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“LONG LIVE THE KING!”  a poem   18 February 2019 (Monday)🤝

{Picture: Dr. Rex & Eleanor Wilson, proud parents of their son Brian, who was an outstanding basketball player at Alpine High School [Alpine, Texas] but was involved in a car accident which took his life before he got to attend college.]

Dr. Rex Wilson was my vocal coach when I attended Sul Ross! He passed away today! Feb. 17, 2019! Here is something I wrote for him called:

“LONG LIVE THE KING!” a poem 1 February 2019 (Monday)

He-was Dr. Rex, The Lion-Heart-ed;*

Yes, we-are-sorry he is parted,
But, he’ll never die, for in our hearts,

Dr. Wilson still imparts:

“Lift your pillows,** everyone! –

Remember-to-sing and have good fun,

And LIFT YOUR GLASSES to remember me –

For-I-AM-ever-with-you, a-sparrow***-with-eyes-of-glee!”

fin ❤

* – “REX” means “King,” and some courageous, honorable kings are referred to as having “lion hearts,” broad, generous and kind dispositions and manners.

** – When singing, Dr. Wilson often reminded his vocal students to raise their cheeks, for this helped to produce a quality sound! He would say: “LIFT YOUR PILLOWS and smile!”

*** – In Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., Dr. Wilson was know for singing a beautiful rendition of “His Eye Is On The Sparrow!” I often heard him sing it in churches, and he accompanied me on piano or organ, sometimes when I sang, sometimes when I played the cello! He was/is a marvelous singer, teacher and person!

Dr Rex Wilson


Heavenly Father, You have called us to grow in grace, to increase our understanding of Jesus and to develop a close and intimate relationship with You. Lord, this is what I desire to do, and I pray I may come to know You more and more each day.


Dear Lord
Goodbye America
Until we meet again
Remember how loved you are America
Australia ~ Amen


Prayer for Focus

Lord, let me focus on my task.

Place all my mind on my work.

Let my labors be in service of You.

For Your eternal glory and honor.


I truly love thee
With everything I am
And with all my inner strength
To share your love
In your holy light
Of forgiveness
Amen 🕊
Thou art great


(a prayer to calm anger in the heart or mind)
My mind prowls around, looking for someone to blame, hunting for a way to release the anger I feel. I am trapped, enraged by these feelings.
Resentment weighs me down and revenge follows me. It overtakes my life.
Please come and bring freedom, I need you Almighty God. I lay these feelings at the foot of the cross.
I remind myself over and over that you took this pain and these raw wounds with your death on the cross, and overcame them all. Lord help my heart to understand your risen love, that I may breathe in your hope and find a new morning of peace and forgiveness.


If you have lost you way
Maybe you need to hear
This right now


Make Us Worthy of Your Blessings

We thank You oh God for your generosity and kindness, and ask that You hear us in this hour of emotional need. Make us worthy of Your blessing and keep us from further greif.

Help us restore our abundance here on earth, so that we may turn more attention to Your divine kingdom.

Grant us peace


Dear Lord hear our Pray
For all who are grieving
For a lost soul
Dear Lord we pray for them to heal
Their Broken hearts

Watch “Why Me Lord Story – Told and Sung By kris kristofferson” on YouTube

Prayer for World Peace

Lord, we pray for the power to be gentle;
the strength to be forgiving;
the patience to be understanding;
and the endurance to accept the consequences
of holding to what we believe to be right.

May we put our trust in the power of good to overcome evil
and the power of love to overcome hatred.

We pray for the vision to see and the faith to believe
in a world emancipated from violence,
a new world where fear shall no longer lead men to commit injustice,
nor selfishness make them bring suffering to others.

Help us to devote our whole life and thought and energy
to the task of making peace,
praying always for the inspiration and the power
to fulfill the destiny for which we and all men were created.


Prayer – Birthday Dr.Samuel Davis – Texas – Alpine 😇

Dear Lord, on this day that we celebrate “Samuel” before his ready for the year ahead knowing that You have an order to his life.
Help him to find joy in every circumstance in life, knowing that You work all things out for good.
I thank You for Samuel”, for loving him with unconditional love, and for the promises You have spoken over Sam’s life.
In Jesus Name,



Happy Birthday
Dr. Samuel Davis
On this Day our thoughts are
With your Mother and Father
Looking over you
With love, and Grace for their perfect
Little Baby Boy
How proud of you they must be today
Creating your own offspring
Carrying on the family’s traditions
The Best Father


Jesus, shine through me and be so in me that every person I come in contact with may feel your presence in my soul.
My God, send me thy Holy Spirit to teach me what I am and what thou art!
May the Passion of Christ be ever in our heart.
And to be more with Him, more with Him, not merely with oneself.

