told my parents, “don’t get attached she’s going to die too.”

I understand why he said this, my older brother Charles died when he one week old with a hole in his heart and my grandfather assumed that I would die too.

These traits are an important part of me, mainly because they were one of the things that kept me going after I was molested from age four violated, belittled, put down and raped twice by my aunt’s husband and two sons until I was sixteen years old. Then for the next twenty years, my survival and fighter traits helped hold me together when my life spiralled out of control… to when I found the slow road to recovery and regained my life back.

Before the abuse, I remember the fun times I had with my mum, dad and many others who were wonderful to me. I loved to sing and dance, but when the molestations and rapes became a regular thing, the singing and dancing stopped. I called this “My house of horrors” and suppressed them from my mind, mainly to protect my aunty, because I loved her so much, as I loved my uncle and cousins too, even though they did those things to me. Yet, little did I know, I hid those acts to protect me as well. My parents trusted them. They LOVED them. However, unbeknown to all of us, my uncle and cousins had “groomed” my parents.

What do I mean by grooming?

I remember when I studied child protection, I never once connected “grooming” to what happened to my family, especially my parents, until the trial. That’s when I connected the dots.

At first, I hid these secrets and went on living as if nothing was wrong. I thought I was bulletproof and as such coped with the pretence and veneer my life had become, right up to when my dad died in 1992.

Suddenly, my rock, my dad was no longer there. He was gone. I was 17 years old, two weeks shy of my 18th birthday, when the world that I knew crashed and burned about me. The emotional damage I had stowed for the past 14 years could not stay hidden any longer, as the venom and poison built up had spewed forth from their hidden dormant state.

Without dad’s presence keeping me together, I found myself drawn to alcohol and drugs and when my life spiralled out of control, they became my solace that masked my pain. With the drugs, I felt alive. I felt happy and free, even though these were temporary, they were enough to dull the pain of grief. As for the alcohol, I went gangbusters and drank everything and anything that came my way.

I was out of control. I was a complete mess.

Then when I thought I had hit rock bottom, things deteriorated even further, when I found I wasn’t the only one my uncle and cousins had abused. My younger sister Chrissy was also molested. She told me about her ordeals in 1993.

I left school, started work but continued my solace with alcohol and drugs. I had a number of relationships but these were short lived, culminating in a nervous breakdown when I was diagnosed with depression and placed on medication. In 1997, I tried to end my life by overdosing on pills and sculling down bottles of whiskey.

However, I survived and I am still here, which means, I must be here for a reason. Then in 1998, when I was 22 years old I told mum about my uncle molesting and raping Chrissy and me. It seemed the silence that had trapped and suffocated us was finally removed, as if a weight was lifted off our shoulders, or so I thought. Chrissy took the abuse hard and turned to heroin as a means of masking her pain. Soon she became addicted and began a downward spiral, which affected her health, and in 2004, when drugs and suffering an aneurysm ended her life.

When Chrissy passed away, I felt so alone. I felt angry that she had left me to face the world alone. Chrissy was my baby sister, I had no one else. I have an older half-sister whom I’ve never met but that’s another story all on its own. Chrissy was a beautiful person. When she smiled she lit up the room and you would never know her pain, even though we both saw each other’s pain. I live my life to the fullest despite my hurt and grief not only for me but also for my baby sister Chrissy.

I remember as Chrissy’s health deteriorated I was hurting for her as well. That’s when I told mum about Chrissy’s addiction in the hope she would understand why Chrissy took drugs. At the same time, I told mum about my drug and alcohol use and will always remember the shock on mum’s face when I told her. Following Chrissy’s passing, I told mum of our cousins’ involvement in these rapes, at that stage my uncle and one son had died, leaving one surviving son.

Chrissy’s death was the catalyst for going to the police and filing a complaint against my cousin, which over the course of the next four years set off the following chain of events.

The charge against my cousin went before the courts in 2008 and lasted through to 2012. It was a long arduous ordeal but any hope of a favourable outcome disappeared after the court mishandled the evidence and my cousin had more legal rights than we did. When the court found my cousin not guilty, I felt the system had betrayed and let me down. When the verdict was handed down, I recall a strange feeling had engulfed me, heavy and sluggish, and yet at the same feeling empty. It was strange. Something I will never forget for as long as I live.

