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Letter to my Husband

It’s oh so brave.., to be able to fully LOVE another human being. Not only their beautiful, captivating, mezmerizing, lovable parts.. but the full package all together.. the rough edges, fears, wild moods, flaws and imperfections. When we find this state of acceptance in any relationship, true Love is born and you can Rise together.

Letter to my Husband

Let us create from within: “Curving back within myself, I create again and again.” – Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita … Painting: “Traffic in spiral” by Remedios Varo – Surrealism

“Walk as if you were kissing the Earth with your feet.” – Thich Nhat Hanh . Painting: “Path to Kailas Monastery” by Nicholas Roerich, 1932 – Symbolism

Fueron jóvenes los viejos pero la vida se ha ido, desgranando en el espejo. Y serán viejos los jóvenes, pero no lo divulguemos … que hasta las paredes oyen. – Poema Confidencial de Mario Benedetti Painting: “Mother and child on the beach” by Pablo Picasso

It is when I am empty that I travel more. CD <3 . Art by Marcel Caram

The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them. – Charles Bukowski … Art: – Sculpture “Head” by Matteo Baroni


Northern Queensland Australia
Magical Cairns
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Luke Le Bree

Luke Le Bree
March 19, 2016 · Edited ·7/2/2019 ·

In times when I prayed and did hands on healing to help people to open up to our Saviors truth and power of love. ❤ ❤ ❤ . then a couple of years ago I died and brought back to life to be asked by Jesus before that event if I would be his messenger and teacher I agreed and walked down the road and collapsed I then lost my life on arrival at hospital to gain it back almost straight away. Been doing his work ever since. ❤ Thank you Jesus I am most blessed. Still learning to rise above these dimensions that I have along with most of you , but things are starting to change. Love and living proof of peace towards life is taking me away from heavy energies. ❤ Jesus wants you as well. ❤


Your Time is Now💙

A lover of the Sea
Who loves the sea,

“Wedding Song!” 

“WHAT THE . . . ” a poem a.k.a.: “Wedding Song!” Feb. 6, 2019 (Wednesday)

You wanna fall in love?! Well, THAT’S-JUST so INSANE!
EVEN IF it works out A LITTLE BIT, there’ll-be a lotta pain,
And people will cry; dogs will howl!
Jilted lovers – will-be on the prowl!
Do you wanna end up in a real bind?


Even-IF – it doesn’t work out VERY well,
Even-if you two-together- land -up-in-Hell,
Even-if The World turns against you – and you’ve got to flee into exile,
Well, YEAH! YOU’RE RIGHT!! (of course!) Love’s-worth-it, all the while,
Despite any torturous yearning – and the fear of loss,
Some jealousy that’s burning – and – IT’S-ALL A-BIG COIN TOSS,
But, by GOD! If-it works-out – or even – just a little,
It’s what makes “life” tolerable – IT sends us to “The Middle,”
Where Jesus Christ WAS crucified, BUT – NEVER SUFFERED “LOSS!”
For, when fire and water – across-and up-and-down,
Intercept in PERFECTION, well – There’s NO adjective or noun,
To describe IT – Call it: Heaven! or, maybe, Sweet Nirvana!
The crossing of “the opposites?” – is The Bridegroom plus Madonna,
Which creates THE NOW, so, for-God’s-sake, GO-FOR-“THE-BROKEN-RULE,”
‘Cause, IF you don’t, you will have become, the biggest, gosh-darn “fool!”
For, when the chance of True-Love arises, it’s-NOT “some-chance-of-a-lifetime!”
IT’S-ETERNITY-AND-STELLAR-BLISS, “The Perfect, Ultimate Rhyme!” 🙂 – Whoa!

fin ❤

America~State of the Union Speech~Satire

“COME TOGETHER!” a poem 6 February 2019 [Odin’s Day]

I’m just a little sissy girl; I want it ALL and how;
My wants are needs (and vice versa!) – just sat-is-fy me NOW!
Feed my cat; feed my dog; I “wanna have a cow!”
This-is the state of MY existence! Now-I -shall-take-a-bow,
And-expect that you-should-quite-applaud MY EFFORTS (perfect are)!
Be my chauffeur – and maid – and cook – fetch for ME that star,
And hand it over P. D. Q.* Do-NOT make me wait!
My patience! It is wearing thin! The KEY WORD: “Sat-i-ate!”
For-I’m-insatiable – in-the-extreme! I-want-me-THE BEST, whatever-I-mean!
COME TOGETHER, minions! “The-Union’s state is FINE,” say I.

{Choose one or many! or none at all:}

SO! (pause)

[1] Stop your whimp’ring; I haven’t time! It’s me who wants to cry!
[2] I hope eventually you’ll-SEE-IT-MY-WAY! Then-we’ll-see “eye to eye!”
[3] Be-NICE to Me [lania], I AM The Prez – And NEVER ask me why!
[4] I AM – “the best,” just say it proud! Declare it! It’s NO LIE!
[5] You’re here WITH ME; it is MY game! All-together-say: “Aye, Aye!”**
[6] As I WISH IT, I’ll-divide Our(?) “National-e – Pie!”

fin. ❤

    • Pretty Darn Quick!
      ** – OH, Captain; my Captain!



I see perfection in your eyes,
As I touch your tender thighs,
As I nibble on your breast,
And-I’m dribbling over all the rest,
Of YOU, of you: My “fairest bird!”
I think I taste a subtle herb:
Perhaps it’s thyme or, maybe, sage!
Your leg is glorious! It’s all the rage!
With stuffing, potatoes – and-cranberry! Thanks-giv-ing is-always merry! 🙂 – Yum!

fin ❤


“AVA FAVA JAVA!” a poem a.k.a.: “S – X – C – F – E – !” Feb. 5, 2019 (Tuesday)

I happened by the coffee shop, and -it was plaine to see,
A fine barista [Mona Lis(t)a] looking – around – at me?
The most beautiful girl – in The World – She’s-been-resting – here!
A-resting – yes, I’d like to arrest – her – and hold her oh! so dear,
In protective custody – I’d hold her – tender-ly – and kind,
Unless! – she was into – S & M – in which case – I would bind,
Her hands – and legs – and body parts – that we can’t – mention – here,
Yet – TENDERLY – I would bind – and whip – and catch – each – falling tear,
BUT YET – if She did – cry out – and say: – “I’ve had enough,”
Then – I would – undo her – restraints – and kiss her – on the muff,
Until – AGAIN – She cried out: – “That’s enough!” – you-nasty-big-old-boy!
It’s time – for me – to play – some games – with you – my sweet-s-x toy!

fin ❤