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AWARENESS” month! a.k.a.: “I Think We’ll Be Fine, As Long As The Alpine Ministerial Alliance Doesn’t Change Its Name To: CONSTELLATIONS! Of Course, Even IF That Happens, We Will Probably Still Be OK, Whatever The Term ‘OK’ Means!” 03/10/2019 (Sunday)

“Aren’t there any SPIRITUAL BASICS, basics? around here, around here any more?”
A worried bloke, like me, might ask – Anything? Basic? for,
To – believe-in, to not get too twisted and perplexed?
With all the witches – and The Force? Exorcisms? and THE HEX,
And “the evil eye?” and-Dianetics,* given an infinite, multiverse reality!?
Well! It’s your life! (really!) If-somethin’-“sucks,” set-it-on-your-“Pyre-of-Banality,”
And say: “Phooey! on this – or that – or t’other,
If I ain’t comfo’able with it, I ain’t gonna bother,
To do anything with it – except treat it as waste in the commode!
I PREFER: “THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO ME!!!” a beautiful, poetic ode:
Here goes: LOVE SOMETHING! Call it “God,” “All,” or “You,”
With your whole self IF that doesn’t make me too blue,
AND! If you can’t find that something – to-love-a-lot,
Don’t worry about it! [YOU’RE PROBABLY NOT A ROBOT!?]
So, if you can-love-“God”-&-your- fellow-(wo)man-as-yourself!-Arguably-it’s-all-YOU!
Surprise?! You’re: quite-the Islamic! Catholic! AND Orthodox Jew!
AND! There are NOT advantages to any of this!
UNLESS YOU THINK THERE IS! Come-on, give-us-a-kiss!
And there’s a pretty “telling” part, in the first part of Acts,**
As The Apostle Paul describes – his side of the facts:
Above all, ye Natives – Devotees – and-those-of-The-Tao,
Love-of-Yourself is A BIG OL’ PLUS! ‘specially NOW,
That most folks are looking for something wrong with,
WHATEVER YOU SAY! Especially-if-you-be-Lord-Sith!***
Even SITH,**** who looks satanic, dark – and pretty mean,
LOVES – his favorite, succulent Bertie Botts’ jelly bean!*****
So, whatever you choose (or don’t) it’s OK; the basics for YOU are for your lovely day!
Come now: a smile? Wipe the tears away! Would a loving God have it any other way?
fin ❤

* – not to be confused with Diuretics, Dialectics or Scientology!
** – A book of The Bible, describing how The Christians (those of The Way) got started
*** – arguably, a Sith Lord in the Star Wars films; however, arguably not! He seems to die and come back [but don’t we all?] and is red in the face, with a double-bladed light-saber! [That aught to qualify him to be a Sith Lord, shouldn’t it!?]
**** – His/her name was actually Darth Maul!
**** – Actually, don’t quote me on this, BUT – I have it through pretty good sources that Darth Maul can rarely decide on cherry or cinnamon flavor as his favorite! Of course, they are both very red, and this accounts for The Sith Lord’s complexion, I am told! Plus,
“Bertie Botts jelly beans – can a two-edged sword!” The Mystic Poet.


“Joy to the World”

“Joy to the World”
Joy, what a wonderful word, joy, my joy, the joy that strengths you, my joy is powerful, my joy is refreshing, my joy heals, my joy drives out depression, my joy is miraculous, my joy is eternal, my joy caused by to go to the cross, for I endured the shame knowing that the heavenly joy that would be released to all mankind would be worth. Joy to the world is not only a few days in December, it has been with me since the foundation of the earth, after I had worked 6 days to create the world and everything and grows and breathes, I stopped and said it was good, I rejoiced over my work with joy.
But you are my workmanship in Christ Jesus, I rejoice over you with singing, when you accepted my son as your Savior a great cloud of witnesses, broke out into singing saying, “Glory to God in the Highest and Glory to the Lamb who has redeemed us out of every kindred, tribe and nation. He has caused his joy to be released into our lives and The Joy of the Lord is our strength.
“Joy to the World” is wonderful in December, but The Joy of the Lord is to be your everyday experience…..it is available all you have to do is ask me for it, seek my face, and respond when I knock on your hearts door. Joy, My joy is your portion, abide…..enjoy. The Father of Light and Joy!


