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Yesterday and Today XII โ€“


The gold-hoarder walked in his palace park and with him walked his troubles. And over his head hovered worries as a vulture hovers over a carcass until he reached a beautiful lake surrounded by magnificent marble statuary. He sat there pondering the water which poured from the mouths of the statues like thoughts flowing freely from a loverโ€™s imagination and contemplating heavily his palace which stood upon a knoll like a birth-mark upon the cheek of a maiden. His fancy revealed to him the pages of his lifeโ€™s drama which he read with falling tears that veiled his eyes and prevented him from viewing manโ€™s feeble additions to Nature. He looked back with piercing regret to the images of his early life, woven into a pattern by the gods, until he could no longer control his anguish. He said aloud, โ€œYesterday I was grazing my sheep in the green valley, enjoying my existence, sounding my flute, and holding my head high. Today I am a prisoner of greed. Gold leads into gold, then into restlessness and finally into crushing misery. โ€œYesterday I was like a singing bird, soaring freely here and there in the fields. Today I am a slave to fickle wealth, societyโ€™s rules, and cityโ€™s customs, and purchased friends, pleasing the people by conforming to the strange and narrow laws of man. I was born to be free and enjoy the bounty of life, but I find myself like a beast of burden so heavily laden with gold that his back is breaking. โ€œWhere are the spacious plains, the singing brooks, the pure breeze, the closeness of Nature? Where is my deity? I have lost all! Naught remains to to to to to to to to to to to to to to save loneliness that saddens me, gold that ridicules me, slaves who curse to my back, and a palace that I have erected as a tomb for my happiness, and in whose greatness I have lost my heart. โ€œYesterday I roamed the prairies and the hills together with the Bedouinโ€™s daughter; Virtue was our companion, Love our delight, and the moon our guardian. Today I am among women with shallow beauty who sell themselves for gold and diamonds. โ€œYesterday I was carefree, sharing with the shepherds all the joy of life; eating, playing, working, singing, and dancing together to the music of the heartโ€™s truth. Today I find myself among the people like a frightened lamb among the wolves. As I walk in the roads, they gaze at me with hateful eyes and point at me with scorn and jealousy, and as I steal through the park I see frowning faces all about me. โ€œYesterday I was rich in happiness and today I am poor in gold. โ€œYesterday I was a happy shepherd looking upon his head as a merciful king looks with pleasure upon his contented subjects. Today I am a slave standing before my wealth, my wealth which robbed me of the beauty of life I once knew. โ€œForgive me, my Judge! I did not know that riches would put my life in fragments and lead me into the dungeons of harshness and stupidity. What I thought was glory is naught but an eternal inferno.โ€ He gathered himself wearily and walked slowly toward the palace, sighing and repeating, โ€œIs this what people call wealth? Is this the god I am serving and worshipping? Is this what I seek of the earth? Why can I not trade it for one particle of contentment? Who would sell me one beautiful thought for a ton of gold? Who would give me one moment of love for a handful of gems? Who would grant me an eye that can see othersโ€™ hearts, and take all my coffers in barter?โ€ As he reached the palace gates he turned and looked toward the city as Jeremiah gazed toward Jerusalem. He raised his arms in woeful lament and shouted, โ€œOh people of the noisome city, who are living in darkness, hastening toward misery, preaching falsehood, and speaking with stupidityโ€ฆuntil when shall you remain ignorant? The unit unit unit when shall you abide in the filth of life and continue to desert its gardens? Why wear you tattered robes of narrowness while the silk raiment of Natureโ€™s beauty is fashioned for you? The lamp of wisdom is dimming; it is time to furnish it with oil. The house of true fortune is being destroyed; it is time to rebuild it and guard it. The thieves of ignorance have stolen the treasure of your peace; it is time to retake it!โ€ At that moment a poor man stood before him and stretched forth his hand for alms. As he looked at the beggar, his lips parted, his eyes brightened with a softness, and his face radiated kindness. It was as if the yesterday he had lamented by the lake had come to greet him. He embraced the pauper with affection and filled his hands with gold, and with a voice sincere with the sweetness of love he said, โ€œCome back tomorrow and bring with you your fellow sufferers. All your possessions will be restored.โ€ He entered his palace saying, โ€œEverything in life is good; even gold, for it teaches a lesson. Money is like a stringed instrument; he who does not know how to use it properly will hear only discordant music. Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and it enlivens the other who turns it upon his fellow man.โ€ ~ Yesterday and Today XII โ€“ Khalil Gibran


