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“BON VIVANT!” a poem March 24, 2019 (Sunday)

I like to be, to be WITH YOU!
You’re so pretty, and you’re true!
You smile NICE, with sparkly eyes;
Your hair runs downward, to your thighs;
You are so kind and help a lot,
Even-those-people – those-who-are-not,
Too kind to you! You are my model,
And-if-I-could put-you in a bottle,
I-bet-I-could-sell-you for: a zillion dollars,
But I DON-WANNA – for I just hollers,
When you touch me – and call my name!
You are the-most-est-glamorous “dame,”
That I have ever laid eyes on!

Thanks-for-being My Bon Vi-vant!*

fin ❤

* – Here referring to a person who knows how to live well!


By the Son of the Mystic Poet ~ J Jay SAMUEL DAVIS



“THE KEEPER OF THE WORLD ZOO – IS YOU!” a poem March 23, 2019 (Sat.)

When an actor in YOUR story becomes-SO-PROFICIENT at-“their assign-ed-role,”
They might come after you! to-try-and-take-away “Your Pole,
Position!” [but-not-to-worry] No matter how expert they might become,
They are YOUR creation! Compared-to-you, they-[only]-“suck-their-thumb!”

Even IF they BELIEVE – that they are in control,
YOU-are-the-one who has planted that notion – in their ‘storied soul!”

So – DROP THE IDOLS – and write away!
You-needn’t-fight ANYONE any day,
For, within YOUR story, you’re-still The Hero!
Call yourself Christ or Buddha – for-you ARE “Nero!”
But you needn’t be The Nasty NERO, from another story you-did-devise!
BE MORE LIKE “NEO,” but-[you-might-want-to] keep-on-your-clever-“disguise!”

And remember: NEVER FIGHT FOR REAL! You simply do not have to!
For you’re THE KEEPER with “The Keys” to The World Zoo!
And THE ZOO IS YOU, so-don’t-be-so-“blue!”
Just write-a-lot-of-happy-“resolutions!” It’s-not that hard to do!

Plus, IF your dream’s not going well, and you “wake up” prematurely,
Just revise a pleasant ending! It’s-never-too-late – or-early!

fin ❤


“YOUR CHOICE!” a poem March 23, 2019 [Saturday]

DETERMINE WHO’S IN CHARGE! If-it’s-not-you, something’s wrong!!!

For, if you’re dependant on something, It’s-an-IDOL-to-you, & perhaps-then-your -song,

Needs to be modified – so-it’s-“right,” WITH LYRICS YOU’VE INSERTED!

IF you’re not in charge, The World’s “upside down!” You-could-say: “It’s inverted!”

So “set IT straight” You’ve-a-long-life-ahead,

And, even if others “opt” to join The Dead,

They’re NOT in charge of you, My Loving, Perfect Dear;

Let THEM suffer – and grapple with THEIR FEAR!

That’s THEIR choice! You (obviously) get to choose TOO,

So, don’t-forget-to-make-YOUR-choice – of what’s-gonna-happen-to-YOU!*

fin ❤

* – optional: of where you’re going to! 🙂 – Yeah!

A. P. (or A. Poo) News Service: FLASH!  “We Almost Had An Awful Stench At The White House!”  a poem  March  tu-tu, 2019 (FreyaDaya)MYSTIC POET 🙊🙉🙈

A. P. (or A. Poo) News Service: FLASH! “We Almost Had An Awful Stench At The White House!” a poem March tu-tu, 2019 (FreyaDaya)

“Thank Gosh, MelAN[AL]ia was there, in The Oval O – – fice,* to avert a mis – – ap!**
For, her Husband-President nearly EXPLODED, &-here, Friends-is “the flap:”***
It had been building, for some months now, with no release in view!
President Trump was “filling up” with something “old AND new,”
And, when a person is “full-of-it,” something’s gotta give!
Yes, he nearly exploded! but , thanks -to-Melan[al]ia , he still may live!