Throughout my court case, I felt it was largely a victim blaming exercise, where I was the one on trial, not my abuser. I had to endure two aborted trials, with changes in crown prosecutors, detectives and lawyers. There was a lack of consistency, and as such, justice wasn’t served in my favour. But in the end I exposed him. I shone the light in his face for what he was. A molester. A paedophile. More importantly, I grew as a person and broke free my silence. Even though I was battling with my mental health, drugs and alcohol I stood taller than before and was growing proud of myself.

Despite this, there was more going on during these four years than my court case. While fighting my cousin in court, I continued my solace with drugs and alcohol, like there was no tomorrow. I was seeing a counsellor for my depression, when she found I had bipolar as well and needed more medication. You can imagine the impact this deadly cocktail of more medication, speed and alcohol had on my bedraggled life, it’s not a wonder I had many health problems. Then in 2011 when I was about to get married, this fell through when all the pressures and dramas I was going through at the time eventually took their toll.

Things weren’t all bad, although at the time I would have disagreed. In 2010, I joined the FACAA (Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia) a not-for-profit organisation that fights child abuse in Australia, which was the beginning of my slow road to recovery that continues today.

By joining the FACAA, gave me a sense of purpose, which until then was lacking in my life. I call this my life changer and with my newfound purpose, changed my diet, took up exercising and was introduced to martial arts. I found this so empowering, especially at a time when I had many health problems, which included thyroids, bi-polar as well as depression. Adam Washbourne, who is the founder of FACAA became my mentor and continues to have a major influence on my life.

Then in 2011 soon after my engagement fell through, I followed through with my dream about helping others, especially those less fortunate than me and thought what better place to do this, than overseas, volunteering in an orphanage and with children. I love children, mainly because they made more sense to me than adults and their innocence is intoxicating. In January 2012 with this burning desire inside me, a Vietnamese orphanage accepted me to help in their orphanage. I travelled around South East Asia, and volunteered in other places too.

As an aside, if you were to ask me why I volunteer, here is my reason. Volunteering keeps me alive, especially after I had found my voice and healed many of my internal wounds. I now have this constant urge to help the vulnerable and less fortunate. Some days I find it hard to breathe if I have not volunteered for a while. I don’t know what this really means, but I ache inside and get restless. I do what I do because I have to. I love to and for me it’s the right thing to do.

When I came back from Vietnam, I continued with my very slow road to recovery.

In early 2014, I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and Bipolar II disorder. I remember how I was in the Psychiatrist room. I was a blubbering mess. My thyroid also wasn’t functioning well and was put on more meds.

Then in October 2014, I recall waking up one morning, I was overseas, hungover, sick and lost. I said to myself, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I can’t do this anymore. I deserve better than this. My mother deserves better also and deserves a healthy, strong and capable daughter.”

Despite all my ups and downs, the traumas and the losses in my life, I retained my zest for life. I always felt blessed no matter what. I love to laugh, be silly and yes, I AM a little out there and loud, sometimes too loud. No matter the traumas and losses, I have always bounced back. I have always stood tall and proud too.

So in October 2015, in an effort to raise my confidence and self-esteem, I became a contestant on Wimp2warrior Series 4 in Brookvale, Sydney, which took my recovery to another level. Richie Cranny the head coach took me under his wing. He believed in me from the beginning. As I got fitter, my moods stabilized, I was eating better and the more I trained, the more I kept pace with the younger people involved in the training. I trained for four months before injury prevented me from completing the 22 weeks training program and entering the cage. The cage was when the contestants fought others in the program. Not that it mattered by this stage, the benefits from the training regime had served their purpose. I may not have entered the cage to fight, but fought hard enough to get myself out from another cage. This one called my life. That which locked me into battling addiction, low self-esteem, relationship breakdowns, depression, trauma….the works!

I give thanks to my coaches as well as all the wonderful people I met during Wimp2Warrior. I love them all for being real and by my side throughout the entire program. What a blast that was. This journey truly broke my chains and hope that many more people get to experience Wimp2Warrior for years to come.

