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You’re So Pretty ~

“THEY” will always question “WHETHER HE LOVES THEM OR NOT!” * The Girls, THEY-will never be caught, * In LOVE’s perfect net, Because THERE’RE GAPING-HOLES, you bet! * Because LOVE never engages to confine! * It always allows AMPLE ROOM FOR ESCAPE, and this is FINE, * because GIRLS HAVE LESS FAITH than a mustard seed, *Which is not very much, I-Think we all will concede! * Girls can never believe THAT THEY ARE RADIANT AND FAIR * – to The Opposite Sex (us guys!) standing over there, * WAITING! EVER-waiting for a little chance to say: * “Gosh, __, you are so pretty today. * The Girls’ response: “Those guys are full of c – – P!” * Because they hate their bodies; theyThinkthatThatGap, * Between their legs – is a portal into Hell, * but The Boys know that it’s HEAVEN . . . and oh, so swell!


The Lost and Found Department ~

“THE SHEEP ON THE SHEPARD’S SHOULDERS SPEAKS” a poem written Sunday, but posted on Monday, September 16, 2019. a.k.a.: “Did I REALLY Need To Go After THIS ONE?” a. k. a.: “The Same Old Refrain.”

The Sheep:

“Thank you, Lord for finding me; I must have wandered off too far,

BUT itTookYou long enough to find me. WHY? Did you not bring the car?

Jesus JESUS, YOU ARE PERFECT, but I think you’re late again;

Jesus, YOU ARE SINLESS, BUT I spot a spot of sin.

And you might notHaveSaidThat QuiteRight WhyNotReviewThat Teaching,

But YOU HAVE NEVER A FLAW; oh, ME? No, no, I am NOT preaching,

At you Dear, Dear Lord; youMistake my POINT OF VIEW.

OF COURSE YOU N E V E R MAKE MISTAKES; yourAura’s a flawless hue.

Dear Lord: Yes, please forgive me; ImayHaveStrayed a bit too far,

But I know You’ll forgive me andMySins. Forgiving you are.

I am so glad We’reAllFamilyHere andThatYou’re My Perfect Sav-i-or.

LORD JESUS I LOVEyOUaNdYou’reAlwaysRight;

Can you car-ry me SOME MORE?”

fin ♥

Painted Bodies ~

“PAINT PARTIES R US” a poem September 16, 2019 (Monday)

Romantic Nights (or Days) of: Call’em(a)bus or pull ’em a train,

Or Paint ’em all over, without too much pain.

[Unbeknownst to most] PAINTED LADIES arrived in The Morn;

Morning has broken, and they are quite shorn.

So, the paint goes on, easily smooth and creaming;

We are The Knights, a-painting and steaming,

Making sure our ladies our fresh and clean,

And painted all over; prettierPicturesWe’veNeverSeen,

With brushes in hand and bushes well fanned,

We stroke lots of paint across The Promised Land.

Columbiettes are here hereToAssIst;

Our daughters PURE. DoYou get The Gist,


With thick, colorful paint; oh, no, NOT from H – L L,

(But) From HIGHER SOURCES [The Heavenly Powers];

OUR “LOVELY LISSIES,” theyAre Desert Flowers.

(They are) BLOOMING, without bloomers, as the paint sloshes on,

COVERING SKIN. C’est c’estBon Bo BoNbon.

STICKS AND BRUSHES, stroke by stroke,

Yearning, withPassion, each Honey and Bloke.

I WANNA BE A [K]NIGHT, who’ll usher in The Day,

With The Painted Americana Ladies, I simply will say:

“You are beautifully dark and beautifully deep,


As we cover (with paint?) and uncover too,


And when The Painted Ladies of The (K)nights are through,

They are colorful and luscious, but hidden from view.

THE POWER OF GOD, such ENERGY we behold;

Daughters of America PAINTED and BOLD,

And The Knights of Columbus areFinally “painted out;”

ALL OF THEIR [painting?] FLUIDS, areGone, noDoubt.

fin ♥ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbqxbGm9hBI

Secret Love ~

Secret Love

When SECRET LOVE becomes-FULLblownLOVE, Everyone applauds! * A truly, really SECRET LOVE – excludes “the other broads!” * Because a SECRET LOVE like ours is super-duper neat! * A SECRET LOVE like ours, My Love – well-you just-can-not -beat! * It makes the morning sun to rise and makes the birdies sing! * These-are The Keys of a SECRET LOVE, which is-NOT a silly fling! * Because Two Hearts with SECRET LOVE, are happy evermore! * SECRET LOVE! It is OUR LOVE, and it is at The Core! * The Core of SECRET LOVE’s The-Center, of all creation, Dear! * That is why you never, ever need to ever fear! * For, at the center, there-are NO-LOCKS, so-we-can throw away any key! * OUR LOVE IS OUT, Oh JOY, My Love; The SECRET? (is) Our-LOVE will-always-be!

