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“SEEING YOU LATER!?” a poem January 14, 2019 (Moon)

“Will I see you later?”
“I wanna see you NOW!”
I do NOT anticipate her, but I never quite know how!
For, we’re always in This Moment; NOW IS WHERE WE’RE AT!
I-can NOT see you LATER, for O M & TAT & SAT,
Are meeting AT THIS MOMENT! and they don’t break for lunch!
But, they are NOW together, and I have me a hunch:

That WE are NOW there with them, in-symbolic-smooth-orgasm!
And NOW is NOW – forevermore! within some Cosmic Chasm!
And on The Entrance Wall you’ll find – a little, sticky note,
Which reads: “Why don’t you come back later, and, while, you’re gone, we’ll dote,
Upon you, as you sit (SAT) with us, ob -li -vious that YOU,
Were-never-at-any-entrance, and this is nothing new:
Whoever cares for LATER – puts-up-quite-a-fuss,
About The Present – and The Future, but, mainly, with The Past,
For things can get so dog gone TENSE!! both slow – and really-fast!

Meet me NOW, you alligator!
We’ll meet for coffee – at The Seder,
And-we’ll PASS-OVER – all-this later!”

Let’s meet RIGHT NOW – half-an-hour-30-minutes, give or take!

fin ❤



“NARD!” a poem January 13, 2019 – Sunday

It has a nice aroma, if-you don’t-use too much!

Spread the ointment carefully, beneath a loving touch!

I hope my poetry offers – itself a bit like nard,

And, when you’re through applying, you’ve relaxed a bit your guard!

fin ❤

“THE TRUE STORY:  OF HOTCAKES AND HER VEGAN SAUSAGES!”  a poem  a.k.a.: “How Alpine Became A Veritable Paradise For Lesbians And Gay Couples!”  in the series: “Things WE Have Wondered About ALL OUR LIVES – And We Are Now Getting Them Answered In The Final Seconds of 2018!”  Saturday:  December 29, 2018

“THE TRUE STORY: OF HOTCAKES AND HER VEGAN SAUSAGES!” a poem a.k.a.: “How Alpine Became A Veritable Paradise For Lesbians And Gay Couples!” in the series: “Things WE Have Wondered About ALL OUR LIVES – And We Are Now Getting Them Answered In The Final Seconds of 2018!” Saturday: December 29, 2018

[“They’re SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES!!” Can-you tell-me-true,

Where-that expression came from? I-think – I NEVER-KNEW!]

Well, sit down and REST – and I’ll-relate – to – you,

THE-AMAZING-STORY-OF-“HOTCAKES,” (and)-how- She-could- WOO-woo!

It-was-NOT-FAR-FROM-HERE (just-“over-there”) and-“Hotcakes”- liked-her-life!

She-was-HOT – with-her-“cakes!” (and)-she-was-NO-a-BODY’s-wife!!

She-was-so-hot-(that-)-all-men-just-sought – to-be-with-this-(sweet)-Dear,

And-She – SOLD! her sexy wares! (and)-lots-of-folks-shed-many-a-tear!

Until ONE DAY, she-just-became – “MAD-as-an-adder, oh, Heck,”

She-was so-dang-ed-harried (daily), (that) she-just-became- a wreck!

So “Hotcakes” she WENT CRAZY, investing lots of money*-

In fancy-electrical-systems (for killing folks), my Honey!

She got-her this-ELECTRIC-FLOOR, with special “touch control,”

And, whenever-men-would-enter, they simply – lost their soul!

They would be “elec-tro-FRIED, ” (pause) by-the terrible shock,

Of HOTCAKES’-HOT-FLOOR-PANELS! &-they’d-have-a-stiffened (pause)


And THEY’d-FALL! Yes, they fell! (pause) THEY-FELL LIKE(with)-little-FLIES!

So-Alpine-lost-its-men! THERE-WERE-MANY fond GOOD-BYES!

And, then, without no men around, the-Alpine-women cried!

Then-we-shipped-for-us-some-Marfa-men! [You KNOW, I’ve never lied!!!!]

Yes, yes, OH, YES! from: Marfa – fellas-came-to-town!

BUT! They were vegans** and-because-o’-that – they-ALL-soon-wore-a-frown,

When they FOUND-OUT that Hotcakes – had shock-ED, maimed & killed,

All-those-Alpine-sexy-guys! So-The-“Marfans” were-NOT thrilled!

You-know, they simply don’t believe – in-killing-no-“sentient-being!”

