Good night Lord 😌

Good night Lord 😌

Life on earth

enlighten me to endure any torment of in life’s journey so I may be your intended muse

in this light Enlighten me to suffer from the dignity of my manhood

Enlighten me, to carry my cross to carry and do not bend in despair, if trouble appears

So I do not drown in my own despair

enlighten me how to love more dearly Lord πŸ‘‘

Enlighten me how to sleep in Peace ✌️ so I may heal my sinful ways of man

Sleep is my enemy oh Lord πŸ‘‘

My enemy hates me Lord, testing me πŸ‘‘

Teach me how to cleanse my soul from past sins πŸ‘‘ Lord so I may serve you more deeply Lord πŸ‘‘ Amen

Dear Broken Soul you are not too broken for me to Forgive you. You are not too guilty for my Father to forgive you and you’re not worthless either for my Father to forgive you. My Father God loved you before you were born. God loves you right now without man’s unfounded conditions, no human could withstand. God loves you, unconditional love, These words come through me not from me my beloved tool of the universe. Walk on, show others the way as many have before you. The door will unlock. Do not be afraid, I will stand beside you my child. Trust in ”Me” Shalom πŸ™‡πŸ™ŒπŸ•―οΈπŸ•―οΈ

Message from God

Pure Love transends all else πŸ•―οΈπŸ•―οΈ

Thank you Lord that you give love.

For the freedom to chose my loved one

Confusion in the soul is heart felt emotions

Singing tenderness, magical, sounds of the oceans as it pounds the shore

Wild Passion, fiery flights of the swan’s wings caressing my body

And the radiant light, such beloved eyes of blue

sweet taste, of your breath upon my lips so delicious I weep for yesterday

Ecstasy oh ecstasy

Time stood still in the moonlight so desirable than separations of the heart when you leave me unattended

Calm breath, the sweetness of those long fingers caressing my countenance

What is the significance of life on the realm of falling deeply in love for the first time one asks

Silence fell one waited

A whisper came within

Your body will carry a new body to give birth for mankind to populate the earth for future generations.

Little one you are a blessed woman to nurture your children.

Little one I have given you a man to love you, protect you to be the woman of his children to hold your hand and be a proud Father.

Treat him as a King πŸ‘‘ and he will treat as his Queen πŸ‘Έ


Every time you stand up for yourself, you are healing the wound for all of the women in your lineage who were silenced ~ E. Su

To all the those Man or Woman who Abuses either Partner Or Child is not acceptable

The Sin is Yours, the Crime is yours and the blame is yours against humanity

To that protect Perpetrators, blaming Victims only

Masks the evil within yourselves

Making you as guilty as those that abuse

Stand up for the innocent or go down with the rest