A brand new Android phone you can’t buy is as close as we’ve seen to a perfect design – BGR

A brand new Android phone you can’t buy is as close as we’ve seen to a perfect design – BGR

A brand new Android phone you can’t buy is as close as we’ve seen to a perfect design – BGR

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“DON’T LET MY PEOPLE (or John Bolton) GO” a poem written on the 10th of this month, but posted: September 15, 2019 (Sunday)

“DON’T LET MY PEOPLE (or John Bolton) GO” a poem written on the 10th of this month, but posted: September 15, 2019 (Sunday)

Sung to the song: “Let My People Go” or “Go Down, Moses”

When Bolton [WAS] The Sec. of State,

(He said) “Let our people go.”

No, no not Mo-ses, IT WAS JOHN:

“Let our people go.”


Will heBOLT, ANDgo ON the run?


For this Favorite Son?

I think that Donald might retract, I made a bet on IT;

A bogus tweet? ’cause John is NOT

Another zealous twit.

Stay withUS, John – ny; come on, Trump, for WE KNOW:



fin ♥

Well, now that John is OUT, my friends, several days ago,

I still do think – THAT TRUMP COULD CHANGE,

Where his mind MIGHT GO.

‘Cause Trump likes to WAFFLE; he is “A WAFFLEr;”

And Bolton’s good friends with HIM too,

[AND]otherGUYSwillBE aw! full ER.

(P. S.: That is NOT Marilyn Manson singing; that is Trump DOING A COVER. Isn’t he good? Listen carefully to The Lyrics: THEY DEFINE HIS POLITICS and the politics of every other politician, pretty much, in the past 45 years or so. Pretty neat, Hey? Actually, did you know that Donald Trump co-wrote this song, along with Brian Warner, who later became MARILYN MANSON, while they were still living in Canton, Ohio, when The President still had his birth name of: Arnold Rump, a member of “The Zippers,” a marauding bunch of misfit hooligans from “the wrong side of the tracks!” A lot of this information was obscured after “Donald” entered The New York Military Institute, under an assumed name!)

“KIDNAPPED IN MEXICO” a poem September 15, 2019 [SUN? DAY]

“KIDNAPPED IN MEXICO” a poem September 15, 2019 [SUN? DAY]

Imagine you’re in (say) MEXICO; you’re sitting in a house;

You don’t know where you really are; youAre (kinda) like a mouse?

Children outside are playing; you do not speak their tongue;

YOU DO NOT KNOW WHY YOU ARE THERE, or why you are among,

THESE STRANGERS, but you’re inAcompound, it SEEMS that you are free,

ButYouHave no means of transport You haveNO carAkey.

There are no men just women and children here with you;

You want to returnHOME but you don’t know what to do.

You have no food, but you’re not hungry. ThisISyour SCE NAR io,

AndHereYouARE isThis(some)FREEDOM? YouARE in MEX i CO.


There is no escaping You have no one to call.

You could SCREAM or RUN, but what good would that do?

THIS, good friends, IT IS LIFE HERE on thisEarth whichIS soBlue.

DO YOU THINK thisISfreedom? Do you think this is OK?

AND THIS FRIENDS is our life HERE, every single day.

You are not being torTured (it seems) (maybe) YOU’RE ONLY BEING HELD;

IsIT Heaven or H – L L? in Mexico, pray telled?

The children and the women are OB LIVIOUS TO THEIR PLIGHT;

They’re simply your companions; they play all day ANDatNIGHT,

They go TO BED, withSugarplums dancing in their head,

In time, you learn the language; you become (as they say) a PA-TRON; You amass some wealth & fortune, spending most of your time on the ‘phone. And time goes by, OR NO TIME PASSESinAflash] You STILL don’t know who youareorwhereyouare, but WHO CARES, you have someCASH, AND SOMEsay: “You are someone,” andTHUS, thisISlife as we know YouMIGHT as well be lost in the mountains, in a heavy SNOW. AND somePEOPLEsay: “Oh, VOYAGER, THATthere are manyLivesToCome, IN India or France, and you just sit on your bum, LOOKING at The Scenery, basking in the sun, Dying in a war, perhaps until this nextLife’s done. NEVER really dying or living or being free,] ‘Cause, whoKNOWSwhat is freedom, and there is you and me.

[And, after a few decades, they go to Heaven, it’s said.]

MORAL: BE happy in your work, it is endless and sublime,

And, about the best you can do is:

say, just say, say: “I’m, (pause)

STABLE AND CONTENT, AND Ihave A POINT OF VIEW, that keeps me from screamingBLOODY MURDER.” Yup! That’s about the best you can do.

♥ Screw around a little bit and start a fa-mi-ly, AND write some poems and sing some songs, in 4-part har-mo-ny. AND AT THE SETTING SUN, EACH DAY, CHECK YOUR CELL PHONE TO[O], DETERMINE IF ANYONE CALLED “Your Lord” (pause)


fin ♥

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