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Series ~ Broken Soul Journal of a mad manยฉ๏ธยฎ๏ธโ„ข๏ธ

Welcome to Broken Soul

For those that have followed our Cornerstone Blog ~ Broken Soul Journal of a โ€Diary of a Mad Manโ€ are a trustworthy accurate handwritten journal of one person who offered Dazzled to use freely without the supervision. Our recognition and honest represented copies of 245 pages in totalitarian and control has been acclaimed as non – edited.

Broken Soul is a โ„ข๏ธยฉ๏ธยฎ๏ธ Blog series awaiting legal Branding Australia ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ

All blog was intended for some one out there who may have or is going through life hoping looking for explanations or interpretation of this kind souls diary graciously gifted to the universe to tell you you are not alone as Broken Soul felt, forgotten, broken, drowning, smashing the walls with his fists trying to smash his way out.

Reader you may know some one who fits this thought, run right now bust in rap your are around them and never let them go. You know why? Cause only unique humans crash this way, our contributor is our hero. He’s our best friend. He leads us all every day, he is our Professor, thank you Sir teaching us who we are are,

Yes, You’re always right our hero. We owe you. You may keep things close to your chest and we respect you for that.

Sir ๐Ÿ™‡ Thank you. All the feather Dusters are your to treasure I love you โค๏ธ

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The world loves you

“PROMETHEUS BOUND!”  a poem August 16, 2019 (Freya, fraying-away-Day!) dedicated to: Matthew!        ๐Ÿ™‚ – Yes, YOU!        ๐Ÿ™‚ – Who else?
I’m Prometheus!  You’re Prometheus!  We’re Prometheus, i.e.: Conscious enough,
To: SING IN-A CHOIR!  SELL TO-A BUYER!  & LIGHT-A-BIG-FIRE,For-burning lots-of-stuff!
Well, “Whoopee, Prometheus!  Now-that-you’ve-arrived,In this exalted condition!  and (somehow) you’ve survived,The repeated attacks of-a liver hungry eagle,Convincing yourself   you’re-not-guilty-of  ILLEGALACTIVITY, to                         “the n-th degree,”What’s-next, BIG BOY?  Why-not drop-to-your knee,And worship Yourself?  or-another-eagle-archetype?
Or!  just-rest-at-home!  and smoke-you a pipe!
Prometheus, baby, you just didn’t know, THAT PLAYING WITH FIRE  MIGHT-BE “A-BIG NO-NO!”
For-being-able-to-harness-fire HAS several “riders”* attached: Like: “being THAT smart       means-that   GUILT YOU-HAVE-HATCHED!Yeah, now you have the “capacity” to think you maybe did something wrong!Plus:  Now you can “FALL IN LOVE” and sing THAT song,About “FALLING IN LOVE – AGAIN!”  and “NEVER meaning to!”Now, you-can  think you made a “good deal;” then, re-consider & get real “blue!”Now, you can “eat your liver,” by repeatedly drinking to excess,Because – YOU ARE CONVINCED – your life is a mess,And you can sit – and CRY because “You made mistakes BACK THERE,”And you make GRAND EFFORTS  –  to try to repair,Broken relationships, even though ALL relations are broken AND (also) “whole!”
Anyway, congratulations, Good Buddy, when “getting this far” wasn’t even your goal;It just happened!  AND NOW – you can blame yourself for the predicament you’re in!AND – you can formulate and speculate – on the intricacies of “SIN,”But-a-person-always-becomes sophisticated enough to-realize there-ain’t such a thing;However, coming to that conclusion – WILL NEVER BRING,Any relief FROM THE GUILT WE ALL CARRY ANYWAY!
CONGRATULATIONS, Prometheus!  I-guess we could seek a frontal lobotomy, hey?Well, of course, that’s exactly what drinking to excess will do for you!It just takes a little bit longer!  to see the process through!But, when you reach that point of “lobotomized demise,”You’re gonna get real cold, ’cause you-will-have forgotten how to make fire rise!
But DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!  Something’s probably gonna kill you first!
“WELL, F – YOU, MR. MYSTIC POET!  You’re too well versed,In The Fine Art of Analogy!  &-Pessimism! This is just way too much information!”
No problem!  (1) Rob a bank; (2) Flee to France; (3) Drink heavily at cafes;** and (4) Engage in romance,Until “the cows come home,” or “they” come to get-you,And extradite you BACK HERE for-all-those-bad-things-we-do!And, after you’ve been in prison for a number of years,Your Friend in your cell might cut-out-your-liver with-blunt-scis-sers, Someone nicknamed “Eagle” or “Zeus” or “Buzz,”Who just likes to do stuff like that!  just because!
So, after “Eagle” chops out your liver or your spleen,He’s-liable to set you and the cell on fire, ’cause he’s pretty gosh-darn mean,But he also feels guilt – for cutting – and torching His Cell Mate!Oh, well!  This is PLANET EARTH!  It’s “LATE!”  and-living’s-great!
Moral:  If your sanity is FRAYING, just eroding away;Don’t forget, as you’re drinking heavily, to bow and pray!And-remember to LOVE YOURSELF – and all our friends around,Who are also DRINKING HEAVILY – &-also DON’T-KNOW-WHERE-TO (OR WHY) THEY’RE-BOUND!fin   โ™ฅ
Sergey Khachatryan – Bach Sonatas & Partitas For Solo Violin
                                     Sergey Khachatryan – Bach Sonatas & Partitas For Solo Violin1. Sonata Nยฐ1 in G Minor (Adagio) 2. Sonata Nยฐ1 in G Minor (Fuga (Allegro)) 3. Sonata Nยฐ1 in G Minor (Siciliana) 4. Sonata Nยฐ1 in G Minor (Presto) 5. Partita…
Marlene Dietrich – Falling In Love Again (Gramophone Co. LTD. Records 1939)
                                     Marlene Dietrich – Falling In Love Again (Gramophone Co. LTD. Records 1939)”Falling in Love Again (Can’t Help It)” is the English language name for a 1930 German song composed by Friedrich Hollaender as “Ich bin von Kopf bis FuรŸ auf…
VINCENT (Starry, Starry Night) Lyrics – JOSH GROBAN
                                     VINCENT (Starry, Starry Night) Lyrics – JOSH GROBANFor educational purposes only and no copyright infringement intended. About the song: “Vincent” is a song by Don McLean written as a tribute to Vincent van G…