They-were “PRO-LIFE,” yet Hotcakes – was easi-ly-a-seeing,

A brand, new crop of fellas – that she could quite corrupt!

So, remembering her sexy wiles, she-became – yes! – quite-abrupt:

And INVITED all the Marfans – for-“A-Party-O’-Ap-o-lo-gy,”


And those silly, Marfa guys – well, they-believed-HER-cakes, that-she,

Had-had “a real change of Heart!” (at-this-point: “GOLLY, GEE!!”)

THEY WERE “IN FOR QUITE A SHOCK,” veganese – or not,

So-she-got ALL THE MARFANS (too) – and IT WAS QUITE-A LOT,

Of nice-a-Vegan “beefcake(s);” she-cooked-’em-in-a-stew!

And also VEGAN-GUY-POT-PIES – for me-a-and for you!?

Now-THE MORAL OF THIS STORY, which-isn’t-hard-to-find,

Is: When you’re SELLING-LIKE-HOTCAKES, you’ve-(also)-got-sausage(s)-in-mind!

And men in-Alpine – or-even-Marfa – can-be cooked-up – oh, so-right!

With HOTCAKES! They-are-yummy: FLUFFY, VEGAN (&) LIGHT! 🙂 – Ahh! OK!

fin ❤

  • and she had A LOT, from years of “community service!” in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

    ** – No living things were destroyed in the making of this poem! except my brain cells!

    *** – Including, of course, all the deputies and sheriff of Brewster County!! It was a MESS! but – it was QUICK! 🙂

Oh my, what a mess
Texas is in
Bruce County


“I GOTTA GET HOME! a poem a song a state of mind Sunday: Jan. 13, 2019

From the time I left the house – ’til I made it to The Bar,
I was hangin’ with some Friends, but-I-was “wishing-on-a-star!”
‘Cause – I-was only thinkin’ of-YOU – and I was waiting-to-go HOME,
To be with You forever, in Your “Pleasure Dome!”
Yeah! I know there’re other things – that I’m ‘spose-to-do-in-Life,
And other places I need to be, {I guess!} not-always with my Wife!!!
But, I hope, I do – upon That Star,
That I can come-home-soon, a-speedin’ – in-My-Car,
Yet, I’m-gonna-be careful!-’cause-I-really-don’t-care-to-crash,
I’m so crazy-in-love-with-You, (that) I’ll-surely-win-THE-LOVERS’-DASH! ❤

fin ❤

J. Jay Samuel Davis happy New Year keep your knickers on Party Boy 🐇🙊🙈🙉

“THE KNOWLEDGE OF EXPECTATION!” a poem Sunday: December 30, 2018

I just LOVE-The Expectations! of-all-The-Folks-’round-me,
As they say: “THAT’S NOT RIGHT,” ’cause-they-KNOW-how-it-should-be!!
Thing is: WHO KNOWS!? what-is the “proper” way!

We ARE – such-slugs and-snails, crawling around here,
Thinking! We have got the answers – for HOW-things should-be-“in gear!”
Well, YOU DON’T!* But LISTEN: For-even-those-that-read-this-note,
Will either: poo-poo – or-soon-forget -EVERYTHING-I-DUN-WROTE!!
‘Cause folks be stubborn! Yeah! Stubborn! – What-I-AM-called – most-days!


Like: always complaining – that-things are not quite (just) so,
AS-IF – ANYONE (including me) – actually-can-really-KNOW!!! 🙂 – Party!

fin ❤

  • and either do I! AND – I DON’T CARE! Welcome to 2019!

“YOUR BEST IN 2019!” a little poem

Failing, failing – to do your best?
CAN NEVER HAPPEN – so take a rest,
From-your “internal-critic(s)” or the-critics “outside!”
If you fail-to-hit-the-target (on purpose) THAT’S OK!
It’s STILL “your best,” ’cause you PURPOSED – to fire astray! 🙂 – Hey, hey, hey!

From all the guys at Dazzled
You haven’t lived until you
Have Danced in the

Cuddly Plans for World Dominance 🙈 New Series of Verse from Jfasterft Poet 🙈Modern Impressionist Poetry.

“ANOTHER LANGUAGE!?” a poem in the “Mr & Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series . . . Saturday: January 12, 2019

M M C P? “Initialism?” or ACRONYM?
It’s like -a NEW LANGUAGE! that’s-been-“ushered-in!”

It means: M r. and M rs. C uddly P oo –

But! they’re-just-letters! What-do-they-do?

