Famous Poets J Jay Samuel Davis

And who in this world knows?

Away, sad thoughts, and teasing
Perplexities, away!
Let other blood go freezing,
We will be wise and gay.
For here is all heart-easing,
An ecstasy at play.
The children dancing, dancing,
Light upon happy feet,
Both eye and heart entrancing
Mingle, escape, and meet;
Come joyous-eyed and advancing
Or floatingly retreat.
Now slow, now swifter treading
Their paces timed and true,
An instant poised, then threading
A maze of printless clue,
Their motions smoothly wedding
To melody anew,
They sway in chime, and scatter
In looping circles; they
Are Music’s airy matter,
And their feet move, the way
The raindrops shine and patter
On tossing flowers in May.
As if those flowers were singing
For joy of the clean air,
As if you saw them springing
To dance the breeze, so fair
The lissom bodies swinging,
So light the flung-back hair.
And through the mind enchanted
A happy river goes
By its own young carol haunted
And bringing where it flows
What all in the world has wanted
And who in this world knows?

J Jay Samuel Davis



Much splendor and clearness of mind and heart, is what is required by all who love the Father, and who accept the everlasting boldness of Spirit. Know that many fallen angels seek to steal your life and power so they can control you and run the places you live and seek to befriend each other. If you are not as I ask of you and have the faith that only through myself can you behold the miracles ahead that will clearly show you are mine and nurtured in Gods Grace.
The evil ones know there time will come when they will be no more, but because they know that they will continue while the many give there life serving them and being fooled, they are to lose there life they feel is theirs because of selfishness. The false feeling God is not required to give sustenance to there life and all emotions of control are theirs by giving of themselves the leeches of evil..take full advantage.
Know that to have a beauty of heart and a clear mind is a choice to serve God. the rest I have told you is brought about by controlling your understanding by that which was cast from Heaven.

O loving God free me of all that is controlled by that which has fallen, I choose only you and in the clearness, I will follow you in your Name Jesus Christ.

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