“His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace.”

“His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace.”

He is before all things and by him all things exist. He upholds all things by the word of his power, he is the Mighty God, he is the righteous Son of God. The Jews call him the Messiah, the gentiles called him a prophet, the Roman’s called him trouble, but Pilate found no fault in him.
The chief priest saw him as a political problem, the people saw him as their healer and spiritual leader, but only a few saw him as Peter did, he said you are the Son of God, that takes away the sin of the world.

John, saw the dove of the Holy Spirit descend on him at his water baptism and proclaimed he would baptize all that believe on him with the Holy Ghost and Fire.

He has been with me the Father before the foundations of the world, he is the word made flesh. He came into the world but the world knew him not, but to as many as received him, he gave them the power to become the Sons and Daughters of God.
And so much more; a savior, an intercessor, our provider, our leader, our example and finally our soon coming King. His name is Wonderful, Jesus is our counselor who’s still small voice guided Elijah when he was on the run from Jezebel.
Peace I give you, not as the world gives I give you a peace that passes all understanding, it is beyond measure and beyond words. That in a few words is who my Son, the Lord Jesus is. Father


“And a virgin shall be with child”

“And a virgin shall be with child”

And he shall be called Emmanuel, meaning God with us. He has no form or comeliness and we hid as it were our faces from him. He was cut off from his generation, he was with the rich and the wicked at his death.
The Lord God shall see the travail of his servant and his righteous judgment shall and has been satisfied. His mother was told when she asked the angel how could this be because she had not had relations with a man. She was told by the angel Gabriel, that the power of God would over shadow her, she was told to call him Jesus and that he would be the Son of the Highest. Mary said to the angel, be it unto me according to your word.
And it began the plan of salvation for all of mankind; planned before the foundations of the earth. The incredible plan that God would come as a baby, put on mortal flesh and live a sinless life among us only to suffer the most cruel death, so that he could be with us world without end. Our wholly righteous and true Emmanuel.

it was foretold generations before it ever occurred, it was promised to David that he would have a kingdom with no end. Daniel saw a stone cut from a mountain without hands that struck the image of Babylon, Rome and Greece, causing the idol to be destroyed and the stone that the builders rejected, became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.

The virgin child, the Holy Child, the Christ child, the only Begotten Son of the Father, came and now it is time for the saints to possess the Kingdom and be the mountain that fills the whole earth and subdues all other kingdoms on the face of the earth….that is what is foretold. Father

Amen 😇


“OF MICE AND MEN!” a poem, for Wednesday: February 6, 2019

“GOD” laughs! at our assessments!
God laughs – at our “frivolous in-vestments,
For God has no concern, when we judge, based on appearance,
And what we count as “valuable,” God would sell at “(a) clearance!”
God AGREES!!! For God LOVES – playing “ping pong,”
Watching “the balls” go, to and fro,
God just goes: “HO! HO! HO!”
Yet NEVER in a “mean way;” we just “tickle His funny bone,”
When (as-we’ve-seen), truth-is: Things-are-LIKE-a-”movie,”
And, if you burn the film, well, EVERYTHING’S “GROOVY!”
With the sacred “film fire,” we roast marshmallow treats,
And everyone sits around and says: “These-are-Heavenly-Eats!”
When everyone has “their fill,”
We laugh with God; we laugh – until,
Someone says: “What-are-we-gonna-do-now?”
And-The-Director*-has-an-idea: a film called: “The Laughing Tao,”
Featuring: EVERYONE! and-EVERYTHING! It’ll-be-SUPER-FUN,
And everyone joins right in, for they forgot about what happened with “THE LAST RUN!!!”
When God, The Director, thought wars & famines & Illuminati Intrigue,
And! INQUISITIONS! and HOLY CRUSADES! would-not impede,
OUR WAY – to really humorous co – me -dy,
So we ALL participate – in ANOTHER “Infinite Tragedy,”
And THE LOGO WE ALL AGREE ON – (pause) A G A I N!!!
To focus – our laughing & our crying! Is-of: MICE & MEN!! 🙂 😦