* – Defined as things added to and becoming inherent in Congressional bills, especially “appropriation bills!”  It is any additional, often non-germane amendment sometimes added usually to a Senate bill or other measure; so, it might have NOTHING to do with what the bill is about, but is just something another Senator or Representative requires to vote affirmatively for the original bill!  Therefore, it’s a deal, like making “a deal with The Devil,” something (S)HE REQUIRES before agreeing to what you have in mind!** – derived from the French word meaning “coffee!”
Welcome, Friends, to the rest of a story preciously presented in an earlier poem called “PLEASE DON’T READ THIS!” presented on August 4, 2019!  That story was originally called: “100 Ways I Figured You Can Kill Yourself!”When we left “our hero,” he was enjoying Sunday dinner(s) with Grandparents and playing in the backyard with family and friends! . . . 
Now, the only “God” is the “force” of life that animates everything around me that appears to be alive and functioning.  Everyone is a manifestation of that God, and, therefore, that God can give me a hug and tell me he or she loves me one day and can then tell me to “hit the road, Jack,” later in the day or tomorrow.  It is the same God, manifesting in someone cursing me or cutting my head off or medicating me until I can no longer write these words and then putting me in an institution for observation, until there is sufficient justification to believe I will be docile enough not to cause anyone too much concern, as long as, the moment I begin to panic or begin “clear-headed” enough to feel compelled to write words like these, I can be “dosed” sufficiently to bring me “back” to a “better” state, the state where I will not write such words or think such thoughts, where I can simply declare that the world is not such a bad place, or everyone has their problems, or all that happens is “God’s will,” and there are many wonderful things we can do here to make our lives valuable and safe and “this is no dream, this is no carnival, we are free and we have free will and life, existence, is really worth living and eradicating cancer is a very good thing, because that terrible disease causes so much suffering, and we can successfully fight those things that tend to erode our happiness and the happiness of those we love.” I have been doing EFT, where you supposedly help yourself to emotionally “get better,” by touching places on your body to help remove energy blocks, “bad” emotions and feeling that prevent you from feeling life is truly valuable.  Tap until they go away . . . or until you pass out.  It is a form of something called “hypnosis,” which I BELIEVE is what all forms of conditioning represent.  Even “getting a ‘good’ job” is a form of hypnosis, to establish for yourself something of worth and value in yourself, to make you feel that you have a place in the world and can function, feeling fulfilled.  Or having a child and forming a family.  Wholesome, desirable things, that fill us with warm, fuzzy feelings that can perpetuate the feeling of relative well-being we need, to not begin questioning our existence, compelling us to write things like this or going to “an ashram” in India or compelling us to go to Guatemala to help give “the unfortunate, backward natives” “proper” medical and dental care, so they can become so addicted to those processes that they are, therefore, unable to moderately function without the necessity of seeking medical advice and intervention and treatment, which, of course, appears to be into what most all of us “here in the West,” were born INTO, being as we were mostly born in hospitals and, initially, pumped full of drugs, even while in the womb. Now, then, the question: Where do we go from here?  This is one I have been asking for what I BELIEVE has been too many years now.   And, I have concluded, there is no answer.  