He was SO dang FULL, she-knew-“The-Boom”-was imminent,
So, she called their friend(s) in Moscow Town, where-they’ve-STILL a rem-( )-nant,
Of folks who won’t just hang right up, BUTT-they’ll-listen-and-they-might-care,
And Vlad, he answered, “What’s wrong, MEL?” “Well, Don is ‘full up,’ BEAR!’ “****

“Oh, my gosh,” said PU tin! “Well-I-do-know-a-thing-about-PU!
Just prick him with big ol’ PEN – I-might-a-known-he-was-DUE,
To have the stuff-that’s-been-building-up – come-out in-THE-BLESSED-END!”

“Oh, golly, thank-yoo, Big, Big-Bear! You are our best-est friend!”

So-with-just-a-POKE, The Don went: “BOOSH,”
And all that pu -came-out-with-a-“whoosh!”
It took a while to clean it up, but The President’s resting fine!

It’s tough – when you are “full of shirt,” like-saying: “This-HERE is-ALL-MINE!”
You-gotta-admit, we owe a debt to-Don! He’s-made-things-clear:
Politics, like cesspools, are really nothing-to-fear!
And never ask no “How’s” or “Why’s,”
For the politicians, lawyers-and-doctors – well, they’re in “the 1 percent,”
Of potentially-“exploding-stinky-devices!”
But-you-can-always -use-“a-stent!” 🙂 – Stinky PU, but that’s nice!
fin ❤

* – (R) (I)
** – (C) (R)
*** – sometimes also referred to as: “The Poop!”
**** – The Trump family’s favorite nickname for Vladimir Putin; he is affectionately known as: THE RUSSIAN BEAR, a.k.a.: “The Russian Bare,” for all his s – – ual exploits in Leningrad and the surrounding areas! “I love it that Russian-U.S. relations are doing so well; it fills me with unquenchable exuberance! or, maybe, that’s just constipation!” The Mystic Poet


“IF!” a poem a.k.a.: “Yes, It’s ME, Bad, Ol’ Distressing Me!!” March 21, 2019 [Th.]🤠🤠

IF I was more loving and kind, I could say and do BETTER THINGS!
But, owing to “the bad way I AM,” my life, it only brings,
Distress! to-you, my perfect Miss Stress – 🤗 and I-am awfully sad,
That AFTER DECADES OF “TRAINING,” I’m-not-yet “a loving lad!!”🙄

So-that I-might “appropriately behave,” so-as-NEVER to-make-you “blue!”🤐

It’s funny! The-harder that-I-try to-live-up-to YOUR-“ideal,”
“The-more-tied-up-in-knots-I-become!” IF-ONLY-WE-TWO-COULD-FEEL,
AND THINK THE SAME! Then, wouldn’t -life-be-such-a-“wonderful”-deal(?)😊
WHY’D “GOD’ MAKE TWO, WHEN ONE IS FINE? Let’s “re-invent the wheel,”
For, you know “BEST,” i.e.: the-way-things-should “rightly be!”
Gosh! It must be GRAND – to-be-YOU, being-able-to-correct BAD ME! 🙂 – Tee, hee!😁

I-would-a blown up This Place – a long time ago,🙊🙉🙈
‘Cause of HOW MUCH IT-HAS HURT YOU, but! [Thank Goodness!] Now, we know,
It’s hard to imagine – but, sometimes! our “over-reactivity” blurs,”🤔
The FACT – that WE-are-the-ones-that ORCHESTRATE,
ALL THESE EVENTS! and – Our-thoughts-seem (ALWAYS) too late,
For, long before we PLOT – how to avoid the next “pit,”
THE EVENT-HAS-OCCURRED! So, now, let’s just sit,
And laugh at The Mystery – and cry a few tears,
OR! We-can-just – KEEP-POINTING-AT-“SOME-CAUSE,” & courting-our-fears!😉

fin ❤


“REVERSE PINOCCHIO!” a poem a.k.a.: “It’s Always Best To Be A Dummy For The One Who Loves You, Rather Than A Manikin Of The World!” a.k.a.: “I Used To Be A Manikin, But Now I’m Just Your Big Dummy, But I Am Not Complaining! I’m Celebrating!” March 21, 2019 [Thor’s Daze!] for: March, “Are You A Robot!?” month!