Aliens ~ Of the Universe~


Aliens took me when I was young;I went to ships, and there they clung,To me and I was scared, just unprepared,For their touching, but they cared.
Decades passed, and years went by,While still they took me; we did fly,For me, a kindly, alienย girl friend,Very nice, but it did end.ย 
Years went by; I sufferedย lack,A friend did ask, โ€œWould you go back?โ€โ€Oh YES!ย  Here, terrorists and climate change,And now disease; no touch is strange.โ€
โ€œDonโ€™t touch,โ€ proclaim the rulers here,True terrorists, dispensing fear.They, truly cruel alien abductors all,ย Without kind touch, we all do fall.

Memories To my mentor, thank you J.J.S.D. :A.K.A.:

Advertisements And then I look inside my memories I contemplated whatโ€™s was wrong I peeked inside my memories Who has how much subsistence had worn my soul down Whoโ€™s left for how symbolic I memorize this past years ago when I was unconquerable I gave rise to a drop of tears to my past enthusiasm [โ€ฆ]

J.JAY SAMUEL DAVIS ~ bloody dependency on social media Facebook

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โ€œO. J. MAN.โ€ a poem on: Friday The 13th September 2019

Advertisements โ€œO. J. MAN.โ€ a poem on: Friday The 13th September 2019 (Iโ€™m telling you) IF you can find a man to squeeze you orange juice in the morning, you got it made, โ€˜Cause an orange juice squeezer that kind of guy is (for lack of a better term:) A HIGHER GRADE, Because he USES [โ€ฆ]

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The Essence of Love


Love can turn you intuitive
Endowing you with an extra sense
A sixth sense if you please

You see things others donโ€™t see
Hear things none can perceive
Achieving a synchrony
In thought, action
Words uttered in perfect harmony
With two bodies and one soul
Mind, heart and consciousness
Fine tuned to empathy

To love, cherish and care
To pine, yearn and long for
In tune with the predilections
Of each other, one another
Sans conscious reasoning
Instinctive thru introspection
The essence of love!


Writers Block ~ Mystic Poet


โ€œFIRST THINGS FIRSTโ€ a poem April 20, 2020 (Monday)

โ€œWhatโ€™s most important to do today?โ€

I ask that question, and then I say:

Not a good way to start, not much fun,

โ€œWell, I donโ€™t know; please help (me) someone.โ€

Prioritizing can take so much time.

I find limited space for life and this rhyme.

I better just pick and assume me the best,

And not request,

And pick on something

I can do it myself.

That someone decide my life for me.

And you think you have writerโ€™s block

Mystic Poet
Writers Block ~ Mystic Poet

Stuart Quine


This is my tribute to Stuart Quine, the haiku poet, who died, aged 57,ย this week, from coronavirus. Others who knew Stuart better than me are far โ€ฆ

Stuart Quine



Mystic Poet

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Mystic Poet has Birthday

Advertisements โ€œHAPPY BIRTHDAY!โ€ a poem a.k.a.: โ€œAre You Ready?โ€ a.k.a.: โ€œTreat Others EVERY DAY As If It Was Their Birthday Every Day!โ€ August 11, 2019 (Sunday) Are you READY โ€“ for โ€œThe Second Coming?โ€*Are you read to go and fight? Are you ready โ€“ to be โ€œBETTERโ€ in your life,Ready for a โ€œgood sleepโ€ tonight? [โ€ฆ]

