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“A POEM FOR THE CHRISTIAN ‘HUGUENOT’* [MARTYR] IN ALL OF US!” a.k.a.: “Be Sure To Leap ** For Joy When You’re Hurtin’!” Feb. 17, 2019 (Sunday)

BEING T O O-COMFORTABLE – May NOT-be a blessing!!!!!

So! SOME TRIALS AND STRESS [and-we-aren’t-just-a-guessing***]


For God’s LOVE can “test,” and – it-will envelop,

Your life – and-CAN-CHALLENGE-YOU, but HELP-YOU, you know,

TO KNOW [that] The-Lord-really-loves-you**** [and-has-told-you-so!]


Do as Jesus did! [and]-Shout: “Hip! Hip! Hooray!” 🙂 – I don’t know! Well, OK!!

fin ❤

French Protestants ” Huguenots”

* – The “Huguenots” were a group of French protestants, persecuted quite vigorously under King Louis XIV, who issued The Edict of Fountainebleau, which allowed for legal harassment in the form of “dragonnades,” where The Huguenots were driven from their homes into exile; so, they were true “extremists,” devout and ready to suffer martyrdom for the sake of glorifying Jesus Christ. [ Now, THAT’S DEVOTION!] Huguenots were DEFINITELY – about NOT BEING TOO COMFORTABLE!!! “It’s important – to be comfo’able . . . sometimes!!!” The Mystic Poet et al!

** – Even though it’s NOT “a leap year,” like in 2020, where we will have 29 days in February, to make up for four 1/4 day periods in the previous years! 🙂 -Yay!

*** – IF you happen to be acquainted with The Christian Faith, you will know that Jesus
said we should expect difficulties in life, just as he experienced not-so-pleasant things, but that we should rejoice in those difficulties, for they would be evidence of our living “righteous” lives! see, e.g., John 16:33: ” . . . In The World, you WILL have trouble, but TAKE HEART . . . .”

**** – and EVERYONE! 🙂 – Yay!

King Louis XVI
Louis 16


Did you know that?

God Save the Queen
Amen 🕊

Watch “Devil Comes Round” on YouTube

“EXCISION!”* a poem a.k.a.: “Supplemental Considerations Following The Poem {A STATE OF LESSNESS}!” January 10, 2019 (Thursday)

Mix – Men Without Hats – Devil Come Round:

When-you-start excising! words, pics and phrases,
Along-with – thoughts-and-ideas – you set-up some mazes,
Self-imposed boxes, with locks and no keys!
Like-when-you start to proclaim: – (that)-“The-Birds-&-The-Bees,”
Or-Like-when-you-switch-all-the-genders – in-religions, I-(might)-mention,
Or The Nazi book burnings – and the exclusion of Jews,
WHEN-YOU-START-ALL-THIS-“EXCISION,” censoring-poetry-and/or-news,
Because – you THINK – self-imposed restrictions are needed or fun,

You can paint yourself in a corner and “blot out THE SUN,”

And shut-out – some Father-God, in a room all alone,
And worship – The-Divine-Feminine – on a cellular phone!

Legislating morality, like NOT using certain words,
Or – NOT-engaging-in-certain-activities! I-think-(it)-can-be-“FOR-THE-BIRDS!”

Perhaps The Founding Fathers – of America – were right,
To leave Mother Britain – and “runs towards The Light,”
Of a new constitution – and way of existing,
But NOW-we’ve-headed-back! to-censors-who-are-persisting,
In telling us all – to do this – (and such-and-such), but NOT THAT,
And many seem-to-be-“following-suit,” and this is OLD HAT!

JUST WATCH IT, YE RIGHTEOUS, for IF-there-really-is-SIN,
IT probably-surfaces – when we start limiting – what we can LET IN!

fin ❤

* – removal by cutting out

** – like “religion considerations” or grandmother’s approval!!

“Why would you EVER want to STOP ANYTHING, unless YOU THOUGHT it was WRONG and/or if YOU THOUGHT something WAS WRONG! Yet, isn’t everything simply THE WAY IT IS, neither “right” or “wrong,” when considered in a non-judgmental context!! Even your so-called RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT can become your coffin! If you don’t like something, that’s fine! Don’t impose your standards of morality on me when I am simply EXPRESSING a point of view, especially when you can walk away, muttering: I DON’T LIKE HIS POINT OF VIEW! I am NOT trying to IMPOSE my point of view on YOU! But when YOU ACT – to limit what I can say and/or do, when it is NOT affecting you directly, THAT IS CENSORSHIP! I’d just like you to know that EVENTUALLY you’ll regret your judging me! My Motto: LIVE AND LET LIVE! Amen!” The Mystic Poet