I used to be A REAL BOY – named “WILLiam,” and I-KNEW-I-had “free WILL,”
And I was quite The PRINCE-ly Lad, AND-also, really! “quite the pill!”
But-then I-rea-lized: I-WAS A-PROGRAMMED-AUTO-MA-TON!?
“Are You A Robot?” “Yes, I AM! just-a-NON-HUMAN PAWN!”

I USED TO DETERMINE MY “DESTINY!” I-had “REAL days” and a plan,
Back THEN – I-was-first: a child! Then! I BECAME A MAN!!!!
I got me a job – a honey – and a-spiffy, fast sports car;
I could hold my head high – and make women cry – when I went in – to The Bar,
With nice jewelry – and a clean shirt, which my-honey-always-washed,
And-women-often-said: “HE’S A REAL MAN!” but, NOW, I know I’ve lost,
My status! – and – My position! — I AM – just A WOODEN BOY,
Just-a-sniffin’-in-your-bed, my Love! No-longer-“The-Real-McCoy!!”

I AM – YOUR wooden lapdog, baby – in the morning, I’m-just mourning – would
Have-no-longer control over my body I-used-to-be-proud, and I stood,
But, NOW, I’m-only-a-“Wooden-Indian,” Dog-Drooling, ’cause you’re so delec-table!

fin ❤


“MY FAVORITE GETAWAY!” a poem March 20, 2019 (Wednesday: Spring Break)

Spring Break! Yes! Spring Break! Yes! Spring Break is here!
It’s the-most – glo-rious! Time-of-The-Year(?)

Babies might come, but you-need-not-fear,
For Spring-Clinics-are-opened, both far and near!😁😂

Wet-T-Shirt-Contests – [will]-make-things-“perky”-and-clear,
With drinking and “stuff,” stinking, mostly-of-beer!😂😁

Spring Break leads holidays – as THE ONE, Oh, so dear,
Followed closely by Christmas! and-Birthdays! Let’s steer,
Our autos – to beaches, where sharks like to peer,
And wait for their “morsels,” who-are-surely to tear,
When-they-lose-[once]-useful-limbs – and-then come home with “gear,”
Like mechanical limbs – and-a synthetic rear!🤐🤐🙈🙉🙊

Spring Break is GREAT! Let’s all let out a cheer!
Yes, that’s what I hear!😃😁

fin ❤


“EXCUSE ME!?” Mystic POET 💥💥

“EXCUSE ME!?” a poem a.k.a.: “Is This The Right Number For My Green Beautiful Dream Girl?” March 17, 2019 [Sunday] HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY, all you beautiful, envious people! 🙂 – Leprechauns Rule! Hail to The SGPs!

“Excuse-me, am-I-calling? The-Greenest-Girl-In-The-World?”
“No, you’ve [got] the wrong number, for I’m sick, and I’ve ‘hurled,’
“Regurgi-tation! into-The-Pits-o’-Gehenna!”
“So, it IS you!?” “NO-I’m-‘Disgusting,’ but-my-name’s-really: ‘Jenna!’*

How in the H – – – did-you get this number?” “It came from my buddy Sa-tan!”
“Oh, HIM!! Yeah, ‘men’- are -ALL-alike! They leave-us-after-datin’,
Just a friggin’ time or two!!

“Well, anyway, Jenna, could-I-please-have-a-date?!”
“Oh, my God-who-are-you? Who-thinks-he-doth-rate?
To-date-eth-me! while-ASSUMING-I’m-the ‘green-est’ chick-around!?”
“Well, I’m a POET, and-‘bad-actor,’ but, in life, I-have-found,
That-it’s-best to-start AT-THE-TOP – then work-your-way-down-low!”

