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Facebook outage smashes record as deprived users struggle to cope – 7 News

Facebook outage smashes record as deprived users struggle to cope – 7 News


Facebook crashed



“Here Goes Facebook 2!”   😁😊

“NORMALS!” a poem a.k.a.: Saturday 23 Feb 2019

YOU WERE GONE! the day we met!
It is ALWAYS – a safe bet,
That the moment “X” comes into view,
IT is gone!!! So, don’t be “blue!”

I KNEW THAT FACEBOOK had-already-expired,
The moment that I first inquired,
About-getting-a-Facebook-site, you-see,
So-I’ve-NO-TEARS-to-offer to-be-friend – ly!

Do-you-remember-THE-ATOMIC-MODEL, in-The-Day?
IT-Had: electrons, neutrons &-protons! Hurray!
But-THEN – It-managed to have even-more-parti-cles,
AND-NOW! Models-have many-different-articles:

For STRING-THEORY – and-QUANTUMS-have-ma-terialized,
And-they’ll-be-gone even-‘fore-you’ve-rea-lized,
THEY’RE-MISSING! So – “Bye, bye, Love!” and-“Hello! to-YOU!”

There is ONE FORCE, with many forms –
Many differences – and MANY NORMS!
SO! There-will-be FACEBOOK 2! Have no doubt!
Then, once more! YOU’LL “POST”* AND SHOUT!

The Buddhists call it: IM – PER – MAN- ENCE!
Others? LILA** or The Cosmic Dance!
But, I’ll call-it: HERE-TODAY!- GONE-TOMORROW!
Nothing lasts! So, drop your sorrow,
And REACH-FOR-LOVE, ’cause it’s “the stuff,”
That-materializes-Facebook! and-it’s-all-just FLUFF! 🙂 – Whoa!

fin ❤

* – or “they’ll” make up a new name for doing THAT! or return to an OLD one, like inputting, inputtal, puttal, putting, pudding, or sub – do – whatever people agree to do, by default – or NOT! L. O. L.!!! 😁😊

** – Hindu term: “the play(?)” of “conditional reality!” Many forms, one “something!”


“Sadistic” and “cruel” Instagram stalker jailed for 10 months – https://www.9news.com.au/2019/01/30/15/47/news-melbourne-mark-riley-sadistic-instagram-stalker

Relationship Breakdown 👱

There are a million reasons relationships go through difficulties. There may be external factors the put pressures on your relationship – such as money, problems at work, a new baby, difficulties with family and friends.
Infidelity could be another reason. There may not be one incident in itself, but the gradual buildup of resentment and bitterness over the years caused by smaller disagreements that have taken their toll on the relationship. Little things that you always saw as Cute and adorable when you first got together now great on you intensely.
It interest to note that traditionally infidelity has number one reason cited in divorce cases.
Accordingly, according to statics ” falling out of love” – ” growing apart ” are the most common reasons cited for divorce.
It is important to take some time really to identify what the issues or problems are in the relationship.
It is not a blame game, it’s about being totally honest and both parties accepting responsibility on both sides. This can be a difficult situation for both parties. Emotions may be charged and some things are painfully to consider and indeed to talk about.
Yes, Professional Counseling is available but this path doesn’t have great success. Both of you will overspend money creating more angst between you. Friends, the family should never be consulted as you well know sides have already confirmed who on whose side they are and advice is in favor of their Opinion!?.
Australia has Lifeline right on your mobile free. It’s Private.