This couple!? Are-they-TELEPATHIC? or – are-they-just-foolin’ –
All of us “REGULAR FOLK!” with-all-their-DROOLIN’ !

It-might-be: The NEW LANGUAGE! for – this-here-AGE!

We-can-call-it: “POOCH!*” for-dogs-&-cats-it’s-“all-The-Rage,”

“Pooch?” or “Pooish!**” How-can-anyone-tell?

If you understand it – well, IT’S JUST WHAT LOVE CAN CONVEY!
It’s-MOSTLY: letters – grunts – and-groans! = What “Cuddly People” say! 🙂 -Mmmm

fin ❤

* – like FrenCH!?
** – like PolISH!?

“CUDDLY PLANS FOR WORLD DOMINATION?” a poem, in the series: “MMCP!” written today! OMG! Saturday, January 12th 2019 WOW! LOL! LSMFT!

Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!
What-in-The-World (are) we-gonna-do with-you?

You-don’t-seem-to-need-others! You’re-always-in-bed!
BEDBUGS! you-are! Are-you – maybe perhaps – dead?

Zombies? With-no-need – for/of CULTURE(s)? or-of-food?

“LUSH-y-naughty” people! – a Duchess – and her “Dude!”

Kind-of LAZY! Kind-of – exciting!
And! to-your-house – you’re-often – inviting,

STRANGE! and-WONDERFUL! Internationale “folk!”
Like: Kings! and Queens! and-an-occasional – “cow poke!”

We-can’t-figure-you-out! We-can’t choose A BOX,
To fit-you-all IN! Are-you-(perhaps)-“The-Building-Blocks,”
Of a new style of Living – of LOVING! and-STYLE?
“CUDDLY-POO”-could-be-The-New-NON-Cult – at-least – for-a-while?!

fin ❤

“ONE OF A KIND!” a poem in the “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series JAN 12, 2019 (Saturday)

Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo – went for A WALK;
They hold onto-pinkies! in-our-town – it’s-“THE-TALK!”
We-guess: They’re PINKIE-BUDDIES! and-also “blood-related,”
‘Cause they prick-their-fingers, and DNA-is-mated!!
Those TWO!! Those TWO!! It’s-a-little-scary!
They’re-starting-to-look-alike!! When did they marry?
Was it LAST WEEK? or – a million years back?
NO-ONE-CAN-REMEMBER!! and-they-NEVER-lack,
For “marathon gazing!” – and KISSING! They-win,
At-most-every-“kissing contest” they’re entered-in!
Little-Tommy Fitzgerald – reported!-just-yesterday:
“Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo – I saw them! over-by-THE BAY,
And SUDDENLY!! There was ONLY ONE – and I couldn’t tell,
If it was-MISTER!-or-MRS.-Cuddly-Poo!!! Golly-gee!-Oh-well!”

fin ❤

[ ~:) -Tommy, you might have been seeing things, Tommy! Aliens! don’t exist in REAL life, Tommy! You just need TO SLEEP, Tommy! Go to sleep, Tommy; when you wake UP – EVERYTHING will be DIFFERENT! Tommy! Don’t doubt us!]

“DOCTOR’S VISIT 101!” a poem in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” Saturday, the 12th day of January, in “The Year of The Cuddle,” Twenty and Nineteen!!

Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo! (pause) They went to The DOC;
They-hadn’t-been-t’-the-clinic – since “Forever O’Clock!”

“So!” said-The-Doc; “Do you need me NOW?”
“No!” we (they) said; “We just wanted-to-ask : HOW,
To-fill-out-a-medical-form – we-got-in-The-Mail!”

So, the Doc gave-’em (us) an address – and asked: “Why don’t you AIL?
Like other folks? Like most all I know?”

“Oh, we just follow: THE APPLE RULE! that’s-where-we-go!”

THE APPLE RULE?: “An apple a day, keeps The Doctor away!”

“So, you eat-a-lot-o’-apples?” was the prompt quer-ay!

“No! Not really!” “”Well, then – what do you mean?
How-do-you-USE-this-rule, so-no-docs-you-have-seen?”

“Well! We-just-LOVE-A-LOT!” and, He said: “She’s-The-Apple-of-My-Eye!”
And – Mrs. Cuddly Poo – she let out – A HEAVY SIGH,
“He L O V E S me!” She said, “and I fall for him – EVERY DAY!!