Father, my heart is heavy. I feel like I have to carry the burden alone. Words like “overwhelmed,” “distraught,” “exhausted” seem to describe where I am. I am not sure how to let you carry my heavy load, so please show me how. Take it from me. Let me rest and be refreshed so that my heart won’t be so heavy in the morning. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Dear Lord, help me remember what a difference it makes when I make time with You a priority in my morning. Awaken me in body and spirit each day with a desire to meet with You and to hear You speak words of affirmation, assurance and wisdom over my heart as I prepare to go into my day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

There is no mystery about True Love🌼

True love is found inside one’s heart and body. “The mystery about love is no mystery at all”

Maybe your struggle with the concept of love is looking beyond for things you believe you wish for.

That’s a person waiting for the perfection of self-perceived expectations.

Kindness is a natural feeling that all humans are born with that allows you to experience the wonder of a stable union between two people that cherish moments of desirable companionship.

Be thankful for the experience to find that fit who wants you to be happy. To nourish you – love you – respect you, for then you have genuinely tasted paradise.

Sometimes we all need time to search for that pinnacle in life.

Most of us have tasted already a different love, and that could be confusing you.

Search different thoughts about this end of your existence to enjoy peace and companionship.

You so deserve a beautiful, comforting life.

Time is on your side, my love.

Use it wisely.

This time has been all about you, and how proud I am you grew from a broken soul to a full functioning man.

The world is your oyster. ❤

Love is loving you
The nectar of love
Lay down beside me
Hold me close
So I can feel your heartbeat
Taste your sweet breathe my darling
Tears of loving eyes brush my lips
Like the ocean kisses the south down flow
Lay down beside me
We fit


A Prayer to Trust When You Need a Miracle
“Dear God, thank you that you love me and want to keep me from depending on other things instead of you. Forgive me for when I’ve depended on my job and other people instead of you. Thank you that you haven’t forgotten me. Lord, the days ahead may be a little scary at times, but I understand now that the path to a miracle is through uncomfortable territory. I understand now that the source of a miracle will be unexpected, so I shouldn’t try to figure it out. I should just trust you. When you tell me what to do, and it doesn’t always make sense, I will still do what you want me to do. Help me to remember that you’re all I need and that where you guide, you’ll provide. I want to learn to trust you one day at a time. I want to go your way, not my way. I want to follow you, and I ask you to save me and come into my life. I claim your promise that if I trust you, you’ll meet my needs. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

One day at a time
Angles come in many forms
Look for the signs
Amen 🌼

Watch “Johnny Reid A Place Called Love” on YouTube

Luke Le Bree

God is about to make the shadows rise from your soul

And you couldn’t make that happen, Brother,

He will turn you around and led the folk to hold you

Higher than before

The odds are God has you in his sight

He won’t let you fight the battle any longer

God is reaching out, he is in control.

Walk on through the voice I am here


Moving through the World

Let me be willing to see the big picture in all things, act in accordance with my best, most ethical self, and grant the benefit of the doubt to all those I meet.

Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.
As the times move in ways to destroy my people and my planet earth,I want it to be known I died for you, Being among you because of the love I had for each of you and for the planet whom is the life energy of my Father. The Holy Spirit I freely gave on my return to my home in Heaven to guide you when you called upon me. Now you have reached a time when most of your media is controlled by the devil Satan, and he will lead you to total destruction by his evil ones acting as if they are for your highest good. I tell you this for I am here for all of you if you repent and wash yourselves of the mockery you have had chosen to follow against me and the Father. Not all churches are in praise of my love I offer you and how I set you free to return if you have not already. Now it will be more difficult for you to see the truth through your loving spirit and Heart of love the longer you leave it. My animals and birds of the forest also call to be a part of the love creation in Heaven, as will the thousands of tree and plant life for which I will with the Fathers’ energy bring these life forms of mother earth to a place of wonder.
I am without words to answer this just the love you flow through me which brings with it understanding and freedom to safe guard my destiny.


Luke Le Bree.🕊


O Lord, Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Saviour, forgive my sins, just as You forgave Peter’s denial and those who crucified You.
Count not my transgressions, but, rather, my tears of repentance. Remember not my iniquities, but, more especially, my sorrow for the offenses I have committed against You.
I long to be true to Your Word, and pray that You will love me and come to make Your dwelling place within me.
I promise to give You praise and glory in love and in service all the days of my life.




Let us live happily, without hate amongst those who hate. Let us dwell unhating amidst hateful men. Let us live happily, in good health amongst those who are sick. Let us dwell in good health amidst ailing men. Let us live happily, without yearning for sensual pleasures amongst those who yearn for them. Let us dwell without yearning amidst those who yearn. Let us live happily, we who have no impediments. We shall subsist on joy even as the radiant gods.