And every religion – has been undone!💥💥💥

“THE REVELATION OF ‘V’: ALUVUMAIT!“ a poem. a.k.a.: “ ‘V,’ Sometimes Does NOT Stand for Vendetta!!” August 7, 2018 - Tuesday Many MISSIONS; many ways, Leading to such glorious days, When one religion “will rule them all,” Just like THE PRECIOUS* - it shall RING tall! This one religion, we’ve all waited for, Will j … Continue reading And every religion – has been undone!💥💥💥



“PEARL OF GREAT PRICE!!” written for K, Wednesday - 02/07/2018 THEY say we all need 12-a-day, Babies die from lack, they say! “Do-not leave infants with no touch,To be real happy, please get much! IF-you-find-a-baby, with a frown, Or dark complected, always down, Just say, "Hey, Baby - I Love You!” And listen to that … Continue reading HEART OF A PEARL😓😓

Watch “David Helfgott – Clair De Lune” on YouTube Home About Contact x Tour Schedule News Catalogue Biography Photo Gallery Biography David Helfgott David Helfgott was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1947. He showed extraordinary pianistic ability from an early age, winning the state finals of the ABC's Instrumental & Vocal Competition six times. At age 17, David began studying with Alice Carrard, … Continue reading Watch “David Helfgott – Clair De Lune” on YouTube