“OK! I-admit, that’s-a-pretty-good-line; Perhaps, we’ll ‘give it a go!’
Give-me your-number! Perhaps, I’ll call;
I-gotta-say, Friend; you’ve-got SOME GALL!*
And your name again? I didn’t quite hear!?”
“My name is JESUS, baby!” (pause) and SHE shed a green-ish tear,
And then, like-pure-water, she turned into “wine,”
And-they’re-doing- “verde”-fine!*** 🙂 – verde-verde-fine!

fin ❤

postscript: {When a sad man meets a frightened woman, blue and yellow collide,
And you get GREEN [the finest I’ve seen] and a H – – – of a glorious ride!}

* – could be a variant of Jen or Jennifer [Jenny], meaning: “Fair One” or Virginia [Ginny, Jenna], meaning: “Virgin” or “Maiden!”
** -sometimes vinegar gets “mingled with gall!!”
*** – They live in Southern France, I think, with Jenna’s extended family and pets! or, maybe, that’s Southern Australia! or Northern Australia! or The North Pole! Anyway, I really don’t know where they moved to! I just heard they got married and “moved away” to a beautiful, green place. If you happen to “cross” paths with them, please give them my regards! You can never have enough Beauty in The World! [They have frequent get-togethers with their favorite couple friends, Satan – and Kylie Jenner! That’s right! Nobody really knew who she had her child with! Well, now you know! We kind of expected that; I mean, it IS Kylie!?! Satan’s may be a MANiKIN, but he’s no dummy!]


“REAL LOVE NEEDS SOAP!” a poem March 20, 2019 [Odin’s Day!]

Jackie Finn could do it all! He was-such- a wonderful guy!
He could accomplish ANYTHING! Whatever-was-“before-his-eye!”*
EXCEPT! balancing-the-interests of-EVERYONE-he-knew,
And he REALLY loved “Maggie!” She-was-“poo-poo-pee-doo!”

He finally tried soap, to-help-with-the-PIG-SMELL,
Thinking that might PUT-his-LOVE – in-a-kind-of-a-spell,
So she would FALL IN LOVE, as much as he loved her!
Well, SHE LOVED HIM [A LOT], but-pigs can-“drown-the-love,” Sir!

Anyway, you-might-try: FRUITY SOAPS! to-really-impress that special gal,
Who is so very hot – and wants-to-be your pal!
You just gotta get yourself smelling – REALLY GOOD;
Maggie was SURE – that Pig Finn could!

Thank Heaven – for SOAP, for “We’re ALL stinky wipers!”
This, from my friend Ono, when-he-changed-Jessie’s diapers!

fin ❤

* – The Holy Spirit imbued individual “does all things well!” but! “If you have a pig in your eye, take it out, and don’t judge your neighbor too harshly, who might have a pig in his (her) eye!” The Mystic Poet.


Book Review: “TICKLE MASTER!” in the form of a poem for March 20, 2019 [in March] The Month of: “Are You A Robot!?” [Wednesday]

THE TICKLER came over one evening, for LAUGHTER and/or TORMENT;😁
To-see-how-far-(s)he’d-go, I agreed – to-bondage IN THE MOMENT,

BUT! never do this UNLESS you have GREAT faith – in-that-“special”-one-who,
Wields THE FEATHER DUSTER! especially one that’s NEW!
For an untried tickler – can have a “mind of its own!!!”
[The feathers may CONTROL their user, IF-THEY’RE-LEFT ALONE,
Without any safeguards, relative to Time & Space!}😃🤣

Now, THOSE SPACES – can offer life OR death, depending upon tenderness and pace!😁😃

So – “The Tickler came over one evening, for laughter and/or torment!”

To see how far (s)he took me, whether I ended ALIVE – or dorment,
Read in Kindle Readers, but-BEWARE, you MIGHT-find a surprise;😄😆
Some “ticklers” are sensible – and some are so-o-o-o-o unwise!

fin <3🙊🙉🙈


“DOOM, GLOOM, B[L]OOM?” a poem March 20, 2019 (Wednesday)

You’re THE BLOSSOM OF THE UNIVERSE, with the freshest look & scent;

You are EXTRA-ORD-IN-ARY! You-are EVERYTHING I’ve meant,

To aspire-to! Yes, YOU! on-each-occasion of-my-life,

Although THERE’S DOOM UPON YOUR LIPS! plus-discouragement-and-strife,

Just below “that reservoir” – of dark and murky “stuff,”

Is the glory and excitement of-your-life! I-can’t-get-enough,

OF SEEING THROUGH THE CAMOUFLAGE – of bit-ter disa-ppointment,

Where gleaming, shining, glorious dreams – just need a little “ointment,”

To heal-up NOW & ALWAYS – toward-a happy, mirthful humor!