Then in April 2016, I embarked on a world trip and returned in July 2016, which brings me to where I am today.

So for me, where do things stand?

I am now free from my past and many of my dark ghosts have been laid to rest. Because of this, my physical health continues to improve slowly. As for my mental state of mind, by speaking and sharing my past and mental illness with others has helped my self-esteem and confidence. As oppose to what I did for most of my life, keeping them hidden, which affected my mental and physical condition in a most destructive way.

I am aware there are many women and men who were molested and abused as kids, but are suffering from their experiences many years after the abuse had stopped. As I am also aware, the abuse continues today and children are being exposed and raped as I speak. I hope by sharing my story, gives these people the inspiration and confidence to seek help, or report this unseemly behaviour to the authorities.

As for those fortunate enough not to suffer at the hands of this abuse, I hope my story provides an insight of how the behaviour of one person forced upon another, can shape and mould that person’s life in a most negative and disparaging manner.

Finally, if I can give people a piece of advice, this is it. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge people without knowing them first. I could have been a homeless person or any incarcerated person out there. The fact that I wasn’t doesn’t change things.

My name is Kimmy Daboul, thank you for allowing me to share my story with you.

Kimmy and FACAA would like to thank and acknowledge the help of her wonderful freind Patu Randell in helping her immensely by writing this survivor’s story with her. Thank you for bringing this story to the world Patu (A)


Former primary school teacher Frank Viola Could serve as little as 7 months for possession of child exploitation material with kids as young as 9 !

A former teacher who was “sexually attracted” to pre-pubescent girls, has been convicted of possession of hundreds of images and videos of child exploitation material featuring children as young as 9 years old and all categories from simple posing of children to full blown hardcore.

He was sentenced to a maximum of just 15 months behind bars, the least he can serve is half of that which is as little as just over 7 months ! What a slap on the face to every single one of the children featured in his horrendous collection.

If it’s not shocking enough to hear that a primary school teacher was sexually attracted to the very children he was meant to be teaching, meant to be nurturing and protecting but instead he was fantasising about those children. He fantasised so much he would then go home and search the dark web for images and videos of children the very same age !

Frank Joseph Viola was charged in August last year after police seized a USB and computer from his home and discovered the collection. Viola, who was sentenced in the District Court last Friday after pleading guilty to possessing child exploitation material, told police in an interview that he was sexually interested in girls aged 10 to 12.

The 60-year-old resigned as a teacher in 2010 after 28 years, citing a “burnout”, and he told police he had been downloading child porn from the internet since 2005 – while he was still working in classrooms.

Judge Amanda Burrows said the category four images – which showed girls aged as young as nine performing oral sex on adults – as “very serious images indeed”. “I consider this to be a significant collection of child exploitation material,” she said. “You admitted you had a sexual interest in young girls. I find the interest you had was considerable and long-standing.”

She said she was sceptical about Viola’s claims the sexual gratification he had received from looking at the material had diminished over the years because of “health issues”.

There was evidence, Judge Burrows said, that he had accessed the material the night before police raided his house. So in other words he would never have stopped accessing and collecting this sick perversion unless he was made to stop.

Viola told the author of a pre-sentence report that he had not sought help for his paedophilic interest because he was “embarrassed and was scared of the repercussions”. Defence lawyer Rod Keeley said Viola was remorseful and had pleaded guilty to the charge at the first opportunity – which Judge Burrows said she took into account in sentencing.

However, Judge Burrows did not agree Viola should be handed a suspended sentence, finding his crime was too serious. “People like you, downloading this material, create a market for its creation,” she said.

Exactly Judge Burrows !

Those who download child exploitation images and videos directly contribute to the rape and exploitation of children !

How you may ask ? but they’re on the otherside of the world you might say.

FACT: Every single one of the children depicted in those videos and pictures is a REAL child who is being REALLY raped and abused !

FACT: As much child exploitation material is made in Australian and American homes as in foreign nations. Our children are being exploited just as badly as the foreign children.

FACT: By downloading child exploitation material you ARE contributing to the entire child exploitation industry.

Frank Viola should have the entire book thrown at him, 7 and a half months feels a little cheap considering he was a teacher who was literally in charge of children the same age as the ones he was scouring the dark web to find and collect images and videos of.