Yet, I am convinced that my parents, well-meaning as they might be, believe it is either: compel yourself to get off the pity pot and get out there and start experiencing the world again and take advantage of your opportunities and get over yourself . . . or find some relief at the bottom of any of an infinite variety of pill bottles or in the office of very sophisticated analysts or spiritual counselors, and, then, reintroduce yourself back into “society,” or just try to be calm and just sit there because we always want you to have “a safe place” where you can rest your head.  And Jesus said, “I have no place to rest my head.”  Not that I am any more Jesus than anyone else, including inmates in the state penitentiary, but these are just the sorts of things that appear to occur to me, and I have no idea where they are coming from, why I should write them down, or anything else.  Life is very distressing, no, INFINITELY DISTRESSING, and I have no idea where to go from here, nor have I really ever I BELIEVE, although time and time again I have BELIEVED that I knew where to go.  However, in retrospect, the direction of where to go or how to proceed appears to have always been provided by a combination of family values, based, largely on religious and cultural indoctrination, and my own interpretation, or speculation, of how those BELIEFS might be applied in my life.  And over and over again I have run into a proverbial “brick wall,” on which is written: “Ha, ha, stupid . . . you have fouled up again . . . you believed that you could find ‘peace of mind’ by proceeding in this direction.  Once more you have failed to find any ultimate value in or answers about ‘life,’ so, hit your head against this wall for a while, and, then, turn around and proceed in some other direction, where you’ll find another brick wall . . . and another . . . and another . . . ha, ha . . . EVERYBODY HAS THEIR PROBLEMS, and you are no more important than anyone else . . . and you just need to ‘get with the program!’  Your are an idealistic idiot . . . . ” So now I have to do something, I guess.  This 7th day of June 2015.  I have written this, describing my apparent condition right now.  Yesterday afternoon, when I wrote the words you might have read somewhere ages and ages ago, I recall writing that I was ABSOLUTELY HOPELESS, HELPLESS AND FEARFUL,  or something close to that.  Now, I am in what I believe is a similar state of mind, but now with
some apparently functional energy . . . enough rope, you might say, to hang myself.  So what do I do now?  Keeping eating, keep tapping, force myself or find myself compelled for wanting to avoid boredom to get on Facebook, check my e-mails, ATTEMPT to begin a life or doing artwork or writing things or, maybe, starting up an activist group to fight cancer, or the medical abuses concerning cancer treatment or Jihad-ist beheadings?!  All you have to decide is what you are going to do with the time you have “been given.”  However, my apparent functionality to do any of those things will I BELIEVE I KNOW, I know, will essentially terminate for a period of time in about 24 hours.  What would you do?  That is perhaps the most stupid question someone like me could ask under these conditions because, as is apparent, I have been asking that question since I was young.  And, based on the combination of the answer(s) I received and how I decided to apply that information, I have been brought to this apparently impossible, debilitating, suffering state . .. which, as I said I have been told, is all my own doing . . . and, even now, I am told, from time to time, that I must decide what to do next BASED ON MY OWN BEST JUDGMENTS, which I look at and perceive as being entirely inadequate to navigate an existence which appears to have no way of navigation because it appears we are stuck in the middle of where we do not know where we are at or what we are doing . . . and the only option apparently open to us is to, in this impossible state, BELIEVE in something that can give us “peace of mind,” or a false sense of security . . . because here, it appears to me (Do I know?  I DO NOT KNOW!), if we do not find ourselves brainwashed to overlook any of these terrible speculations I am presented, we must be effectively silenced, so as not to affect the general population with any hysteric doubts about the value and worth of this apparent existence.
