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Quotes ~ FUNNY πŸ˜„

Stevan Dohanos -“After Dinner Dishes,” Saturday Evening Post, 1949


“DANG LUCKY!” a poem, a.k.a.: “IF You Ask Me, Things Be Pretty Reasonable, OK?” a.k.a.: “In Search Of Happy, Lucky Sunshine People, Dang It!” May 11, 2019 [Saturday]

LUCKY! (I-tell-ya!) I-just-dang-lucky-t’-get-up-in-the-morn[ing], an’-I-ain’t-tryin’!


IT-JUST-HAPPENS! Up!-I-git, right-up! [It] makes-me-feel a-lot-like-cryin’, (pause)

Knowing how lucky I AM – and-that-The-Sun-be-shining!

And, at about 7-or-8 A. M. in the morning – I’M UP! &-within-an-hour, I’m-even-dining,

On-eggs-&-toast, and-IF-I’m-lucky (which-I-am) SAUSAGE! or-BACON!
That’s-what-I-git-t’-have-for-break-y-in-The-Morning; that’s-what-I-be-makin’!

Don’t-ask-me-WHY, even-if-I-know-[now]! WHY? because I’m-lucky-Dang-IT,
&-I’m-feelin’, after I feed the birds & cats outside The Little House, more-than-a-bit,

LUCKY, I-tell-you: “SOMEONE-up ‘THERE’ ” must, I guess, LIKE ME,
For-I-have-many-fine-friends and-activities-to-participate-in (pause) for-tu-nate – LY!

Perhaps-there’s-a-decree, that my life be, a-charming-array of-FORTUNATE-EVENTS,
Because [for-one-thing] the-car-I-drive-at-a-reasonable-rate-of-speed, stopping-completely-at-ALL-“stop” signs, has no major dents;
IT’S (that’s-right) almost-dentless (pause) and-also almost-reasonably-clean,
And my body has reasonable health, and-I’m pretty dang happy by most standards and my mind is pretty serene! πŸ™‚ – Wow! That’s something! Anything else?

Yes! I have a 3-point I.Q.! ONE for me, ONE for you and ONE – for a friend,
And I guess this is a pretty dang good place for my little dang lucky po’m to-fin’lly-end! :) - Yeah! Dang-IT!!!

fin <3


@letter to my Husband

You are beautiful inside and out🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼letter to my HUSBAND

Kindness ~ beauty is found inside


The “Dark-Night” of-The-Soul,*
It-is-when-you-know you’re-not-in-control?!?!?
And-all-hope is-REALLY GONE,
For-you-DON’T-WANNA keep-“goin’-on!”
It-can-last for a day, a month or a year,
BUT – It-always-lasts FOREVER! and you-won’t shed a tear,
Because fear’s-gone! there’s-only:-PERPETUAL-TERROR,
Since you KNOW, you know: You-are-simply-IN -ERROR!
You-WILL! go-to-HELL – ’cause-you’re-already-there,
And The Folks “outside” (Thank God!!!!!!!!!) are-not-aware,
As you pull your hair and beat your body,
With-no-desire (except to die)! What-a-pa[r]ty!
Later, when people say: “You-WERE out-of-it?”*
You-can-reply: “I never left, and-even-now, every-bit,
Of-this-life is-a-joke! a-big-ol’-JOKE!” (pause)
Or – You can be real quiet, so-as-not-to provoke,
Those who never or have not (yet?) “gone,”
And-may-not-BE-AWARE, of what’s it like to be “a pawn,”
Some- people have-just-never “lost their voice!”
And, if you can say there’s existence after THAT,
You’re prob’bly lying, in-this “Year of-The-CAT!”
Yet, you can’t “look away” from the dark and vacant stares,
Of others going through THIS, pulling out their hairs!
Plus, if you hear: “(S)he’s-just SELF-ABSORBED,”
You can smile – and-know, The Speaker’s STILL “on board,”
THEY JUST DON’T KNOW, for-this-is A Ship of Fools,
And our beings are ALL subject – to someone else’s rules!
The rules may be OURS, but our “eyes” can’t tell,
Until we’re locked away? in-the-imaginary Bowels-of-Hell!
Dark! Night! Are stars? really-bright?
We’re-ALL caught! tight! in-WRONG! and-RIGHT!

DARK NIGHT!” a poem March 2, 2019 [Thor’s Day]

fin <3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtLwXsjIj3E – a.k.a.: Existential Crisis a.k.a.: “Meltdown!”

** – Whatever the heck IT is! or means!!! πŸ™‚ – I guess THEIR idea of sanity!!

“It’s likely NOT ‘The Dark Night,’ with which you had to deal, IF you still think there’s A GOD, after your ordeal!!” The Mystic Poet.

Secret Crush 🀠 Letter TO MY HUSBAND ❀❀

if having him beside you

Makes you feel safe

If having him holding you,

Makes you feel comfortable

If having you sitting there looking at you,

Studying your face

Makes you want to hold him tight

If making you happy, dreamy all the time

If watching his eyes makes you tingly feeling

You better kiss him

Then trust me, he is your SOULMATE,

Don’t wait

Tell him πŸ’₯

@letter to my Husband πŸ’‹

Happiness Quotes 😁😁

From us with love ~ Kisses ~ Hugs ~ @bestofnatureblog

Kindness πŸ•Š

Humanity at its worst πŸ™ˆ

When the rich rob the poor

It’s called business

When the poor fight back

It’s called violence