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On THE 5TH DAY OF X-MAS, my true Love gave to me, A candy-kiss – (and other stuff) (pause) To-a-Beethoven Sym-phony!

“WAKING UP AFTER FIVE RINGS!! ON THE ALARM!” a poem – 29 Dec 2018 (Day #5 of Christmas Yet To Cume!) (Saturday) in the series: “Loving Reminders To Your Significant Other On The 5th Day Of Xmas!”

I just woke (back) UP! (pause) This-Fifth-Day -Of-Christmas-Morn!

I dozed-off, my CANDY-Love – (pause) from-your-SWEET-ness I-was torn!

I dozed right off (I did!) – so relaxed and VERY HAPPY,

GOOD NIGHT, my precious-Love – and-please-do-sleep-in-“God’s-Warm-Lap”-py!

And, OH! Please-do-remember: I LOVE YOU EVERMORE!

My-Favorite-Sound (ABOVE A L L OTHERS) – is the sound of your SWEET snore!

‘Cause it sounds – just like an angel – going to the potty!

Little grunties-groans & yummy-cries – a-bit-chewy!-kinda-naughty!

On THE 5TH DAY OF X-MAS, my true Love gave to me,

A candy-kiss – (and other stuff) (pause)

To-a-Beethoven Sym-phony!

fin ❤


Good morning starshine, the Earth says hello….

Hope you know how much it means to wish the best for you, because you’re always thought about with love the whole year through. Warmest wishes on Christmas Day!

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.

We kiss and it feels like we have just shrugged off the world.

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

Good morning starshine, the Earth says hello….

Here’s a poem by Mark Twain | KINDNESS


Watch “Songs of Praise top 10 Christmas Carols in the UK, Susan Boyle, Libera, Michael Ball” on YouTube

Peace on Earth Good will to all.
A peace loving Humanist I extend a hand to those of my cultural roots the Xians. I love the identity part of the culture.
Xmas means family reunion & Carols. I love to sing Carols.

Join with me.🕊🕊

“WHOA!” a poem in the series: “The Lost Love Letters of Santa To His Wife!” 12/23/18 (Sunday)

“WHOA!” a poem in the series: “The Lost Love Letters of Santa To His Wife!” 12/23/18 (Sunday)

There’s A LOTTA JOY – and-also – A LOTTA PAIN,
In this life – (pause) please (Gladys) – Lemme explain:

That we gotta just TRY – every day,
To-tell all our loved ones – that they’re loved in every way!
So! When (I)(you) “GOOF-UP” – or things are misunderstood,

You-gotta just keep on-a-LOVING – and YOU’RE ALL I COULD,

EVER-a-HOPED FOR – and I don’t deserve you,
But – you-know? Gladys! Gee, what can I do?
Except – just keep lovin’-you – I’ve nowhere to go,
WHEN I’M ALREADY HOME, ‘midst “joyfulness” and “woe!”

And – WHOA! Y-know – joy’n’woe’s all-about-the-same!
And-I-wouldn’t-trade-IT-for-The-World, ’cause-you’re-such-a-se-y-DAME!!

fin ❤

“Here C-mSanta Claus x infinity!”

Christmas time Santa💜

Watch “Elvis Best Gospel” on YouTube. My the Spirit of Christmas comfort you all. Give thanks for what you have. Not for what you want. 💙

Watch “Amazing Grace – Peter Hollens feat. Home Free” on YouTube

Merry Christman to all

May all the planet Earth Bow your head for Peace for all

Watch “John Lennon – Happy Christmas” on YouTube

Lots of love and kisses for all at Christmas 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

Merry Christmas 💜

“CHRISTMAS DOGS: PAST AND PRESENT!”  a poem  Tuesday: Dec. 18, 2018

“CHRISTMAS DOGS: PAST AND PRESENT!” a poem Tuesday: Dec. 18, 2018

At Christmas-we-welcome our: “MEMORY-DOGS,” (pause) a “fine-line” pedigree;
IF-you-had-only-known-our-“pooches,” we’re sure that you’d agree,
That each of them was OUT, STANDING, around-our Christmas Tree,
All-the-dogs – keep-our-tree-alive – for each one takes a “pee!”
And-each-Christmas (amazingly) – OUR CHRISTMAS TREE DOTH GROW!
That’s-how-we-know – ALL-OUR-DOGS-HAVE-COME-“HOME!” for-it’s-here, they- liked “to go!”
And, on each day of Christmas, we recognize each one!
OUR “MEMORY DOGS” ARE IN OUR HEARTS; we have a lot of fun!
But, Victor (the husband) was a bit upset, one balmy Christmas day,
When-he-caught-his-wife – doing-her-“business,” in “the hound-dog way!” 🙂

fin ❤


“OUR DOGS ARE MUCH RELIEVED BY THE ARRIVAL OF THE HOLIDAYS!” a poem, to follow the poem “Christmas Dogs: Past & Present!” Dec. 18, 2018 (Tuesday)

As-all-our-doggies-we-ever-had, cele-brate-THIS-BLESSED-TIME,*
And-keep-up-The-“Giving”-Spirit, I offer y’all this rhyme:

