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Mystic Poet

“THIS LIFE OWES YOU SOME JOY!” a poem SAT – 11/10/18

There-are so-many-“attachments” in this life! (pause) Just hanging-hanging-on!

Why-not-RELAX your hand a bit, for-perhaps a brand new dawn,

OF AWARENESS, perhaps-confined, within your palms a-grasping;

Release? Relax! Rest-A-Moment (pause) from-all-that bitter clasping!

Is THIS so good? This SYMPHONY!? That IT – deserves bear-hugs?

The bears, perhaps, would NOT agree – especially-as-bear-rugs!

To hang-around-here AND BE SO TIGHT – Pray tell! What’s (so) important,

About this dream – It’s-”GOOD”-it’s-”BAD”- I really think we o-r-tn’t,

Take-staying-here-so-serious(ly), OUR LIFE DOES N O T DEPEND,

On our concern to be-around As-if this-is-THE-LIVING-END!!

Yes, I-know – that fear – compels us – to hold-on-pretty-tight,

But other-adventures-are-likely-in-store IF we’d perceive a-right!

So, although-THE-MISERY’S clear, I do NOT recommend,

Just ending, yes, just-ending – just-because you’d-like-to-put-an-end:

No! No! We-don’t-care-much-for-quitters, UNLESS THINGS BE SO HARD,

That they’re just SUCK-Y ALL THE TIME – We-all-need a little nard,*

For, without some pleasantries within the day, what-use-is-existence here?

IF things suck OFTEN – too-too-often – WE-can-just-let-go, my Dear,

And-see-where-we-fall! Might-be-in-bed! You’re-beside-your-No.-1-Fan!

In BED, warm and soft – touching you! I could-be – your LOVING MAN!

fin. ❤

    • a sweet-smelling ointment, one of those little pleasures in life that would be nice to have now and again!


Watch “Don McLean – Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics” on YouTube LETTER TO MY HUSBAND ❤❤

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s tired

My husband is so precious

He comes home so tired after entertaining the world with kindness

I hear his breath as he cuddles me catching in his throat

Oh my, that strong body against mine stirs my soul like no other, the yearning for his touch

Gently whisper stay still my BELOVED husband as his body melts away with a le Sigh…

As I stroke his face he stires ..shhh sleep my Husband we have a lifetime

How did I get so lucky ❤

Mystic POET

“GRACE HAS ARRIVED AND FULFILLED ‘THE LAW!’“ a poem a.k.a.: “Grace Arrived On a-Bed of Angel Feathers!” October 20, 2018 – Saturday

When SHE says that she’s-so-sorry, I do-not-know what SHE means,

For SHE’s-perfect and adorable – and everybody leans,

Upon HER – for support and love – ‘cause SHE is soft & giving,

And-without-her in this Big-Ol’-World, what-is the-reason for-living?

As long as SHE is in The World, the place is filled with song!

Before my angel “LOVE” was born, how did we get along?

She showed-up – with her angel-maidens, who lifted HER down here,


They-admitted: “Oh-my – SHE’s-finally-come, and we’re so glad SHE came,

To show her perfect love and style – it is HER CLAIM TO FAME!”
So, when SHE says: “I’m sorry,” I look at HER with awe!



fin ❤

Falling in Love has no REASONS. FALLING IN LOVE IS ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. CHERISH, NURTURE BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. Love is sacred. Love is a blessing. Own your love. Then the greastest gift we give is to be “in love” To say “I am in love with you my beloved” is the ultimate love two people will ever experience. Show GRATITUDE, Kindness to your BELOVED partner.

REASONS!” a poem October 20, 2018 – Saturday
Why do you do that?* [I-can’t-help-it!] Why do you love me? [I don’t know;]

Why is this happening? [I can’t take it!] Please hold my hand;

Never let go!

I have no good reasons! I have no good rhymes;

It’s only what happens – in-such perilous times,

And TIMES-ARE-ALWAYS-PERILOUS – so let your Heart rest,

From needing the reasons, for each-apparent-”test!”

Just relax in the moment – breathe, blink & sigh,

For I’ll never leave you – please-don’t-ask-me-why,

Because-”becauses”-are-etheric; they matter so little?

And we use up our time, when-we-could-be-”in-the-middle!”

I like it in YOUR middle; it’s comfortable – and kind,

And it smells kinda nice – so, slap my behind,

To remind me what’s-worthwhile, like whispers & touch,

And soft, summer breaths!

I love you so much! 🙂

fin ❤

* – or How can you do that?



My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s tired

The weekend creeps around

And I wait all week fantasizing what tantalizing games we may do together

Dress ups really tantalize my Husband’s body

He loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s on edge

My husband loves everything I do for him on weekends especially massage dates

Toes pointing

Oh my,

Knocked out again


Eventually all things fall into place

Until then laugh at all the confusions

And believe that all of your dreams will come true

Focus not on your self

Focus all your making your partner the best they can be

Your partner wasn’t born to go to work to give you money

He was born to care and do the best he can for his greatest love..YOU


It’s up to you to nurture, nourish your partner the best you can

The longer it takes to happen the more your Partner will treat you like his Queen.

Your King is your home 🤗

Watch “When I need you -Leo Sayer (with lyrics ) [HQ]” on YouTube

Letter to my Husband

My Darling do you know I need you

Do you know I think about you every moment when we are parted

Do you know why I expect nothing from from you

Do you know why I don’t ask you any questions about where you are

Do you wonder why I say ” I don’t Care ”

Yes Dear, I see that apprehension in those dazzling black eyes say those words ” I don’t Care”

And when you stare at me do you now why I drop my eyes in submissive pose

Do you know why I don’t ring you, Honey

This Woman just knows exactly why I love you just the way you are and exactly what you need.

“This Woman knows how much you love me cause you will always come home to me sooner or later”


“AN AMAZING FIND!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Coming Back For More For Ever!” Sunday: September 2, 2018

Pretty as a picture!

Cute – as a little bug!

She’s just SO perfect,

(I) Thought I’d give her a little plug!

She’s touchy-feel-y – Beautiful, inside and out –

Loves to get real mush-y – also, she might pout!

For (about) 5 seconds – and, then, forget why,

And, then, grab-me-from-behind – and let out a little cry –

CRYING: “I got you, you Texas Cowboy MAN! and – and – and – I got some dirty ideas, as part of a Master Plan! I’m gonna kill you in Love – and drag your carcass to Heaven – and make you rise again – like a tub filled with leaven,

And I’m more crazy in Love than YOU –

And you can never,



What I might do!!”

I gazed with astonished-wonder;

I said: “My God, she is amazing!”

And Again & again (& again) –

I found myself a-raising!*

* – a California raisin?

* – … and that’s NOT Cain …

* Q: Am I a chicken farmer?

fin. ❤