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Facebook Post today sad but true. Daniel’s story sad but true. Bullied all his life cause he believed he was different. Others gossiped about him. Hurting him dearly . Please be thoughtful and helpful to all of the human Race. Never lash out at others because you feel bad. You may push a hurting soul over the edge. Why would anyone want to inflict pain on any living creature on 🌏 just to satisfy your own bad manners!

Isn’t that strange DANIEL GREAT post. OPINIONS THATS CALLED . Did you know opinions are created from the perpetrators mindS to sabotage their own short comings. Folks reading this post kindly sent by DANIEL Smith will open the opportunity to plainly explain to all folk your bloody opinions keep to yourself. Get a feather duster and give yourself a flogging. Never disrespect a Human when you live in a wicked world of you brain. It’s none of your businesses anyway. Look in your own backyard skeleton boxes. Instead of being so self absorbed be humble and thankful you still have a life. Cause believe me you won’t get out of this life alive. 😌


What is GOOD and What is BAD!? I am not sure, but don’t be SAD; Just-consider-OFTENΒ Β  how-youΒ Β Β Β Β  FEEL ~ reality is KINDNESS

“DER ROTE SARAFAN!” a poem February 19, 2019 (Tuesday)

What is GOOD and What is BAD!?
I am not sure, but don’t be SAD;
Just-consider-OFTEN how-you FEEL,
For feelings, THEY can oft’ reveal,
What is good and/or bad FOR YOU,
And that is what you need to do,
But! Do avoid-eth hurting-others,
Especially-your-friends – and their mothers,
And: The Sensitive! The Small! and – “The Freak,”
Watch -out-for-THEIR-feelings, and TRY to [always] seek,
The truth of things, as-it-be for you,
By FEELING LIFE! [It’s YOUR “coochy-coo!”]

Do-“THE-GOOD [really] Die-Young? (How good is that?)
And – WHO IS “GOOD?” Is-it June – and Matt?
Well, IT BEATS ME! ‘Cause-for-Jews, long-life,
IS a blessing! and-a-witchy-wife,
Is-NOT considered A GOOD DEAL!
However, even-mean-wives can reveal,
What you-might like to avoid,
In yourself! to NOT be “goy”*ed,
By-the-views-of-OTHERS, who-will-decide what’s true,
And what is GOOD – and/or BAD – for YOU!


* – Goy: a term used often derogatorily by Jews to designate a non-Jewish person and is used here to suggest you can be tricked into believing that someone else’s ideas have more value or merit than your own! You might consider being careful doing that, for, as Shakespeare suggested, it is usually a good thing “. . . to [your] own self to be true!”

** – Even though the FOX TV network applauds itself for being FAIR & BALANCED!!!