Where do we go from here?  I imagine someone reading this, that is “stable” in the world, hoping they remain in that ignorant state (Ignorance is bliss.), I guess . . . can read and then say, “Well, I am surely glad I have such a firm ‘faith” in my beliefs . . . thus, this really does not affect me!  That ‘boy’ certainly has some problems.  I hope he gets ‘better.’  He might try my philosophy or religion or life-style or world view because it certainly has worked for me . . . maybe he just needs to get ‘better’ food, more fresh air, sunshine . . . but, definitely, a different attitude about things . . . like mine!”
Radical hypnosis . . . if what you were exposed to early on does not take hold sufficiently to pacify the “demons” of doubt and uncertainly and questioning when you are in your impressionable youth, the means of rendering you functional later on, even WITHOUT physical or psychological “problems,” are liable to be difficult, if not impossible, in theExtreme.
I am in a state of panic and terror right now, as I write this uselessness.  Later in the day, I believe (it is 9:20 A.M. now) I BELIEVE . . . I will have a somewhat different mood and may not be in such panic and terror.  However, I think I can say I KNOW that, within about 24 hours, I will be suicidal and essentially immobile, sitting by myself, a shaking, quivering, fearful mess, as I was yesterday afternoon and have been so many, many times in the past . . . in a state that is indescribable, really, that I could never, ever have imagined myself ever to have been in when I was in my youth, attending high school, playing basketball with my cousin Billy, or going fishing with my dad.  Where do we go from here?  I still . . . even after all this time . . . I still WISH I KNEW.   I guess I believe there is no place to go.  You simply are where you are at, doing whatever it is you are ALLOWED to do, so to speak.  For, it certainly appears, whatever is writing this, whatever is experiencing all this in terror and concern, has no more idea of what is really going on or why, if that is even a question that can ever be answered.  
Why am I writing this?  Because I am . . . writing this . .  that is all I get.   I do not want to be here . . . I do not really want to be writing this . . . I am just spending time . . . feeling compelled . . . to do something, while spending time.  Some part of me just wants to “fit in.”  Is there some value to uncovering the shroud of beliefs that keeps everyone in a state of relative peace and satisfaction?  Is there any value when I really do not KNOW that what I am saying has any more truth in it than other beliefs.  From time to time, it appears, other people (not that I am in “their leagues”) have proposed radical departures from everything else!  Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, for instance, who, approached by an angel in his vision, asked which was the one true religion or way of life, and was told that “they are all an abomination!”  Well, I BELIEVE that Joseph then set out to perpetuate just another abomination. but are any of these religions or ideologies or philosophies really abominations?  Aren’t they all just efforts apparently by humans to give themselves a little peace of mind, give themselves a little false hope . . . or the most real hope they might be able to muster . . . that their existences have purpose or meaning?  Without that, without something to prop up this human existence, wouldn’t there just be mass hysteria and suicide?  And would that be so bad?  I have no idea!  If I could really destroy humanity and all the structure it has erected . . . and return everything to the instinctual whim of nature and the animals . . . would I do it?  I think I might . . . because I BELIEVE that everything human “kind” has tried to do, in the name of making things “better” has only led to where things are now . . . which is what I BELIEVE to be an absolutely terrible state of things, not deserving of being perpetuated TO ANY EXTENT AT ALL.  