Facebook is the best Private Diary in the World
Oh my, please do not share your personal life on Social Media or Blogs 😅😂😨

Strange that 😁

Watch “Things That You NEED To Delete From Your Facebook Page Immediately” on YouTube

‘A blemish in his sanctuary’: the battle behind Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaii estate

‘A blemish in his sanctuary’: the battle behind Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaii estate


The photos used by man ‘posing as US soldier to scam online lover’ – 7 News . We posted this to Facebook as a Warning. Truly this beggars belief how stupid men or women on social media are. 💣 This week we saw a Male Freind exposed on Facebook with a Woman who snapped him masterbating for her ( happened to be male scam) His wife is furious. Facebook missed it. I “overshare” Landscapes, Flowers and animals and receive 28 days Blocked 💣🙈🙊🙉

The photos used by man ‘posing as US soldier to scam online lover’ – 7 News


Watch “Things That You NEED To Delete From Your Facebook Page Immediately” on YouTube


Today on Facebook Soda (she muso) did comment with passion how she feels about FACEBOOK denying Friends what all folk in the Capitalised SOCIETY that we have been indoctrinated into since birth.



Take a moment to read, maybe kindly you may need to hear this right this moment

Here is my condensed reply to Soda to ponder on ( waiting for the reply )

Soda Lee I get it, believe me .

We were reared with Free Speech enjoyed a very free lifestyle.


Reason being they don’t trust anyone say and do hateful comments, hurt all living Creatures with this viral hate.

Man made Religion is not Freedom of SPEECH it’s an excuse to murder the children off our future freedom of CHOICE

AT WHAT PRICE did we pay for Freedom of SPEECH.

When my Family were sent to War for Freedom, did they realise what they had done to our family the Government of the day. (Boys and toys plus the egos of men)

Governments that spook Freedom of SPEECH are the monsters of the devil for monetary policy rewards lining self pockets

War is Denying all humans a Free life of choice.

The term CHOICE is your responsibility not this word FREEDOM OF SPEACH.

Humanity is a gift to this world. Peace be with you all the days of your LIFE.

Choice is your true gift, use it wisely and life is sweeter.

DEAR SODA you are beautiful to. ❤

Facebook users be aware please share inspiration, Happiness not hate speech.

Facebook users this platform is free to you to follow family and friends not play or Religion or Politics.

Always be polite, gracious

Do not seek attention by Judgement or Racist comments

Are you comments current or fake news, look further afield before posting.

Facebook 😁😆

“REAL WOMEN DON’T USE FACEBOOK – THEY JUST GET BEAR AND USE A POST!” a poem a.k.a.: “In Search of: NO FACE BOOK!” 11/9/2018 – Friday

GOD’s in charge of Facebook – we found out yesterday!

(S)he’ll throw you all in JAIL – or-crucify-you! Hey, hey!

For GOD’s a “real piece o’ work,” and will-kill all-Her(His) daughters-&-sons;

(S)he’ll let them/you post – and even host – & will-let us play with guns!!

But no dikpix – or vagietrix – ‘cause then-you’re-considered-NAUGHTY,

Wanna-get-stuck-in-JAIL-for-the-week? This-Social-Media’s (so) shoddy!

If you’ve a gripe, just call “US” up; we will NOT answer you,

“WE” are an algorithmic text! Come-on (now)! You wanna sue?

Try-to-sue-”US,” you’ll have no luck,

For algorithms – you can NOT f – – – – -!

“WE” don’t exist! Oh, yes! WE do!

‘Cause WE’ve “key words,” like f – – – – – – & s – – – – – – -,

And – IF we notice once-too-often, [ b l a n k ]-on-your-bloody-page,

We will NOT get upset, you-know – We’ll-never throw a rage;

WE’ll just respond, in-A-GODLY-WAY, * and stick you 10 feet under;

So, DO NOT CROSS US, M—— F—— s; do NOT make that blunder,

‘Cause WE (I?) AM (are) GOD, The-Almighty-One, runner of Facebook;

Call us, page us, e-mail us too – Your souls we have done took!

“When I was young – and quite naive, I believed in GOD – and stuff!

Now that I have a Facebook Page, I know IT – is a “bluff!” **

Miss Behavin’ lives next door; she loves my Facebook posts,

Until SHE-doesn’t and shuts me down – I-don’t-care-’bout-all-These-Ghosts!

BRING IT ON! OH, FACEBOOK GOD – for I don’t NEED “My Page,”

I’d f – – – – you royally, IF I could! Come-on-NOW! Act your age,

And you are ancient! An “Evil” Serpent, filled with dreadful venom! ***

(But) I’m immune! Been bit a lot! I’ll still wear cotton-&-denim!