fin ❤

* – GOD! Oh, God! O. M. G.!

“Beautiful” – ART

Art is Music
You are beautiful inside and out
You look gorgeous to me
Especially with your Chello
Tonight 💋

Prayer – Birthday Dr.Samuel Davis – Texas – Alpine 😇

Dear Lord, on this day that we celebrate “Samuel” before his ready for the year ahead knowing that You have an order to his life.
Help him to find joy in every circumstance in life, knowing that You work all things out for good.
I thank You for Samuel”, for loving him with unconditional love, and for the promises You have spoken over Sam’s life.
In Jesus Name,



Happy Birthday
Dr. Samuel Davis
On this Day our thoughts are
With your Mother and Father
Looking over you
With love, and Grace for their perfect
Little Baby Boy
How proud of you they must be today
Creating your own offspring
Carrying on the family’s traditions
The Best Father


Jesus, shine through me and be so in me that every person I come in contact with may feel your presence in my soul.
My God, send me thy Holy Spirit to teach me what I am and what thou art!
May the Passion of Christ be ever in our heart.
And to be more with Him, more with Him, not merely with oneself.

Father, my heart is heavy. I feel like I have to carry the burden alone. Words like “overwhelmed,” “distraught,” “exhausted” seem to describe where I am. I am not sure how to let you carry my heavy load, so please show me how. Take it from me. Let me rest and be refreshed so that my heart won’t be so heavy in the morning. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Dear Lord, help me remember what a difference it makes when I make time with You a priority in my morning. Awaken me in body and spirit each day with a desire to meet with You and to hear You speak words of affirmation, assurance and wisdom over my heart as I prepare to go into my day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Here’s a good story………..Turin shroud shows another mystery face

Here’s a good story……….. Turin shroud shows another mystery face:

Monday, 12 April 2004
This isn’t the only face on the Shroud of Turin (Image: NASA)
The ghostly image of a man’s face has emerged on the reverse side of the Shroud of Turin, the piece of linen believed to have been wrapped around the body of Jesus after he was crucified, scientists say.

The discovery, using new digital imaging techniques, adds new complexity to one of the most controversial relics in Christendom.

The study, which will be published online ahead of print publication in the Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, examined the back surface of the famous handwoven linen.

The front side of the shroud, which carries the smudged outline of the body of a man, has been venerated as proof that Christ was resurrected from the grave, yet dismissed by others as a brilliant medieval fake.

While a multitude of scientists have investigated the front side of the shroud, the back side has remained hidden for centuries beneath a piece of so-called Holland cloth.

Nuns had sewn on the cloth in 1534 to protect the shroud after it had been damaged by fire. And researchers only fully scrutinized the cloth’s back surface in 2002, when the 14-foot-long linen was unstitched from the Holland cloth during a restoration project.

To the naked eye, the back surface of the shroud showed almost nothing, apart from a peculiar stitching that Dr Mechtild Flury-Lemberg, the Swiss textile expert who performed the restoration work, identified as a style seen in the first century AD or before.

The back surface, however, was photographed in detail and the pictures published in a book by Monsignor Giuseppe Ghiberti, one of the Church’s top shroud officials. At the end of the restoration, a new reinforcing cloth was sewn back in place, hiding the shroud’s reverse side once more.

