As you allow others to dream from the heart, you expand your potential, opportunity, experience and each encounter to show God’s, unconditional love!

Life is a large marketplace in which we are all seeking to express our intrinsic and cultivated value, whether it be dating, business, friendship, artistic expression and even our value to our environment when we are alone. Today’s Ascended Business Master must have a broad and conscious understanding of her environment and the deeply interconnected […]


From snake charmers to nuclear arsenals. How did India become a nuclear state?

Originally posted on Beyond The Lines: “Today at 15:45 hours India conducted three underground Nuclear tests in the Pokhran range. The tests conducted today were with a fission device, a low yield device and a thermonuclear device. I warmly congratulate the scientists and engineers who have carried out these successful tests” said Prime Minister Atal… […]