SPIRO, oh, dear Spiro – he was a mongrel “breed,”
Who died, we think, from lots o’ worms – (pause) he-“moves”-and-takes-the-lead!
So, after Spiro’s “had a go,” the others follow suit:
YEN-YITA-makes a dainty puddle, and she-shakes her delicate “flute!”
About our good dog LUCKY, whom we NOW call “Lucky Filter,”
He-pees-real-good-and-his kidneys-get-cleaned – Oh, look! RUDOLF(o), “the jilter,”
Who-had-so-many-b – – – es, he-was-named-aft’-VALENTINO!
When Rudy pees, it hurts a bit – VD affects the stream-OH!
And DANNY? Danny dog’s SO SHY, conscious-of-others’-seeing,
(That) it’s held-in, and the-house-will-flood – with such-marathon-a-peeing!
SILVER liked to “spread the love,” so, when she does “the deed,”
It’s-a-little-here – and-a-little-there – WHEREVER! She’s prob’ly pee-d!
PHILLIP had a long-one! So, on Christmas day,
He drags “The Monster” to the tree – the-girls just reel – and sway!
ALICE is our dog right now – she-don’t-know-what-to-think!!
With all this ghostly pee-ing! We’re-afraid-she’s-“on-the-brink,”
Of a-breakdown, especially – when-GLADYS-pees- AND – does-a-poo!
Poor Alice! She’s “beside-herself!”-She-just whines: “Boo-hoo!”
Anyway – for-almost-all-(our-pooches), Christmas is-quite-a-relief,
As you- can-tell – in-more-ways-than-one –
Surprise! There’s-a-yellow-leaf! 🙂 – on a pine tree?! Wow!

fin ❤

* – Christmas, Hannukkah, New Year’s – – – whatever! Boxing Day! The Wiccan Winter Solstice Sabbat Celebration(s)! Cookie Day! National Fruitcake Day (My birthday!? Just kidding!) National Bicarbonate of Soda Day! Make-Up-Your-Mind Day! Humbug Day! Roast Chestnuts Day! Bill-of-Rights Day! – and my personal favorite: Roast Suckling Pig Day!

Watch “Celtic Woman – Home For Christmas (Live From Dublin 2013)” on YouTube Peace to all on Earth. Share kindness, its free, sprinkle it all over the Earth. If you are able to be kind together just once a year, maybe we together may make a difference to our Earth. We are all Brothers and Sisters together. 🕊

“There’s a Magical Force Field of Love- around You, that opens-up when you smile! 

“LOVE ACTUALLY!” a poem a.k.a.: “What The H – – – ! Satan Has Possessed Santa Claus And Everyone Is Circumventing The Anti-Love Force Fields! Is This A Sign of The Season, Or The Times, Or What?” Dec. 7, 2018 (Monday) XXX-Mas is close(r)!

“There’s a Magical Force Field of Love- around You, that opens-up when you smile!

Or-when-you-say: “Bay – bay – Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-bay – Bay-Baby! and I melt all the while,
Or when – you look at me – and-your-eyes – go –
SPARKLE! SPARKLE! and – I’m all a-glow,
And you say: I LIKE – TO LOOK AT YOU! That’s ALL! (long pause)
And – I just LO-O-O-O-O-VE (pause) to fall –
In-Love AGAIN – &-AGAIN – &-AGAIN!”

And-Satan-&-his-demon-Gods say: “GOD, what’s all this love stuff? of mice & of men?
Dang! Didn’t-we put up FORCE FIELDS!? around-every-desirable-girl?
(and IT LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE A L L DESIRABLE) & when She’ll FLASH a curl,
At some guy she likes – then our force field don’t work!
WE NEED TO UPGRADE (these force fields) – where’s that mechanical jerk,
The one who’s supposed-to – maintain-ANTI-LOVE-fields-and such?”

“Oh, you mean SPARKIE!! (uncomfortable pause) Well, he’s lost all his touch!
Because, around Christmas-Time – every year, without fail,
He falls in love too, with a mechanical-chick-name-of-Gayle,
With mistletoe kissing – and a-whole-lotta (well, you-know)

And The Demons get MISTY! – and THEY FALL IN LOVE TOO,
And POOR SATAN – just throws up his hands! He-don’t-know-what-to-do!
So, he goes – to THE NORTH POLE, and HIS pole’s pointing North,
And He possesses Santa! Whose-wife -loves-The-Devil, of-cour(s)th!
And Satan-and-THAT-JOLLY-OLD-ELF’S-wife – well, they “get it on,”
And Choirs of XX-Mas Angels, STROKE THE FIRES OF BON, BON,
And Little Baby Jesus! He-is born – in the womb,
Of Mrs.-Gladys-Claus-who-rises – from-her-icy-tomb,
AND SATAN’S A PROUD DADDY! and He sees A Great (Jesus) Light:
MERRY XXX-MAS TO ALL! May all pussies be tight!
fin ❤

And a happy New Year. Make your dreams come true ❤