God, the life force, however, I BELIEVE . . . is completely neutral.  “It” just creates and destroys in “intelligent,” non-thinking fashion . . . it is as unaffected by beheadings as it is by bar mitzvahs . . . or beer busts . . . or births.  It is just apparently operating . . . apparently . . . imagining all of this . . . somehow . . . just experiencing . . . existing and non-existing . . . all at the same time . . . and at no time at all . . . in a “perfect” state of rest . . . or non-rest . . . and any speculation about what is occurring . . . or not occurring . . . is completely irrelevant to its existence . . . non-existence . . . .  Do you, perhaps, imagine where this is going?  It is leading, apparently . .. inevitably . . . into a brick wall.  And, I suppose, if I write anything more in this story, this is what my dad, or manager, would call The Preface!  I guess I will scroll up to the top, therefore, and label it as such!
CHAPTER 1 (Hanging From The Backyard Tree)
Take my birth name: J Samuel Davis.  What does the “J” stand for?  I do not know; I really do not.  Therefore, perhaps, whatever I say it means.  It could be John . . . or, what my mom decided to “name”  me . . . Jay . . . or . . . Jesus (perhaps I am His reincarnation . . . yea, sure, what did I dream the next night).  Of course, what about Judas.  Now there is a name.  In my “raised” religion, the worst name of all.  The one who, in Dante’s “Inferno” is trapped with “Satan” in the lowest ring of Hell!  Encrusted in ice . . . forever . . . to punish him for, perhaps, the worst crime in history . . . betraying the Only Begotten Son of God.  It was not enough that the poor sod committed suicide (perhaps the unpardonable sin) by hanging himself . . . from a tree.  Jesus hung “from a tree,” or a cross, made of tree wood, so . . . how fitting . . . that this miserable person of whom Jesus said, “It would have been better if he had never been born,” allowing “Satan” to enter into him via a piece of sanctified bread, for the purpose of compelling him to betray “themaster.”  The same Judas who, in the movie “Dracula 2000,” with high praise for Gerard Butler’s portrayal, got to hang . . . and hang again . . . and then burn up unto oblivion . . . as a detestable “vampire.”  Judas, what a guy . . . as my brother-in-law has often referred to me: “What a guy!”  When he has done that, I have pretty much always shuddered with a terrible feeling, like he was condemning me, somehow, to that lowest ring of Hell . . . I do not even know why, but it is as if he was “putting a curse” upon me . . . similar to my little sister, his wife, who has commented that she perceives me as the hapless antagonistic in the terrible movie “Thinner,” where a man, cursed by a gypsy he unfortunately “disrespected” somehow, starts losing weight, getting thinner and thinner, until . .  well, you can just read a summary on Wikipedia . . . a curse, then, upon me, the one who has always been so anxious about medical procedures, treatment options and the A.M.A., one of many of our sacrosanct cultural institutions, the bedrock upon which America civilization has “flourished,” especially this past century; after all, doctors seem to “flourish,” and many of them are on many of the same drugs they prescribe for their “patients” and willingly undergo many of the same operations they perform on their patients.  
So, imagine Judas on the tree . . . whom, I bet, even if anxiety medication had been offered back then, and I am assuming that biblical story is actually real, would have resisted the offer of a little red or blue pill.  Those Morpheus-like, Jewishofficials he apparently conspired with, before he executed himself . . .I imagine them, like our kindly doctors, offering a little pain relief . . . for physical discomfort and . . . extreme mental anguish.  