Child exploitation material features REAL children who are REALLY being RAPED and ABUSED ! They spend the rest of their days looking at every person who stares at them wondering “has this person seen the movies ? is this one of the sick perverts who has seen me being abused ?” Imagine that life.

That’s the life that child exploitation material viewers DOOM children to ! A life always wondering “Is this one of the sick perverts who got off on my abuse ?”

Child exploitation material needs a MUCH harsher sentence ! 7 months is a sad pathetic joke just like most of our legal system !

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Vile child rapist Ruecha Tokputza raped 13 children, the youngest being 17 months old. He doesn’t even think he did anything wrong. AUSTRALIA ~ S.A.

Vile child rapist Ruecha Tokputza raped 13 children, the youngest being 17 months old.
He doesn’t even think he did anything wrong.

Ruecha Tokputza, 31, is one of South Australia’s worst predatory sex tourists, he has “shown no remorse” for the abuse of at least 13 boys during a six-and-a-half-year period.

This case could be one of the worst in Australian legal history, they are literally comparing Tokputza to darkweb, child rape material giant and former Families SA worker, Shannon McCoole. Heath Barklay SC, prosecuting, told the court “it is hard to think of more serious offending”. “The sexual exploitation of all of these children, over all of these years, in all of the forms … is in many ways simply breathtaking”. “It sits in the highest category of this type of offending.”

Tokputza has pleaded guilty to 50 charges in the District Court including aggravated indecent assault, unlawful sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 14, having sex with children outside of Australia, persistent exploitation of a child outside Australia and transmitting child exploitation material. (We know it should be called rape, but these are the actual charges)

The charges relate to the grooming of Australian and Thai children for sex. (Again, rape) He also filmed their torment and encouraged fellow predators to do the same. His vile offending only ended when he was arrested after a joint investigation by Australian Federal Police, SA Police, NSW Police and Interpol in January last year.

Make no mistake about it, if Ruecha was not caught he would still be raping children and producing vile child exploitation material, child rapists of this level do not ever stop until they are literally forced to stop, by incarceration or other methods.

The court has previously heard Tokputza, 31, of Mile End, possessed 12,500 images and 650 videos of child exploitation material. He had also used an online messaging app to transmit the material to other offenders.

Mr Heath Barklay SC (the prosecutor) said Tokputza had shown no remorse and his prospects of rehabilitation were “poor” and stated he would not have stopped offending if he was not arrested.

Judge Liesl Chapman said the only comparable case she was aware of was that of notorious Families SA paedophile Shannon McCoole. Mr Barklay said Tokputza had abused a boy as young as 17-months-old. He had also promised a Swiss man that he could “hook you up” with young children if he travelled to Thailand.

“That is another layer that in my submission makes it all the more serious,” he said.

Mr Barklay said there was “not one word of remorse or contrition or regret for the offending” from Tokputza.
“Your Honour should find that troubling,” he said. He said his lack of insight included that he felt his victims “were happy”.

There it is right there, every paedophile we know of believes they are making their victims “happy” or certainly not harming them, they are merely“loving” their victims. Unbelievable! But sadly, very true.

This is just their way of justifying their horrific offending and downright destruction of an innocent child !
In their minds they must find a way to justify it, because to consider the fact that you are an outright monster is not something the human consciousness can possibly comprehend.

We have heard survivors tell us that their abusers would say things like “I know you love this because you started it all” or “You made me do this, you know that right” or “This is how we show love for each other” and those are the cleaner versions of what we get told. Fact is all of that is an outright lie. Love has nothing to do with what these monsters do and no child EVER has led on an adult and caused themselves to be raped. NO matter what they wore or did not wear, said or did not say, did or did not do, NO CHILD HAS EVER ASKED TO BE RAPED !

Craig Caldicott, for Tokputza, said elements of his “terrible” upbringing from a young age “did not excuse but explained” his offending. He said his client had a moderate risk of reoffending and needed rehabilitation. Mr Caldicott your client CANNOT BE REHABILITATED !

“He clearly fits the description of a paedophile,” he said.

Hence why he cannot be rehabilitated Mr Caldicott.

