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“AMAZING BIRDS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Poem of The Rising Phoenix!” September 4, 2019 (Wednesday)

“AMAZING BIRDS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Poem of The Rising Phoenix!” September 4, 2019 (Wednesday)

I just think it’s AMAZING! that the birds COME DOWN – and dance on the ground,

Grab a bite to eat, dancing-on-their-feet, and then, back-way-in-the-air-they’re-found!

Or! They’ll be sitting on a wire, higher than I could ever throw a ball!

BIRDS! Up! There! and-down! Here! And they almost NEVER fall!

They just are: flappin’ and chirpin’ –

Yet, after they eat their bread, I almost never hear ’em burpin’ !

Or fartin’ !!! BUT – (Yup!) They be poopin’ –

So-I-clean-it-up-usually-off-the-porch! But, y’-know, I’m NOT-a-scoopin’ ,

Like I might do with kitty! Nooooooo! I just sweep the solidified uric acid concentrate


AMAZING BIRDS! IF they wanted to go a million miles, I bet they could do it in a day!

‘Cause – THEY GO SO FAST, they sometimes don’t see my glass,

And they bounce OFF my window! and, then, sometimes [Sniff! sniff!] they “pass,”

And go off to Heaven, flying higher and higher,

And they join, high, high above us, in The Sweet Angel Choir!

There, they ALL “sing like birds,” and they’re happy and gay!


To: The Rising Phoenix –

I-do pray!

fin ♥

Opera ~

George Solti, a famous Hungarian-born orchestra conductor once indicated that “in his long life” he had met two truly AMAZING lady opera singers: Renee Fleming, an American opera singer who is still alive – and Renata Tebaldi, an Italian soprano!

Awful ~ roses of love

“SOMETHING AWFUL!!!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Awful Don’t Stand A Chance Against LOVE!” 23 Aug. 2019 (Freya’s Day)

If something AWFUL happens, and you might NEVER find out,

I COULD HIDE IT! or lie! so you will never have to pout!

But I’d only do that IF I LOVE YOU T H I S M U C H !

I can move mountains, for the thought of your touch,

For your smile and smell – and how you make me feel well!

I can go into The Underworld (The Unconscious Mind?) and rescue you from H – L L!


Or trick, even Satan, with a wink of my eye,


To help to keep you as happy as possible! So, IT WEEDS,


And fresh roses, fine wine – and lots of kisses IT brings!

fin ♥

Question on Facebook today, Andrew Asks ” please explain”

Andrew Brown yes Sir, ever one who comes into our lives teaches us something. My best thoughts are it’s you chose to pick out something you like and add that to your life. We are only vehicles in the lifetime of challenging journies we travel. What feels not right for you just walk on by cause the next step on your pilgrimage through life may feel lovely and then if that’s your passion and you love this place hold on with all your might, never give up, you were gifted the day you were born with freedom and hope, two very good things. Many folks don’t enjoy or cherish what life is all about. Every Grown up is a gift, many died and never make it to senior age we call Grown-up Sir. Every moment is your gift to use it wisely and you will receive peace. Thank you for your question. Folk tend to read into quotes what they read. Instead, you asked and a question, hope I was of help. Peace and goodwill 🌸

interestingly as a group of graphic artist keep churning out art work hoping or trying to make a living the thought crossed our minds our duty of care to readers. Take that quote up above how easy it is to confuse some folks thinking. As you reread this quote speculate where is this reader coming from. Is he of sound mind, is he looking for help, or what really do we know what lies beyond that question. Let me ask you if you would ignore his comments. Are you looking for for an answer but you’re to busy caught up in your own mess. Perhaps you created the above quote. This poor soul thought his life was gone, do you know he tried to commit suicide. Then you say well that’s his fault. No, it’s no one’s fault at all, but always keep in mind written words are more damaging to the brain. Written words , messages, texts are today’s brain food. We are all responsible to our fellow readers. You are all story tellers the lifeblood of future history. The first common sense writers must aim at is to have an outcome the reader doesn’t have to worry about or work out by themselves. Most folk either won’t read or can’t read imagine that. Comprehension is a learnt art not a natural thing you’re born with. Social Media is the place to be to understand the readers. Try it oh my goodness if you write a quote or comment more than six utterances you’re blocked, controversy rages, hate speech, all caused by the above-written topic you just read or did you 😆😂

