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“CENTERING PRAYER, A BUDDHIST CONSIDERATION.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Being Truly Centered In The Body.” 10/15/19 [Tuesday].

“CENTERING PRAYER, A BUDDHIST CONSIDERATION.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Being Truly Centered In The Body.” 10/15/19 [Tuesday].

There was, IthinkI remember, somethingCalled a “Centering Prayer,”

A Buddhist meditation, which I learned “up there.”

I was upon A LOFTY MOUNTAIN TOP, awayFrom”[The]Din&Flurry,”

Of This Life’s existence; it made me kind of teary.

I heard THE VOICE OF NATURE and felt The Power of GOD;

I went into “my core of cores,” beyond MYspiritAnd “bod.”

I went to Sweet Nirvana and tasted NectarDivine;

“THE CENTERING PRAYER IS HOLY? ItCanMake you feel so fine;

You’ll vibrate ever gently, and some say that you swoon,

Dancing very quietly, communing with The Moon.

I drifted on forever and then returned to Earth;

The Doshi,* (s)he embraced me; I had experienced “Second Birth.”

I breathed, I lived I AM eternal and sublime.

“Here, here,” (s)he said; “haveAmorselOfBread and a wedge of lime;


NOW,” (S)HE SAID (kind of quietly): “SWEEPtheDOJOwithTHIS BROOM.”

For, Centering Prayers are excellent soYou’llKNOWthatYouAreSPIRIT,

But, then it’s time to GETbackTOwork. “Oh, Lord, doI have to hear it?”

WhoWantsToHearAboutToil&sweat NOWthat ‘BACK HERE’ youHave entered?”

“That’s Life,” said(s)heWithAknowingSmile, “ifYouWantToBe TRULY’centered.’ “

fin ♥

  • – a “teacher,” in some spiritual traditions, who is HOLY, often “holier than Thou.” In the Hindi language, it is someone who carries things in a sack, intending to peddle them.

MALICIOUS.” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Shadow’s Stew.”* October 15, 2019 (Tuesday)

“MALICIOUS.” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Shadow’s Stew.”* October 15, 2019 (Tuesday)


Can Be Delicious,


Exactly what it’s doing; for instance, let’s suppose,

Someone’s filled with ANGST and wants to “get back” at you,

For hurting “IT;” well, it’s The Shadow, IT likes to fret and stew.

The Shadow’s “STEW” is malicious, passive/aggressive, aRealDarkFreak,

And IT love to hurl three and four letter words out THERE. Eek! Eeeky Eeek.

Now, suppose in This Especial Age of ILLUSION, with texting ever present,

That THE SHADOW gets a hold of that keyboard, it’ll make it effervescent,

By slinging arrows of innuendos and other hurtful things,

In The Cyber Air. “Malicious” isTheTerm The Mind brings,

To “the texting table,”

To hurt poor, sensitive Mabel,**

By alleging HURT where NONE was intended.

TEXTS, malicious can easily be sended,

By people like The Tweeting President, who lives down Drury*** Lane;


For MALICIOUS, texting GAIN?

fin ♥

  • – The term SHADOW: https://frithluton.com/articles/shadow/

** – Ma Bell, a nickname for The American Telephone & Telegraph Corporation.

*** – or DREARY

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“GETTING RID OF THE ‘FEAR OF CLOWNS.’ ” a poem for Brandon Apodaca, Posted on October 15, 2019 (Tuesday)

“GETTING RID OF THE ‘FEAR OF CLOWNS.’ ” a poem for Brandon Apodaca, Posted on October 15, 2019 (Tuesday)

Brandon,* he had FEAR OF CLOWNS until he met J Jay,

And then his terrible “phobia,” it simply went away.

It was so most remarkable thatAcLOWN, like The Mystic Poet,

Could perform THIS AMAZING MIR ACLE, but this is how we know it:

“Fact is,” said Brandon,* “the only real phobia that I really got,

Is: THE BLOODY FEAR OF CLOWNS; I fear those clowns a lot.

Sure, there’s FEAR OF SPIDERS, of PHONES and DOCTORS too,

Of MONSTERS IN THE NIGHT, My Friend, and LOVE, thatCanMakeYou’blue,’

BUT THE FEAR OF CLOWNS. O. M. G. like Outer Space Clown Killers,

And Pennywise** and Ronald*** too; THESE GUYS are REALLY thrillers.”

