Letter to my Husband

As a perfume doth remain In the folds where it hath lain, So the thought of you, remaining Deeply folded in my brain, Will not leave me; all things leave me –You remain. Other thoughts may come and go, Other moments I may know That shall waft me, in their going, As a breath blown […]

Abstinence ~

“ABSTINENCE.” a poem a.k.a.: “The Day ‘Kindness’ And Death Got Married.” December 9, 2019 (Monday) Simon Contreras is awfully KIND; He’s (even) given up meat & now seldom will dine, On ANYTHING ANY MORE so his days will be few? HeEarlierTodayFoundOut”vegetablesHAVEfeelings,” so he gave up on stew. The weather is COLD outside of his door; […]

From The Losy Louseโ€™s Diary ~ Don’t be a FAKE ” Smiler ” ๐Ÿ˜

“FROM THE LOUSY LOUSE’S DIARY.” a poem December 8, 2019 (Sunday) There are folks that TALK ABOUT “positivity” and SMILE A LOT; Mostly, such people have really just taught, ME to realize that: People seemingly focused a lot on beingNice&DoingGood, GENERALLY DON’T; so, although their smile could, TRICK ME FOR A WHILE, I think I’ll […]

I’m Sorry ๐Ÿ’”

“I’M SORRY.” poem for: November 7, 2019 (Saturday) Oh, (I think I have noticed some things regarding) Mr. Trump: I’M SORRY; I think he’s hit “a bump,” In The Proverbial ROAD OF LIFE; I’m (truly) sorry, especially for His wife, And His Kids may need a new role model. I’m sorry if anybody in The […]

The Train of Life ~

THE TRAIN: At birth, we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel by our side. As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of your life. However, at some station our parents […]

Holiday Season โ„๏ธ

“HOLIDAY SEASON UPS AND DOWNS.” a poem December 7, 2019. “Thanksgiving Day” was the time for family and friends, Eating and giving thanks for MANY BLESSINGS; Yet, it ends? For us in The U. S., During our “Pearl Harbor Day,” When we remember “The [Day of] Infamy,” and we bow to pray, Saddened by the […]