“As I saw the pictures in the book, I was caught by the perception of a faint image on the back surface of the shroud. I thought that perhaps there was much more that wasn’t visible to the naked eye,” said Giulio Fanti, professor of mechanical and thermic measurements at the University of Padua and the study’s lead author.

Imaging the face.

Fanti used sophisticated image processing based on direct and inverse Fourier transform, enhancement and template-matching techniques on Ghiberti’s pictures to uncover the image of a man’s face.

Lying behind the known image of the bearded man bearing the marks of crucifixion, the new image had a striking 3-D quality and matched the known face in form, size and position.

“Though the image is very faint, features such as nose, eyes, hair, beard and mustache are clearly visible. There are some slight differences with the known face. For example, the nose on the reverse side shows the same extension of both nostrils, unlike the front side, in which the right nostril is less evident,” Fanti said.
But the enhancing procedure did not uncover the full body image as it appeared on the front side.

“If it does exist, it is masked by the noise of the digital image itself. But we found what it is probably the image of the hands,” Fanti said.

The presence of a face on both sides of the shroud would seem an obvious feature in case of a fake: when making a print onto a cloth, paint soaks the cloth’s fibers and also reaches the back side.

“This is not the case of the shroud. On both sides, the face image is superficial, involving only the outermost linen fibers. When a cross-section of the fabric is made, one extremely superficial image appears above and one below, but there is nothing in the middle. It is extremely difficult to make a fake with these features,” Fanti said.

Shrouded in mystery!

Scientific interest in linen cloth began in 1898, when lawyer Secondo Pia photographed it. The negatives showed the image of a bearded man with pierced wrists and feet, and a bloodstained head.

In 1988, the Vatican approved carbon-dating tests. Three laboratories in Oxford, Zurich and Tucson, Arizona, concluded the shroud was medieval, dating from 1260 to 1390, and not a burial cloth wrapped around the body of Christ.

But since then a growing sense that the radiocarbon dating might have had substantial flaws has emerged among shroud scholars.

Fanti’s finding matches a hypothesis postulated in 1990 by Dr John Jackson, a U.S. physicist who conducted the first major investigation into the shroud in 1978.

Jackson speculated the presence of a faint image on the back surface of the shroud, only in correspondence to the frontal image.

The history of the cloth has been steeped in mystery. It has survived several blazes since its existence was first recorded in France in 1357, including a mysterious fire at Turin Cathedral in 1997.

The shroud has been kept rolled up in a silver casket and has been on display only five times in the past century. When it last went on display in 2000, more than three million people saw it. The next display will be in 2025.

Related Stories
Tutankhamen’s tomb was awash with red wine, News in Science 23 Mar 2004
World’s oldest burial redated to 40,000 years, News in Science 20 Feb 2003
Science gives hope to shroud believers, AM Local Radio 5 Jul 1999


“SIMON’S WORLD!” a poem January 18, 2019 {Friday}


Simon says: “My mommy’s here!”
Simon holds her VERY dear,
‘Cause-she-suckles – and-holds-him-tight,
And tucks him into bed at night!
(It’s SIMON’S WORLD!) and ONE’s now TWO,
And, NOW – We wonder-what-Simon-will-do!
Well! No surprise! Now, Daddy’s near;
DAD-shields Simon – from every fear,
By guarding HIM – and, also, HER!
(It’s)-what-Daddy-does! We call him: SIR!
And Mommy? MA’AM and – NOW-there-are-THREE,
In Simon’s “developing tapestry!”
Attention-and-memories – solid-ify-“This-Scene,”
With, maybe, another child – for mommy to wean;
We’ll call HER a sibling – or, maybe-another-HIM!
We’ve got a little family! It’s SIMON’s little whim!
And grandparents visit! and that’s NO JIVE,
For Simon is expanding – his world along,
And Simon’s “vocals” are getting strong,
And more family members soon do arrive;
It’s causing SIMON’S WORLD – to really, really thrive,
And friends and neighbors – does Simon see,
EXPANSION – is (pause) the thing that He,
Desires! SO, The World of Simon,
Becomes a chorus, of mighty rhymin’!
Before long, he’s-in-school, and FACTS are learned,
Like 7-billion-people – and The World has turned,
But, Simon gets depressed,* and-then he might start,
Doubting THE WORLD! A World – OUT THERE!
A World HEAD! and-Simon’s-one-little-hair!?
Well, Simon loves HIS WORLD, all the characters within,
But-He’s-OK-to-lose-all-“the-extra” – people-there-have-been!
So, who gets to stay, and who’s not around?
It’s all up to Simon, for he’s no longer bound,
To be part of some world, that wants to make,
Simon, ITS Creation, when it’s HIS birthday cake,
That starts-IT and stops IT, for it’s Simon who says,
“Who’s HERE, and who’s NOT!” = Simon’s SHOW BIZ!

