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She was made for the wild not for the cage
No ink was enough to bind her destiny on a page
She was different her life was lost in mystery
She was born a legend to be remembered throughout the history.

She had a mind, polished with the ash of gold
It only got brighter as the memories grew old
Her love for written words was one of a kind
She had lived all those fantasies ever set up in a clever mind.

Her curiosity led her to the places she’s never been before
It was the beat in her heart and the reason she was breathing for
She had a kind and caring heart
She was a gift of nature’s living art.

Watch “Saltwater (Original) by Chicane” on YouTube

All Love asks is a heart to stay in;
A brave, true heart to be glad and gay in;
A garden of tender thoughts to play in;
A faith unswerving through cold or heat
Till the heart where Love lodges forgets to beat


“Always go with your heart: which sometimes means WHAT SCARES YOU THE MOST, sometimes WHAT YOUR LOVER TELLS YOU IS BEST, sometimes WHAT IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE, sometimes WHAT CAROLINE MYSS THINKS IS BEST, sometimes WHAT ADOLF HITLER THOUGHT WAS A GOOD IDEA, sometimes WHAT OCCURS TO YOU IN THE MOMENT, sometimes WHAT YOU HAVE DECIDED TO DO AFTER SEVERAL DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS OR YEARS OF PLANNING, sometimes . . . . because (1) It doesn’t matter anyway; (2) It matters so much, you need the freedom to do whatever; (3) I suggested it (So, do the exact opposite, if you feel like it); (4) the Devil made you do it; (5) The Lord COMPELS you, God compels you, Jesus compels you, the Marquis de Sade compels you, Princess Di compels you . . . ; and/or (6) just because . . . Whew!” The Mystic Poet. P. S.: DO NOT READ THAT BLOG: jfastereft.tumblr.com <3