‘Cause he makes me laugh! and – I’m HIS “pink lay-day!” 🙂 – delicious! red delicious!

fin ❤

“CUDDLY POO x 2!” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” 01/12/19 (Saturday)

So, when “the covers of health” over us (doth) go,
And we’re CLINGING together, there in The Dark,
(It IS – The (OUR) – Cuddly Poo Place – to-“park!”)
I’ll hold you – and kiss you – and taste and smell,
And – FEEL SO HEALTHY! so VERY well!

Who knows! Who knows! – what THEY’ll-finally-say?!
When LATER – THEY-go – to-take-those-covers-away –

And – WE’RE N O T THERE!!!! We’ve GONE! to stay,
In “Cuddly-Poo-Heaven,” where The Saints do pray,
And The Birds Do Sing! and – our pets will bring,

Offerings-to-us!! As WE cling,

And The-Universe-will-revolve! around-us-where-we-lay –

In CUDDLY-POO-POO! throughout The DAY!! 🙂 – ❤

fin ❤

“CUDDLY POO!” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo” Jan 12, 2019 (Sat)

We go as we go; we stay as we stay;
We’re here tomorrow – and gone today!

We like to guess; we fret a lot,
Yet, I-think: ourselves, we-can-be-(so)-“caught,”

UP-in-“stuff,” especially our thought,
And – ME!-I-like-to-cling – to-the-knickers-you’ve-bought,

For-they’ve-been-close-to-you – AND-I-WANT-TO-BE-TOO!
You ARE – my pretty (and-sexy) CUDDLY POO,

Y’know? I-can’t-get-enough – – – enough of YOU!

For REAL HEALTH – Let’s CLING! – us two!

If you gotta-be-“dependent,” be dependent on ME;
I’m-dependent on YOU – and-all you will be!

You give me HEALTH, and thoughts of you,
Through-each-day -(they) DO-carry-me-through!

Let’s flow LIKE WATER – and float on by,
The dependencies-of-The-World, which makes me (us) cry!

“THE WORLD LOVES A LOVER!” or so they say,
But-I-think-THEY-tolerate-&-humor-us MOST-OF-THE-DAY,
If you know what I mean! 🙂 – Poo-poo-pee-doo!

fin ❤

“WHY AM I,          SUDDENLY-“THE-CAT-LADY?  Why?”

“WHY ME?” a poem, dedicated to “Cat Ladies” (and, also, “Bat Men”) around The World! 01/12/19 – Sat.*

After a-long, fruitful-life-of-many-years, &-oh-so-many – stops-‘n’-tears,
Suddenly! out-on my “porch,” (I didn’t-even place-a-torch!)
There-are – A-LOTTA-CATS-TO-SEE, And they are meowing-a-lot – for me,
And THIS! My question: “WHY AM I, SUDDENLY-“THE-CAT-LADY? Why?”

Being-a-“cat-lady”-to-me -really-doesn’t-have-much-appeal;
‘Cause they’re not SO-SOLO; they need more care!
And-I’m-a-CAREGIVER! I-like-white-fur-&-hair,
And POOCH-SMILES, and being-dependent-on-me,
So-I-can-kinda-control – THE-TINY-PET’S-DES-TINY!
Yet, here I AM – with CATS! – a-little-less-than-10,
And-one’s-in-The-House! The-rest-“hang”-on-The-Porch-and-when,
I open the door a bit – to let The House Cat out,
3-or-4-“go-for-the-inside!” I-don’t-know-what-that’s-about!

Anyway! So-I-contacted-a-psychic, who-channeled-BAST,
(The-Egyptian-Cat-Goddess) To-find-out-w[h]a[s]t,
The reason is that I have all these cats! And she explained – “That-that’s,
Just-what-happens – when The Universe sees,
THAT-YOU’RE-FEELING-LONELY! It-sends – kit-ties,
To present purr – fect examples, of being happy and aloof,
Of-being: self-sufficient-self-absorbed – and-to-give-any-person-PROOF,

(1) Dogs pretty much accept everything! Cats-want SOMETHING NEW!
(2) Plus! Dogs! are awfully loyal, and-will-protect you IF they can,
Kitty-cats just run away, when they-spot-an-approaching man!
(3) Dogs can be predictable! Cats are here and there;
A dog will lie – upon your grave; a cat don’t really care!