A Day With The Mystic Poet ~

Advertisements โ€œMaking a baby can take a lot of planning!โ€ The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, โ€˜Well, Iโ€™m off now. The man should be here soon.โ€™ [โ€ฆ]

Please hold this hand ~ Letter to my Husband

Advertisements Please take my hand, come walk with me I will show you the way, and let you see How love and happiness will make you feel And make your life feel so unreal I will hold you tight All through the night And never let you out of my vision For you belong to [โ€ฆ]

Letter to My Husband ~ Alan Watts

Advertisements โ€œAnd people get all fouled up because they want the world to have meaning as if it were words As if you had a meaning, as if you were a mere word, as if you were something that could be looked up in a dictionary. You are meaning.โ€ Alan Watts only a husband would [โ€ฆ]

Letter to my Husband ~ Best Friend


โ€œTHE SEEKERS,โ€ a poem in 3 parts, Part 3: โ€œA Hateful(?) Love Letter.โ€ Saturday All Day, September 28, 2019

Advertisements โ€œTHE SEEKERS,โ€ a poem in 3 parts, Part 3: โ€œA Hateful(?) Love Letter.โ€ Saturday All Day, September 28, 2019 Oh, LOVE, Dear Love: This is NOT THAT place, But โ€œa Curious, DiscontentmentMixedWithSatisfaction Space.โ€ So, even IF you sing: โ€œI (Canโ€™t) Get No Satisfactionโ€ all day, You still will be thrown some in a tender [โ€ฆ]

Orcas ~ Mystic Poet

Advertisements โ€œORCAS.โ€ a poem January 6, 2020 (Monday) ORCAs are my favorite โ€œfish!โ€ I dreamed of two last night. They came up to me on a pier, and said: โ€œThings are all right.โ€ They swan around and showed me, HowToLIVE BOTH WILD AND STRONG. I donโ€™t know WHY I love them so, But weSeem to [โ€ฆ]

Paradigm by Mystic Poet Laureate

Advertisements Paradigm is thought to mean ~ Aย paradigmย is aย personโ€™sย frame of reference. Aย personโ€™s paradigmย is how they see the world based on all the information that they have gathered and the beliefs that they possess. If the universe is analogized to a computer processor, aย paradigmย is like the operating system.Jan 2, 2017 โ€บ principles โ€บ paraโ€ฆ Paradigms [โ€ฆ]

The Bombing of Pearl Habour ~ by The Mystic Poet in Memory of Grand Pappa John

Advertisements โ€œTHE DIVER, THE SURVIVOR.โ€ a poem December 6, 2019 (Friday) for: PEARL HARBOR DAY (Saturday) a.k.a.: โ€œPapa John Will Always Be There.โ€ Dear Friends: Remember (my) Good Old Grampa? PAPA JOHN on (my) Motherโ€™s side? Who was A NAVY MAN in World War II, THERE at Pearl HarborOnDecember7 (1941)HEdidABIDE. HE WAS THERE and he [โ€ฆ]


Said the Lord


I send a pestilence and plague
Into your house, into your bed
Into your streams, into your streets
Into your drink, into your bread
Upon your cattle, on your sheep
Upon your oxen in your field
Into your dreams, into your sleep
Until you break, until you yield
I send the swarm, I send the horde
Thus saith the Lord


Wonderful Quotes


when you look at me that way * really * I shiver like Jelly


Jacks Back Fall on your Sword for Jack, Yeah


Let on Valentineโ€™s day

No one will be single,

For everyone there will be half,

With whom the flower will bloom in the soul.

With whom the heart will be in universe

To count the life of life,

Which, like a good dream,

Will fill the weekdays with optimism.

Let love inspire you,

Gives faith in miracles,

Magic gives light to the eyes!

Belt yourself with a feather duster Jack Sparrow

Let her cover you,

Jacks Back