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Mystic Poet

“RIME OF THE SMOOTH SAILING SAILOR!” a poem Saturday: 11/10/2018

It -can-be SMOOTH SAILING, this time we spend –

For – There’s no beginning, (pause) and no end!

The activities – that we devise (?)

Are here! before our sparkling eyes,

Indoors, outdoors – bed and boat,

Sailing along! Please! Take note:

Fill your voyage with things so sweet!

Just do-things-SMOOTHLY, to avoid “the heat,”

Of frantic, pell-mell enterprise;

Your time is YOURS! Prioritize!

And-sailing’s ENDLESS – So – RELAX-THERE;

Fret-just-a-little, but – don’t-pull your hair!

No-need to push-things ‘til you’re “burned out,”

‘Til your life (pause) doth make you shout,

And NOT with welcome joys and thrills,

But-with-overwhelm (?) Yes, TOO MUCH KILLS,

The-satisfaction you might enjoy;

Guilt’s-an-ever-present – tricky – ploy!


Take each moment – in Life’s Journal,

And-have-a-smooth – and a pleasant “walk,”

OR (?) (pause) erratic jolts of noise and talk,

Of non-stop, senseless activity;

Yes, sometimes – our proclivity,

Is-to allow-a-FLOOD – to rule the day;

Who’s in charge? It’s YOU, I pray!

So take each moment and don’t be caught,

In a-current (pause) that is fraught,

With: a.s.a.p. s – must-do s – hurries-and-nows!

Go-with: maybe s – sounds-good (pause) and-smooth(e)-some-how s!

And don’t JUST read this calming verse!

And then get frantic – or TOO terse!


SMOOTHLY SAIL! Be real “HEP!” 🙂 – Groo-oovy!

fin ❤


SONG (to the tune: “Wabash Cannonball!”)

I’m a smoothly sailing sailor; I sail right along!

With the ocean spray – My clouds ain’t gray, as I sing this sailing song!

I steer with confidence and joy – with-the rhythm of The SEA;

It’s in my Heart, and I’ll-never-part, From this SAILING HAR-MONY!

I sail smooth and silky, With a-little-breeze in my hair:

A smoothly sailing sailor, With a clever, jaunty air:

I smile and sing and whistle, And-the waves they are my friends!

I’m-a smoothly sailing sailor man – and my song – it never ends!

Ohhhh! (Repeat first part!)


Mystic Poet

“CRITIQUE!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Nag’s Tail (Tale)!” Tues. Nov. 13, 2018

We ALL start-off with-a clean-slate, when sweet romance is new,

So, we’re-initially-careful what we say, watching-what’s-”bleeding-through!”

Like, in the beginning, (s)he might-say: “Oh, STOP, Sweetie-Don’t-do-that!”

It seems just-like a SMALL THING, but-you-could-maybe “smell a rat!”

Or, in the beginning, it’s, perhaps, a little mouse –

‘Cause – LOVE IS NEW – and (s)he’s-not-(yet) your-spouse!

But, as time goes on (sometimes) THE CRITIC GETS HOLD,

And, what was picked-up-as-minor – gets OFTEN oversold,

Until it becomes A HABIT – to harp – on THIS,

Or THAT – or T’OTHER – and THEN! It’s your kiss –

Or-your-hair-color – or taste in clothes,

And the little-annoyance(s) – GROWS and GROWS!! 😦 – Shucks!


Everything-you-do – right-down to-your-Love-Song,

That was, in the beginning, our favorite tune,

But, NOW – “Don’t sing! You sound like a loon!”

And, it’s these little things – that were ORIGINALLY OK,

And nagging just lasts, all the livelong day,

‘Cause nagging comes from habit, and, after a while,

That’s all there is – not even a smile!

All-the-time-can-become – a CRITICAL EXAM of YOU,

And The Day You Were Born – you start to rue!

It’s The Little Things – So, please-cultivate patience;

We all need to TAKE NOTE, in our precious relations,

That our habits of critique – don’t EVOLVE into nagging,

And – I-ain’t-sayin’-I-never … No-no-I’m-not-bragging,


For JESTS-OFTEN-BECOME-HABITS, which-are-hard-to-put-to-rest!

fin ❤

“Some people dig nagging – and really think it’s OK – – – But nagging is nagging! There’s NO LOVE – in that way! – – – Please remember: Use words, pretty pretty, I say – – – And things’ll be wonderful-with-us – every-day! – – – A GOOD PRACTICE: ‘I Love You,’ 100 times – Hurray! – – – Every 24 hours! And you’ll never be GRAY!” The Mystic Poet.