Children can’t give consent ~

Predators don’t come at me talking about child abuse being about “love” it has nothing to do with love what so ever.
Don’t bother telling me that it’s paedophilia which actually means you love prepubescent children, because I know for a fact what you do isn’t love.
Don’t come at me with your rubbish about ‘all love’ is justified because rape is never justified what so ever.
Don’t bring that lame argument about YOUR rights, because to me, rapists have no rights.
Run along with your ramblings about “right to love without judgement” because I will proudly judge those who rape children.
It is not just another sexuality like homosexuality, there is a huge difference between what consenting adults do and what you do to innocent children and babies.
Don’t bother feeding me the line about the ‘purity of love’ when I know for a fact that love does not destroy and damage, yet your love, child rape.. leaves permanent scars on children.
I do not care about your rights, your right to maintain privacy, because I know that the rights of children to be safe should always win out over the rights of a child rapist. Your need to remain anonymous is what allows you to continue preying upon our children, you should be revealed to the whole world as the predator you are….
If you believe you are only sharing love, then why hide from society, come out of the shadows and stand up for your beliefs, in the light, where we can see you and protect our children from you.
Don’t give me that rubbish about being a non-offending paedophile, virtuous, the minute you were caught with those pictures you ceased to be a non-offender.
Those children were harmed, maybe not physically by you, but you have now chosen to be a part of the industry that destroys lives. You are now no better than those who film the disgusting videos where children are abused, defiled and raped.
So don’t try to convince me you are innocent, without you and others like you there would be no demand for child abuse videos. No demand = no supply. You are the reason they are made… you disgust me!
You can try and tell yourself you aren’t hurting anyone, but we both know that is BS and anyone who can think about raping a child, is a danger to children.
And virtuous and paedophile don’t belong in the same sentence.
I don’t care about what the word paedophile means to you, to me it means monster capable of destroying the life of an innocent child forever.
No, I do not want to help child rapists, I do not care if they suffer with their choices, and yes it’s a choice to rape children or not.
I don’t care about different classifications for child rapist, I don’t care if one word means teenage preferences, or pre-teen preferences, or pre-pubescent preferences….. I just don’t care, call a spade a spade they are all child rapists !
Stop sugar coating it by giving them words that sound less confronting. They are RAPISTS, they rape and destroy children’s lives ! They rob them of their innocence, they take away their security, their ability to trust, their sense of self worth, their self confidence and they do it for no other reason than to feed their pathetic egos !
Don’t tell me about how hard life is for a child rapist, because I know for a fact, it’s a lot harder for their victims.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that child rape has anything to do with love. It doesn’t matter what name they give it, they can call it whatever they want…. at the end of the day it is RAPE and rape has nothing what-so-ever to do with love.
Yes, there will always be those who will try and sugar coat it, those who want you to feel sorry for the ‘poor misunderstood child rapist’, who has been dealt such a terrible life. They quote psychiatrists who have been proven to be nothing more than academics for hire, those who have happily sold their name to the highest bidder and in doing so, sold their soul to the pro-child love lobbyists (and yes they do exist).
But please do not listen, if you ever want to know what child rape does to a child, ask one of their many victims, ask a survivor, ask them if they felt “loved,”and ask them how they feel about it now.
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Safe Phone Calls ~ The Messenger Magnetic Lover

“SAFE PHONE CALLS!” a poem August 14, 2019 (Wednesday)

The phone is “safe,” so why not have,

A LIFE ON-A-PHONE? on-phones, instead,

Of lives of-touch-and-tears-with-shoulders-bare?

A phone is safe; a phone don’t care!

And “the-other” might-abuse the-phy-s i-cal,

No-problem! On-phones, just-do-[the]-musi-cal,

Rendition(s) of a silent movie;

It’s SAFE on phones, safely groovy!

There’s no reason, then, to take next steps,

Or-to co-exist! or do “10 reps,”

Of Honey, laying in-your-lap;

Phones – can-be-anywhere – on the-map!

And phones are sterile, so you need never drip,

Upon your lover’s gentle lip!

You need not take chances if-you just use the phone!

You-can-REALLY just (you-know) be-alone!

So, you can chat-if-you-want – or-simply dis-appear,

And YUCK! I can’t stand that nasty, salty tear!

The one(s) you’ll never have to know, My Dear!

Who cares about salt? I’m-just happy to peer,

At-you occasionally – and-exist on words,

Bouncing around in my ears! and -there-will-never-be-turds!

Or-your fresh blood, dripping from a rose bud’s prick,

And I-don’t have-to-“wait-on-you” when you’re sick!

I can just say: “Sorry! Wish I was there!

Kind-of,” as-you blankly stare,

Into your phone and-say: “I-really-DO like,

To-be quite distant! and hugs might spike,

My blood pressure! Gosh, that could-be bad!”


So, “Hi there, Friend, how are you?” Phone romances! They’re-always-new!