The court heard Tokputza will be declared a serious repeat offender, meaning the court must sentence an offender with a non-parole period no less than 4/5 of the head sentence. Mr Caldicott urged Judge Chapman not to impose a “crushing” prison term when she sentences Tokputza next month.

Mr Caldicott we ask that you think about the survivors for just a second, before you ever ask a judge to not impose a “CRUSHING” prison term on a persistent predator who raped, abused and exploited many, many children with the youngest being only 17 months old.

Then you may just realise that he damn well should be CRUSHED! Crushed beneath the weight of a life sentence without the possibility of parole ! Without the possibility of ever being able to harm another child.

He should be absolutely CRUSHED by the sheer volume of offences, of which he has been found guilty !
The sheer number of children’s lives he has forever changed, the children he has physically and mentally tortured and exploited.
He should be totally and completely CRUSHED by the realisation that he will never again see the outside of prison walls, that he will never again be a free man, because that is what he deserves for the pain and suffering he has caused many children and their families.

Ruecha Tokputza deserves nothing less than life behind bars without the possibility of parole. He deserves no mercy, for he showed absolutely none to his innocent young victims here and in Thailand. He has shown no remorse and not even the slightest regret for his actions, in fact he stated that he believes his victims “were happy” that total lack of insight into what he has done to these children means he will, given the opportunity, re-offend. He must never be given the opportunity!

Ruecha Tokputza we sincerely hope you get a life sentence without the possibility of parole, because the fact is you deserve nothing less !

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Man who allegedly raped, bashed woman he held captive after meeting online | 7NEWS.com.Australia


Warning, every day on Cyber Dating apps and Facebook in Australia these Predators hunt their next Victim.

Those that use these services you will not find you’re SOULMATE

Stop looking over the fence, join clubs that interest you. Spoil yourself

If your hunting for a partner they do not live in pubs drunk, if you want a drunk partner then you need medical help 🤗

Yes every person needs something when you grow older and that’s life

Being Grown up is a privilege not a fact of life. Many never have that PRIVILEGE. DIE TO YOUNG

Your life is in your own hands, use it wisely and life is sweeter than ever GROWN-UP 🤗

The girls, the paedophile and Cardinal Pell | SBS News


Broken SOUL of the Catholic Church 😏



Scott Edwards will serve at least 6 years behind bars for 6 counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child aged between 10 – 14 years old !

Scott Edwards will serve at least 6 years behind bars for 6 counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child aged between 10 – 14 years old !

Scott Edwards, 32, was sentenced in Gosford District Court on Thursday, following multiple offences with a teenage girl back in 2012. Judge Tanya Bright handed Edwards an aggregate 10-year prison sentence for six counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a person aged between 10 and 14 years old.

Let it be clearly known, this man is no warrior no fighter no champion. He may have won a NSW title belt but he is not even slightly a champion. Champions don’t rape children between the age of 10 and 14 years old and make no mistake about it this was not consensual sex because children can not give consent ! This was child rape !

The jail term was back-dated to March 6, 2017 with the former welterweight fighter sentenced to a non-parole period of six years and eight months. According to court documents, the earliest Edwards will be eligible for release is November 5, 2023.

A jury delivered a guilty verdict last May when Edwards faced a three-day trial in Newcastle District Court. The court heard Edwards had sexual intercourse with a teenager on two occasions in late 2012 – though he denied there was any sexual activity.

Edwards, who operated Sapphire Boxing and Fitness in Newcastle, was arrested and charged just a few weeks before he was due to defend his state title in April of 2017. We would hope his conviction would void him from ever being able to compete in a boxing title again, however we’ve seen Floyd Mayweather answer several domestic violence charges and still get to hold several belts, so I won’t hold my breath for that one.

Combat sports governing bodies need to understand that child abuse and domestic violence charges are quite serious by nature. To allow someone convicted of those charges to compete for title belts and be looked up to as an example for younger combatants, sends a clear message of approval of those crimes by apathy.

Scott Edwards, first you lied about your sexual abuse of a child, then you tried to blame her. Now you’re behind bars where you belong. You are no champion, you are an absolute sad joke !

