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“THE RIVERBED!” a poem a.k.a.: “Why All The Suffering?” August 25, 2019 (Sunday!)

“THE RIVERBED!” a poem a.k.a.: “Why All The Suffering?” August 25, 2019 (Sunday!)

There’s a Burning!

Why this Yearning!?

Are you Mourning?!

Well! Good Morning!

Abandoned! (pause) ALL!

“I’m Suffer(ing)!? There’s No Call?!”

Why-‘re-you ANXIOUS? Why-cry in Your-Heart?

For-God’s-sake, what-happened? Where’s-your-Other-Part?

Just can’t explain it? “I’m unable to explain,

Why there’s this longing, with SO-MUCH pain!”

The answer? unfathomable! Ineffable! and easy,


You’re TOO-LIGHT! and-breezy!

Deep-down in your “soul,” you-still [always] “recall:”


Do-you remember “The-Fall?”

When you were plucked-OUT? – of the-marsh you-were-in!

A reed, growing strong – You-want-to be-THERE-a-gain!

Again, next-to-The-River, but unless you’re “pulled out,”

And brought into-The-Air; what’s a reed flute about!

With 9 holes bored through,* to-make A PITIFUL SOUND,

Blowing with longing! Where’s-The-Riverbed to-be- found?

Is it HERE? Over there! You keep playing and playing,

Searching and longing, which-is-the-truest-form-of-praying!

So, you-were- pulled up from The Riverbed of God,

And you want to go back – to replant your bod,

And that’s all the longing and suffering’s about!

SIGH, little reed flute – play-your-Divine-Song,


fin ♥

  • – 2 nostrils, 2 ear ducts, 2 eyes, 1 mouth, 1 pooper & 1 hole to assist in procreation! In Sanskrit “nava dwara,” meaning: “By The New!” The reed flute has 9 holes! ( < 10!)

Melanie’s Season ~ Goodbye 👋

“MELANIE’S SEASON!” a poem August 24, 2019 [Saturday]

Intro: One of our favorite tellers, who has worked at the bank here for many years, left Alpine; everyone will miss Melanie, petite & kind! We wish her & her husband the best!

Melanie’s leaving! So, I’m gonna cry!

Melanie’s leaving! I don’t know why!

But maybe everything happens “for a reason,”

And the last several years? We’ll call-it: MELANIE’S SEASON!

MELANIE’S SEASON had – clean bills (of health),

And Melanie’s smile, in a bank full of wealth,

But a bank isn’t wealthy, just because it has money;

It’s A RICH BANK because of incredible folks! like: “Melanie Honey,”

And “Isaac Honey” and “K[C]rystal Honey” too!

And Annette and David! Sometimes, “green” erases “blue!”

Well, I’m green with envy – when I think-that- Me l -a-nie,

Is leaving us; so, I’ll-cry – Yes! con-stant-ly,

In My Heart all day to-day,

And, for her family, I will always pray:

“That Abilene – will be nice and cozy,

And welcome them (graciously) – and that life is ever ROSY,

And that Happiness always awaits for This Special Her,

‘Cause Melanie’s wonderful! Yes, She’s-a sweet – won – der!”

fin ♥

Film Review ~

Johnny Depp the man of numerous skills

Here is one of the greatest actors of all times

Imagine this, Johnny Depp stays in character during the entire filming process.

That is a remarkable human resistance to his inner soul. I marvel at how this guy recovers from filming this emotional drain.

Congratulations Johnny Depp the Master of film.

Johnny Film Reviews
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  • “THE RIVERBED!” a poem a.k.a.: “Why All The Suffering?” August 25, 2019 (Sunday!)
    "THE RIVERBED!" a poem a.k.a.: "Why All The Suffering?" August 25, 2019 (Sunday!) There's a Burning! Why this Yearning!? Are you Mourning?! Well! Good Morning! Abandoned! (pause) ALL! "I'm Suffer(ing)!? There's No Call?!" Why-'re-you ANXIOUS? Why-cry in Your-Heart? For-God's-sake, what-happened? Where's-your-Other-Part? Just can't explain it? "I'm unable to explain, Why there's this longing, with SO-MUCH … Read more
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Stand Tall ~ Art for Sale

Intro: I passed the lovely cherry tree; it was at dawn one day,

And, as I walked, the iris spoke; here’s-what THE-IRIS say:

“Life, it takes some effort, but-if-you-can TRY, all the while,

To-stand UPRIGHT! with petals e-rect – and smile, smile, smile!”

“THE ADVICE OF THE IRIS!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Stand For Something!” Aug. 22, 2019 (Thursday)

SMILE! Just – smile! and, also – STAND UP STRAIGHT!

Get-up (at) 7:00, not 8:00? and, with-that-extra-hour, you-might-feel-great!

Smile like-the Smiling Jaguar, who-guards-the-iris-patch at The Palace Wall!