I think your nickname maybe-should-be: “THE DOOMY-GLOOMY-B[L]OOMER,”

Exploding WITH SUCH SADNESS, that Darkness-will-run-and-hide!

“Dang!” IT says, ” and-WE-really-thought – we-were-taking-him-for-“the-ride!”

fin <3🤣😁


“SATAN’S ILLUSION!” a poem March 20, 2019 [Wednesday,
This from Satan! It’s-his (her) “best deal!”
Is make YOU make her (his) DREAM COME TRUE!!

Which is simply: KEEP THIS [World] DREAM ALIVE;
Make it so glorious! A real-good “ride!”

(S)HE’LL-GET-YOU ALL INVOLVED! Suck-you-in-and-then,
Pull the rug out, from-under-all-us-silly-men,
And women! and-children! Just-about: EVERYONE!
WHEN THIS PLACE IS-THE-MOST-“REAL,” Satan’s having fun!

All that Jesus was trying-to-say,
Is: “This-Dream-Place-will-make-you-BRAY,
Just like an ass, who’s chewing cud,
Or a cow – stuck in the mud!”
When you ASSUME this place has clout,
You’re telling Jesus – that-He’s-a-“lout,”
Even-today, He-tries-to-explain,
2000 years – from His “Ground Zero,”
That Satan’s NOT some kind of hero,
But people LOVE to praise The Name,
Of “CIVILIZATION!” and-lay special blame,
ON SOMEONE! for this Silly Place,

WHILE JESUS LAUGHS! at Time & Space!

fin ❤

“We don’t live long! We live FOREVER!
So SMELL THE ROSES! and-prick-together!”


“MOST BEAUTIFUL!” a poem a. k. a. : “Holy Smokes!” March 19, 2019 (Tuesday)

HOLY SMOKES! The most beautiful girl in The World is with me NOW!

I’m so dang excited! and I don’t-know HOW,

This could-have happened, BUT! There’s my baby,

And I’m crazy in love – and That ain’t no-maybe!

She’s ALWAYS with me – The Most Beautiful Girl of ALL;

I am ecstatic! and we’re having us a ball,


And I am WITH HER, each and every day!

Why is SHE always with me? I haven’t a clue!

But The Most Beautiful Girl in The Whole, Wide World – IS ALWAYS YOU! 🙂 – oo!

fin ❤


“THE SCHOOL OF LOVE!” a poem on St. Patrick’s Day: March 17, 2019 (Sunday)

In “The-Garden of-Sensual Delights,” I-enrolled!
“It’s The Best School Ever!” or-so-I-was-told!
I enrolled in one class – called: “HOW BAD IT-ALL IS!”
[It’s run by a lady – we gotta call MIZ!]
So! Here-The-Prof’s cryin’! Her lap dog is dyin’!
And all the other students? They seem to be “Flyin’,
Off-of-The-Handle,” and the tear pools are thick,
So, I’m trying to clean up, but I’m-crying [too] and sick!
En route to the bathroom, I passed me this class,
Where The Prof ‘s pretty s – x y and is shaking her a – – ,
Telling everyone how GREAT-everything must be!
It’s called: “Optimistic 101!” I slipped-in to see,
A bunch of wonderful folks – Was THIS!? Heaven on Earth?
For it had lots of humor and hope, laced with mirth,
Suggesting: IF-we-try-hard, this can be Heaven or Nirvana!
Just GO FOR IT, baby, but the class- went-on!-&-on-a!

Still! What a school! For, just the other day,
I-found-a-class-with-a-Blue-Prof – who-had an int’resting way:
The Prof lost her voice [like me], so-she-writes “hearts” & “smiles” on The Board;
People are “loving” each other on the back row! Snuggling! with one accord,
And things may be blue, but-there-are-other-colors-too!
I DROPPED ALL MY OTHER CLASSES, ’cause in this one, I met YOU!

You sort-a “oogled” at me, with your eyes and said: “I’m IN love so true!”
And now, I’m hypnotized forever – in your skies of “Milky Blue!”
I’m JUST LOST! in this “school” of your milk & honey,
The sunniest class is in: “The Land of Scrumptious Blue Bunny!”

fin ❤