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“Ghillie suit rapist” Troy Johnson has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a 12 year old girl and sex offences against another 11 year old girl. 😓

“Ghillie suit rapist” Troy Johnson has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a 12 year old girl and sex offences against another 11 year old girl.

The man who abducted and molested a girl in bushland while she begged for mercy has been pictured and named. Troy Johnson pleaded guilty to a total of 10 offences in Gosford District Court on Thursday. The charges were in relation to the assault of a 12-year-old girl as well as other sex offences against an 11-year-old girl between August 2016 and January 2017.

During Thursday’s court appearance he also pleaded guilty to two other charges that related to separate attacks on an 11-year-old girl between August 11 2016 and January 1 2017. Johnson admitted using a weapon and exposing the child to indecent material to make it easy to procure her for sex, and producing child abuse material.


The NBN contractor’s name was initially suppressed by the courts, but The Daily Telegraph confirmed that this was a mistake and allege the families of his victims wanted to share his identity. Johnson camouflaged himself and hid in bushes that he knew were frequented by school children and snatched a 12-year-old girl when she walked past. He then dragged her into the dense bushland and sexually assaulted her for up to an hour.

We at FACAA have held off sharing this information until he was found guilty and doing so could not affect his case either way. To share this information will not affect the case now, so we ask that everyone shares his face far and wide in case he gets a suspended sentence.

The little girl was on her way to school when the attack occurred. On the same day, a court document said how his victim said ‘stop, stop, stop’ as the father-of-three forced her from a footpath in Narrara on New South Wales’ Central Coast.

But according to the agreed statement of facts, Johnson told the girl ‘don’t scream or I will hurt you’. The married man, who lay in wait in a green and brown ghillie suit, then used cable ties and duct tape to tie up her hands and feet and cover her mouth.

After the horrifying attack at 7.45am on Monday, May 15 2017, the 12-year-old fled and made her way to school where her teacher raised the alarm with police. ‘She was dirty and dishevelled … she had swollen marks on her wrists and ankles,’ the documents said.

The girl’s harrowing ordeal lasted close to one-hour, at which point Johnson told her to get re-dressed. The rapist was arrested in August 2017.

Just a month after he was placed in custody, Johnson was viciously attacked by one of his fellow prisoners. Not sure why this was included in the report, are they trying to make us feel guilty for him ?

At the time of the prison attack Johnson’s father claimed his son had been ‘smashed to pieces’ and said he would never ‘abandon my boy’ despite the alleged charges. We can’t help but wonder what his father thinks now ? Who on earth wouldn’t question their own parenting if they have raised a multiple time child abuser, kidnapper, rapist…..

A lot of this story was cut and pasted to preserve the facts, our source a Daily Mail story which we double checked against other news sites we will link below the hashtags.

This thing is no man, he is a vile pathetic coward who gets off on hurting children. His file should be marked never to be released !

If anyone knows the girls involved in this case please tell them we at the FACAA would love to help them with our Phoenix Program. We can only hope they get the help they need to heal.

Troy Johnson you are no man !
You do not deserve to breath free air ever again !

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Alexander Anh Nguyen Tran was caught with child exploitation material with kids as young as 3. 

Alexander Anh Nguyen Tran was caught with child exploitation material with kids as young as 3.

He was serving home detention. Now on appeal he will serve no time !

Tran, 32 was originally caught at Adelaide airport last year trying to smuggle in 6 entire hard drives filled to the brim with child exploitation material, featuring children as young as 3 years old. He collected the material while he was living in Japan working as a kindergarten teacher.

Yes you read that correctly, while working as a kindergarten teacher he collected horrendous images and videos of children being horrifically abused and raped. While he was teaching kids around that age. There is something seriously wrong with this guy.

His excuse for collecting the material was nothing short of insane and pathetic. Apparently he was trying to get back at his parents because they wanted him to be a pharmacist. Not sure how that works exactly, mum and dad have dreams for their son so his response is to collect 6 hard drives full of images and videos of children being horrendously abused.

Last Thursday, illicit image smuggler and former teacher Alexander Anh Nguyen Tran was released on a three-year good behaviour bond, including a total ban on using social media. The ruling ends a beleaguered case marred by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions’ repeatedly shifting attitude to penalty.

