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Moving through the World

Let me be willing to see the big picture in all things, act in accordance with my best, most ethical self, and grant the benefit of the doubt to all those I meet.



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From all of us from Dazzled Thank you for sharing peace to the World. You are awesome Bless you, Peace💥💥

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Watch Rumi Returning Trailer PEACE


Peace be with you

All the days of your life

Amen 😇

Awesome Earth deserves PEACE, KINDNESS, HARMONY 🕯

Awesome Earth deserves PEACE.

Whatever ticks your box.

God looks down and must have tears in his eyes. Humans don’t get it.

Show folk that you respect their sadness losing a child, husband, wife, friend, a loved one.

Black or white, we all bleed red blood.

Touch somebody’s heart, comfort someone sad.

Don’t blame and question


Man is responsible for himself, not a God.

If every person on earth reached out and changed one person on earth with compassion, kindness and love wouldn’t it be a beautiful Planet 🤗

‘Peace all the days of your life’ 💥💥

Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.




Do you have a hard time putting the phone down?

It’s something we see every day,
pretty much everywhere.

It’s like everyone’s glued to their phones, and
it feels like nobody talks to each other any more.

But more than anything, it feels like
it’s becoming harder and harder to break
away and to just BE PRESENT with
oneself, and with nature.

That’s why we make these hammocks.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks are handwoven by people we
love and care about…Mothers and fathers
we know by first name, who also know
how important it is to relax and
spend time with family.

The hammocks are specially made to
fit your body (almost like a hug) in order to
make you feel weightless and supported…

To give you that CONFIDENCE to
reclaim your personal space so you can relax,
and foster a sense of inner peace and joy.

Simply by breaking away from all the
tech, toys, and noise that surrounds us.

It sounds simple, but we think spending
just 10 minutes a day in a hammock in peace is
a bold move, in what sometimes feels like
a crazy, and lonely world.

We want you to experience this joy,
and break away from the noise.🕊