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#OnThisDay July.26: 1847: Joseph Jenkins Roberts declared Liberia, formerly a colony of the American Colonization Society, an independent republic #AceHistroyDesk report

#AceHistoryReport – July.27: A native of Petersburg, Virginia, Roberts immigrated to Liberia in 1829 at the age of twenty under the auspices of the American Colonization Society. … #OTD July 26: The American Colonization Society: Joseph Jenkins Roberts. [ [President of Liberia]. Augustus Washington, original photographer, ca. 1851. Daguerreotypes. Prints & Photographs DivisionJane Roberts. First […]

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#OnThisDay1969 Neil Armstrong’s celebrated “one small step” was far from the most dangerous maneuver in the effort to send three men to the moon and return them home a week later #AceNewsDesk report

#AceHistoryDesk says #OTD Apollo 11 Moon Landing Timeline: From Liftoff to Splashdown: See a timeline of the entire mission below …… Published: July.24, 2019 On July 20, 1969, just eight years after President John F. Kennedy threw down the Cold War gauntlet and announced the ambitious goal of “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to […]


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