At first it opposed home detention, then supported it, and after Tran’s sentencing filed an appeal claiming he had been punished in error and had to go to jail. On Thursday, the Court of Criminal Appeal upheld the CDPP’s challenge — but only in part.

It ruled an 11-month prison term was the appropriate penalty, but ordered it be suspended without any time in custody. “The purpose of this sentence is, essentially, for your rehabilitation,” Justice Malcolm Blue told Tran.

“You will have the opportunity to avoid serving the sentence provided you are of good behaviour and are prepared to undertake (rehabilitation) programs.

“If you comply, you will never serve the sentence … on the other hand, if you do not, you will be liable to do so. In May, Tran was sentenced to 22 months’ jail and ordered to serve the first 10 months of that time on home detention.

Four months later, the CDPP lodged an appeal insisting home detention sentences could not, as a matter of law, be attached to Federal penalties. It said Tran’s penalty had to be entirely custodial or wholly suspended — and argued he should be imprisoned immediately.

On Thursday, Chief Justice Chris Kourakis, Justice Blue and Justice David Lovell unanimously agreed Tran should be resentenced. They imposed a new 11-month term and three-year bond — both beginning on Thursday.

“The conditions of the bond are more or less the same as those imposed by (the District Court),” Justice Blue told Tran.

So in other words the South Australian director of public prosecutions did not agree that home detention was the appropriate sentence for Tran, considering there was a pre school 250 metres away from his home we have to agree. The SA DPP asked to have him put behind bars and Justice Malcolm Blue agreed but suspended his sentence ?

Justice Malcolm Blue said that he was doing this so Tran could get rehabilitation. What in the honest hell Malcolm ? child abusers can not be rehabilitated and considering this bloke has blamed his mum and dad for his offending I don’t exactly think he is very remorseful for his crimes.


May 2017: Tran is caught smuggling 2000 child exploitation material files through Adelaide Airport. He is bailed to live just 200m from Wilderness School, which is not notified.

February 21, 2018: Tran asks to serve his sentence on home detention. The Advertiser contacts Wilderness, which issues an immediate warning to students and families.

March 1, 2018: Federal prosecutors admit they did not know Tran lived near a school. His counsel offers a new home detention address — 800m from a school in Broadview.

March 9, 2018: Tran offers a third address, 250m from a kindergarten. Federal prosecutors do not object, saying GPS tracking will protect children and families.

May 1, 2018: Tran is sentenced to 22 months’ jail, with the first 10 months to be served on home detention and the rest under supervision in the community.

September 20, 2018: Federal prosecutors change their position and file an appeal, claiming partial home detention sentences are not “authorised under law” and Tran must be jailed.

January 17, 2019: The Court of Criminal Appeal cancels Tran’s home detention and resentences him to an 11-month term, wholly suspended.

So hopefully that confusing mess is all nicely cleaned up, we can sum it up very simply for you.

Tran gets caught trying to smuggle 6 full hard drives of horrendous child exploitation material into Australia. He collected it while working as a kindergarten teacher to get back at his mum and dad for wanting him to be a pharmacist.

He gets home detention to be served close to a pre school.

The DPP opposes this and wants him sent behind bars.

The judge agrees and sends him behind bars, but then suspends his sentence because judges in Australia don’t believe that child exploitation material is a crime and sends him for rehab which we at FACAA know does not work.

Why our judges do not rate child exploitation material ? why do they consider it a victimless crime ? Why do they consistently give pathetic sentences for this crime ?

If anyone can answer any of these questions we would love to hear them. We are all out of ideas.

Mr Tran, your crime was horrendous your excuse was nothing short of pathetic and now you are free to get “rehabilitation,” Justice Blue you were asked to send him behind bars but instead you set him free …. Why ?

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #ChildExploitationMaterial #NotChildPorn #NotAVictimlessCrime #SA #SAPOL #SAPolice #PublicRegister #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTHeVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #WaggaWagga #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram #WeWilLFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #WeDemandAJusticeSystem #LegalSystemNotAJusticeSystem #NationalSexOffendersRegister #SaveTheKids #FromHellWeRise