So, let’s just remember: YOUR WORLD IS WHAT YOU,
MAKE-IT-TO-BE! Simon says: “All-things’re-NEW!?”
Who’s “saved” then? and-who-is-“lost?”
“Meet”-with-Simon, at-any-cost,
For, perhaps-those (of) which Simon – is not aware,
Out of 7 billion – will have a blank stare,
For no one is saved, without-Simon’s-“recognition,”**
Of THAT THING’s existence! It’s-kinda-like-“perdition,”
For non-existent, non-entities, floating in mid-air,
BUT! Aren’t-we-ALL-just-THAT? Shall-we say-a-prayer?
And-pray-to-“The-Unknown-God,”*** within whom we move!
“NO, NO!” cried No One; “None-of-THIS-can-you-prove!”

Simon says: “YOU’RE NOT HERE!” (pause)
Then, you’re not?! But-Why-do-you-fear?
When, in the next moment, Simon’s gone too,
Then – SIMON D O E S N ‘ T SAY – When, Where or Who,
And THIS imaginary poem – echoes-NOT in no ear,
And-isn’t-seen-by-any-eye – So! Bye-now! HAVE NO-TEAR!
We CAN’t disappear – into non-descript light,
And no-one-(not)-even-Simon considers this (poetic) “rot,”
You’re-neither -too-cold- or-too-hot! 🙂 – LUKE, [you’re] WARM!

fin ❤

* – The Dark Night of The Soul!? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Night_of_the_Soul

** – At West Point, “plebes,” or first year cadets, were, essentially, non-entities! After a year’s time, the “Upper Classmen” were “introduced” to us and began to call us by our first names! Suddenly! We were RECOGNIZED!

*** – See the first part of The Book of ACTS, in The Bible, where The Apostle Paul introduces The World to The God He (Paul) “serves!”


a TENNIS poem, for starters! January 17, 2019 – THOR’s DAY!

The-Lord-is-willing – to-take-you – only-about-as-far as-you-might-be willin’-to-go!!
So, IF YOU JUST WANNA PRACTICE or rehearse, The-Lord-will-(just)-let-you-know,
For-a-game-or-a-set-or-even-a-match – to-keep-your-life-REALLY-steady!!
“But-y’know, We-all-need-to -play FOR REAL – once-in-a-while,” says HE;
Jesus will not push your resistance – MUCH! He’ll wait and see,
IF! you are ready – to play with HIM – and do THE REAL WORK,
OR-just-make-silly-excuses-for-not-playing-the-game! He’ll be NO JERK,
To force you to do – SERVICE-for-REAL; Good Jesus will avoid,
“Real-playing,” until-you’re-“ready!” He don’t want you annoyed,
Or making lame excuses, ’cause you’re not focused on,
Being-more-than-an-“easy-hitter:” What The World might call “a pawn!”
To: NEVER-play-a-real-game,
And! Until you’re REALLY-READY, to-Jesus, it’s “all the same!” 🙂 -Yeah!

fin ❤

“A Nod – To The Baseball God!” a supplemental poem:

JESUS wants you “OUT THERE,” to make a real hit,
To eye “the perfect pitch” of Satan – and-not-always-throw-a-fit,
When-you-hear-the: “BATTER UP,” and-you-say: “More practice swings,
I’ll need – before-I-can-STEP-UP – to-“The-Plate-of-Kings!”
For, if you’re always in The Batter’s Box,” do not expect your “best!!!”
Practice swings – are-not-all-that-good – WHEN THE-GAME’S THE REAL TEST!