STAND STRAIGHT (closer-to-Heaven), and people will say: “HOW TALL,

THAT STATELY [ ] looks; I-think-(s)he-looks an-hour younger!”

Smile! and Stand Up Straight! and (also) satisfy YOUR HUNGER,

With some good food and-sunshine and-also rain-and-air,

And-suddenly! Life might seem better! Here – and everywhere!

YOU’LL HAVE (closer-to) “24/7” WORTH-OF-A- “GOOD HAIR DAY,”

And, along with you, I bet your friends – might surely shout: “Hooray!”

AND!! Please-know, since you seem “better” and “taller,”

“They” might ask-you for 10 dollars, ’cause they’ll know you might NOT holler!

Instead, you’ll SMILE, like The Smiling Jaguar, who lives just up the lane,

Who’s so-tall (as-he’s smiling pretty!)


fin ♥

Outro: As I left my pretty IRIS, they-seemed-to-droop, just a-little!

“But we’re smiling and (trying to) stand(ing) straight!? This is such a riddle,

To determine whatever it is – additionally! that we need!”

I turned back – to my little friend(s), for-the irises were perplexed, indeed!

And I said, “I’ve got an idea,” and I ADDED SOME NICE WATER!

Now, THEIR SMILING & STRAIGHTNESS seems (pause) much-more,


(These are two original acrylic and pastel paintings, beautifully framed!)

Enquiries twoheartsandminds@gmail.com
Art for Sale
Enquiry twoheartsandminds@gmail.com

The Professor ~

“THE PROFESSOR!” a poem, a.k.a.: “What I Do, What I Say: For You, Yesterday! & Today!” August 23, 2019 (Friday)

To be true to my (Thine) Self, this I do,

For Love, for Love; yes, CERTAIN LOVE of YOU!

Nothing more; nothing less –



Is FOR US! Therefore, ever true,

And the doubts of one thousand demons,

I EASILY subdue!

Nothing else – do I ARDENTLY profess,

Except I LOVE:

To-guard, to-adore – to cherish-&-bless,

YOU, The Woman of My Dreams,

Who needs me, as I-need her;

Therefore, I easily can secure,

From Heaven’s Vault, a certificate of PURE,

Intention and devotion, which is surely – “the surest cure,”

To any doubt that OTHERS might raise,

About my Love for YOU,

Which has NO haze,

Of uncertain or fabricated yearning!

For YOU, my Darling Angel – my-pure-desire-is-now-&-ever-burning!

fin ♥

Knock me out with a feather

“COME PLAY!” a poem August 22, 2019 (Thursday)

I CAN-imagine I’ve “figured it out!” or-that-I-HAVE “got-it-together,”

But all I need is a day or two – and you-can knock me over with-a-feather,

Because NO ONE’s so great in this Great Mystery to stand out all that much,

Or-for very long, Ye Powerful People!

“Midas, will-you give up your Golden Touch?”*


It’s-good-to calm down! No, you-needn’t frown, but-you-could (maybe) get off Your “High Horse,”

Feed the birds and “trim the wick” and pet the dog, of course!

I can whisper to you, but you must KNOW, with-your-confident phil-o-soph-y,

That it don’t take much, All You Clever Ones, to put you on your knee,

And turn the screw – to make you cry!

This World’s our trap and we’ll never know WHY,


And, before-you start-to-stomp – and to-really-pout,

Just breathe – and know – that things just ARE,

And, even with a lot of cash or a fancy car,

Or degrees or books that you have wrote,

The birds are PLENTY HAPPY – if they can just tote,

A small piece of bread – back to their nest!


Lets you rest-up for-another Wonderful Day,

Of “Genius At Work” and “Come, Let’s Play!”

fin ♥



* – Midas was a mythical king, who was granted one wish and wished that everything he touched turned into gold (because he loved gold so much). You can imagine what happened!

** – Who am I?

Luke Le Bree ~ Message from Jesus

Know my beautiful family as we walk in harmony and secure in my love we will laugh and live as innocent children in a brand new environment. Know I watch over you sometimes from a raindrop hanging on a tree or the earth you walk upon but we are one forever unless you choose otherwise. You see my father through myself created you from perfection and your parents if at peace and love with me help you to understand all life is us together as a family. When you look at a beautiful view you are seeing your beauty as well for only the ones who separate from my love start to look upon destruction as a way of life they choose. They have chosen to separate from our life and love and most of all our forgiveness. So they all feel something missing in there life rather than being life itself. The times you are entering is asking you to love as never before and become one in our creations and also which you will be active in. You may be a creator of flowers, or any form of beauty as you wish and it will be on display in heaven I look forward seeing your love from the father take shape or come alive to honour us as your true understanding of God. Let not a day go by that love is most important for its life and your walking home hand in hand.,