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Daddy long legs~

“ONLY WITH-YOU WILL THIS-SONG BE THIS-STRONG; ONLY WITH-YOU CAN I-TRULY-GET-ALONG!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Dance of Two Hearts!” August 12, 2019 (Monday)

So, let’s stick to This Topic: “A-Comfortable, Good Fit!”

It’s neat and it’s stylish! Sure, we-could-“tweak-it,” a-bit,

But – WHY? No, it’s NOT a shirt or some pants,

It’s ME! and it’s YOU! Come, Honey; let’s dance,

‘Cause WE’RE A GOOD FIT: Long-Legged-Daddy! [and] Squishy Girl!

WE JUST FIT: “A-perfect-oyster-shell shall-have-a-perfect-pearl!”

The pearl grinds-around inside-there, to-obtain the “perfect look!”

And – I-SO LIKE TO-EAT! and – You like “to cook!”

We fit! We fit! [It-is] SO HEARTFELT and GRAND!

It’s MORE-than-just-tidy! “Strike-up -The-Heart-Band,”

Maybe-[it’s]-a wedding band, made-to-fit! to-declare,

That-I’m crazy for-you – and you really do care!

So, here we are, My-Love, fitting-[together] so nice,

Sealed with a kiss – and a-little uncooked-rice!


fin โ™ฅ


J. Jay. Samuel Davis. Artist