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“ABSTINENCE.” a poem a.k.a.: “The Day ‘Kindness’ And Death Got Married.” December 9, 2019 (Monday) Simon Contreras is awfully KIND; He’s (even) given up meat & now seldom will dine, On ANYTHING ANY MORE so his days will be few? HeEarlierTodayFoundOut”vegetablesHAVEfeelings,” so he gave up on stew. The weather is COLD outside of his door; […]


Australia Historical Society

BILLY GOAT CART. REDLAND BAY, QUEENSLAND 1910 Weโ€™re all familiar with the term Billy Cart, but perhaps many people wouldnโ€™t realise that it originally referred to โ€˜Billy Goatโ€™ Carts. In the early 1900s, particularly in rural areas, Billy Goat Carts were reasonably common-placeโ€ฆ as were Billy Goat cart races. Smaller than horses yet strong, Billy […]

Want to Super-Heat Your Sex Life Tonight? โ€“ PushUP24

Source: Photo by Shutterstock. Used by permission. Want great sex? Here’s something you probably overlooked. And no, it’s probably not more personal hygiene. Read on. It was just a blog or two ago that I was discussing vicious cycles in marriage. Vicious cycles in marriage usually result when a spouse attempts to ameliorate a problemโ€ฆ […]

The Sex and Affection Vicious Cycle โ€“ PushUP24

Source: Photo by Shutterstock. Used by permission. In my last blog, I introduced the topic of the vicious cycle; nasty little pieces of business where attempts to fix a problem in marriage only lead to making problems worse and prolonging them. There are many types of vicious cycles in marriage and in my last blog,โ€ฆ […]

I’m Good ๐ŸŒŸ Human ๐Ÿšถ

“GREAT(est) ACCOMPLISHMENT(s).” a poem a.k.a.: “In Search of YOUR HOME And A G'(ood) Boy.” for: December 8, 2019 (Sunday) St. Peter and Athena(?) were waiting for me THERE. “What do you have to report?” TheySaid, withA happy, little stare, Sort of looking at me askance, as if they already knew, MY ANSWER. but Would it […]