I mean, imagine Judas at your own peril, whatever the Hell that means!  Perhaps his memory means different things to you, Gentle Reader, depending upon the circle of Hell you are in . . . assuming you think you are in Hell or not.  Can a person believe they are not in Hell because they have been so conditioned or blinded to the “reality” of their situation that they can see what others might see as Hell as a perfectly fine little place because that is their conditioned “reality,” and aren’t all realities here really just conditioned apparent realities, based upon the belief systems that have been so apparently, so judiciously implanted in our fertile, bewildered little minds?  Now, there is a great trick . . . and would certainly support the idea that “ignorance is bliss.”  Ignorance . . . is it not preferable to Hell?  Perhaps so, which might certainly suggest that reading this piece . . . or, especially, writing it (of course, once it is recognized to be able to be written, it is TOO LATE . . . isn’t it?) is not a very good idea . . . because, as in the movie “Inception,” seeds of thought, planted, especially in those we “love,” to our consternation, can have really disastrous consequences . . . or, at least, make us not feel too chipper!
So, why am I so twisted around Judas?  Well, just take my name: J Samuel Davis . . . birth name . .  May 30, 1956 . . .Now, watch this . . . compliments of my fertile little mind: J (Sam) U (el) D A (vi) S . . .ta da!  Just perfect . . .in order and All That Jazz!
Now, then, whether I am Judas’ incarnation or not may be irrelevant.  I really do not believe any more in Hell or reincarnation or anything anymore . . . at least no more than motherhood and apple pie.  Everything is a blooming story.  Life is not real . . . never was, never will be . . . but we are a deluded lot.  However, let me make a suggestion . . . only a suggestion . . . do what you want, Sports’ Fans!  MAKE THE BEST YOU CAN OF YOUR LIFE.  TRY NOT TO HURT OR DAMAGE TOO MUCH AROUND YOU.  IF YOU CAN . . . FIND A FRIEND.  AND GIVE THEM SOME HUGS AND KISSES . . . IF YOUSTILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO THAT . . . BECAUSE . . . THAT IS REALLY GREAT.  I MEAN, IF YOU ARE STUCK HERE . . . LIKE YOU DO NOT FEEL YOU CAN TRULY KILL YOURSELF BECAUSE (IN THE WORDS OF SHAKESPEARE)  “. . . CONSCIENCE MAKES COWARDS OF US ALL,” THEN FIND A FRIENDLY DOG, AT LEAST, AND . . . GIVE IT A KISS.  I THINK I CAN GUARANTEE YOU SOMETHING . . . AND I CAN NOT GUARANTEE MUCH . . . IF . . . IF . . . YOU CAN, AT LEAST GIVE THE DOG . . . OR CAT . . . A KISS, THEN I BET YOU WILL FEEL BETTER . . . AT LEAST YOU MIGHT FEEL STUPID ENOUGH TO LAUGH AT YOUR PATHETIC, BEAUTIFUL SELF!
So, I go out to the garage/work room in my Parents’ Big House, when they are gone to the market, or church, or a concert . . . or to visit Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Herman for tea and crumpets!  I get a rope . . . I try to remember how to tie a hangman’s noose . . . I go back outside . . . I throw the rope over one of the branches of the oversized pine next to The Little House (that tree may crush that house someday . . . unless I can summon the courage to, ever so gently, cut off some branches) and tie it.  I go into The Little House and get a chair from the meal table . . . bring it outside . . . 
. . . place the chair on the grass and pine needles, underneath the rope and branch.  I try to step up on the chair, place the rope around my neck . . . tighten it . . . and . . . then try to scoot the chair away from me.  With the chair gone, I am suddenly at the end of my rope!(Actually, I own very little . . . the rope, of course, belongs to my Dad.)  I gasp a little . . . before becoming unconscious.  Just before I pass out, I wonder how Mom and Dad will feel when they come back into the backyard . . . they will look over to the right . . . and see a dangling body that apparently used to be animated.  Ain’t that a kick!  Ain’t that just terrible?  This life . . . really needs to be transcended,somehow, doesn’t it!?
CHAPTER 2 (Off the Roof and Into the Ram Pick-up)
There is a ladder leaning against the patio roof.  Dad uses it to get up on the roof, to especially get the air conditioner, the “swamp cooler,” ready for use in the summer.  He cleans out the plastic water conduits and replaces the “hay” filters . . . at least I think it is something like hay.  It certainly smells good when that cooler is first turned on (and for the next couple days)!  [August 16, 2019: “That’s as far as I got . . . Sorry!  AND Thank goodness!]

