J Jay Samuel Davis

“THE SCOURGE?” a poem December 18, 2019 (Wednesday)

“THE SCOURGE?” a poem December 18, 2019 (Wednesday)

WOMEN embrace The Terror. They slather and cry in ITs face,

But they weep NOT of sorrow or fear, but of seeking a closer embrace,

Bleeding and undulating in their castles of horror,

While men RUSH with torches to burnAway TheCore.

Yet, when with their torches [ablaze], they arrive at The [Castle] Door,

A [beautiful, sensual] maiden arrives, and all [burning] shafts hit the floor,

Spilling the seed of fire all upon The Ground,

Allowing TERROR to survive and flourish inflaming the mound,


Then , women’s weeping turns to laughter and joy and ESPECIALLY pride,

And THE TERROR spreads further throughout The Land and Heavenward.


And, after marriage, SHE displays the remains of once burning torch sticks,

Now affixed to her wall, illuminated by [many] flickering wicks.

TERROR is surely in The World, handed to the guilty men,

Who could not hold their burning shafts “aright.” Is it any wonder then,

That HOPE must come, burning bright and true,

To set The World at ease by finally burning The Scourge through & through?

fin β™₯

LIMERICK: “Divine Feminine Worship As The Best Evidence For Inherent Insanity.”


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The FEMININE DRIPS terror and pain, / & drives all creation insane, / And GOD is well pleased, / As ALL drop to their knees, / With each joyous, fun X-mas refrain.

J Jay Samuel Davis

“AN EASY WAY TO RECTIFY ALL OUR ILLS IN 2 EASY STEPS.” a poem, December 17, 2019 (Tuesday)😁😁😁😁

“AN EASY WAY TO RECTIFY ALL OUR ILLS IN 2 EASY STEPS.” a poem, December 17, 2019 (Tuesday)

Brighten my day. FLASH me a SMILE;

Such opening of the mouth is good all the while.

SMILE AWAY, and your day too,

Is “improved.” This is really nothing new.

JUST SMILE MORE. How hard is that?

a: If you’re not used to it; (darned) HARD,

So, one day I sat,

On a park bench, and I noticed many a thing:

All the people talking, and talking did NOT much bring,

A lot of joy to the couples I saw,

But, now, SMILES (beautiful smiles) and a hearty “Ha, Ha, Ha,”

Now, THAT seemed VERY pleasant, so I’m here to say:

“SMILE MORE; TALK LESS, and watch the day,

Go from a pale hue to a golden glow;

More Smiles; Less Talking.”

What do you know:

What I observed,

What I witnessed,

Was the OBVIOUS all around.

2 STEPS: Smile MORE. Shut up MORE,

And we’re caught up in Heaven’s Glorious Sound.

fin β™₯

LIMERICK. “God There?”

The reason we don’t hear God speak, / Is because we’re always “flappin'” our beak. /

God won’t intervene / Until a smile is seen. / God whispers to the curious & meek.

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“JUST SILLY.” just a silly love poem October 5, 2019 (Saturday)

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