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IF there was a GOD, He tricks us EVERY DAY;

“I AM YOUR GREATEST FAN!” a poem in our latest series of poems called: “Mixed Blessings!” 9 July 2019 (Tuesday)

IF there was a GOD, He tricks us EVERY DAY;

SHE-frustrates-NO!-She-torments us in-every-way,

For we’re COM-PELLED – to fall in love – and lust for evermore,

Unable-to-get even-a-little-close to-The-One(s)-whom-we-a-dore!

And/Or – IF there was a GOD, we GET-TO marry “one,”

Who’ll make our life A NIGHTMARE! Is-there-a-GOD, who’s havin’ FUN?

Training us, UNTIL WE SCREAM, relying-on-a Gospel-Prayer,


Well, however-much-we’d-LIKE-to-believe that such a thing is true,

GOD LOVES to give us WAY, WAY MORE – than-we-can-EVER-handle! ‘Tis true!

So, we can drop right to our knees – and scream aloud and say:

(to-a-GOD-who-isn’t-there) “Haven’t-you-beat-me-up-enough-today?”

IF there was a GOD, I’m-sure S(HE)’d answer RIGHT AWAY:

“NO, I-got a whole lot more t’-give-you SO YOU CAN PAY,

For all the sins that you commit, knowing and unknown!”

“Thanks-a-bunch, OH, GOD OF LOVE – for-makin’-me-cry-&-moan!”


We’ll NEVER know God’s gender! or why we’re filled with fear,

At EVERY TURN of THIS FINE LIFE! I’m-telling-you nothing-new,

IF there was a GOD ’round here GOD-we’d-ALL-gladly-sue!

Let’s-ALL-“issue a subpoena,” and-then GOD-will-“give-us-The-Finger,”

And say: ” F – – – U, you bunch of turds! May-your-suffering-ALWAYS-linger!”

Thanks, GOD – for ALL YOUR BLESSINGS, Your Commandments & Your “Plan,”

To save and love all “The Elect!”


fin <3


Heavenly~ Truth

Most of the people of the earth are removed from True Reality, so in being so they create ways of life that is without meaning and the Eternal Moment escapes them. I walk the streets and I see the pain upon the faces of most, the unhappiness the reason for a society that cant understand what life is about. Its escapism into the past or the so called future is a way of not honoring what our God gave to us to be at peace within so we can be at peace without. The cultures around the world have lost the love that balance them so they corrupt everything by releasing pain and hardship on others, the morals and all types of art forms become meaningless and are a display of uninspired crudeness .
To reverse this emptiness has only two ways in which it can happen, to awaken to truth or destroy everything and start again. This what has happened many times with civilizations of the past.
Our western way of life is well on the way to destroy itself and take most of the world with it.
To Awaken is to seek our Creator and accept love and peace that flows to us in what is the meaning of True Reality. To awaken without accepting the Creators love and peace cannot happen. For you can only live in a world of your making and that changes from day to day. True Reality is eternal, the moment is now, love and peace are offered now to all who seek to be awakened.
On accepting this beauty that the earth was created from, a eternal harmony and balance happens unless humans have interfered. To inspire ones culture to greater joy and love will lift you, come that day soon when all who have awoken will be lifted back to truth and eternity. For all others because they choose to do there own thing, they will reap the pain of separation to its fullest extent because of there choices. Be Blessed, Be Wise, Be Love. walk each day knowing Jesus will walk with you . Turn from the god of this world or behold the disaster of his enslavement.