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Develop the wonderful habit of a daily swim. It will promote excellent health, keep you relaxed and concentrated, lean and trim. Swimming is not stressful on the body, provides a great workout for the lungs and requires little time to do effectively. Remember that in a fit body resides a fit mind.

People who are doing good today are ensuring their happiness for tomorrow.

The key to successful time management is doing what you planned to do when you planned to do it. Keep your mind fully on the task at hand. Only then will you achieve all your goals and have time for the things that matter most. Although it is imperative to be flexible (a bow too tightly strung will soon break), following your planned schedule requires no more than simple discipline.

An excellent visualization technique: if you are worrying about something, picture the words of your worry on a piece of paper. Now ignite a match to the paper and watch the worry dissipate into flames. Bruce Lee, the great martial arts master employed this mental control device regularly.

Compartmentalize your worry. Set aside a certain amount of time to ponder over a problem and map out an effective plan of attack and your options. Once this is done, have the mental fortitude not to come back to the problem and go over it again and again. The human mind is a strange creature – things we want to forget keep coming back and those things we want to remember are not there when we want them. But the mind is similar to a muscle and the more you flex it the stronger it will become. Make it your servant. Feed it only the best nutrition and information. It will serve you well and perform magic if you believe in it.

Peak performers are physically relaxed and mentally engaged.

To be at your performance peak mentally, your body must be loose physically and relaxed. It is now beyond dispute that there is a mind-body connection and when the body is supple, free from tension, the mind is clear, calm and focused as well. This is why yoga is such a beneficial activity. It keeps the body relaxed so that the mind can follow. Basic stretching for 15 minutes a day is also an excellent way to release tension that builds up as a result of our life in this highly complex and fast moving, but wonderful world. Try having a massage or power lounging in a Jacuzzi. Relax the body and you relax the mind.

Prepare a detailed financial plan for the next few years and follow it. Seek out financial advice if you need it. A powerful strategy for financial mastery is also a simple one: save 10% of all you make for long-term growth (take this off the pay cheque before you have a chance to spend it). If you can invest $200 a month for the next 30 years at an annual return rate of 15%, you will end up with $1.4 million dollars. Being wise with your money is one of the very best investments to make. Financial security leads to personal freedom.

Readers are leaders. U.S. President Bill Clinton read more than 300 books during his short time at Oxford University. Some top performers read a book a day. Seek out knowledge and information. We have truly entered the age of massive information and those who are proactive can use this to their advantage. The more you know, the less you fear.

Get into the excellent habit of reading something positive and inspirational before you go to bed and as soon as you awake in the morning. You will soon note the benefits as these thoughts will be supporting you throughout the day.


Three Foods for an upset stomach

When you have an upset stomach, eating is the last thing you would want to do. But at the same time, eating certain food items can help you get over the situation.

So without further delay, we are going to list down these food items which can help you battle a messed up stomach.

Ginger: The presence of Gingerol in Ginger is proven to relieve nausea and indigestion. It also has anti-inflammatory properties as well.
Oatmeal: Oatmeal is full of soluble and insoluble fibre which can help you in fixing your stomach. It might taste bland but it can ease up the pain of bowel movement.
Bananas: Bananas are quite easy to digest. Also, they are loaded with prebiotic fibre which fuels the good bacteria in your gut.

Healthy eating💥💥




Zucchini slice – Healthier. Happier.😁😁


  1. BLACK MAGIC – anything seemingly mysterious or miraculous . . . A POEM ENTITLED: “Cause – Effect – Fate – Coincidence & Predestination!” When I sit, my nose runs. Does it run because I sit? // IF, whenever I sit, it starts to run, SURELY it is so!! BUT – in my fairy tale are MANY sprites, that dance with me // One sprite is the sprite of sitting; whenever he wills me to sit, I do, thinking, mistakenly, that I have commanded the action somehow // Immediately the sprite of running noses taps me and IT flows. // They are playing a game with me // Next season, the sprite of running noses will plot with the other sprite to reverse roles. when you meditate, it will become clear: You sit; you tap; you will; you run; you play the game – it’s lots of fun. Who is meditating me NOW?Well . . . would you believe: “Open, Sesame?!” * ❤


‘Tis a magical phrase, which opens a cavern . . . . in which forty sneaky, little b – – – – – – s have hidden a special treasure. A treasure! OK! Yup! 🙂 Maybe for Valentine’s Day! ❤

And sometimes there is a magical lamp too . . . . with a genie that comes out . . . and . . . yes . . . grants you wishes!**

** : Be careful what you wish for, Sports Fans . . . you might just get it! 🙂


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Singing was his passion and his voice was a melody

Like the feel between the velvet sheets against the silken skin

His life was a song just the way it was meant to be
He forged himself to be clever as the weak didn’t survive

He was born for the quill as he’d seen it create destiny

He had witnessed paper carrying realms and ink dissolving hearts in a mystery

He was just so kind and cared for every soul

His heart was a heavenly spark which shone its light on all.

He wrote tales that someday were meant to be heard

He held the quill in his hand and knew the power of a word

He was so extreme and he was born to fly

Ever so tender touched heartstrings of blue angles


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