Yet, J Jay, even though a clown, was able to cure this “phobe,”

That Brandon had which made him sad. GoodJ simply wore a robe,

A clown nose and some glasses and a dirty cowboy hat,

And gave our Brandon 95 bucks and bought the printed mat,

A framED piece that Brandon had whichWasCalled: FEAR OF CLOWNS.

So, NOW, when Brandon seesAcostumedGent, he seldom even frowns,

Because he knows that CLOWNS ARE RICH, and they might buy a print,

Of Brandon’s excellent artwork;


fin ♥

  • – Brandon Apodaca, famous artist at Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

** – The supernatural killer clown from The novel/film “It.”

***- Mr. McDonald, who can serve you BIG Macs and greasy french fries and sweetened sodas, all of which can kill the heck out of you, by clogging up your arteries, giving you strokes and heart attacks and Big Mac Attacks and fish attacks on “Fish Friday.” O. M. G., but it all tastes PRETTY GOOD and you can always work it off by going and getting a little exercise, like running or playing tennis or shooting baskets. You gotta sweat to be a good artist, and you gotta eat, you know. OK?

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Request Big Boy 😋

“REQUEST OF THE BACHELOR BOY.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Little Tom Needs A Mom.” Oct. 14, 2019 (MoonY DaY)

He made it HERE to EArth on TIME. He’s NOW included inThis glorious? rhyme;

His request: “CookForMe; I need a little food; Alphonse, please, a meal if you woould,

For ME because ‘I DON’T WANT TO;’ YouClean&Cook, ifYou’reAfriendWho’sTrue.”

Then, ALsaid: “There’s a name for THAT; it’s called A WIFE,

And (s)he will totally (and wonderfully) order your life;

She’ll cleanYourHat AndClock; [it’s]WorseThan[A]prison,

So, please GOOD FRIEND, please DO lis’en:

IF a wife’s too much, whatAboutAgirlFriend?

But, STILL Awife you might ‘getInTheEnd.’ “

“I don’t wanna drive, so you give me a ride, For I have values and I have my pride,

And I’ve places to go, and you have a car,

AndYouCanCookForMe&CleanForMe; I WANNA GO FAR,

Far from responsibilities LIKE: preparing meals;

I LIKE LIFE THIS WAY; I like me good deals,

And it’s a good deal to exploit and use other people,

And I like to prayUnder EACHhappyChurchSteeple,

Praying to GOD for a life that is easy; I am a bachelor, being carefree, so breezy.”

Of course, at “the root,” we all just want MOM, Cooking & cleaning for “little ol’ Tom.”

“I like to beTOMtomTHE’bachelorBOY:’ Homecooked meals & playing with every toy;

I wanna be looked after; IS THAT OK?” “Sure, Little Tom, but you might have to pay,

By takingAlittleRESPONSIBILITY (a little, at least) most every day.”

“Well, that’s a bit much; I just wanna play!

And, when I wanna sleep, I’mJustGonnaSleep right nice.”

“Well, good luck with that, Tom, but you might just think [about this] twice.”


But HowMuchIsTooMuch? AfterSoMuch[Abuse] mostPeopleWon’t


Yeah, I know we’re all lazy; I’m sure WE’LL ALL AGREE,

That ‘given an inch, we loveToTakeAmile,’

But dependingUponEveryoneForEverything WILL NOT MAKE US SMILE,

For at some point, most people WILL SIMPLY AVOID YOU.]

“LONELINESS SUCKS; you CANhelp some, Tom too;

You can help yourself BY HELPING OTHERS,” I say;

“Try It; youMIGHTlikeIT a little anyway.”

We’re all in THE CHOIR, and you’ve got to CARRY OUR PART;

AT LEAST DO OUR BEST. OK? Come, let’s all start,

NOT trying to give TOTAL CARE FOR US to ev ery one;

For instance, doing our OWN COOKING, it MIGHT be a little fun,

To cook for ourselves, to give us something to do.

Remember: “Little TOMtom We REALLY DO loveYOU.

fin ♥

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