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American HISTORY ~ Jessie Don Knotts brought Barney Fife to life

His mother was 40 years old when Jesse was born. Jesse grew up in a very rough home in Morgantown, West Virginia. Jesse’s father, who was mentally ill, was a violent man and was abusive to Jesse. At 13, his father died leaving his mother to take care of him and his brothers. At the time, things weren’t easy for Jesse and he didn’t think life held much hope for him. While Jesse had his struggles, he had dreams too. He wanted to be a ventriloquist and he found books on ventriloquism. He practiced with sock puppets and saved his money until he could get a real ventriloquist dummy. When he was old enough, he joined the military. The military recognized his talents and placed him in the entertainment corp. He toured the western Pacific Islands as a comedian as part of a G.I. variety show called “Stars and Gripes.” It was there he was able to share his talents with fellow soldiers. In 1946, he discharged with rank of Technician Grade 5, which was the equivalent then of a Corporal. During his military service, Jesse was awarded the World War II Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal (with 4 bronze service stars), Army Good Conduct Medal, Marksman Badge (with an M1 Carbine) and Honorable Service lapel pin. Through his military service, Jesse gained confidence and found that he had a talent for making people laugh. In spite of his early struggles, Jesse became one of the best-loved characters of all time. For it was Jesse,…Jesse Don Knotts who brought us Barney Fife!


“The Young Sorceress” by Antoine Wiertz, c. 1857.

“The Young Sorceress” by Antoine Wiertz, c. 1857.

You’re So Pretty ~

“THEY” will always question “WHETHER HE LOVES THEM OR NOT!” * The Girls, THEY-will never be caught, * In LOVE’s perfect net, Because THERE’RE GAPING-HOLES, you bet! * Because LOVE never engages to confine! * It always allows AMPLE ROOM FOR ESCAPE, and this is FINE, * because GIRLS HAVE LESS FAITH than a mustard seed, *Which is not very much, I-Think we all will concede! * Girls can never believe THAT THEY ARE RADIANT AND FAIR * – to The Opposite Sex (us guys!) standing over there, * WAITING! EVER-waiting for a little chance to say: * “Gosh, __, you are so pretty today. * The Girls’ response: “Those guys are full of c – – P!” * Because they hate their bodies; theyThinkthatThatGap, * Between their legs – is a portal into Hell, * but The Boys know that it’s HEAVEN . . . and oh, so swell!

The Lost and Found Department ~

“THE SHEEP ON THE SHEPARD’S SHOULDERS SPEAKS” a poem written Sunday, but posted on Monday, September 16, 2019. a.k.a.: “Did I REALLY Need To Go After THIS ONE?” a. k. a.: “The Same Old Refrain.”

The Sheep:

“Thank you, Lord for finding me; I must have wandered off too far,

BUT itTookYou long enough to find me. WHY? Did you not bring the car?

Jesus JESUS, YOU ARE PERFECT, but I think you’re late again;

Jesus, YOU ARE SINLESS, BUT I spot a spot of sin.

And you might notHaveSaidThat QuiteRight WhyNotReviewThat Teaching,

But YOU HAVE NEVER A FLAW; oh, ME? No, no, I am NOT preaching,

At you Dear, Dear Lord; youMistake my POINT OF VIEW.

OF COURSE YOU N E V E R MAKE MISTAKES; yourAura’s a flawless hue.

Dear Lord: Yes, please forgive me; ImayHaveStrayed a bit too far,

But I know You’ll forgive me andMySins. Forgiving you are.

I am so glad We’reAllFamilyHere andThatYou’re My Perfect Sav-i-or.

LORD JESUS I LOVEyOUaNdYou’reAlwaysRight;

Can you car-ry me SOME MORE?”

fin ♥

Painted Bodies ~

“PAINT PARTIES R US” a poem September 16, 2019 (Monday)

Romantic Nights (or Days) of: Call’em(a)bus or pull ’em a train,

Or Paint ’em all over, without too much pain.

[Unbeknownst to most] PAINTED LADIES arrived in The Morn;

Morning has broken, and they are quite shorn.

So, the paint goes on, easily smooth and creaming;

We are The Knights, a-painting and steaming,

Making sure our ladies our fresh and clean,

And painted all over; prettierPicturesWe’veNeverSeen,

With brushes in hand and bushes well fanned,

We stroke lots of paint across The Promised Land.

Columbiettes are here hereToAssIst;

Our daughters PURE. DoYou get The Gist,


With thick, colorful paint; oh, no, NOT from H – L L,

(But) From HIGHER SOURCES [The Heavenly Powers];

OUR “LOVELY LISSIES,” theyAre Desert Flowers.

(They are) BLOOMING, without bloomers, as the paint sloshes on,

COVERING SKIN. C’est c’estBon Bo BoNbon.

STICKS AND BRUSHES, stroke by stroke,

Yearning, withPassion, each Honey and Bloke.

I WANNA BE A [K]NIGHT, who’ll usher in The Day,

With The Painted Americana Ladies, I simply will say:

“You are beautifully dark and beautifully deep,


As we cover (with paint?) and uncover too,


And when The Painted Ladies of The (K)nights are through,

They are colorful and luscious, but hidden from view.

THE POWER OF GOD, such ENERGY we behold;

Daughters of America PAINTED and BOLD,

And The Knights of Columbus areFinally “painted out;”

ALL OF THEIR [painting?] FLUIDS, areGone, noDoubt.

fin ♥ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbqxbGm9hBI

Autumn Trousseau ~

Soon the leaves will all be turning,
From their many shades of green,
Into colors bright and gorgeous…
Reds and yellows, browns and orange,
Underneath the smiling sun,
Each leaf vying with the other
In the change they’ve now begun.
Giving up their Summer wardrobes,
Gladly; joyfully, with glee,
Putting on their Autumn trousseau,
As they leave their mother tree…

By Gertrude Tooley Buckingham
Artist Judith Yates

“KINDNESS 2” a poem a.k.a.: “Before They Wed, She Smiled and Said: HE’S VERY KIND INDEED.” September 16 2019 (MoonDay)

“KINDNESS 2” a poem a.k.a.: “Before They Wed, She Smiled and Said: HE’S VERY KIND INDEED.” September 16 2019 (MoonDay)


AmI too sacri-ficial, just like a lamb?

In this old, rugged world, is it wrong to be kind?

Well, maybe it is, but I still like to find,

People who care how the other folks feel,

But it’s a fine line not to be someone’s “main meal.”



And to be a GOOD FRIEND in a con-sistent way;

I know a friend Driedra, whoSOMETIMESdidSay:

“I’veBeenMarriedBefore; would I do it again?

It’s hard to know that; I don’t know many men,

But I’m pretty sure KINDNESS isA critical criteria.”

Then, one day sheMetGates andHad mild deliria,

‘Cause he was a kind and con-siderate dude.

SHE MARRIED HIM, forHe was kind and not rude;

Maybe Gates didNot have a “model-like look,”

ButHeWasAbeautifulSoul, and she was happy she took,

HIM for her husband, and she was so sweet,

A beautiful woman, from her head to her feet.

They married in a nice ceremony, and we all wished them The BEST;

TWO KIND AND SWEET PEOPLE. Still, marriage IS a Test,

Even for The Best of This Old Human Race,

It takes lots of patience, and you tryTo putOn your best face.

Yet, it’s never quite EASY, but I’m sure worth The Try.



fin ♥ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl3dLNi_T7U