FACEBOOK! FACEBOOK! God-of-This-World! I spit into your eye,

And I won’t care – if-you-shut-me-down/off! I will barely cry!

I’LL LAUGH! I’LL SING! YOU F – – – ing THING, a piece of 3-D “flap,”

F—– you, Facebook-no-arse-to-kick! NO HEART! NO SOUL! just c–p! ****

fin ❤

* – i.e.: “Community Standards” R “US”


*** – L. O. L. – Actually filled with something else, a little more pungent!

**** – IF there was a GOD, IF there really was a SUPREME BEING, IT would: (1) not be a he or a she; (2) not censor anything, since everything exists within IT’s parameter’s; and (3) IT would be … even more unapproachable than whatever computer system operates Facebook! (Of course, now, someone either programs or programmed [but my guess is: programS, ‘cause whoever set up this system is (are) (a) bloody control freak(s), times infinity] Facebook, Inc., so THAT person – or consortium – must just have A GOD COMPLEX almost comparable to mine!! So! F – – – – you, Facebook Programmer(s) – and your b – – – – – – , c – – – – s – – – – p – – – p – – -, f – – – – ing w – – – – mother(s), OK! Oh, and have a nice day! Shalom!)

Facebook Jail 😂😁😅😆😓

“OVER-REACHING FACEBOOK POLICIES AS THEY WERE APPLIED TO OUR TEXAS NUDIST COLONY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Beautiful Dreamer!” Friday: November 30, 2018

“Your voluptuous girls,” Facebook-did-say;

“They’re-far-too-provocative! (pause) They’re NOT OK!

To-put-on-your-posts, so – your page we will close,

And all will be better! This-is-what we suppose.

YOU-ARE-EXPOSING T O O M U C H – we-must-hide,

These-things-a-from view; these ‘pics’ open wide,

More than WE care for – care for to see,

We’ll-throw-this-blanket-over-you –

YOU’RE – NOT – FREE! 🙂 – Aw, shucks!

We ARE the censors, and we have OUR rules,

To safeguard The Public – from lecherous fools,

And YOU – are a foolish- and nasty, bad bloke,

Who feels – and shows – way-too-much – STOP YOUR ‘POKE,’

For the wrong sort of feelings – your pictures provoke,

We abhor LUST – Don’t-you-lust-us! [and THIS IS] NO JOKE! 🙂 – !

Take-away – all-your smutty, ribald points of view,


We once had-a-nudist-camp, where we tanned, swam and washed!

Even little children – in the air – parents tossed!

We used us some blankets, when we sat in our chairs;

We welcomed our youngsters’ inquisitive stares,

But ONE DAY – a Facebook, Incorporated Gent,

Entered our camp – with restrictions they sent!

He posted this notice:


And you’ll-now-don-our-garments!* These rules we’ve proposed!

We know what is best – and a-nudist-colony,

Is NEVER appropriate – in OUR symphony!

So, you’re closed down for good; your exposure is VILE,

And your nudity, you lecher(s) – is NEVER IN STYLE!

The-human-body’s-to-be-clothed, and your children-weren’t-meant-to-see,

Anything in PUBLIC – even-breast-feeding – naturally!

For we KNOW breasts and the-groin – are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN;

They are private AND DIRTY – and, by GOD, we’re not kiddin’ 🙂 – Oh, my!

fin ❤

* – i.e.: Community Standards!!!

Facebook apologises to Franklin Graham after banning him | Charlotte Observer. Facebook 😂😄😅



Social Media Authors at myDaz 🙈🙉🙊

Facebook Jail 😁😀😂

Tea Lady 😁😁


She was awarded.

Time in Facebook Jail for an all time high for 2018 for days in Facebook Jail

” oversharing ” Flowers, Animals, Jesus, Music, Landscapes and Butterflies

Believe it or not 🙉🙈🙊
( not one nipple in sight)🙊🙈