Editor: A Nagger is called a Snagglepus in Australia

Did you know that 🙄🙄

Mystic Poet

“SENTENCED TO DIE – FOR THROWIN’ A CREAM PIE!” a poem Tues. 11/13/18


He was sentenced-to-death – scourged -and-no-more-pension! Only-severance!

And WHAT DID HE SAY (Just like Tom Cruz*),

“I GOT THIS, y’all – start pouring the booze,

‘Cause, when it’s all over, we’re gonna party!”

And-sure-‘nough-in-3-days-and-nights – he was hale and hardy!

IRREVERENCE! although-NOT-a-3-letter-word,

Is STILL, at this time, considered absurd,

For-just-like-then-NOW, folks-think-they-know-“WHERE’-IT’S-AT,”

But, Honey, some-things-never-change! Now, WHAT’CHA KNOW ‘BOUT THAT?

fin ❤

* – in the film “Knight & Day”

Mystic Poet

“MENTAL CASES!” a poem a.k.a.: “Coffee Memories!” Nov. 13, 2018 – Tuesday (Written yesterday: Monday, of course!)

Our Mental Health Care facility is bustling today!
Because it’s a Monday – and it’s awfully cold and gray!
It’s-also a holiday and, you-guessed-it – it’s-NOT The Month of May,
So, we’ll grab us some hot beverages – and we’ll gab-about “Yesterday,”
And – people who aren’t here no more,
And some song titles and (pause) actresses galore!!
And actors and their roles – and olden-day TV dramas,
And AL LEWIS was Grampa, and I loved them TV mamas!
RAUL JULIA played Gomez, but I’m still a big John Astin fan!
You-know, we COULD BE – the most competent – story-tellers, man!
And John DID marry Patty Duke, although he was a little-bit older,
And WE’RE REVERSE-AGING-BUT-NO-WISER, yet-the-weather’s-gettin’-colder!
So, I’ll get cha another coffee, and we’ll talk until we burst,
And, at the day’s hilarious end, I’ll consider us WELL VERSED!
MY MEMORIES? Well, they’re all really good, for a cordial, classic rhyme,
And – O.M.G., Bob – you-were-right! It was: (pause) IT’S ABOUT TIME!

fin ❤


“Yesterday” for all those folk reading and listening today on Kindness. This post will take you back until ” Yesterday. ”

Please be comforted that those who are mourning the loss of youth, past loved ones, looks.

These feelings you experience are normal.

When memories become your needing and yearning for the past to shape your future

We forfeit any hope to the joys of a promise to a new life.

Every one has had a long life will face sadness loneliness and darkness.

Growing old is a luxury as many die too young never knowing the joys in life.


is the NEW TERM.

Those that are rewarded with finally “GROWING UP.”

You have been gifted with knowledge learnt on journeys through your blessed existence and you won against all the odds.

How truly blessed you are.

You,”Grown Up” are still here.

Guess, what?

You, “GROWN UP” the treasure chest of information for the future of the next generation lead the Earth to Peace and Properity.

You, “Grown Up” your duty to create this Planet you walked on for many years are obligated to share all your journeys to encourage the young generations

To be the best harvest of youth on this Earth.

Yesterday is not a waste it was your lesson.

Treasure every moment you breath

If you are waiting to be found and are still yearning for yesterday you wasted so many chances to make a difference for the future of our Children.

Self is over.

Be wise, be kind, be gratitious.

Give Compliaments stop living with regret.


Never wish for lost moments,

Treasure those new moments.

As you have learnt, new moments are a gift not your right of passage.

Comfort others without looking for rewards.

Giving freedom, love without reward.

Unconditional acceptance for all living things is the greatest reward

Congratulations all GROWN UP’S 🤗

( still time for happiness)

Mystic Poet

“CORNERSTONES OF FUNCTIONALITY!” a poem in the series: “Move It; Move It!” Tuesday: 11/13/2018

WATER! It is SO important, to “keep the juices flowin’!”

