Diary of a Mad Man! 🕴

iscussing and considering this stuff can only do so much because the natural way of living is BEYOND ANALYSIS - it has to BE: i.e.: just naturally existent. It can't be contrived, faked, attempted . . . it's just got to be the truly natural "way of doing business." It's really communism, done without any … Continue reading Diary of a Mad Man! 🕴



(36) [What a bunch of bal. . Folks out there & the right ones in & implement the right "policies" because an unnatural species has no idea what's right or better (period). The whole thing definitely appears "hopeless," short of the proverbial RADICAL REVOLUTION IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS [which is someone's silly dream, unattainable around "these-here … Continue reading DIARY OF A MAD MAN? Page 36: DIARY OF A MADMAN?🕴🕴

MAD MAN’S DIARY”The Contented Heart!” p. 35 (with a little of p. 36 tossed in as an appetizer!)🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴

HIS PAGE, page 35, is A BLIP, returning for a moment to Bernadette's** Article: (Whether Jesus lived or not is another Question (&) Isn't it irrelevant?*) (35) Logos: Sole-y God . . . i.e.: un-manifest divinity Jesus: distinct, human person Christ: The eternal one-ness of God and MAN: God's own human nature. Bernadette believes Jesus … Continue reading MAD MAN’S DIARY”The Contented Heart!” p. 35 (with a little of p. 36 tossed in as an appetizer!)🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴


{I feel certain the review script is legible - What I have written [just commentary] goes like this}: page (33) Bernadette Roberts has a new book called "The Real Christ" She is only saying if you disagree with her definitions you shouldn't read this book. Her books are all about the spiritual journey of transformation … Continue reading DIARY OF A MAD MAN 🕴🕴🕴

Diary of a [Corporeal] Madman!” p. 32🕴🕴🕴🕴

(32) I'm OK; You're OK = I'm a Counselor; you're a counselor (i.e.: I counsel you sometimes; you counsel me sometimes) . . . we all need a little counseling sometimes, DON'T YOU THINK? ((:) "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Heb. 11:1 "Everything & everything that … Continue reading Diary of a [Corporeal] Madman!” p. 32🕴🕴🕴🕴


The Contented Heart! page 31 - I am referencing a Catholic Mystic named Bernadette Roberts; she passed away last year, in her mid-80s. I had the opportunity to attend a seminar weekend with her years ago, and she was very nice! 🙂 - She wrote several books, which I would not recommend to most people, … Continue reading DIARY OF A MAD MAN🕴🕴🕴


what if you define (29) ENJOYMENT as - Being fascinated with some belief - and it manifests . . . Therefore, That's why Alan Watts' concept of "You suffer because you enjoy it!" could be right. Re-phrased, then: YOU SUFFER BECAUSE YOU ARE FASCINATED WITH THE BELIEF OF SUFFERING FOR SOME REASON (punishment for sins, … Continue reading DIARY OF A MADMAN🕴🕴🕴

CONQUERING; something of GRACE🕴🕴🕴

(28) Nor is it about going out & CONQUERING; something of GRACE must impact the situation & it is beyond all the separate speakers & me as a separate intermediary. Alan Watts talked about a "sudden" event - (an) unexpected, perhaps, spontaneous awakening. This writing is: Another Distraction (true) An attempt to give respect to … Continue reading CONQUERING; something of GRACE🕴🕴🕴


"The Contented Heart!" page 27 . . . . . . relative to this finding common ground. Such have been (27) unsuccessful, in view of the housebound condition - - - How to convince Speaker A that J's apparent plight is a successful (thing) somehow appears perhaps to be (the) object of this diary. B … Continue reading BROKEN SOUL🕴🕴🕴


A HEAVENLY DAY IN BEULAH LAND, FOR FINE MESSES LIKE ME!" a poem. When you go to Heaven, they ask, "Are-you-a-mess? Did you really mess it up, nullify the bless?" "Yes," I answered, honestly, coming from The Heart. "Well, congratulations, Dear, that was your fine part! It's those folks that 'mess it' that quite win … Continue reading BROKEN SOUL🕴🕴