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“AMAZING BIRDS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Poem of The Rising Phoenix!” September 4, 2019 (Wednesday)

“AMAZING BIRDS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Poem of The Rising Phoenix!” September 4, 2019 (Wednesday) I just think it’s AMAZING! that the birds COME DOWN – and dance on the ground, Grab a bite to eat, dancing-on-their-feet, and then, back-way-in-the-air-they’re-found! Or! They’ll be sitting on a wire, higher than I could ever throw a ball! BIRDS! […]

Opera ~

George Solti, a famous Hungarian-born orchestra conductor once indicated that “in his long life” he had met two truly AMAZING lady opera singers: Renee Fleming, an American opera singer who is still alive – and Renata Tebaldi, an Italian soprano!

Awful ~ roses of love

“SOMETHING AWFUL!!!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Awful Don’t Stand A Chance Against LOVE!” 23 Aug. 2019 (Freya’s Day) If something AWFUL happens, and you might NEVER find out, I COULD HIDE IT! or lie! so you will never have to pout! But I’d only do that IF I LOVE YOU T H I S M U […]

Question on Facebook today, Andrew Asks ” please explain”

Andrew Brown yes Sir, ever one who comes into our lives teaches us something. My best thoughts are it’s you chose to pick out something you like and add that to your life. We are only vehicles in the lifetime of challenging journies we travel. What feels not right for you just walk on by […]

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