Exercise! Is a big KEY, like bi-cycling and mowin’!

Eating tasty food and not too much to slow you down;

Fresh-air and – nice-sunshine – can alleviate the frown!

The body loves variety and sometimes craves some sleep;

Without variety and good rest, we might get sick and weep!

A healthy-life style will include –

Good friends, who’ll laugh & sing with you,


This has always been quite true!

GOOD ASSOCIATIONS! Yes, they’re quite divine!

FAST AND SLOW – &-You-might just find,

That EASY DOES IT has a flow,

Of hobbies, working – and-helping – so,

To keep a balanced life, right here,

Please-consider-these-things, my Dear,

And know that I will always wish,

The best for you, you sexy dish,

And, once-more, yes! I’ve said (it) before,

Welcome kisses – hugs – and more!! 🙂 – Yummy You! Graduate w/Honors!

fin ❤

Mystic Cowboy

“IN THE MORNING LIGHT, WE DISCOVERED THE TRUE MEANING OF T H E T R I N I T Y !” a poem, for awakening! Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

My lover! She-don’t-have-no-periods (pause) (and) I-have-no com-mas!

She’s always ready! (pause) and – I-don’t ever (pause!) pa-ause,*

‘Cause love that-is gonna work is-something you can’t search for:

It’s like THE SECOND COMING – don’t-’xpect-Jesus-at-your-door!

IF someone comes a-knockin’ – or shows up on “the tube,”

That’s NOT the Real Jesus – just some-other goofy boob!

Now, I ain’t “dissing” boobies, ‘cause-I need me some warm milk,

And it REALLY – beats The Heck – outta homogenized – and Silk®

My LOVER, like I said, don’t have – no per-i-ods,

So-she’s-always ready – for “a twist,” with orgasms, myri-ads!

It’s-enough to drive you wild, insane;

But, remember! The searching? it’s just inane;

However-IF! a pretty girl comes – knockin’ at your door,

And says words like: “ … ready-to-be your whore,”

By golly, fellows! (pause) Take her little hand,

And, come-on – take-it-off – to The Promised Land,

And do kiss and cuddle – ‘til The Morning Light,

Menage a trois! It can be – outta sight! 🙂 – Where two or more are gathered …

fin ❤

    • And! I’m also a lying so-and-so! Trust NO ONE! (Unless you want to!!) Of course, occasionally I take a little nap! BUT THEN! Back again!! You-know!

… we found Jesus! Yippee! Hey! Stop IT! Stop eating all the whipped cream! … and strawberries! Hey! That’s The LAST Straw – berry!

Mystic Poet

“THIS LIFE OWES YOU SOME JOY!” a poem SAT – 11/10/18

There-are so-many-“attachments” in this life! (pause) Just hanging-hanging-on!

Why-not-RELAX your hand a bit, for-perhaps a brand new dawn,

OF AWARENESS, perhaps-confined, within your palms a-grasping;

Release? Relax! Rest-A-Moment (pause) from-all-that bitter clasping!

Is THIS so good? This SYMPHONY!? That IT – deserves bear-hugs?

The bears, perhaps, would NOT agree – especially-as-bear-rugs!

To hang-around-here AND BE SO TIGHT – Pray tell! What’s (so) important,

About this dream – It’s-”GOOD”-it’s-”BAD”- I really think we o-r-tn’t,

Take-staying-here-so-serious(ly), OUR LIFE DOES N O T DEPEND,

On our concern to be-around As-if this-is-THE-LIVING-END!!

Yes, I-know – that fear – compels us – to hold-on-pretty-tight,

But other-adventures-are-likely-in-store IF we’d perceive a-right!

So, although-THE-MISERY’S clear, I do NOT recommend,

Just ending, yes, just-ending – just-because you’d-like-to-put-an-end:

No! No! We-don’t-care-much-for-quitters, UNLESS THINGS BE SO HARD,

That they’re just SUCK-Y ALL THE TIME – We-all-need a little nard,*

For, without some pleasantries within the day, what-use-is-existence here?

IF things suck OFTEN – too-too-often – WE-can-just-let-go, my Dear,

And-see-where-we-fall! Might-be-in-bed! You’re-beside-your-No.-1-Fan!