So! These, YOUR CATS, are lessons – for you to quite decide,
IF you want a partner-or-if-you’re-OK-with-run-and-hide,
And-you-know – whichever one you choose, it is BOTH GOOD-N-BAD;
Whichever one you wanna do, will-give both JOY – and-sad,
Occasions! – as you move along, The Continuum of Existence!”
Then, again, some folks wish – to-sit-upon-“The-Pet-Fence,”
And-be-a-little-DOG-a-little-CAT, with-a-couple-friends-(NOT-a-lot),
To sometimes be friendly, social and gay – and-sometimes-hide-in-the-cot! 🙂 -meow?

fin ❤

* – rhymes with CAT!!

When Yoga-nanda, one fine day, had – AN EPI-PHANY 🕊

“BALANCE RE-VISITED AND RE-VISITED!” a poem Friday – 11 January 2019

A guru of The FIRST CLASS will-always remind-us,
TO SPEAK REAL SWEET! -but-not-forget:-“There-is-a-time-to-CUSS!”
Yes, ACT PROFOUND (if it seems real) – then clean the bloody sewer;
Be-COCK-CER-TAIN! but-then,-my-Friend – do-not-be-all-that-sure!!
The-thing- ’bout being-HUMAN – is-your-GOOD HEART HEALTH, My Dear;
You wanna be SO VERY PROUD – but-also-RESPECT-The-Fear!

When Yoga-nanda, one fine day, had – AN EPI-PHANY,
As soon as he came down from THERE, his guru “bent his knee,”
And said: “You ARE The Greatest; the Greatest of them all,
Now sweep up this-here ashram – just drop all of your gall!
You’ve been-e-elevated – beyond The Moon and Stars,
But you-are living here, on The Earth – confined in SOLID BARS!
So, YEAH! It’s-true – You’re-OH, SO GREAT – Now, humble, Dear, Your Self!
You-ARE – The-Mightiest – of All Giants – and THE-STINKIEST Little Elf,
You are a SPIRITUAL DYNAMO! – but I’ll-(sprinkle)-SALT-UPON-YOUR-TAIL!”

For, to-be-a-BALANCED-human, The True Guru will say:
“One day you’ll per-form miracles; the next you gotta bray,
Because you are a JACK-ASS – and also quite a KING;
THEY’ll starve your “ass” in jail; then-offerings THEY’ll bring!”

And, so, my Gentle Reader(s), IF-you-find within these lines,
Of-poetry – some-wisdom (pause) and – “dressing to The Nines,”
And, then, it looks or sounds – like smut or bantering,
Look AGAIN, with fresh-eyes, FOR I AM CANTOR-ing,
Singing often to YOU, of glory and despair,
Of foulest, vile-pollution – and, then, THE SWEETEST AIR(e)!

Judge not! Judge not! STAY BALANCED! (pause) Appreciate-the-“mire,”

fin ❤

Watch “A friend like you – Asher Quinn” on YouTube

In the coming days, nothing is going to be predictable, for we live at the doorway of our future moments. Only love remains the same, and that is God within us. To not have God takes away your peace and the joy of the coming moments. Be you accepting of his love and all will flow to others who are humble before you and they also will surrender to the true love within them. For it feeds us with its peace, and joy and lifts us to a state of feelings of beauty. God is the greatest prize on earth. You may feel hard worked or ill and directed in many different ways, but allow the Holy Spirit to guide you For now Jesus stands at the door to welcome you. Love always, my dear friends. ❤ ❤ <3

Black Desire

“REMISSION!” a poem, dedicated to: Rachel Taylor, singer/songwriter extraordinaire! a.k.a.: “One Heart!” 11/26/18 – Monday

It’s a roller-coaster-ride, this game of life;

It’ll rock ya – and “real” ya, but, in-the morning light,

When you finally-reach (pause) The Break of Day,

And-you’re-groggy – and dreamy, I-hope you’ll say:

“I can do another! Just gotta-‘wake-up,’

I-know-I’m-in-remission!” [Ask-your-coffee-cup]

“Is it worth-the-effort – to keep on going!”

“Yes!-you’re-rich-and-dark (pause) and-seeds,* we’re-sowing,

And-we’ll-inspire – The-World – to-make the FLIP,

And, it’s true – each-one-of-us – may-be-just-a-blip,

On The Screen of Life, that seems so immense,

But each-blip-can-inspire – other blips off The Fence,

Of despair and lethargic – machination,

LOVE is contagious! And each generation,

Fights-for-its-life – to offer (all) the-rest

A chance to shine, despite any test!

So, I’m hanging on – with Rachel in the seat,

Of this roller coaster! She’s next to me,

And, together-we-can-turn – this bloody-life-around,

And discover One Heart! – where remission is found! 🙂

fin ❤

* – coffee (and otherwise!)