Luke LeBree

For many years of my life I felt I was a failure, not that I did not have fun at times and good parents but life seem to be to hard for me and because of this I struggled I would put myself down if things went wrong thinking it was my fault. I nearly lost my first life by suicide but God shone his light upon me in the last second and I changed my life. I then worked for god in many ways not always seen as christian but happy for I felt I had helped many people. Then I felt I was dying and God told me I was but asked me to be his messenger if I wished, which I accepted, I died about two weeks later and came back to life in hospital for Jesus was there. Now as his messenger I take no credit for what I do be it wonderful most times. I now see it is Jesus who blesses me in others eyes. The lessens he has shown me that I am his loving child and I live it to the best I am able and life in the main is wonderful . How others treat me will be there joy or curse depending if they can accept being Gods child and be twice born. Amen. Love you all through the spirit of life and love, peace and joy. so be it.

Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.
As the times move in ways to destroy my people and my planet earth,I want it to be known I died for you, Being among you because of the love I had for each of you and for the planet whom is the life energy of my Father. The Holy Spirit I freely gave on my return to my home in Heaven to guide you when you called upon me. Now you have reached a time when most of your media is controlled by the devil Satan, and he will lead you to total destruction by his evil ones acting as if they are for your highest good. I tell you this for I am here for all of you if you repent and wash yourselves of the mockery you have had chosen to follow against me and the Father. Not all churches are in praise of my love I offer you and how I set you free to return if you have not already. Now it will be more difficult for you to see the truth through your loving spirit and Heart of love the longer you leave it. My animals and birds of the forest also call to be a part of the love creation in Heaven, as will the thousands of tree and plant life for which I will with the Fathers’ energy bring these life forms of mother earth to a place of wonder.
I am without words to answer this just the love you flow through me which brings with it understanding and freedom to safe guard my destiny.


Luke Le Bree.🕊


O Lord, Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Saviour, forgive my sins, just as You forgave Peter’s denial and those who crucified You.
Count not my transgressions, but, rather, my tears of repentance. Remember not my iniquities, but, more especially, my sorrow for the offenses I have committed against You.
I long to be true to Your Word, and pray that You will love me and come to make Your dwelling place within me.
I promise to give You praise and glory in love and in service all the days of my life.




Loving people of whom you show yourselves as my brothers and sisters. hear me cry out to you and ask that you dont contain God in your buildings , be that temples of old ways, or churches. ( For I reign in Heaven and I have already have shown myself to you by my Son having made it possible for you to return to freedom and in your connection to the Spirit Jesus sent to you, allowed your freedom to be everywhere and in the love he sent. Gather in places of fellowship but know I am in all life and I can be found there also. Let no-one try and organize your freedom unless it be your choice. There is no right and wrong in my presents, only love and respect for what I offer you. Oppose not my messengers for you offend me. My messenger who is laying down these words to you is brave for he feels if it be wrong I would not love him. But nothing can be further from the truth for he has a heart that kingdoms of love can be created because the faith he shows in me. Now I ask of you all. be free to love the life I freely give and hold up to others your smile and presence as you expose that which is holy in you as a witness and a warning of things to come when hearts have opposed my love to create that which is beautiful. Be that seen or unseen the connection will be in your heart. The faith in my son Jesus and the gift of the most Holy connection in my Holy Spirit is because of my love. be you that from this day forward my love in all that you do , and until that time you return I will overlook where you may stumble and I will send angels to help you to your feet.) . Blessings. Luke Le Bree.