In BED, warm and soft – touching you! I could-be – your LOVING MAN!

fin. ❤

    • a sweet-smelling ointment, one of those little pleasures in life that would be nice to have now and again!

Mystic Poet

“MY LOVER – SO SEXY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Kinky Is As Kinky Does!” a.k.a.: “Gender Benders and/or Cover Lovers!” November 11, 2018 (Sunday)

Sexual! A-sexual! Homo-sexual! Bi!

3rd Sex – and-4th Sex! Ambivalently-sexed! Oh, my!

Cross-dressing – grudge pointed – NON-sexual too!

Contravalent! Covalent! Dressed-up – for you:

Sexual labels? Gone to extremes?

Now, no-one’s quite-sure – what SEX really means!

Except – what – in-the-moment – you-do-with-your-“partner,”

Or-in bonding orgies: pee, poo -or- far’-upon-her!

Lip service, cum-suckers – pre-cum-ing galore;

“I’ll NEVER-do-no-more-sex!” Then, “Gimme some more!”

“I – WANT – IT – ALL; ev’ry-manner-there is!”

Voyeurs, loving-3-somes; all-is – sexual-show-biz!

And – anal and oral, with showers – and cuts,

And – choking and burning and eating-in with-stinky-butts!

There-are rim-jobs and groomings, paint-on-you and, of-course, meals,

Eating upon you! Group-sex! Drug-ged, she reels,

And the-sex-traffickers-are-secure, as they ply at(in) their trade,

And The-Ladies-of-The-Night – are-still-pimped-in (the) parade!

Wondrous phone(y)-sex and sex toys, vi-brating, latex;

Plus, the S-&-M Folks dig their “shading” of sex,

And, as I lay down, with-my-mate (we’re in bed),

There our visions of sex-plums which dance in my “head!”

And -(S)he says: “Do you love me? Am-I-sexy-to-you?”

And I hold and enfold her (him) – We kiss, and we screw,

For, despite all (the) techniques, all the labels and ploys,

It’s-still-about-WHO-YOU-DO-IT-WITH and-how-you-love-HER (‘em), girls-and-boys!

fin ❤

Mystic Cowboy

“IN THE SWEET BY AND BY!” a poem in the series: “Narcissism and Other Apparently Extraordinary Conditions!” Sunday: November 11, 2018

I used to be a GOOD boy; I shared in-everyone’s opinion;

I loved to-be called – and labeled often! Something like-a-”minion!”

I’d go along and sing a song, whichever one-THEY-did-like

Something-that’s-GOOD, and PURE-&-TRIED,

BUT, since-I’m-so-bad, how-can I decide,

What’s good or bad or green or red,

I’m so confused, in my “little head!”

IF I could-just-avoid all-the-DSMs,

I would be GOOD! Could-I-use-some-“chems” –

To smooth me out and get me right?

Clear! Straight! Neither loose-or-tight?

“You-gotta-be-well-balanced, in The Public Eye!”

Then! [I’ll] be GOOD-AGAIN! In-the-Sweet – By-and-By! 🙂

fin ❤

Mystic Poet

“NARCISSISM DEFINED – AND – UNCHAINED?” a poem in the series: “Narcissism and Other Apparently Extraordinary Conditions!” Friday: 9 Nov 2018

[Excessive-and-Erotic – INTEREST IN ME!

What I look like – and how I pee!

I AM SO SELFISH? I watch the mirror,

With extreme interest! Shall-I-wash-it-clearer?

I AM absorbed – into my eyes!

I’m-GRANDiose -and-won’t-apologize!

I will-NOT sit-(pause) upon NO-one’s “fence,”

To-wait-for-admirers! That’ll-make-me-tense!

I crave admiration! And-my-person-al-ity,

SHOULD-top The DSM!* I’ll make history!

I’m quite self-centered, AND THE WORLD REVOLVES,

JUST AROUND ME! And – when everyone EVOLVES,

They’ll look – and act, just like ME!

IN-ME-God-fashioned – a-new-pedigree!]



And THEN – baby’s TAUGHT – to NOT be self-centered!