“JASON’S GIRL! A PERFECT 10!” a poem January 8, 2019 (Tuesday)

I hear that Jason’s girl – is REALLY attractive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She kind-of-“stalks”-him DAILY – and-is VERY active,
For she is said – to show up – (often) at his door,
With-her-“knickers”-on-her head!! AND-THERE’S-QUITE-A-BIT-MORE:

For-instance, she “rings” him every hour, whether he answers or not;
She even thinks about him, while she’s sitting! on “the pot!”
She day-dreams – muttering – his-name out loud!
And she wears a t-shirt that says, “HOW VERY-PROUD . . .
So, with-stars-and-hearts-in-her-eyes, she’s-after-Jason, who-better-be-clever,
And – there-is-really-no-one – who-can-even-remotely-sate-(c)HER!

When SHE sees Jason cume, she-just-floats-over to-him,
Grabs-him and holds-him – and she’s so-fit-and-trim,
‘Cause SHE-CAN-BARELY-EAT; when she gets to “the-table,”
She often passes-(right)-out – (up)on-her-meal – for she-isn’t much-able,
To-love-HIM – AND – eat-food – all-at-the-same-time,
So, SHE JUST SWOONS, and – her face is full of “grime,”
‘Cause she-can’t focus much – to even bathe – or shower,
And her hair – is-up-in-the-air (like-a-frazzled-cat) YET, HER POWER,
Is-said-to-have-been-multiplied – 100 FOLD!!
A FORCE OF NATURE, if The Truth be told!
When she stumbles by, all cars are alerted,
‘Cause-everyone-knows-she-might-step-out-(into-the-street)! Then, she’d-get-hurt-ed!?
Anyway! We’re all watching HER – and – “watching-out”-for-her-too!
She is SO – attractive-and-sexy – She’s-in-the-world-of-“LOVIE-WOO!”

She’s THE MOST AMAZING THING! “Jason’s Girl!”
LIKE: She-walked-right-into-The-Gym-yesterday! 300-pounds she-did-curl!!!!
And several of the burly, well-muscled men,Cowgirls 😁
Well! She-tossed-them-all-out-onto-The-Street! There must-have-been-TEN!
So, THAT’S-HER, Jason’s-Girl! With that perfect “10” score!
God only knows! How-much-LOVE’s-“in-her-core!”
Anyway, we-re-all-envious-of (and-scared-for) Jason! What-a-lucky-guy!?
For HER-most-of-us – would-just-fall-down, fall down – & DIE! 🙂 – What a woman!

fin ❤


“OVERBOARD!” a poem January 7, 2019 (Monday)

How-can-I-be-here? speaking-in-“The-Vernacular?”
I-should-have BY-NOW!! learned-the-language-OF-AMOUR!
The fact that I haven’t, makes me so sore,
At myself! So-I-doubt-that-I-should-even-BE,
In-the-same-realm – as-one SUCH AS THEE!
How can I even exist? in a world – pure enough,
To-sustain your very presence? To “house” your “shaggy muff?”
I should PROBABLY – just kill myself! and do it right soon,
EXCEPT!? Wait-a-second! AM I BEING “A LOON?”
For- to-adore-and-comfort-you, PEOPLE ARE NEEDED!!
So, it’s-GOOD-that-I’m here; it’s OTHERS!-that -should-be-“weeded,”
And-sent to-PARALLEL-UNIVERSES! to study and learn,
That: WORSHIP OF YOU – is-what they should discern,
As – The-Greatest-Joy-AND – The-Greatest-Opportunity-IN-ANY-LIFE!
And every man should aspire – to make YOU his wife!
I’m just SO EXCITED now, to know that I matter,
To know that The-Good-Lord’s “programmed”-me to-make real good “batter,”
So-I-can-make REAL GOOD COOKIES, for YOU, my DEAR – to eat!
I long to feed – and to fill you up – and to massage -ee your tiny feet,
And listen to your every murmur – and write them all down too,
And recite the sweetest poetry – and sing LOVE SONGS for you!
I’ll-feed-“your-significant,”- when-she’s-hungry-hold-“your-paw”-IF-you-be-scared!
So, let me get your special dinner, and I’ll-put-it in your special dish,
And, as you breathe-heavily – at-The-Full-Moon – I’ll hope you get your wish:
That-I’ll-turn-into-a-STUD-ly – English Terrier!
And that, TOGETHER! we’ll howl-and-shag – (and) make-The-World – a-lot-merrier!

fin ❤