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    Indigenous Australians know we're the oldest living culture โ€“ it's in our Dreamtime https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/sep/22/indigenous-australians-know-were-the-oldest-living-culture-its-in-our-dreamtime?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_WordPress

Time ~ until we meet again my love ~

I remember that time, the only way to go away into a world of silence I knew was safe

Self Defense of the world ‘s most trusted moments belonged in my bedroom

A sanctuary of self-defense from personal experience of troubled souls

I wanted a moment in time to be cherished, deired to stay wild in the arms of untenable desire for lives longing to be loved

Not second best cause I don’t have any more time waiting for that moment you kind of wished you finally found home

How many journeys are there to travel unfulfilled feeling like a pawn in some bodies else life

Those pebbles stacked tight trying to fit together being washed out to the sea nowhere to go

Tired of being seen as an asset management tool strips me to pieces I don’t want to be put back together anymore

Being stripped of needing to feel flawlessly untamed left me

feeling gutted once again

A thought crossed my mind if tomorrow never came did I ever really mattered

Blood and flesh are disposable none worthwhile to needing to be loved

Oh, and why did you all desert me to battle time alone

Let me walk through that shattered pointed glass wall of life to that highway of nothingness

Tears of salt run down my skin never to be tasted of life of wasted nothingness.

Death is my salvation back to ashes from where I came

I lay here listening to the ocean crashing on the rocks, nowhere to go no one needs my life not even me

Emptiness, no family just the sounds of my heart slowly dying

We all face our time alone as life slips away to make room for new life to be born

This journey wasn’t meant to end this way

I’m not alone in this world I had it all, memories of an amazing life slowly slipping away to the depth of the ocean floor where I belong

Emptiness isn’t supposed to feel like this

Yesterday, I was informed I was having my driving License returned cause my sight was restored, and that’s what made the light turn on in my head it finally clicked; my life was only worth a drivers license to one self, the Doctor that restored my sight as some reward For his gratification mattered to him. As the day progressed, no one gave a โ€rats ass! โ€ I sat at my office desk empty. No one said anything much.

My life was all about a lousy drivers license. The phone rang, he had an appointment with the pub, ” see you tomorrow, leave food cooked for me when I get homeโ€ someone banged on the door to put drops in my eye, bang went the door, no how do you do. Phone rang, transfer money into my credit card cause I’m going to to sing at the pub. And if you stay awake I will shove a feather duster up your ass! to make me happy, Get it!

on second thoughts if has occurred to me that I’m still worth something I rang a Tourist Company and booked a holiday to Lizard Island. And I am not coming back to work for any one. Don’t ring me, no longer available for your pleasure.