To hide (OUR) narcissism – in THAT we’re mentored,


Who offer us – some Handy Wipes,


And TEACH-US-TO-MAKE-CLEVER observation,

About THOSE PEOPLE – who are just TOO proud,

Or – like to gather a too-big-crowd,

Around-them! LIKE: Errant-carpenters-and-fisher-men,

Who heal the sick – let’s say: “Amen!”


And we LOVE to trick – and train our mind,

TO THINK WE AREN’T! and – gather folks,

Who laugh at (OUR) narcissistic jokes!


We’re-ALL-part – (pause)


SYMPHONY! 🙂 – Yup!

fin ❤

* – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, written by “experts” who can not find their personal profiles anywhere in this book BECAUSE they ARE – whatever is NOT there!!!! in THEIR opinion(s)!

The Mystic Poet

Congratulations, subject matter

Spot on 🤗

Mystic Poet

“DSM – 5* – 6 – 7 … ” a poem in the series: “Narcissism and Other APPARENTLY Extraordinary Conditions!” a.k.a.: “A BOOK On What’s CRAZY, Revised Frequently – Because CRAZY IS AS CRAZY DOES!” a.k.a.: “The Official Book Of SHOULD NOTs, Written By Folks Who Shouldn’t Have!” a.k.a.: “THE Book, Especially Written By Those Who Could NEVER Make It Teaching School Because THE KIDS WERE TOO ROWDY!” a.k.a.: “Agree With US – Or Else We Will Write A Book About YOU & It Will NOT Be Called The Bible, At Least Not For Several Years!”

Diagnosis? JUDGMENT! What’s The “Diff?” [Friday: November 9, 2018]

Open-up-The-Manual, and Take a whiff!

Become-a-member – of The “Psycho” Association;

You’ll be in “good company,” in this “Appropriate” Nation,

The Nation of JUDGMENT – and PRO-PRI-ETY!

Worship-at-The-Medical-Altar! on-your-bended-knee!

Consult The Experts! Take you “meds,”

“Vitamins,” we’ll call them: to heal your heads!

There’s an age-old saying, about A DEGREE,

Gotten in PSYCHOLOGY – Is-it too-cra-zy,

To imagine – that those-who-LEARN-to-JUDGE,

Will call it: “DIAGNOSING!” and-will-never-hold-a-grudge,


Jesus Christ! Well! My, oh my!

Why’d-HE-really-get-killed? A: ‘Cause He was a “PSYCHO,”

Waiting and willing – to destroy this micro-


About-ACCEPTABLE TRUTH – and associations,

Of learned, cultured, seasoned boys,

And girls-of-manners – who play with-sex-toys,

Behind closed doors – and think that’s fine,

And, when they emerge, demand-their-Valentine,

For being so loving – and so well-versed:

NARCISSISTIC-ADMIRATION – needs-to-be well-rehearsed!

So! Tickle my ears – and fill my head,

With DSM! (pause) As society has said:

“Think with propriety!”

“Do the RIGHT thing!”

Little do they realize – “SATAN”**-THIS-DOTH-BRING! 🙂 – Whoops!

* – BUY IT! From The American Psychiatric Association (for an undisclosed amount!!) – so you’ll KNOW just how crazy EVERYONE is! Except – US!! 🙂

** – Not some PERSON, but a Spirit – of Pride and Condescension!

Mystic Poet

“JUDGMENT RE-VISITED!” a poem in the series: “Narcissism and Other Apparently Extraordinary Conditions!” 11/9/2018 (Freya’s Day)

Click the camera! Check it TWICE!

Is-YOUR picture – very nice?

Who now is IT? in your lens?

Looking closely! Don’t get tense!

A Quite-Narcissistic Point of View,

I snapped THAT RASCAL, but-I’m-looking-to,

See myself!? How can this be?

To-capture-THE-narcissist! OMG!-it’s ME!


‘TIS-MY-OWN-REFLECTION! I dare not linger,

For to judge, lest I indict!

Judging others – is seldom right!

The Mirror-of-The-World – is ever-clear!


fin ❤


“DON’T GO TOO FAR! OH, OK, GO A HEAD OR TWO OR MORE!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Dark Hole Of Calcutta Meets The Hydra!” a.k.a.: “Many Heads – For Maximum Pleasure.” (Adam & Eve Adult Toy Store) November 8, 2018 (Thor’s Day)

The Dark Hole of Calcutta – is dark, but shining through,

A gaping-cav’rnous cave, (pause) with sexy-echos true!

