Broken Soul ~ Carer Role 🕯️

Relationships may become one-sided because people with anxiety and or depression are sometimes so focused on their own problems that they may have nothing left to give to a relationship.Social relationships may also change. The response or lack of response you get from friends and family members may be surprising or hurtful. This may be […]


Button 🔵

Izzy, loved Buttons 🔵 so much so that Buttons 🔵 Ruled her life with thoughts of Buttons 🔵 Even collect Boxes of Buttons 🔵 Tins of Buttons Learnt to count buttons 🔵 with here toes Even toys had buttons 🔵 so she stored every Buttom in Her Box She was dazzling in Buttons 🔵 And […]

American History

Dr. Martin Luther King

Today we pause to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The activist and minister was a moral, spiritual, and political pioneer of the civil rights movement. From his leadership on the Montgomery bus boycott, to his Letter from Birmingham Jail, to his “I Have a Dream” speech, Dr. King’s words and actions inspire those struggling […]

J Jay Samuel Davis


Diamond of 140,64 carats, exceptionally pure water and perfect size, the regent is considered one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Discovered in 1698 in the region of golconda (India), it was acquired in 1701 by Thomas Pitt, Governor of Madras Fort, who had him cut in London by Joseph cope between 1703 […]