I’m goin’ on right in-there! I really can not wait;

The Dark Hole of Calcutta! I know I’ve found my “mate!”

I’m goin’ in there NOW – (pause) before my “lovie-poo,”

Snaps her legs quite shut – and severs me in two,

But I’M THE DREADED HYDRA! I’m really not a liar:

Just cleave me in two – for-a-DUET-of-DESIRE!

Two – two – of me! Jockeying for position!

Cleave us BOTH, my Honey, and you’ve got FOUR for The Mission,


Be still, my little Darling! DON’T – YOU – WEEP,

For, WE-will be-gentle! O.M.G.! (Now) THERE’S 8,

And 16 – and 32 – and THE PUMP – feels great,

And-MORE-and-MORE – Fast, by The Score,


From-The Earth Goddess, She’ll-conceive RIGHT SOON,

And, SUDDENLY, There’s-no-balloon!


Plop goes The Weasel – A Bouncing Baby Boy,

Who looks like Donald Trump – or-maybe-Leonard-Nimoy!

So, O.M.G.! It’s TWINS! But WAIT! Yes! Now, it’s 3,

And they are with Jim Neighbors, all singing with great glee!!

Then, 4! Then, 5! Then, Oh, My God!

We’ve-a-fine-rock-band – and our-Todd Elrod,

Is the-lead-singer, and his-dog doth howl!

The Dark-Hole-of-Calcultta – is-once-more on-The-Prowl,

For more sexy guys – to lure-into The Way,

O-of Sweet Oblivion and (pause) a ro-oll in The Hay!

Slow down, now – here, Facebook Friend,

This poem will surely, shortly end:


And sniff-her-essence! Let’s-imbibe! 🙂 – Oh, Wow-za!

fin ❤

EDITOR: What ever you on lol I want a bucket ful 🤣😂😁


“JESUS SHOWS!” a poem November 7, 2018 – Wednesday!

That-singer-in-our-choir – was late, almost every time!

USUALLY! Only-by-a-few-minutes! So, perhaps, it was no crime.

“Are-you-gonna-make-it (pause) on-time-for-The-Show?”

Asked our conductor. “Well, I dunno!”

“The Singer” said; “BUT I’ll try – my ve-ry best,”

And other choir members – Well! They cleared their melodious-chest(s)!

So! Concert Night arrived, and, by golly, it-was-then (that)

JESUS ARRIVED! He arrived to – gather men,

And women – The (celestial) choir, of course, was FIRST,

ONTO THE SHUTTLE – They-were highly “trained,” “well versed,”

Since they had been singing Hymns and religious selections,

For MANY a-concert – with-perfect rhythm & inflections!

Thus, they were “primed,” awaiting-fo’ “The Ascension,”

But HE (The Singer, who HAD arrived “on time” for The Concert) was reluctant! “I’ll stay IN THIS DIMENSION,”

AND SING! Even-without the other choir members’ support!”

Well, The Blessed Jesus – (pause) SIMPLY gave-a-snort,

Taking The Masses Heaven-ward,

And The Bass Singer SANG ALONE! (pause) and was NOT perturbed!

As HE sang (you guessed it!) The REAL JESUS did show:

“Where’s everybody?” “Well, I don’t-know!

Din-they-go-WITH YOU!” “Not me! Must-a-been-The-Other-Guy!”

And The Real JESUS – SIMPLY heaved a sigh! –

“The other guy (usually) gets ‘em, but I’ll not fret!”

So (on Concert Night) JESUS and J-Jay – sang a duet!

fin ❤

“Sometimes it’s better to be late, fashionably late, by a few minutes! It gives the room some time to breathe!” The Mystic Poet.

“What-does-Jesus-looks-like, so we won’t miss-’im, when He comes!”

“He’s kinda pretty, blonde hair – tits-and-a-(fine)-pair-o’-bums!”

“Well, that sounds like pretty Marilyn, who-used-t’-live-down-The-Street!”

“Well, they ARE second cousins – genetics-ya-just-can’t-beat!”

The Golden Mean they call it: for really perfect ratios!

What-in-The-World does-it-all-mean – when-then considering,

F- – – – – – – s?